Tucker Carlson destroyed a Republican Senator in one way that will leave you speechless

A RINO Senator just made a huge mistake.

Picking a fight with Tucker Carlson was a bad idea.

And that became clear when Tucker Carlson destroyed a Republican Senator in one way that will leave you speechless.

Idaho Republican Senator Jim Risch made a fool of himself on CNN by advocating for conflict with Russia over Ukraine.

Risch attacked Tucker Carlson for saying America had no interest in war with Russia.

He also repeated the establishment lie that Russia is a gas station masquerading as a country.

The Idaho RINO also admitted the U.S. government would punish the American people if Russia invaded Ukraine by imposing sanctions on Russian energy that would cause the prices of gas in the United States to skyrocket.

Carlson mocked this idea that the American people needed to pay the price for a Russian invasion of Ukraine.

“‘Russia is a gas station masquerading as a country.’ That’s a good line. Here’s another version of it: Jim Risch is a moron masquerading as a U.S. Senator. How else could you explain what you just heard? Risch promises to throw more sanctions on Russia, which are gonna make your gas prices go up here in this country. But somehow that’s your fault because you’re not patriotic enough to defend Ukraine. Got it? How do people like this get elected in Republican primaries?” Carlson began.

Carlson added that it wasn’t surprising that Risch supported war with Russia since what he called “the war lobby” – defense contractors Raytheon, Northup Grunman, and Lockheed Martin – all made major contributions to his campaign.

“So maybe it’s not entirely surprising that Jim Risch wants war,” Carlson said. “Risch cannot admit that in public, of course, so on CNN he used the line you so often hear in Washington from war enthusiasts who are trying to hide their real motives.”

Carlson mocked Risch for claiming the U.S. owed Ukraine support because Ukraine was a democracy.

The popular Fox News host exposed this hypocrisy by pointing out that Risch “heaped praise on the corrupt theocratic petro-monarchies of Bahrain, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia. Senator Risch calls them partners and says we ought to send them more weapons systems even though those countries do not allow voting.”

Carlson finished by slamming Risch as a neocon buffoon who refused to come on his show to defend his support for conflict with Russia.

“But wait a second, Jim Risch of Idaho, you pompous neocon buffoon. Those places aren’t democracies. They’re the opposite of democracies. What’s going on here? We called Senator Risch today and asked him to come on this show and explain, and he refused. But we sincerely hope he will reconsider,” Carlson concluded.

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