Jeff Sessions found out his career is over with this tweet

Some Trump supporters are enraged by Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ conduct in office.

Sessions failed to prosecute Hillary Clinton or any Deep State agents.

And his lack of loyalty to the President was exposed in one tweet.

Under Sessions’ watch, the Department of Justice trained its guns on Donald Trump and his supporters.

Prosecutors won convictions or guilty pleas against Paul Manafort, Michael Flynn, George Papadopoulos, Michael Cohen and Rick Gates.

Meanwhile, Sessions has refused to lift a finger against Hillary Clinton, James Comey and Andrew McCabe despite their obvious criminal behavior.

Liberty University President Jerry Falwell, Jr. blasted Sessions for backstabbing the President.

But he also hinted that Sessions could be fired in November.

Trump supporters gave Sessions a pass on his recusal from the Russia investigation because of his strong work implementing Trump’s immigration agenda.

But the Mueller probe is officially a politically motivated witch hunt.

And the good will Sessions built up has been exhausted.

Millions of Trump supporters share Falwell’s sentiment that Trump should fire Sessions.

Sessions allowed the Department of Justice to weaponize its prosecutorial powers against Donald Trump and his supporters.

Critics contend that should be a fireable offense.


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158 Responses

  1. N says:

    Sessions has always been deep state!!! Remember, he always talked a good game but accomplished nothing!!!!! Check his track record and see for yourself.

  2. greg says:

    Let’s all remember that cowardly snake sessions was a Laura Ingram
    selection based on emotion not logic. Kinda like her radio crap where she campaigned like a commie for his appointment.
    Sessions and Ingram are Alabama football fans so he has to be the best traitor around.

    I would prosecute him for sedition , he is a Alabama traitor.

  3. Stan Lee says:

    I can understand how President Trump felt when his choice for AG blew up into a man who hid from decision.
    Until then, Sessions has enjoyed a senatorial career in which he was safely lost among a crowd of Senators. Left to the spotlight being on him as the AG, Sessions seems panicky in the face of making any decision, after the recusal he took insulated him from participating in action. He may have an ideal he is trying to perpetuate, but the nature of government cannot be as altruistic as he believes. ‘AG’s are also exposed to political considerations, for which he is totally dysfunctional. We cannot have “dysfunctional,” that is for fantasy and our government must deal every day in reality.
    He became AG, he will be known as a former AG, atop of his Senatorial career. But, I am in full agreement with Sen. Lindsey Graham, Sessions must be the ex-AG as soon as possible. The life and activities of the U.S. keeps going on and that is what we must serve instead of having a mediocre substitute as the Ass’t AG.

  4. N says:

    Deep State traitors are everywhere!The evil liberal demoncrat Commie Nazi’s party at work here!Don’t forget the RINOs(Ryan, McShame , McConnell, Rubio , Romney, Sessions, Grahams etc) they’re just as bad! Drain the rat infested Swamp, Pres Trump!

  5. Francis g says:

    He is part of the problem in DC he needs to resign and go home he is not going to do any thing he also needs to prosecute th VA for letting vets die without proper care the have the resources avail to treat vets they can wasted 2 million$ for a picture a blind person can not see in the va hospital the va is just a bunch of people on the dole should bring in effiency experts and clean up the waste fraud and abuse of the tax payers money end of story all div go gvt is spoiled rotten end of story
    It took 27 years to get my personnel file from the gove it is not complete very sorry

  6. I’ve often wondered what kind of dirt the Democrats knows on Sessions.

    • zee says:

      Apparently, ‘Something’ IS There. Doesn’t necessarily have to be a ‘dem’ thang.
      > Include ‘threats’ from ESTABLISHMENT etc.
      > IF YOU ‘had a Choice’ – What would you do. ??? Cover Yourself/Fam 0r ____

  7. I’d just like to know if Hillary or Soros has paid him to do nothing. I feel like he has been bought and paid for. On the order of Paul Ryan, he took campaign money from Soros, because his wife is a die hard Demorat.

    • Phoenix Rising says:

      Yeah mostly left but left right treachery knows no bounds. Voting record shows their true intentions. There’s a list of people who took money from Soros. In my opinion that’s a tell tale sign as well. Listen to the John kasich Cuomo CNN interview and you’ll notice kasich says it’s been less than 24 hrs since John McCain was executed…. hmm now if that just don’t beat all. Here’s one for you too Iran contra involved Saudi Arabia Iran Lebanon Mitt romney and bain capital US Papa Bush as VP formerly CIA and president after Reagan who pardoned 6 people involved whilst Oliver north took the fall who is now president of NRA and the Journalist executed at Saudi consulate in turkey was Nephew of high level player in Iran Contra scandal Saudi refinery blown up Iran Lebanon jesuits jews Oliver north mitt romney all at the same time 40 years later. Coincidence? I think not. Funny as I was typing this I came across this. Coincidence? I think not. Lol

  8. zee says:

    > hmm. What IS Jerry Falwell Jr. SAYING ___ Also, it has been Said: that
    perhaps on day 1, Sessions was greeted w/a ‘folder’ on his desk. capish___
    (& has not been the same since).

    • M says:

      zee, Sessions—-$ — or —fear n folder

    • Buddy says:

      Read the Bible zee and understand! Hint.. Christ our Lord said it.

