Ilhan Omar just forced Nancy Pelosi to do the unthinkable

Ilhan Omar ignited a national controversy with her anti-Semitic remarks.

It created a defining moment for the Democrat Party.

And Omar just forced Nancy Pelosi to do the unthinkable.

Pelosi knows she has a problem on her hands.

Omar’s bigoted remarks threaten to brand the Democrats as the party of hatred and intolerance.

So she teed up a resolution condemning anti-Semitism in response to Omar’s comments that American Jews are not loyal to the United States.

But she was forced to back down under pressure from the party’s liberal base.

Politico reports:

A vote on a resolution condemning anti-Semitism in response to controversial comments by Rep. Ilhan Omar is set to slip past Wednesday amid intensifying pressure from the left both inside and outside the House Democratic Caucus.

An array of progressive groups declared their support for Omar, while both the Congressional Black Caucus and Congressional Progressive Caucus — two of the most important factions among House Democrats — wanted more time to review the situation, lawmakers and aides said.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) said in a closed-door meeting Tuesday that the vote would likely happen Thursday. They also said a draft resolution would be updated to include additional language rejecting anti-Muslim bias, although some Democratic sources believe that an entirely new document might be crafted.

Democrats are trapped in a corner.

Allowing Omar to go unpunished could allow Republicans to peel Jewish voters off the Democrats’ coalition in 2020.

But sanctioning Omar risks the wrath of the base.

Given the choice between rejecting hatred and pleasing the base, Pelosi revealed her true colors by scuttling the resolution condemning anti-Semitism.


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148 Responses

  1. Laurence Whitfield says:

    Jewish people created the NAACP, Al Sharpton is not a racist he is reacting to racist people. Black people do not have the power or the white slave master history to be racist.

  2. Paul Fishman says:

    The Communist Democratic Party has a big problem with Antisemitism and will cause their Democratic Jewish Politicians of the House and their voters to become Independent or go toward the GOP and lose power. Speaker of the House Nancy Bigmouth also has the responsibility and authority to warn Ilhan Omar to stop and desist with her remarks or she will go to jail and be kicked out of her position out of the Whitehouse for good just like An Outrageous Child.

  3. Carolyn Zipf says:

    Yes Nafhan Paris, I do so agree! We should all take a stand now and not wait until it’s too late!

  4. fempatriot says:

    Since when is criticism of a group of people–any people–anything except exercising our right to free speech and stating facts? Our nation is being run by AIPAC which is a lobby for Israel (and Jews)–and the last time I looked–Israel was not a part of the United States, and it was treating the Palestinian people horribly–The Jews of the world were “given” 78% of what was once Palestine, home to all 3 religions: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Palestinians were left with only 22% of Palestine–and now the Israelis are trying to push them off that measly bit of land. It is cruel and unjust and it needs to be brought to the public’s attention–and Americans need to stand up for ALL human beings having the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness–including the Palestinian people, who didn’t deserve to be treated like this.

  5. MK says:


    • Pamela Skelton says:

      You are wrong Nancy Pelosi is a great house speaker and she is a strong woman, she thinks before she lower the hammer .I agree with you this Omar woman should go she us a devil in disguise . I would have never voted for her it’s something about her just does not sit with me,she has other alternative motives that is a danger for our country she speaks against what she has said.Ms Nancy will definitely take care of her just wait she’s waiting for this Omar to dig herself deeper then Ms Nancy will let her ass have it with.both barrels. We do not need another traitor among us.SHE WIIL BE GONE she even looks like a snake to me,forgive me for saying that about her,she is angry about something America has done to her people.i hope they are watching her. Ms Nancy will handle her Democrat or not.

  6. Gregory Sullivan says:

    Osama Bin Laden had once said that soon the flag of Islam will fly over the White House, thanks to that Head Scarfed bitch and others who would love to turn America into an Islamic 3rd world toilet and it’s beginning to look that way more and more everyday if more Islamic legislatures are allowed to take office.

  7. This is a classic example of why The Democrat-Communist-Islamic-KKK-Nazi Terrorist Organization, MUST BE DESTROYED by any means necessary.

