Joy Behar got upset when one co-host put The View through hell

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The View is one of the most nonsensical political talk shows in history.

It’s amazing it’s been on the air for 27 years.

And Joy Behar got upset when one co-host put The View through hell.

Campus protests roil the election

Alyssa Farah Griffin is the latest fake conservative to hold the “Republican” co-hosting seat at The View.

Critics contend Griffin is the latest CNN Republican – think RINOs Adam Kinzinger or Liz Cheney – who realized their path to big money on cable news was being the Republican who goes on TV and constantly trashes former President Donald Trump and the GOP.

But even Griffin has moments of lucidity.

And on a recent episode of The View, she had some words of warning for her Democrat co-hosts.

“So, I am in such a good mood today and I hate to raise this point, but I have to,” Griffin began before saying she wanted to “ring some alarm bells.” 

What had her concerned were the insurrections pro-Hamas Democrats staged on college campuses across America in protest of President Joe Biden not forcing Israel to surrender to Hamas.

Griffin believes the Hamas caucus will stay home on election day and cost Biden the Presidency.

“The election is seven months out. I don’t trust polling. I do agree with that. I think you can take it on aggregate and if the polls on aggregate are to be believed, Donald Trump may very well be President in seven months. And here’s what fear, my initial thought was him being on trial in a courtroom and not on the campaign trail was going to hurt him. I’m starting to think that it doesn’t . . .,” Griffin added.

Co-host forecast of a Trump victory sends The View into chaos

Griffin began to state her theory of the case about how the protests could cost Biden the election when the bickering began.

“I think there’s a real reality right now that Joe Biden could pick up swing voters, he could pick up moderate Republicans in suburban —” Griffin started.

“Why are you in a good mood again?” Behar interjected.

“No, I’m sorry to bring the mood down with my take, but I’m very worried,” Griffin answered.

“What’s the good mood about?” Behar replied.

“I just happen to be in one,” Griffin shot back.

“What are you on some kind of drug or something?” Behar asked.

Griffin’s ultimate argument was that Biden could win swing voters in the suburbs and still lose the election because young voters stay home over the war in Gaza.

None of the polling shows that to be the case.

Donald Trump leads Joe Biden 44 to 43 percent in the most recent YouGov/Economist tracking poll.

Trump beats Biden 41 to 35 percent with independents.

Polls of Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin from Bloomberg/Morning Consult and The Hill/Emerson both show Trump winning all seven states.

Biden’s problem is that Americans view him as a failure thanks to the open border and runaway inflation.

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