This bad news devastated Alvin Bragg’s Trump trial

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Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Donald Trump is facing unprecedented election interference in the form of Democrat Party lawfare.

But the momentum is turning.

And this bad news devastated Alvin Bragg’s Trump trial.

Media turns on Bragg

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s 34-count indictment against former President Donald Trump is turning into a bigger joke by the day.

He wants to put Trump in jail for 136 years because his company marked $420,000 in payments to former lawyer Michael Cohen for legal services after he gave Trump legal advice on Stormy Daniels entering into a legal contract for a nondisclosure agreement.

Bragg claims that because Trump marked the payments to Cohen as for legal services, it covered up the $130,000 payment to Daniels and amounted to a conspiracy to steal the 2016 Election.

And just to put the final cherry on top of the sundae of absurdity, the payments in question to Cohen were made in 2017 and 2018.

Bragg is essentially accusing Trump of stealing the election after it took place.

This is too large a load of baloney for two media outlets most hostile to Trump – CNN and the New York Times – to swallow.

Anti-Trump members of the press call the Bragg case a joke

There is no record anywhere of a New York prosecutor bringing such a case against anyone.

And that should be the case because, in this trial, Bragg is usurping the Department of Justice and Federal Election Commission to prosecute Trump on federal election crimes the government says don’t exist or else they would have prosecuted him on them.

CNN’s Fareed Zakaria agreed and went so far as to call the charges politically motivated.

Zakaria admitted that no other defendant not named Donald Trump would face such charges.

“The trials against [Trump] keep him in the spotlight, infuriate his base — who see him as a martyr and even may serve to make him the object of some sympathy among people in general who believe that his prosecutors are politically motivated,” Zakaria declared during his Sunday CNN show. 

“This happens to be true, in my opinion. I doubt the New York indictment would have been brought against a defendant whose name was not Donald Trump,” Zakaria concluded.

Zakaria cited CNN polling showing 56 percent of Americans didn’t think Trump could receive a fair trial.

Famed anti-Trump New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd agreed.

She wrote that Bragg brought forth a bizarre legal theory to charge Trump with fake crimes.

“The New York trial involves an abstruse legal strategy and illusory crime. It’s the weakest of the cases against Trump,” Dowd wrote.

She mocked the case as “two-bit” which devolved into farce with Stormy Daniels’ salacious testimony.

“So we’re left with a two-bit case that has devolved into dirty bits, filled with salacious details — a spanking, a missionary position and ping-ponging insults like ‘horse face’ and ‘orange turd,’” Dowd added.

Bragg’s case is an insult to democracy and the legal system

Bragg’s own actions serve as a concession his critics were right.

The Manhattan District Attorney put Daniels on the stand to try and fool the jury into thinking this case was about convicting Trump because he’s a bad guy that Democrats hate to cover up the fact he still hasn’t presented one scintilla of evidence that Donald Trump committed a crime.

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