  8. the best thing to do is give your congressperson the devil to stand against these kind of people………….
    this kind of people is trouble makers……..Nancy set your foot down…

  9. Baylee says:

    We need to understand the democrat KKK organization.
    When the Civil War ended, the democrats organized the KKK org. to control the newly freed slaves. After the troops left is when the dem .KKK passed the Jim Crowe laws.
    Fast forward to the early 1900’s. the dimms. expanded their terrorism targeting not only the black population, but the Catholics & the Jewish people.
    This is nothing new, this is what this party is all about. These people are becoming radicalized with all these new members, which should be considered terrorist.
    This Rep, Omar has nothing to lose, she will be re-elected. This is exactly what she was sent to Congress to do. It has nothing to do with the American people. She is part of those thousands & thousands of refugees that Obama re-located to her area of the country. His plan appears to be working.
    If we, as Americans, do not get a handle on this, we will lose our country.

  10. Nathan Paris says:

    It’s apparent that OUR Country is changing before our eyes, the people WE elect into office are NO longer representing us or what’s in the best interest of The United States. WE have a duty under The Constitution of The United States of America to take control. Vote Responsibly in 2020, again in 2022 and 2024 to rid these idiots from office. It’s up to ALL OF US to stand for what is right! MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. By The People For The People.

  11. She is NOT a representative of the USA but a RADICAL ISLAMIC OPERATIVE who certainly does NOT belong HERE, much LESS in THIS country’s GOVERNMENT, same goes for that other “muslim” and libtard AOC……!!!!

  12. FedUp says:

    Pelosi & her gang have been taken over by the “new” faces of the demoncrat party. Pelosi & gang have been out foxed.

  13. Tony Bell says:

    These women, Omar, Talib, Cortez, Harris, etc.. are not their by themselves. They have entire communities that voted them into office supporting this anti-American agenda. There is an invasion from within. One put in place many years ago.

    It has become obvious that forces are pushing anarchy. Why? Because a society run on the principles of anarchism, “A political theory favoring the abolition of governments” will allow them to abolish our constitution. The founding document that guarantees freedom form government control. The second amendment which protect all others is standing in their way.

  14. So, American Jews are not LOYAL to USA….But “muslims” are, yeah right….ALL THEY WANT is to take OVER America with NO “FREEDOM of RELIGION”, NO FREEDOM of SPEECH, NO RIGHT to BEAR ARMS = EVERYTHING that made this country EXCEPTIONAL, and the US CITIZENS are supposed to just ROLL OVER and give in to THAT…???? I DOUBT THAT very much….!!!!

    • FedUp says:

      It is sad many Jews support the demoncrats. Imho to them it is all money & power. I always stand with Israel because God says it is the right side. I disagree with those that stand with the demoncrats. God does the sorting.

  15. The “Muslims” are starting to infiltrate our UNITED STATES, they are on an AGENDA to overtake “WE THE PEOPLE”, they don’t want to become the norm but want “SHARIA LAW”, if you check, they all are active in “CAIR”, wake up AMERICA!!

  16. John J says:

    Maggot, elected by illegal maggots

    • Nelda Smith says:

      The democrats are letting these kind of people get by with things that they wouldn’t have got by with before. It is their own fault. Cortez and even Omar needs to go.

  17. John J says:

    Until we install irrefutable photo voter ID there will be more and more of these idiots in our government

  18. John J says:

    Freedom of speech and the voters rights are the law of the land

  19. Ernst says:

    The Democrat Party has now become the Party of bigotry and hate. It is also the Party of hypocrisy and lies.

  20. Craig Michael Vandertie says:

    Damn!, H-1B visa recipient software writers I had intended to use the plural tense for the word party being partys but the Predictive Text algorithms changed it.

  21. Craig Michael Vandertie says:

    I will make no apologies the $3,500,000,000 in aid we provide israel per year must cease now, yes, the fact that it is a wicked Moonie Muslime who is doing the protesting is repugnant but in all honesty she is correct the jews do control our government both parts it only varies in the average net worth as to who they vote for the extremely wealthy jews of the world like the Rothschilds the leaders of the Chibad Lubavitch Death cult bribe both parts where as the average jew only donates to the Dumbocrats.

    • Jersey Prophet says:

      Let me modify your post, substituting “black” for “Jew,” and “football and basketball” for “government.” I use the same fractured grammar and punctuation you used, but I hope the point of your racist-tinged bigotry is made:

      “Blacks overwhelmingly dominate football and basketball – both games it only varies in the average net worth as to who they vote for the extremely wealthy blacks of the world only donate to the Dumbocrats.

