You won’t believe what Biden is considering doing to Kamala Harris’ position as Vice President

After being given the Vice Presidency, Kamala Harris felt she was on her way to becoming President.

With everything going wrong in the Biden-Harris administration, her life has become a continual pain.

And you won’t believe what Biden is considering doing to Kamala Harris’ position as Vice President.

Kamala Harris assumed the position of Vice President with the appearance of being the Democratic Party’s next in line.

Biden even dubbed their Washington, D.C. rule as the “Biden-Harris administration.”

However, when the errors piled up, things went horribly wrong for her.

She failed her task of resolving the border situation, stumbling about in search of “root reasons” while avoiding going to the border.

Her poll ratings plummeted to an all-time low for a contemporary Vice President, much worse than Biden’s pathetic statistics.

Biden looks to be seeking for a way to cut bait with her now that his government is in shambles.

Biden is said to be contemplating recommending Harris, the former California Attorney General, to the Supreme Court when the next vacancy arises, according to The Daily Mail.

There are now no openings on the Supreme Court, but liberal Justice Stephen Breyer is generally anticipated to retire next summer before Democrats lose control of the Senate in the 2022 elections.

Biden has previously said that his first Supreme Court vacancy will be filled by a black woman.

It would provide Harris with a golden ticket to a life-long career as well as a mechanism for Biden to dump her from the White House.

However, this would be a stunning political reversal for someone who was widely seen as a strong Presidential candidate during the previous Democratic primary.

And it’s just the latest indicator of Joe and Kamala’s feud.

She is said to be dissatisfied with her status as Vice President and believes the White House has not done enough to support her.

Since gaining office, the amount of combined appearances between the two has decreased, and Kamala has played a smaller role in the public eye in recent months.

Whatever happens with Kamala’s future, it’s apparent that if Biden doesn’t run in 2024, the Democrats will be without a front-runner.

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