You won’t believe what a top Democrat admitted to CNN about January 6

January 6 is central to the Democrats’ messaging effort for the Midterm elections.

But it’s not playing out like Democrats and the corporate-controlled media hoped.

And you won’t believe what a top Democrat admitted to CNN about January 6.

With Joe Biden’s numbers continuing to sink to record lows, Democrats latched on to the January 6 Committee as their last-ditch chance to maintain their Congressional majorities in November.

Democrats planned to use the January 6 hearings to craft a false narrative that Donald Trump and the GOP are a threat to American democracy.

Every poll shows this approach is failing, as inflation, the economy, and gas prices continually top the list of most important issues voters say they will base their votes on this fall.

Perhaps no media outlet dove headfirst more eagerly into the January 6 hysteria than CNN.

That’s why it was so surprising to see CNN put a Democrat on the air who contradicted the Party line about the January 6 Select Committee.

Former Montana Governor Steve Bullock told guest host Kasie Hunt that in his home state, January 6 was not at the top of voter’s minds.

“No one’s going to talk to me about these hearings,” Bullock stated. “They’re going to talk to me about gas prices, about things that impact their daily lives. Now we know, if there was a seven-part hearing on gas prices, not only would a lot more people watch it, but every cable television network would actually cover the thing.”

“It doesn’t impact people’s everyday lives outside of this place we gather called Washington, D.C.,” Bullock concluded.

This is not what Hunt or CNN viewers wanted to hear.

It is gospel on the Left that a largely unarmed mob came within a whisker of overthrowing the United States government and ending democracy in America.

Despite the fact that members of the Oath Keepers facing charges of seditious conspiracy left their firearms at their hotels in Virginia due to not wanting to violate the District’s strict gun laws, the media and Democrats continue to push this fiction.

The American people recognize the reality of what happened on January 6.

And it is why the Democrats’ fairy tales about January 6 serving as a precursor to Donald Trump and the GOP ending democracy in America falls so flat.

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