      • zee says:

        Hi Buddy. ‘I’ DO ‘know’ MANY parts of ‘bible V > WELL &&& ‘What’ CAME BEFORE
        the ‘bible’ Was PRINTED @ 1600 Gutenberg ‘Press’. (also Hint)
        > Exactly, ‘what’ Are you ‘referring to’ ??? ie “Christ our Lord said it”. Said what &
        please BE Specific.
        > Christ, our Lord IS Diff than ‘Jesus’ 0r even Jesus Christ/ 0r Christ Jesus.
        Totally 3 Distinctives – ‘that’ HAVE been ‘passed’ thru ‘Scribes’ ( & NOT
        Ancient, ie pre 2000 BC. ‘. & ‘i’ can’t
        help that, Nor did i Control ‘the ink’ At That Time. (ie 1600 When ‘bible’ Inked.
        ( btw ppl/land ‘experienced’ Ergo.)
        > Must KNOW X-Treme Ancient History, BEFFORE 2-5000+ BC. &
        that’s about it.

        • Buddy says:

          What Jerry Falwell said zee , explanation pretty straight forward. BTW there IS no older manuscript than the Bible.

          • zee says:

            0h My, Buddy. ‘YES’ there IS./ARE OLDER MANUSCRIPTS.
            (than bible per se) @ 1600’s Gutenberg press. What more
            can i say. Factoid.
            > Falwell ‘speaketh’ of (i guess) What IS Called ‘karma’ & way
            before bible. All good, Buddy. SAVE USA, no matter what. Rite?

          • zee says:

            ps. Buddy. i have Total Respect for J. Falwell. He ‘speaketh’
            the Truth. & ‘we’ Wait for ‘Time’.

          • Buddy says:

            See, your not taking into account scripts found in Ethiopia that were written from the beginning of man. They were not added as part of the Bible because the authors couldn’t be verified and let’s face it, a lot of that stuff is kinda spooky and people don’t like spooky. But my point is what Pastor Falwell was simply saying is that your sins will find you out.
            In first Samuel we see a disobedient King Saul whose kingdom is being torn from his grasp and the lies he spun and attempts to kill David in order to hold on to that kingdom. Donald Trumps only sin in this dispute was being elected yet the Washington bunch has worked tirelessly to impeach him. If you don’t think Mr Sessions doesn’t know that then you deceiving yourself. Mueller has one job and one job alone.. get rid of Donald Trump at All costs.

          • zee says:

            Buddy, we have a mis-communication & mis -interpretation here.
            Stay safe. SAVE USA. eom

          • Buddy says:

            OK, sorry see, thought you misunderstood what Pastor Falwell was saying. My bad

          • zee says:

            It’a all good, buddy. Stay Safe.
            am 10-4 this blog headline.
            >See ya around ‘town’ 0k? 0K !!!

  9. Stan Lee says:

    I have admired Sessions and his senatorial career. When Trump named him, I told myself we were getting off on the right footing. However, like many others, we must have judged Jeff Sessions as one of the quite effective Senators, but his presence was lost in a number of other Senators. That was not to be proved until Sessions was exposed as the single individual holding down the office of U.S. Attorney General. His quick retreat by recusal, his very low profile after that, and the alibi that he was “THE ATTORNEY GENERAL” and not part of a political entity. Then, what was he every six years as he ran as a Repulican to be reelected as a Republican U.S. Senator? Tell me he wasn’t then representing himself in the Republican agenda, which he would say only as in the U.S. Constitution. Well sir, that’s really all we expected of you, but I think you found yourself as the central figure for law and justice as its #1 federal attorney. I think you became scared of exercising all the knowledge you do have…but hesitate to even use. Well sir, we cannot have such an attitude occupying the top Attorney position in the U.S.A., and you have hidden from it too long already. But, you like that A.G. title, you just won’t extend yourself to validate why you belong there.
    Sir, by all that right, you need to get out of the way as the dysfunctional A.G. who declared his prior recusal gave him all the time in the world, while our government has to “make do” with unworthy substitutes.

    • Buddy says:

      Stan, being from Alabama I have to tell you Jeff Sessions was a do nothing senator with an almost invisible career. Hes A GOOD OL BOY!! Hiding in the shadows. I wrote a letter to Trump before he made President and warned him about Sessions but I guess his aids didn’t think my letter carried any merrit.

  10. Sgt York says:

    I’ve voted for Sessions over the past 30 years when his name came up not thinking he was the Devilrat pimp he is. This guy should be shipped to some liars island out in the Pacific wher he can lie to anyone around and mainly to himself sending bottles with a liars message to e dry Devilrat he is hooked up to. Mainly Schumer and his big buddy RINO RYAN. Both need a short rope on a big tree for their Treason to our Duly Elected President Trump and the party they swore allegiance to.

  11. Susan Dix says:

    Jeffy is the most do nothing person in the DOJ today.
    When the heat is on him and the spotlight shines, he makes a little noise about following the
    rule of law on immigration. Still the liberal judges let the illegal alien murderers off scot free.
    Just the fact that Jeffy is praising Mule Face and his demonic minions in the FBI speaks volumes. He allows documents Congress has called for months and months ago remain
    elusive. He has yet to make Rosenstein hand over these files/emails/documents. It looks as
    though Sessions and everyone associated with the witch hunt receives a big, fat, paycheck
    for doing nothing, but tearing apart our nation. Goodbye and good riddance Sessions!
    Next ones gone should be Rosenstein, Mule Face, and the 13 angry Demonrats.