  22. Craig Michael Vandertie says:

    Most jews with United States citizenship are Democrats and therefore traitors but the same can be said for the jews who support Republicans or at least those involved in the Deep State as many in the GWB administration are and were when Dick Cheney Ruled.

  23. Harvey Schneider says:

    I admit that I am anti Islam and agree with Founding Father President Thomas Jefferson. People that are Muslim are a threat to others that are not followers of the Satanist Moe and his teachings!.

    They include “Bath House Barry” and his pal Mikey.

    • Craig Michael Vandertie says:

      What is it you agree with T.J. on, that he found islam/shariaism ideologically incompatible with the principles of which our Constitutional Republic are built?, yes, but that was not enough to compel him to write into the Constitution laws banning all muslims from ever becoming citizens, federal politicians repeatedly prove how ignorant they are for instance this ban on people immigrating had nothing to do with banning muslims although the specifics pertaining to the line of thinking of those who should not be allowed to become citizens applies to all muslims:

      Communist manifesto published the article because for some irrational reason they agree with the initial reason for creating the bill, irrational as in those people realized how oppressive life under a Communist regime was and they wanted the sweet taste of the laws of a Constitutional Republic unlike the evil Moonie Muslimes who like the components of a terminal viral pandemic plague only spread the disease known as islam and have no intention into assimilating another type of ideology.

    • Craig Michael Vandertie says:

      You did not mention the other member of his homorgy Rahm Emanuel.

    • Rose says:

      You have a lot of company, Harvey. There are reasons for that. Muslims have proven through out history that they cannot be trusted. We will rue the day they were ever allowed into this country. The words of the three Muslims in congress are proving the point of being un trust worthy. Our beliefs and values are not respected by them or their faith. Because of AOC, she is proving that she is out for herself and has already committed serious crimes and must be held accountable for all of them. She lies about everything, She reminds me of Obama, I looked her up and there is no real information about her and what is there proves that she lies. The one thing that was on the sight that I saw said she has $200,000.00 in her SAVINGS account…………tell me how she could have saved that kind of money in her savings account, on the pay of a Bartender? She said she had to work two jobs to help her family survive………she has one sibling Her mother said that she , herself,had to work two jobs to keep a roof over their heads. AOC said she was out of school. If she made 200,000.00 dollars Bar tending , you would think she and her mother would not have to hold down 2 jobs each to take care of three people! Something is mighty funny!!

  24. Gary says:

    When on earth are we going to quit trying to help these kinds of people? They are untrustworthy and always end up shooting us in the back. Send her back to where she came from. They would deserve her.

    • Dot says:

      I think they need to revoke her citizenship and send her back where she came from. How in the heck did she even get in office. Maybe when they run for office they need to do some kind of survey and find out what their plans are before letting them even run.

  25. Donna says:

    Agree. She seems to care more about her looks and scarf she wears than caring about our laws. If she does not like it here, she should go back to Somalia and take the other just elected reps and Pelosi with her immediately.

  26. Twykes says:

    For someone who came to America out of a
    Refuge camp in Somalia she should be ashamed
    Of herself. The USA gave her food lodging
    And a chance at life. She’s trashing america
    Send her back for a second look at what she left
    Ad see if she wants to stay there. What a terrible
    Terrible citizen she is.

    • Sallie Ann says:

      She’s just TELLING THE TRUTH and look what it gets her……

      • donn Edmunds says:

        THE TRUTH are you blind as well as stupid
        go to any of those third world cesspools and see how you as a female are treated
        been there seen it and it is disgusting

        • Gayle Clay says:

          That’s exactly where she and those like her belong. See for yourself what they -(radical Muslims) have done to the rest of the people in all those countries who are not practicing radical Muslims. Put her back in the cesspool where she belongs.

      • Fay Butler says:

        The truth is that Islam needs to be declared not a religion in the US. It is a hateful cult with global aspirations. Want to see that truth in action in the US? Go online to: I Stand With Hoehns Farm.

      • Jersey Prophet says:

        It get’s her NOTHING! Pelosi cowers in front of this traitor to the beliefs and culture of America and waters down a rebuff of her anti-Semitism into a milquetoast rebuke of all forms of bigotry, mentioning not a word of it’s perpetrator, Omar. The senile Pelosi did not even remove this snotball America-hater from the House Foreign Relations committee post to which she cynically and arrogantly appointed her a month ago JUST to do an In-Your_Face slap at Jewish constituents!

