Joe Biden will be red with rage when he sees this brutal poll result

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Joe Biden keeps getting nothing but bad news.

Frustration is mounting.

And Joe Biden will be red with rage when he sees this brutal poll result.

Never-Biden voters now outnumber Never-Trumpers

Ever since former President Donald Trump emerged as the frontrunner for the GOP nomination back in 2016, the media obsessed with the subset of Never Trump Republican voters.

These Republicans mainly consisted of establishment-aligned figures who were fixtures for years in cable news greenrooms.

Being Never Trump was really a façade as these figures turned out to be Never Republican as their usefulness in politics depended on their ability to go on CNN and MSNBC and tell Democrat viewers that they were the “good” Republicans who realized every bad motive the Left ascribed to conservatives was actually true.

But the story of the 2024 Election may turn out to be the Never Biden voters.

CNN’s poll showing Trump leading President Joe Biden 49 to 43 percent included one jaw-dropping nugget.

The number of voters who say they won’t vote for Biden under any circumstances outnumbers the Never Trumpers.

“Among all voters, Biden remains at a bit of a disadvantage relative to Trump in terms of the share of voters who have ruled out voting for him: 52% say there’s no chance they would support him, while 47% say there’s no chance they would back Trump,” CNN reported of its poll.

Biden responds by begging the media for help

Biden’s response to the poll wasn’t to acknowledge his failures and pivot.

He didn’t move to secure the border or cut spending to get inflation under control.

Rather, Biden went on Howard Stern’s radio show and complained that the media wasn’t being biased enough against Trump.

“Guess what? The free press is not speaking up as much as it used to,” Biden stated.

He chided reporters who he claimed were failing to attack Trump in 100 percent of their stories.

“I haven’t figured it out yet, but I think it’s coming around. And I’m not blaming the press, I’m just saying I think some of them are worried about attacking him [Trump], worried about taking him on,” Biden added.

He doubled down on this approach during his speech at the White House Correspondents Dinner.

In his remarks, Biden deemed Trump a threat to democracy.

“Eight years ago, you could have written it off as just Trump talk,” Biden declared. “But no longer. Not after January 6.” 

He acted as the media’s assignment editor and told reporters the fate of democracy in America depended on their coverage helping him win in November.

“I’m sincerely not asking of you to take sides but asking you to rise up to the seriousness of the moment, move past the horse-race numbers and the gotcha moments and the distractions, the sideshows that have come to dominate and sensationalize our politics, and focus on what’s actually at stake. I think, in your hearts, you know what’s at stake. The stakes couldn’t be higher,” Biden concluded.

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