    • Bob says:

      Susan Dix, you have laid it out exactly like it is. Sessions tells us the AG is not a political position, then he goes out and makes the AG position a political position by continuing the scam of a “Russian Collusion” venue run by Sessions, Rosenstein, Comey, and Mueller.

  12. Marlene says:

    Sessions is nothing more than a spineless, scared, little weasel.. Hillary most likely read his and many other personal files in filegate before she was caught.

  13. W FLATT says:

    Yes, he is part of the Swamp.





    • Gary says:

      I hope he is giving them enough rope to hang themselves because the AG has done little to impede the illegal maneuvers to remove Trump from office or try to destroy his mandates with his supporters. The Clinton’s, Obama’s, DNC all need to answer for their crimes they committed.




  16. Daniel R. Smith, Sr. says:






  18. Stan Lee says:

    Sessions is the original “artful dodger.” In trying to review any high-points of his senatorial career, he managed to stay in the middle, neither going to the right, nor left. In the Senate, he managed to elude any position which would draw notice to himself. So, there were no high points, no low points, he was steady for himself. I was satisfied with his appointment to Attorney General, but in very short order he declared recusal for all issues related to, or remotely related to the issue of Russia. That rendered him completely out of the Attorney General duties except for his title. He was there to draw pay, while an Ass’t A.G. had to be appointed, a possible crippling situation when it was realized that the Trump government had dire need for an active and aggressive Attorney General. From that point on, Sessions was like a wall ornament in the DOJ, and Trump had a tough choice to make, which he couldn’t immediately make. He would have to do without, exactly where the Democrats and rogue Republicans wanted the situation. Trump is not a complainer, but his biding his time is a dangerous negative for him. He’s got to settle the matter with strong moves, the people who elected him expect it, and they are waiting.

  19. Walt Thatcher says:


  20. jack says:

    Sessions is a traitor to our country and our judicial system let him go but Eisenstein should not be left in charge need someone that can stand up to him

  21. KilRoy Was Here says:

    Jeff Sessions has become one of the worst AG’s I can remember. He for some reason isn’t doing the job he was put in office to do. Even the people in his home state are puzzled over his lack of doing what they were backing him to do. They querie as to is it that all these years in the senate as a Repub. was he a RINO IN Disguise or is it a big pay day from Soros and the devilrats? He has truly turned into a wimp for some reason and not backing Our President when he should be,his first recusing himself was the indicator of what things were to come. Pres Trump should of fired his butt then and put someone as in Trey Gowdy or Rudy. It’s not the normal deal we’re seeing tho.

    • roger domnie says:

      kilroy, i think you about covered what i was about to say. if there was a backbone in that body there was none to be found. he must sleep low and deep under covers at night. what a disgrace to this country, please jeff keep this job off your resume……….

  22. gator1246 says:

    I believe sessions is the insurance they intended to use against Trump . That is why the only job he wanted was AG . I would like for Trump to appoint his on special council , with all conservative attorneys , and let them do what mueller is doing , go through every Democrats back ground looking for anything they can find . If he were to do that , there will not be a Democrat left in congress . All sessions has done is put up road blocks . If they think Trump is bad now , wait till he gets tried of all this crap , and go’s after them full force , with their own tactics .

  23. Liberally Disgusted says:

    Sessions should have been fired as soon as he recused himself – the day after he was sworn in! I personally wonder if he was a plant – imbedded to do just what he’s done which is NOTHING! We don’t have an AG and he needs to go so that someone can be brought in that will actually do the job. Get rid of him, Rosenstein, shut down Mueller, and get on with investigating and prosecuting the real criminals (some of whom were just named!)

    • Sharon Jenkins says:

      Trump needs an AG like Mad Dog Mathis. One who will defend the Constitution and one who has the backbone to go after Obama, Hillary, Lynch, Lerner, Obama administration, fast and furious involvement and Benghazi involvement. Terminate Rosenstein, Sessions. Trump needs to slow down when appointing individuals to high office. Yes they may be good people, but that doesn’t mean they are capable of handling situations at high level positions.

  24. Gerry says:

    He should have been gone as soon as he told President Trump that he would quit if the President fired the dirtbag scum rosenstein. Pres Trump should have opened the door right then and told sessions — don’t let this door hit you in the a** on your way out !!!!! sessions has betrayed our President, our justice system, our Constitution, our rule of law and our country. I believe this sh*tbird is in bed with the deep state and he and rosenstein need to be gone NOW !!!

  25. Basil says:

    Maybe Sessions is the big traitor LEAKER!!

  26. Lee says:

    Sessions hasn’t betrayed Trump. He has betrayed the entire country, constitution and the rule of law!

  27. Merion says:

    Mueller is destroying this country. Traitor to our people and our constitution!

    • Kar FRON says:

      Sessions is an obama latchkey. He is useless and needs to have his clearance pulled and fired. Then tried disbarred and sent to death row for treason.

  28. Neil SANKEY says:

    Mueller is clearly now looking for “evidence” to im peach Trump. He is tortally out of control and defiantly so. This is ALL the fault of Rosenstein and Sessions. Sessions has complete control over Mueller. The ususal Dem Corruption. They MUST ALL go!.
    We need Nurenberg style trials and put them all up there, especially HRC and aka Obama.

  29. David says:

    Sessions should have been canned when he recused himself. It is way passed time to get rid of him.

    • Sharon Jenkins says:

      Sessions never should have accepted the position. The high level position is more than Sessions can efficiently handle. A good man, yes, but handling high level positions is another matter. Sessions should have told Trump that he would have to recuse himself before taking the position. He was untruthful to Trump.