        You Dems will finally lose the 75% Jewish vote in the US. Moreover, when you realize how much Hispanic and black support your party has also lost to President Trump for your increasingly evident anti-black, anti-life, AND anti-AMERICAN bias, it is becoming more and more clear the Dem party has finally dismembered itself. You are disintegrating before your very eyes, yet can’t help yourselves in your hatred!

        Couldn’t happen to a more deserving party!

    • Donna says:

      Agree. She seems to care more about her looks and scarf she wears than caring about our laws. If she does not like it here, she should go back to Somalia and take the other just elected reps and Pelosi with her immediately.

    • Michelle taylorr says:

      and she commands a nice salary at the American Taxpayers expense which allows her to live in luxury and enjoy the FREEDOM our military sacrifices for. Grateful… ha, ha. I think not!

  27. 1PatriotForever says:

    Nancy Pelosi has been doing the unthinkable for 37 years and most of CONGRESS

  28. Phillip says:

    It’s a shame the Jewish people are being sold out by their own and the Democratic party not standing up making excuses the same thing that they didn’t Nazi Germany excuses for Hitler they say that Judas sell price out for 30 pieces of silver but my people so this out for nothing.

  29. Carlos says:

    Right about now, Leatherface is ruing the day she got her wish to be Speaker again, LOL. I only wish the damage for not punishing that raghead c unt could be worse but too many stupid American Jews are liberals first, Jewish last!

  30. Louise says:

    I cannot stand that woman Omar. I can’t stand also the one that called our President the ugly word. Left up to me I would tell them it’s high time they head back to the Middle East and as soon as possible. Donald has my vote in 2020.

    • haz says:

      Nancy won’t like her either when she takes her job? How do new hires get this much power anyway? The three Muslims moved right up to the top of the food chain.

    • Jim Johnston says:

      I’m a patriot and am proud of the current presidency and the policies his administration is supporting. Terrifically disheartening is that representative Omar was attempting to make a point about the ability to have meaningful conversation regarding “Policy” issues. Precisely to her point is what it is that’s taking place. I’m listening a closely as possible and can’t find anything on the position, thoughts, ideas or questions about the actual “Point of her Comments”.

  31. Bill says:

    I’d really like to smack that smile off her face for this is just the beginning

    • carrie says:

      You aer that they haverent by yourself Pelosi wanted her girls club and she got it but shes to dumb to realize what shes done. When these twits turn shes going to be the first one they turn on . The Demorcrats have put all of America in the fire with this one it pizzes me off that thier hate for Trump is so advid that they would put America in the danger that they have and we are in danger its going to go full force and they have tied our hands, America as we know will cease to exsist because of the radical Left. When you smack that smile off her face could you please continue starting with Biden and Ellijah Cumming first.

    • carrie says:

      sorry for those typos but thats not how i typed this comment i allways check spelling etc and it was ok when i hit the send button

  32. Bill says:

    If these fools get to steal the presendency we will have to deal with them till 2024 when Haley gets in

  33. LaRue Jeffrey says:

    Good they need a few more like her and AOC make it easy for Trump to get another term

  34. Brothermike says:

    Omar should be put out of the Congress and then shipped out of our country and put her back in her sick country

  35. Geneww38 says:

    for shure, AOC and these two Muslims are Satan’s best and most energetic workers.

  36. Geneww38 says:

    AOC and these two Muslims are Satan’s best and most energetic workers.

  37. Kingrat says:

    Did anyone interview the tired ass woman, and performed a back ground check of the highest level before they decided to bring her aboard to represent the American people, or is she there to promote ISIS. Really Trumpy, I thought you knew how to interview “GOOD” “Clean” “HONEST” candidates. in your realm.

    But, I guess its not true, since your staff has gone out of control. Everyone is showing their dirty laundry. I thought we had a cohesive unit in Washington. I thought that we really had honest to goodness leaders in your realm. Then you allow this Abortion crap to go to far – baby killers. I mean – how in the hall are you going to run this country while your children (Staff) run around back stabbing each other, they have skeletons littered all over the Casa Blanca. I think a wall needs to be built around the Casa Blanca, before we have any strays to cause problems. Its all in the El Grande Casa Blanca.

