One close ally slipped on Joe Biden with this bad betrayal

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Joe Biden’s list of political problems are growing and not shrinking as the election approaches.

Six months out from Election Day and Biden is in trouble. 

And one close ally slipped on Joe Biden with this bad betrayal.

James Carville blasts Biden on the border

For three months in a row, Gallup found Americans listing the border as the number one issue.

The videos of columns of military-age men tearing across the border jolted the conscience of the public to the depths of the crisis President Joe Biden inflicted upon the nation.

As he continues to trail former President Donald Trump nationally and in the swing states, the media’s reported since February that Biden is preparing an executive order to crack down on the border.

But each month that goes by, no executive action from him appears.

That’s in contrast to how – starting with his first day in office – Biden raced to issue more than 90 executive orders dissolving immigration enforcement during his first three years in office.

As his poll numbers keep sagging, the latest iteration of the looming Biden border crackdown appeared in the press.

NewsNation host Chris Cuomo asked famed Democrat strategist James Carville why it took Biden so long to get to this point.

“What do you make of Biden’s two-pronged pivot on immigration and why it took him so long? He’s got the executive action he’s doing. … The numbers are in the toilet. … Is it too little too late?” Cuomo wondered.

Carville – ever the loyal party man – didn’t want to say Biden’s goose was cooked.

But Carville claimed Biden came into office with “idiot left-wingers” holding sway on policy.

“I don’t think so. I think he’d like — he listened to these idiot left-wingers when he got into office and got a little bit behind the 8 ball here,” Carville stated.

Carville’s comments didn’t do much to dissuade Americans from the idea that Biden was a senile figurehead.

Carville shows the bind Biden is in

But even as Carville chastised Democrats for supporting open borders, he put his support behind creating a new magnet to attract millions more illegal aliens.

Carville proceeded to support a proposal by leftist Representative Collin Allred (D-TX) – who’s running for Senate in Texas against U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) – to give amnesty to the tens of millions of illegal aliens already in America.

“But there was a piece by my friend, Rep. Colin Allred (D-TX), the Democratic nominee for Senate, with a Republican businessman [that] is echoing what President Clinton said, let these people work,” Carville stated.

“They’re in here. They’re waiting for asylum hearings. They’re waiting for this. Let’s put them to work. And I think Colin is exactly right. … We have these migrants, they’re here, we’re waiting to figure out what to do with them, but let’s let them be employed. Let’s put them in — let’s put them to work,” Carville added.

Giving illegal aliens already here work permits is the express lane to amnesty.

The work permits will lead to immigration judges granting illegal aliens asylum which means they are on track to live in America permanently.

Future waves of illegal aliens will see if they can just make it to America, they can receive one of these golden ticket work permits as well and overrun the border.

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