  30. BELIEVER says:


  31. Mike says:

    Whether Jeff Sessions betrayed the President or not is not the issue. I am sick of ALL of these so called professional law enforcement people playing politics – THAT IS NOT THEIR DAMNED JOB!!! Their job is to investigate and prosecute crimes no matter who the suspected person/people may be. Sessions is clearly incapable of doing so and should be fired for that reason alone. Those who have prosecuted one side while totally ignoring the crimes of the other side should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law for malfeasance – cronyism – dereliction of duty – and OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE. We have to let these damned people know they will be held accountable.

  32. Buddy says:

    Jeff Sessions is a Senate good ole boy. He was ineffective as a Senator and is just as ineffective as an Attorney General. Time to “Drain the Swamp ” starting with Jeffrey Sessions and his buddy Rosenstein.

  33. Priscilla Owens says:

    It is time for Jeff Sessions to come back to Alabama. He is useless to the President and those that are fighting for freedom and justice.

  34. Darlene Royce says:

    I just read all the comments above and so many of you hit the nail on the head. Corruption just isn’t in Washington. It is everywhere. Look at Chicago and California but I am sure where ever you all live there is corruption. I know my state of West Virginia is corrupt as hell. You have police officers driving behind drunk drivers to their houses, D.A.’s that only want to prosecute people that have no money or if they are his buddy or has a last name that makes you special, or how about the trash people that let kids drink alcohol at parties one 13 year old girl dies, and the cops come in take her body away doesn’t investigate right then and there because they said she was drinking so closed case…but she wasn’t drinking. She threw up all over herself so while she is lying there dead they change her clothes and wash her dirty ones…and yet the trash family still have kids coming over drinking…the parents still have no answers…the DA was a bitch to the mother telling her she died of alcohol and there was no case…but when the DA finally read the report…OM GOSH she never died of alcohol…and the court justices in this state that just got fired…but the latest is a man in Morgantown that said WVU is buying a lot of property up and of course they don’t pay taxes on it…was made to step down and made it seem like he had a mental problem. The joy of corruption. I am really not sure how these people live with themselves. But they do with their heads held high. I liked the Western days myself but of course those days are gone so what can we do? I like when we tell people to get out and vote. That might work if dead people and illegals wasn’t voting. I just read where in Texas thousands of people are registered to vote but the don’t exist. It’s a shame our Country has come to this. Maybe the hard working people in America needs to leave their jobs for a day and go march in Washington…there would be so many of us Washington would be at a stand still. Of course, that really nice group of kids that live in their parents basement and ride bikes might show up…what is the name of the group…Yes, I remember now ANTIFA…such good kids…NOT…I am so sorry for not being nice but I am tired of all the bull…we have a man in the White House that loves this Country and we love him and it just looks like the swamp is trying to impeach him and I don’t want that to happen so what can we do…can we fight against such corruption…let’s get JUDGE JENNY to take Sessions place…she has what it takes…have a good day and May God Keep You All Safe…AND GOD BLESS THE USA AND PRESIDENT TRUMP…MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN????????

  35. Nancy says:

    President Trump, you have our support and confidence that, at the proper time, you will handle the Jeff Sessions situation.

  36. Lucena More says:

    Somebody is pulling the string of Jeff Sessions. As an Attorney General for the President he has done nothing. Why are we paying him for? The President has to have an Attorney General who is unbiased and protect the interest of the president who hired him. Mr. President get him
    the pink slip.!

  37. Steveur says:

    This is one person, that smelled the rotting fish when Sessions recused himself from anything Clinton… he should have been fired immediately for stabbing President Trump in the back. I always thought Sessions was a straight shooter and actually supported the choice of AG, but that low blow he dealt out, was way out of line. I could see the hope of nailing that vicious power hungry “B” was going out the window. That slippery eel is still out there laughing at us, playing “catch me if you can!”, while she leaves a trail of bodies that are swept under the rug. May she rot in hell!

  38. Eddy says:

    Chris Christie is the right man for the job.

    He will get it done and is a loyal Trump supporter.

    Trust me, Christie is mean and rough. He will get it done.


    • Pam Foshee says:


    • Vernon says:

      YES!! I would trust Judge Pirro any day over Sessions. I thought she would be the best and most honest pick for AG. I would like to see President Trump, get a better group of advisers for this job and all others. Sure seems like the swamp is being promoted by his advisers. Mr. Trump is a great leader and I stand with him and his supporters 110%

    • Steveur says:

      William , Agreed, she takes no prisoners and would bring the gavel down on that “B’ .
      Gowdy puts on a good show, but the follow up is not there. Christie lacks loyalty…and talks a big show with no results.

  40. Trump better get his head screwed on straight and fire Sessions immediately and get the Republicand act together on the offense.

    • AFVET says:

      Don’t forget Rosenstein, he’s got to go too. Prosecute him, Muler, Brennen, Hitlery and all the rest of the swamp people.

  41. Sledge says:

    Pay strict attention…the Republicans HAVE to win the House Of Representatives
    and retain control of the Senate. They HAVE to. Get all your friends, relatives
    and yes..even some of enemies to vote and vote Republican.
    If the Democrats win the house, America will be on life support and eventually
    pass away. It is THAT serious. There is no one as terrific as Donald J. Trump.
    If the back stabbers in the Republican house and senate would have supported Trump, the immigration laws would have already been in place and American
    citizens would be safer. If the Republicans win the house and control the Senate,
    the swamp will be drained and all the alligators and snakes will be no longer.
    How great is that ? I just don’t understand how anyone in their right mind could
    vote for Democrats. If the Democrats win, the illegals will be right at the border
    in millions ready to surge over the border. Don’t think so? Well, just for the record, that is a no-brainer and the recipe for the destruction of the United States of America.