    • Christina Slough says:

      Are you seriously blaming President Trump for this? He is not in charge of the Congress, that dumbbell Pelosi is in charge and she is the one letting these heathen newbies, that never should have been voted in, run wild. We are getting stupid as a country when people vote without knowing who or what they are voting for more anymore often.

    • donn Edmunds says:

      Really you blame our President for all that sorry mindless it was the Democraps who caused the problem just way too many voters for them to ignore

    • Bonnie says:

      In her state of MN, Obama dumped 40,000 Muslim refugees there! That is how she got into office! She also promoted Sharia Law last year during a press conference, how she was elected …by her own..NEVER SHOULD SERVE ON THE COMMITTEE FOR FOREIGN AFFAIRS!

      • Craig Michael Vandertie says:

        I listened to interviews of Moonie Muslimes on the campus of the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis from a few years back the person conducting the interviews asked the Moonie Muslimes if they would rather live under our laws or sharia law and everyone said sharia law.

  38. Bill says:

    It’s amazing that all of the seasoned Democrats are afraid to go against the three freshman Congresswoman who really have no idea of what there doing. There doing a great job for the Republican Party. They have already shown that they don’t really care for our Jewish Brothers and Sisters. There only afraid that they will loss the Jewish voters.

  39. me says:

    I still don’t know why ANYONE in America would want muslims to have any power in this country at all…after them attacking us and all…

  40. Hal Lemoyne says:

    Hey if some jewish people still feel it’s there need to vote

    on the demoncratic side favoring the demoncratic candidates

    well that just meanings that they’re self’deceivers

    and they need to refuse all the truths that their demoncratic party

    and over 70% jew haters and omar & tlaib are just being political

    in order to help their demoncratic party to win however possible

    it’s those type of jews that are going to wake up 1 day and find out

    that demoncratic party has complete turned islamically allah beloved

    and then those hollywood demoncratic jews will be completely

    stunned speechless and scared unknowing what think and do next

    this will be a TRUMPing Truth 1 day

    if all those hollywood jews don’t want to be aware!!!

  41. Theodore Priitt says:

    WE THE PEOPLE need to make it a point to get them out of office now.

  42. John McGee says:

    The Democrats confirm once and for all that they are still the party of the KKK

  43. JK says:

    Reading these comments, it seems to me that the hatred and bigotry is not limited to the left. Before posting anywhere, folks should check their anger at the door. Hate won’t fix this country.

    • Estell says:

      It’s not necessarily hate they are spewing out. It’s stating a fact. JK

    • G.E. says:

      Want to bet ,at this point it may be all that’s left not going to turn the other check again, She was born to hate and that’s a fact. Hatred abounds in those countries why do I know this been there.

  44. Wilddog says:

    Poor Pukelosi losed control of her Marxist lunatic party. It was only 50 years ago when she was into the Marxist flower power fools that treat Viet Nam War Vets like manure. Just like her idol, Jane Fonda, she supported the 1968 riot at the DNC in Chicago because moderate Humphrey got the nomination instead of Commie McCarthy. And who knows the exact number of American flag burnings the old bag participated in. Just like her butt buddy Obama, she supported the domestic terrorist of the time. Hey Stupid Nancy, did the words “You will reap what you sow” ever mean anything to your worthless ass?

  45. guy says:

    The three idiots need to be removed from office immediately and deported to a country where we will never hear from them again.

  46. Ronald S Gauss says:

    All this proves is how ignorant the leadership is about Islam.

    • Tony says:

      Robert, I agree with you the United States is at a pivotal point, either we are the USA or Venezuela , that where the Dems are leading us to. The most of the Senate & Congress Republicans are too weak to standby our President

  47. Thomas Rumsey says:

    Every American had better watch the Muslims. We will be fighting ISIS her in the States before you turn around. Ok minutemen be ready and get behind your tree. I got mine picked out.

  48. Steve Allen says:

    The Democrats have always had that kind of problem. Just reread your US History. It all started with the founding fathers. Had they not started the problem we have then we wouldn’t be going thru what wee are and have been since ’92. It appears that people have their heads buried.

    • Tom Hall says:

      Fact everyone bitches and cries but do nothing.Our country was founded by those willing to fight back.We need a caravan of REAL AMERICANS to march on radiation dc and take back our country.Remove the obstructions by force if need be.Stop whining and crying people.Lets ALSO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS CRAP INCONGRUOUS.

