This Democrat Congressman made a new threat against Republicans

More Democrats are taking a page out of Maxine Waters’ playbook.

They think calling for violence against Trump supporters is the path to seizing control of Congress.

Democrat activists just found their new favorite candidate after what he said in this speech.

Ruben Gallego (D-AZ) is running for re-election in Arizona’s seventh congressional district.

In a recent campaign speech, he told Democrat activists “we are less than 60 days from totally kicking the s*** out of Republicans.”

The Daily Caller reports:

Arizona Democratic Rep. Ruben Gallego said at an event on Saturday that Democrats will be “totally kicking the s***” out of Republicans during the 2018 midterm elections.

“Guys and ladies, we are less than 60 days from totally kicking the s*** out of the Republicans,” Gallego said during a Get Out The Vote event with The Maricopa County Democratic Party.

Gallego also said that Democrats have to fight because Republicans are “cowards.”

“So, every day we are out there, we have to fight. We have to fight because Republicans are cowards, and they’re gonna continue to be cowards. We have to fight because it’s only us that will fight for everyday Americans,” he asserted.

In August, Gallego threatened ICE agents, insisting that they would “not be safe” if the tide turned against them.

As the Daily Caller notes, this same Democrat Congressman made threats to I.C.E. agents in November that they would not be safe after the election.

President Trump has exposed the Democrats for who they truly are.

They think the only way they can win is to call for violence.

Rep. Maxine Waters has even encouraged her supporters to not only engage in this dangerous rhetoric, but to actively harass members of the Trump administration in public.

Members of I.C.E. have recently faced a barrage of threats due to violent protests from groups such as Antifa.

Violent rhetoric from leftwing activists has become main stream.

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