  42. Eddy says:

    David has it exactly right.

    The political risk of firing Rosenstein and Sessions is very small compared to what is happening right now. If he doesn’t fire those people, and do so very soon, then he will get impeached. Did everyone just read that ? WAKE UP! HE WILL BE IMPEACHED.

    They must be fired, then the new AG’s first move is to fire Mueller and indicte Brennan, Clapper and have a separate Counsel fry these people for trying to frame the President of the United States.

    Sessions has been a complete disgrace and simply put he is the number 1 enemy of the American people and for one reason. The only reason all of this is going on with Mueller, no special counsel to get Hillary and all the other deep state is solely because SESSIONS HAS ALLOWED IT TO OCCUR. I don’t care what the deep state has on Sessions, whether it’s infidelity or pedophilia or threat to be murdered, he doesn’t need to resign-

    I DONT KNOW ABOUT EVERYONE ELSE HERE, but I am beyond upset and disappointed. The establishment republicans are just horrible, always playing defense, they should be on offense about 90% of the time. It’s must so disgusting.

    I pray daily for Trump!!!

  43. AG Sessions, you better come down with those indictment against the criminal elements of the Democrat Party, DOJ,FBI and others before the 2018 election or you are gone!!You got your secret grand jury to
    use it for the indictments instead of using for just show casing it too the American people like it has really doing something when you have done nothing!! The game you and Rosenstein are playing is over!! In fact, President Trump should fire your ass now and get some one in there that can will do the job for the American people!!! By the way are you a Deep Stater and that is why you sit on your ass and do nothing???????? You are disgrace period!!!

  44. MidnightDStroyer says:

    I look at it this way: Sessions is cleaning out the DoJ but he has to do it quietly (He isn’t called Jeff (Stealth) Sessions for no reason); in the meantime, he’s been busting up drug-rings & human trafficking rings in America & worldwide (they are deeply connected to high-level government officials in other nations too). The indications of this can be seen when one looks into how many government officials & high-level corporate heads have been stepping down over the past year or so…Their time for prosecution is coming.

    FBI is still rife with corruption until the Mueller investigation falls apart; it’s already got severe cracks that Mueller can’t fix. Sessions has had investigations into Hillary’s State Dept on-going since Nov. 2017 through Huber & Horowitz. The courts normally generate about 1000 indictments in a single year, on average, but within the span of a few months with Horowitz & Huber, there are over 45,000 sealed indictments waiting to be unsealed as soon as the DoJ & FBI are cleaned.

    How can we expect Trump, Sessions or anybody for that matter to be able to clean up such wide-spread curruption in all of our government & social institutions that have been increasing for decades (if not centuries) in the span of merely 2 years? How can we minimize the scope of disruption to society without making the People aware of how long, wide & deep the corruption has gone unchecked? People need to be well-informed on how the Due Process of Law IS working, but it can’t be “done overnight” with such a huge workload. The constant rhetoric of fear, anger & hate streaming out from most of the Mainstream Media only works to keep America dumb & promote open resistance to the Due Process of Law in taking its course.

    Here’s the key…How can we expect much in the scope of clean prosecutions as long as the FBI & DoJ still has corruption in it? No, the only way is to finish the clean up there FIRST. We the People have to bypass Mainstream Media & do our own research because they have severed “investigative” from “journalism” long ago. We must elect candidates that will comply with the Cosntitution as the Supreme Law of the Land as the Oath of Office demands; keep vigilant on those who are IN Office (at ALL levels of government) & remove those who fail or refuse to obey the Law. Trust at the ballot box, but continue to verify at all times. this is the duty of Citiens to KEEP corruption out of our government because WE are the only enforcement mechanism for our Constitution to work the way it’s supposed to work.

    • M says:

      MidnightDStroyer, Great comment, so true! Thank you.

    • RicB says:

      MidnightD, you are So right we need to remove those who refuse to obey the law. That means we have to get rid of someone who worked from the beginning to get rid of the sanctions on Russia, who continually violates the emoluments clause, and a the man, Trump, who conspired with Cohen and others to defraud the American people by violating election laws. Trump has already committed several acts of obstruction of justice and when that swamp creature is removed, America is better off.

    • grammy6pak says:

      I think you are right but remember the night of the election results~ I posted on FB that I think DT won and everyone of my friends said shhhh, we can’t talk about this until it is verified we might jinx him. I think there are things that are happening and we need to keep mum on it so we don’t tip off the Swamp Dwellers that this is happening! I think they are so confident, just like the 2016 election, they think they are winning. Lets keep them thinking that just like our President is doing! He is throwing a lot of smoke. We have to keep the faith!!!