  49. Michael says:

    From a Veteran and Patriot
    Any elected official who cannot support The USA and our constitution should be brought up on charges of TREASON.
    After all did they not swear an allegiance to this when they were sworn in.

    • Bonnie says:

      I totally agree with Michael. They should be stripped of there position immediately also….no waiting for a hearing!

  50. Larry Gaines says:

    Ilhan Omar is trying to disrupt all of congress. Pelosi needs to prove how hard of a bitch she is and shut Omar down. Otherwise the out of control Muslim will continue doing what she wants to do

    • Will says:

      Omar , is going to continue doing what she wants. because she has been getting away with it ever since she set foot in this country, because these people are afraid of the Muslims and she knows it . It will come a time when the deplorables of this country will have to deal with them because they are to chicken Sh** to deal with them now

  51. Brad G. says:

    Barack Obama said that he was deporting the illegal aliens out of our country only to turn around and allow a bunch of anti-Semite Somalis and Mexicans into our country. He lied and betrayed us, but it’s obvious enough that he was placed in the White House as a plant that sowed the seeds that allowed hateful Muslims to grow out of the soil of our land. George Soros put Obama up to all of this.

  52. paulette says:

    pelosi is a pawn and the two crazy muslims are playing her like a violin. somone better do something about those two before it is to late.

  53. MI Jim says:

    Ilhan Omar needs to be redistricted or primaried out of political existence. She is a
    vile, wicked antiSemite. Her hatred for Jews is obvious. It is unbelievable that the Democrats didn’t condemn her in Congress.

    • Clay Prince says:

      We’re at war with this woman and all she stands for. Our founding fathers would have hanged her in public, along side AOC and Bernie Sanders. These dangerous people are using the weakness of frightened opposition party hacks as a means to roll back the tolerance threshold, to then create space for even more vile anti-American extremists into the political system. There is only one solution. Those who love this country need to be prepared and willing to fight for it. The three mentioned above have no love for the constitution upon which this nation is founded, nor do those who put them in office. We must have the nerve to reclaim our nation from the brink of collapse into anarchy, from which an Islamic state will arise. We fought one Civil War for the sake of the Republic. We’re on the verge of another. The alternative is to watch the end of America without a shot fired.

      • Bonnie says:

        Sadly I agree. What does it take to see what is coming….she reminds me of the young girl who wants to come back to U.S. after joining ISIS..NO REMORSE AND THE SAME SMILE OF I DARE YOU!! PEOPLE HAD BETTER WAKE UP AND START SPEAKING UP ! I BUG MY CONGRESSMEN OFFICE…LOL..DEMOCRAT STATE..THEY JUST SAY SHE DIDNT KNOW, HECK SHE DOESN’T, SHE KNEW BEFORE SHE ENTERED OFFICE!!

  54. Navy PO2 says:

    The Demoncrat Party has become a left wing hate group populated with anti-Christian bigots, anti-Catholic bigots and anti-Semitic bigots! Who’s next on their hate list?

  55. Alexander Marinesko says:

    So proud those Minnesotans must be……….

    • Donald Hoffman says:

      Unfortunately she was elected by the hate filled bigots of her constituency whose bile and venom she spews

  56. Truckman says:

    this thing needs to go back to where she came from and carry all those freeloaders with her

  57. Maty says:

    Screw peglosi and the rest of democrap pos, they are full of hate racst pigs they need to be destroyed alk of them.

  58. David Sharp says:

    Illhan Omar needs to be fired from the House. She’s only one step removed from being a Jihadi, and it’s a short step, at that. NOTE: This is NOT a duplicate comment.

    • Jimmie Chesser says:

      The whole democratic party needs to go the Muslims killed over 3000 Damon people and they condone this Muslim I can’t stand them I wish they would disappear of the face of the earth.

  59. David Sharp says:

    Illhan Omar needs to be fired from the House. She’s only one step removed from being a Jihadi, and it’s a short step, at that.

  60. Roger says:

    This ragheaded Goat farmer has continually showed her love for terrorists even went to Somalia before the election to support the radical government there where her brother in law was given a high position with her help. She’s a terrorist sympathizer and should be put to trial as one the same as the ragheaded muslim goat farmer from Michigan. But nothing will happen because they are democrats and corrupted especially for being so new to their position. Plus they are super racist.

