Alina Habba took a blowtorch to Alvin Bragg’s trial with this devastating truth

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Donald Trump’s lawyer Alina Habba came out guns blazing after the first week of Alvin Bragg’s criminal case.

No one could believe what she had to say.

And Alina Habba took a blowtorch to Alvin Bragg’s trial with this devastating truth.

Habba confronted about comments Trump can’t win this case

Trump lawyer Alina Habba raised eyebrows with her comments that I don’t have hopes really that high at this moment that the New York courts will do the right thing, that the jury will do the right thing” with regards to acquitting former President Donald Trump in Manhattan District Attorney Bragg’s sham case.

Fox News anchor Sandra Smith asked Habba if she was throwing in the towel on Trump’s guilt.

Habba rejected that framing telling her the issue was a rigged jury.

The jury comes from a pool of voters where Trump only won around 10 percent of the vote in the 2020 Election.

Habba explained that what she was saying was that a fair jury would easily acquit Trump, but that Democrat prosecutors and judges would guide a jury towards a conviction using bogus legal theories and nonexistent evidence.

“And for people to say that’s not the case is just denial of what’s actually happened to the American justice system. We have a serious problem,” Habba added.

“We have a problem where there’s a vitriol, there’s a Trump Derangement syndrome, and it’s blinding lawyers, it’s blinding jurors, and it’s affecting judges,” Habba continued.

Habba blasts the weaponized justice system

Alvin Bragg is a Soros-funded district attorney who is using his office to advance a political agenda.

Habba said the acts of corrupting the justice system for partisan gain had no place in America.

“Their Soros backing and political affiliations should have no part in the court. But I’ve seen time and time again that it does,” Habba stated.

Habba ripped the left-wing media for twisting her words to make it sound like Donald Trump’s lawyers were admitting his guilt.

The truth of the matter is all Habba was saying was that in a fair trial featuring an impartial jury, Alvin Bragg would stand no chance of winning a guilty verdict against Donald Trump.

“So, you know my comment while the left-wing media would like to take it out of context, it is the truth, which is that President Trump has done absolutely nothing wrong,” Habba declared.

“He should win. And if he’s given a fair jury, if he’s given a fair court, if he’s not in Manhattan, which is a completely blue state where they only polled blue state members of the jury on purpose, well, that’s a different game,” Habba exclaimed.

Donald Trump faces a show trial

However, Habba said despite media outlets purposefully taking her words out of context, she had an obligation to point out the obvious unfairness of this case and how the Democrat Party lawfare against Trump is turning America into a banana republic.

“But to say that, you know, if I said here that I think everything’s perfect, well, I’d be completely hypocritical. As I’ve said for the last three years, this is a witch hunt,” Habba told Smith.

“The President is under siege. The American people are under siege. And if we don’t change the judicial system, if we don’t get rid of this lawfare in place of politics, the American people are going to suffer,” Habba concluded.

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