  45. bagster53 says:

    i’ve bin saying it for 2 years fire the fraud , he is another life long politician and they all sleep together , he has done nothing as sos running the doj , it’s as corrupt as it was when he took over

  46. Patricia Lane says:

    You know I think the Democrats should clean up their own front porch back porch and total yard before they start on any Republican Let’s see we had JFK bringing women constantly into the White House ,LBJ and his Antics , oh yes and Ted Kennedy more or less murdered a girl driving off a bridge never attempting to save her life and then wanted people to feel sorry for him and then we have the crooked Clinton’s and all the women he was harassing horrible human beings. Democrats stuck by all 4 of those guys didn’t they. what a bunch of hypocrites!! I think it’s time for people to start bringing up the past of them rather than sitting quietly. And of course we had the great John McCain who was always seen laughing and carrying on with Ted Kennedy that’s the company he kept another hypocrite. To the American people we have a president finally that stands up for the the normal folks of this great United States. We need to stand behind him. This is all a Witch Hunt let him do his job for America!! vote in 2018 vote conservative!!!! Build the WALL

  47. Jsc says:

    Trey Gowdy as AG! NO WAY! He is just a better actor than Sessions. He has defended the swamp on several occasions. I no longer trust Trey Gowdy!

  48. Francis says:

    Like I said before no one will be prosecuted the FIX is play

  49. Richard says:

    Jeff Sessions needs to be tried as a co conspirator in the treason trial for those who are attempting, and to some extent succeeding, to usurp the power and integrity of the office of President of the United States. He and his pals, the FBI and obviously Hillary Clinton along with his henchmen and standard bearers that are lead by Rosenstein have committed treason of the highest order. Sessions should be hung or shot for his treachery. It is past time to stop the political games, this is not a contest nor is it an Obama led revenge party – this is the future of the United States. For 6 long years we suffered under the muslim hoard and transgressions of Obama. We now are still infected with his leave behinds and complete idiots like Jeff Sessions. Time to expel these viruses and start a fresh new beginning. We the people demand justice and obviously under Sessions we are being denied that element.

    • jim says:

      Just one more, cudda, shudda wudda, people that did not do the job they were called upon to do! This man has not been a man for the president, and should resign before he gets relieved of his duties! I don’t know what it takes to convince him to understand that his actions have not been in the PUBLIC INTEREST!!! His lack of concern over “GETTING THE JOB DONE BY THE BEST PERSON TO DO THE JOB” has been TERRIBLE! A man or woman holding this job HAS to be diligent and forthright in all things, with kwik responses to the situations at hand!!! SORRY, BUT SESSIONS HAS TO GO!!!

    • ke says:

      Richard, you talk about usurping the power and integrity of the office of president of the united States. Mr trump has certainly misused the power and destroyed the integrity of that office. He is a selfish, self serving childish bully who thinks he is above the law and more brilliant than anyone. He will go down one way or another. The attorney general and the Congress are the employees of the American people, not the loyal servants of the president. How long has it been since you studied American History/ the Constitution? By the way, Obama was President fot 8 years and I miss him every day.

      • Sledge says:


        Did you get some of that $ 145 billion that O sent to the leaders in Iran ?

      • M says:

        ke, Well, news flash! Disregard any and all of ke’s statement. ke, If you want to live in a third world country or be a part of the new world order/globalization, you are in the wrong country. People now understand with this country’s economic boom what BHO was doing and had done to this country. And, thank you Barak for bringing all the racism, hatred of our great law enforcement, illegal criminal aliens/foreign invaders, the formation of Antifa, BLM, and other alt left hate groups, won’t try to list all his terrible policies. But I will say, Obama did everything in his power to shut down the first amendment/free speech and second amendment/the right to bear arms. The day Americans are not prepared to defend themselves, family and country is the day everything is in jeopardy and danger.

        • Dawn says:

          All I have to say is, O did the job that he was illegally voted into doing. Soros got him there to do exactly what is going on today. Everything M has accused O of bringing on this country, is exactly what he was suppose to do. We will never see America the way it was before his time.

          • zee says:

            Yes Dawn, ‘o’ did exactly what he was supposed to do.
            ” Easy to Understand, but Hard to Believe” the reality of
            ( what is happening.)

      • Charles says:

        You are a dyed in the wool Democrat and it is obvious you have never had an original thought of your own or you would not think that Obama was worth anything, he is certainly not anything to miss!

      • Buddy says:

        ke, President Trump is doing exactly what we put him in office to do, get rid of all the America killing legislation from the Obamayo mama regime. Plus to put a fire under the Swamp. Get with the program! Make America Great Again or go back under the rock you slithered out from

  50. Gennaro Pupa says:

    Sessions is a big disappointment as AG. Obviously still under the OLD SWAMP style of leadership. Under that system, nothing is clear-cut, its always in the gray area, and therefore NOTHING WORTHWHILE is accomplished. Thats the OLD SWAMP SYSTEM whereby when you just keep FLOATING and AVOIDING issue, you get to keep your job and make a steadily easier life for oneself and ultimately accumulate WEALTH, and to hell with making a STANCE. Folks, just checkout the NET WORTH of the Muellers, McCabe, Brennan, etc. Gathered all that wealth (of taxpayers money) while We the People bust our asses just to stay alive. THEY make their fortunes on BS, never producing anything tangible.

  51. John T Koszalka says:

    Jeff Sessions should man up, and resign on his own because he has been ineffective as the AG. The question is?????? Could Sessions be covering for the creatures who populate the DEEP STATE?

