Joe Biden hit Donald Trump with the one ultimatum that he can’t refuse

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The White House, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

The 2024 Election is truly unprecedented.

Joe Biden is now pushing all his chips to the center of the table.

And Joe Biden hit Donald Trump with the one ultimatum that he can’t refuse.

Polls show Biden trailing Trump in the swing states

Axios reported that President Joe Biden and his high command don’t believe the polls showing him trailing former President Donald Trump.

That looks to be more like bravado than anything else. 

Shortly on the heels of the New York Times and Siena University releasing polls showing Trump leading Biden in five of six battleground states, it became clear it was panic time in the Biden campaign.

Biden challenges Trump to two debates

For all of 2023, Biden hinted that he wouldn’t debate Trump.

Democrats tried to frame it as Biden didn’t want to sully the office of the President by sharing the stage with an insurrectionist.

But their real fear is that Biden would get up on stage and forget his name or think he’s back in 1972 and prove once and for all that he’s too senile for the job.

The polling data is unmistakable.

And Biden is now proposing two debates.

The first in June.

The second would take place in September.

“Mr. Biden and his top aides want the debates to start much sooner than the dates proposed by the Commission on Presidential Debates, so voters can see the two candidates side by side well before early voting begins in September,” the New York Times reported.

Biden’s team also wants the debate in an empty TV studio with no audience and microphones that automatically turn off when a candidate’s allotted time runs out.

“They want the debate to occur inside a TV studio, with microphones that automatically cut off when a speaker’s time limit elapses,” the Times also reports.

Finally, Biden doesn’t want any third-party candidates such as Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on the debate stage.

“And they want it to be just the two candidates and the moderator — without the raucous in-person audiences that Mr. Trump feeds on and without the participation of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. or other independent or third-party candidates,” the Times also reported.

Biden leans into using Trump trial for political gain

In a bizarre video posted to social media, Biden challenged Trump to “make my day, pal” and accept his debate challenge.

Biden also became the latest Democrat to stop pretending the criminal trial is anything other than election interference by taunting him about debating on Wednesday, the one day scheduled off for Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s Soviet-style show trial for Trump.

“Let’s pick the date, Donald. I hear you’re free on Wednesdays,” Biden concluded.

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