  61. Dave Miedema says:

    They have more than an anti-Semite problem…the Democraps have an overall bigotry problem. One woman I message to on Facebook, a Sanders supporter, said she has stopped donating money to the DNC because of this party bigotry problem that Dems either refuse to acknowledge exists or ignore willfully.

  62. We really have a serious problem since she has been elected into office along with several other politicians.This has to be addressed and severe consequences have to be addressed.Hese people are dangerous to our democracy and country.

  63. Dianna says:

    muslims are EVIL! they don’t want to be AMERICANS they want America to become muslim! WAKE UP AMERICA! they’re like the sneaky, slimy, slithering snake that’s their leader – satan himself! Come quickly please Lord JESUS! Wake up America & take our country back for JESUS! Praise be to Almighty God! Hallelujah!

    • mikle says:

      Wake up America, At least this 3 stooges made my family republican . No more this Pelosi and rest of

    • gretchen roberson says:

      YES!!!!!!! ITA! This is spiritual warfare..I pray America wakes up..Thank you Jesus!

    • mspidge says:

      That’s their plan, and the filth is getting their heels dug in!!

    • Norine Levy-Hughes says:

      Yes I agree with you. In THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST I bind SATAN and all strongman spirits, all familiar, unclean, leviathan, antichrist, jezebel, ahab, Destruction, death, retaliation, backlash, accident,sorcery divination, all territorial, principalities spirits that are operating in the 1st and 2nd heaven, I COMMAND all these spirits to be uprooted, dismantle, crushed by JESUS BLOOD and go into the presence of the HOLY GHOST NOW. I LOOSE GOD’FIRE to utterly consume all evil Schemes, unseen plots, snares, conspiracies, orders, all evil spoken words, and all that is OPERATING AGAINST GOD’PLANS-AGENDA AND AMERICA AND THE WHITE HOUSE-PRES TRUMP, AND US GENUINE LOYAL AMERICANS, AND ALL GENUINE PEOPLE OF ALMIGHTY GOD. NO Weapon that is formed against us shall prosper. I PLEAD THE BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST OVER ALL Genuine Americans, people of GOD, and The White House PRES TRUMP. GOD’KINGDOM RULES OVER ALL. GOD’PLANS WILL CONTINUE TO MANIFEST IN JESUS NAME FOREVER I DECREE AND DECLARE. WE GIVE GLORY TO GOD OUR FATHER.

      • Christine Huber says:

        Norene Levy-Hughes, I stand with you 100%. I have prayed your prayer. And we know that if 2 or more are gathered God will be with us. Hallelujah! In Jesus name, I also cast out Satan and all his followers from our beautiful, Christian USA. And pray Jesus blood over President Trump. God is always in charge so we have to trust Him to keep the USA safe and be patient. Thank Auou.

        • Linda H says:

          Norine Levy-Hughes and Christine Huber, I also prayed this prayer with you. If more people pray this prayer with you we can fight satan and his demons. I know it works. I had a demon in a home I moved into. I banished it with a prayer like that. My home is clean by the grace of God.

          • Christine Huber says:

            Yes, we are standing and praying together. And I am absolutely sure God has a plan. Can’t wait to see what He does with these people.

  64. Linda H says:

    Edwin Parpart, I have tried for two weeks to get somebody to pay heed. Maybe you will. Google: 5 ways that Islam takes over a country. People can’t see what is happening if they don’t know what to look for. This tells what to look for. Please google this I promise it is worth it.

  65. Floyd says:

    We had a muzzie terrorist in the White house for 8 years.

  66. David says:

    I’m not surprised that this has happened. Pelosi is useless. Instead of doing what is right for America, she has chosen to cow-down to racist demands within her own party! I have ALWAYS said the Democrats are the racists in this country. They tell minorities that they are incapable of supporting themselves and their families so the Democrats promise to take care of them so they don’t have to work. Omar, Tlaib, AOC, Sanders, Clinton, et al., are the most racist people in our nation. By protecting Omar, the Democrats are shooting themselves in the leg. American citizens will make them pay for this racism at the ballot box in 2020. And these people have the audacity to call Trump racist!

  67. So please tell me just what the heck did you expect from a Muslim ???? Peace overtures ???????. You must be very brain dead as their only goal in life is to kill all non-Muslims. Just read the Koran, most versions all agree about killing infidels. That in most cases is all of the western culture my friends.

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