  52. Patrick says:

    sessions never worked for trump is what nobody understand just like congress are the to help but there not there to do trumps or anyone else they are there to protect the people which is not being done that is why trump is falling apart because as he said everyone there is there to protect him. but if they are there to protect him who will protect us from him, he constantly makes laws to suit him not the people. hes lied to everyone for going on 2 years, but says a democrat that he says lied to america should be forced to resign but what about when he lies to america nonstop what should he be forced to do? He paid hush money so that 2 people wouldn’t say anything to let the people know who he really is so we could be protected from him but the truth is on hillary who knows what is true because if it is true russians where hired to break into her computer system , if they did break in who knows if they just took off and what could of been put on this what nobody knows and probably will never know

    • milvetjim says:

      I really don’t think you could follow your own trail around a rose bush. Your thoughts are even confusing to yourself and you should not be trying to figure out what you are told but try to research on our own behalf. Anyway, thanks for your thoughts……

    • M says:

      Patrick, Seriously??? You have written a mish mash of rambling words that really don’t make a lot of sense. I was able to get out of it that you hate DJT and love HRC and a few other “words”. What you failed to write, however, are all the wonderful accomplishments this President has made for you, for me, and for America, in spite of having to fight you every step of his very successful way. How do you like the booming economy=4.1 GNP last qtr., millions of new jobs=labor shortage (means more jobs than people looking for work), tax reform=lower taxes, business strangling regulations=BHO restraints removed so business/corporations have grown, lowest unemployment in history for blacks, Latinos, Asians, and lowest for women in what 18 years. I could be here a long time listing out these things. Liberals have a closed or dead mind due to DTS and it is effecting your reasoning power or you have a low IQ and can’t comprehend. DJT is not a man without personal shortcomings and is not perfect, neither am I, are you? I don’t think so! Everyone who voted for Trump has watched him for many many years. He was known in cities and in the rural heartland. WE KNEW HIM! We voted for him to stop our great nation from becoming a third world country which is the direction it was swiftly headed after eight years of BHO. HRC would have been a continuing saga of the destruction of the country and headed toward globalization. We want our nation to stand, strong, tall and proud. DJT is making that happen. If you can’t be part of the solution just stay out of the way and watch him work. I’m going to be a part of the success and wish you would. God bless POTUS and the USA!

      #WalkAway to the Republican party! We want you, all of you!

    • Shelba J. Holmes says:

      Are you drunk or just plain crazy? I hate to tell y ou this but Presidents do not make the laws. That is just one of the nonsense rattled thoughts in that poast.

  53. Mary Allen says:

    If We the People do not turn back to God, learn his precepts and follow them, our Nation will lose the greatest President God has given us.
    2 Chronicles 7:14 If my people, which are called by My name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked (rejection of God’s) ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal your land.

    • M says:

      Mary Allen, Thank you! This is one of my favorite scriptures. It is God’s promise and will work if we obey Him!

    • Deborah says:

      Ezekial shows why we have Trunmp

      • RicB says:

        And no one is LESS HUMBLE and more wicked ways than Putin’s Puppet — from his Russian mob money laundering, to continually sexual assaults, adultery, lies, efforts to violate election laws, obstruction of justice and being a puppet for Putin are just the tip of the iceberg. SO many rants about Sessions, but you are missing the larger and more important picture – – look at the man who CLAIMED he knew the best people and who he had chosen: Sessions, Tillerson, the Mooch, Scott Pruitt, Paul the criminal Manafort, Rick Gates, Mike Flynn (after being continuously warned about him by others), Cohen (kept him for a decade), Bannon, Papadopolous . . . time precludes naming the whole legion of mistakes.

      • James Sotcheff says:

        That’s exactly why the Founding Fathers implemented the Separation of Church and State. The Constitution and the Bill of Rights is the Law of the Land,NOT the Bible.The Bible is a guide for us to live our lives not the Law that rules our land.If we as individuals follow each of our own God’s teachings ,the Country as a whole will heal.

  54. Jamison says:

    Jeff Sessions is a “candy-ass”!!! He totally duped Pres. Trump and the American people. I’m totally convinced now that he is a part of the “deep state” seeking to destroy President Trump and everything he does.

  55. amazing to read all Your Pea brain comments. Youall are the epitimy of ignorance. If this is the essence of middle
    America, We are in big trouble. Legally Sessions hands were tied, and You forget Trump was a crook before he came into
    office. Great move on Your part. Everyone knows what Trump was who lived in the Cities. Get Your Heads out of Trumps ass
    Reality is out there and its going to snap You
    all in the face…and thats a no brainer…

    • Joshua Gower says:

      You’re an idiot and a liar. Trump worked his entire life. Did Hussein Obama? Did Hillary?

      • Richard says:

        Nope but they have people killed who oppose them!

      • RicB says:

        That is just patently untrue. Trump never did a real days work, like most of us have, his whole damned life. He could NOT do your job, hell, he can’t even do the job as president and puts in less hours a week than any modern president. Trump’s parents go so frustrated with him they sent him away to military school. Supported by Daddy and brought into Daddy’s business, he goes to Wharton (bus. school of U. of Penn) where his main professor said “Donald Trump was the dumbest G.D. student I had in 30 years.” They Trump with millions of dollars of Daddy’s money, did real estate deals until he bankrupted almost every business he had by his ill advised take over of the Tag Mahal in Atlantic city. From there on in, he rebuilt his empire by laundering Russian mob money mostly, and from the Trump name.

        • G says:

          RicB, Ho hum Ric, thank you for the debunked fairy tale. In fact, you are on this blog sharing a lot of BS and lies and fairy tales. We do thank you for your time and attention but we know, better than you, what is true and what is false. You are wasting time and must be a paid troll to be running through this blog like greased lightening! HEY EVERYONE, RICB IS A PAID TROLL!

