This cringeworthy video of Kamala Harris is the worst thing you’ll see today

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The United States Senate - Office of Senator Kamala Harris, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Joe Biden thought picking Kamala Harris as his running mate was a political masterstroke.

It turned out to be a disaster of epic proportions.

And this cringeworthy video of Kamala Harris is the worst thing you’ll see today.

Kamala Harris defends herself from critics

When Vice President Kamala Harris ran for President some in the Democrat Party and the media considered her the biggest rising star in politics since former President Barack Obama.

She turned out to be a national joke.

It’s not just her failure as border czar that caused polls to show she’s the most unpopular Vice President in the last 50 years.

Harris also grates on Americans with her wannabe cool aunt vibe and signature cackle that sounds like a parody of a Disney movie villain.

During an appearance on Drew Barrymore’s daytime talk show, she tried a bit of image rehabilitation.

Harris took on her critics and focused on her laugh as a means by which they try to devalue her place as the first female Vice President.

“And then, you know, you were asking me earlier about what it means to be, like, the first woman. And, you know, it’s funny, because people still got to get used to this, right?” Harris began.

“I mean, my staff, for example, sometimes they’ll show me little things that just amuse me. Like, apparently, some people love to talk about the way I laugh,” Harris added.

Ever the Hollywood Democrat suck-up, Barrymore praised Harris’ laugh.

“I love your laugh,” Barrymore interjected.

Harris claims her laugh is hereditary

Harris knows her laugh is an embarrassment.

And she also knows that once you are a national punchline there is no coming back for a politician.

Harris tried to turn her laugh into a kind of genetic disorder she inherited after it was handed down through generations of her family.

This allowed her to cast her critics as mean-spirited louts mocking her for something she couldn’t control.

“Well, let me just tell you something. I have my mother’s laugh. And I grew up around a bunch of women, in particular, who laughed from the belly. They laughed. They would sit around the kitchen and — drinking their coffee, telling big stories with big laughs,” Harris added.

“I be- — you know, I’m never going to be — (the Vice President imitates high-pitched laugh) — that’s just — (laughter) — that is just — I’m not that person,” Harris continued.

“And I think it’s really important for us to remind each other and — and our younger ones: Don’t be confined to other people’s perception about what this looks like and who you sh- — how you should act in order to be. Right? It’s really important. It’s — it’s important,” Harris concluded.

If that wasn’t bad enough, the video from the interview that went viral was an obsequious Barrymore telling Kamala Harris that she needed to be “Momala for the country.”

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