    • Martin says:

      I would say to you get your head out of your ass so you can see whats really what your Democrats are doing to our country,

  56. Jeff Sessions ass should have been gone a long time ago.

  57. K says:

    Sessions does nothing! I say, based on his inaction, he is either scared ofhisvownshadow OR the deep state corrupt hacks have some juicy dirt on him and threaten to unleash it kin the American people. He’s utterly useless and DESERVES TO BE FIRED along with the filthy dirty corrupt hacks embedded in the fake Trump-Russia collusion faurytale. It’s tine he bring real charges against HRC, DNC, FOJ, McCabe, Both Ohrs, FusionGPS, Mueller, Rotten Rosenstein, Clappper, Brennan the Commie sympathazrr, Hussein Obama & his fiithy Admin AND THE REST OF THE BAD ACTORS INVOLVED!

    • petercat says:

      He certainly has proved that he’s nothing but a two-faced traitor. From the very first when Pres.Trump took office he’s done absolutely nothing, always based his replies on uncertainties and childish excuses.

  58. david says:

    Nothing will be solved until Rosenstein and Sessions are GONE.

    • M says:

      david, You have made a very loud and true statement. I don’t expect this to happen until after Mueller is gone and we, REPUBLICANS MUST WIN THE MIDTERMS if it happens at all. Sessions was a huge mistake by DJT and Rosenstein is a hold-over BHO man who should have been fired immediately, another huge mistake by DJT. Sorry President Trump, you have made some doozies just like the rest of us!

  59. Ron BARTCH says:

    My concern also regarding a possible statute of limitation for those of the deep state/swamp! Sessions just might be more loyal to those in Congress and the 3 letter agencies, than to the rule of law! Yes Mr. Sessions, you and your judgement is in question!

  60. Ron says:

    Sessions needs to go, but if Trump fires him it would only provide ammo for his enemies! In addition, Trump would have to nominate a replacement. There is no way the current Demorat/Rino controlled Senate would ever confirm anyone who would do what should be done. Right now all we can hope for is there are several Republican Senators elected who have Trumps back this November. A slim hope at best! If that should happen it is a safe bet Sessions AND Rosenstein will be gone, and quickly!!

  61. Danny says:

    I’m going to go upstream here for two reasons.

    1 we don’t know what’s happening behind the scenes.

    2 if Trump fires sessions then rosenstein becomes ag for real, since a new one will neber get approved.

    That said, since Trump hasn’t fired him, let Trump do his job and play hid instincts. Been good so far.

  62. Martha woerner says:

    Sessions is a joke if he can’t do his job give it to someone that actually wants to do the job. And do it right. Sessions has been in a coma the whole time.

    • NavyVet67 says:

      I agree. If he really wanted to do a great job, half of Obama’s administration would be under indictment already, tried and probably convicted

  63. Bud says:

    What a “POS” the little beady-eyed ferret turned out to be.

  64. Sessions had a lot of potential and we had great expectations of him. What a disappointment!

  65. Ray Miller says:

    Jeff Sessions is either part and parsel of the Sewer Rats or he is being black mailed by them. He should have been fired the day he recused him self from the phony Russia probe.

  66. Seth says:

    He is bought and paid by the deep state obviously..if not his first thing he would have done was arresting Hitlery and Obutthole

  67. Fr Tom Martin says:

    He should have gone home with some honor intact. Now he will return defeated, rejected, relic of a once good man

  68. M says:

    I understand but for some Republicans in Congress Sessions would have been gone long ago. If POTUS did not fire him hoping for help from Congress it should be apparent he is not going to
    get help from the Republicans who
    wanted to keep Sessions, sooooo??? I
    have an idea Sessions will be gone
    shortly after Muller is finished anyway. Sessions has done some good work but, not enough and I am concerned about the statute of elimination expiring on some criminal activities that really need to be investigated for prosecution on high profile Dem lib criminals.

    • M says:

      Ooops! That should be limitations instead of eliminations in fourth row from bottom of the comment above! Sorry. 🙁

    • Ron BARTCH says:

      My concern also regarding a possible statute of limitation for those of the deep state/swamp! Sessions just might be more loyal to those in Congress and the 3 letter agencies, than to the rule of law! Yes Mr. Sessions, you and your judgement is in question!

    • Debra says:

      Amen. And it’s NO SECRET who t he high profile dem lib criminals are……

  69. Traitor says:

    I think Secesions is doing a fine job for s republican in drawing the swamp: Manafort, Cohn, Collins, Flynn, Hunter, Pruitt, Price. Can’t wait till they get to the top of the heap the most corrupt poor excuse for a human POTUS!

    • Jeff Metz says:

      you watch TV News only, don’t you.

    • Cecil Simmons says:


      • James Sotcheff says:

        That’s exactly why the Founding Fathers implemented the Separation of Church and State. The Constitution and the Bill of Rights is the Law of the Land,NOT the Bible.The Bible is a guide for us to live our lives not the Law that rules our land.If we as individuals follow each of our own God’s teachings ,the Country as a whole will heal.

  70. charlotte says:

    Time for him to GO AWAY!!!

  71. Greg Olmstead says:

    President Donald Trump. We the people Demand for Jeff Sessions to be terminated immediately. Your doing a great job and we need justice on the corrupt Demorates. They are trying to ruin you because your doing a GREAT JOB.

  72. Ed says:

    Not only should he be fired, if he has let the limitations expire on bringing charges against the real criminals then he should be charged with dereliction of duty and get time for it.

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