This Democrat Congressman made a new threat against Republicans

More Democrats are taking a page out of Maxine Waters’ playbook.

They think calling for violence against Trump supporters is the path to seizing control of Congress.

Democrat activists just found their new favorite candidate after what he said in this speech.

Ruben Gallego (D-AZ) is running for re-election in Arizona’s seventh congressional district.

In a recent campaign speech, he told Democrat activists “we are less than 60 days from totally kicking the s*** out of Republicans.”

The Daily Caller reports:

Arizona Democratic Rep. Ruben Gallego said at an event on Saturday that Democrats will be “totally kicking the s***” out of Republicans during the 2018 midterm elections.

“Guys and ladies, we are less than 60 days from totally kicking the s*** out of the Republicans,” Gallego said during a Get Out The Vote event with The Maricopa County Democratic Party.

Gallego also said that Democrats have to fight because Republicans are “cowards.”

“So, every day we are out there, we have to fight. We have to fight because Republicans are cowards, and they’re gonna continue to be cowards. We have to fight because it’s only us that will fight for everyday Americans,” he asserted.

In August, Gallego threatened ICE agents, insisting that they would “not be safe” if the tide turned against them.

As the Daily Caller notes, this same Democrat Congressman made threats to I.C.E. agents in November that they would not be safe after the election.

President Trump has exposed the Democrats for who they truly are.

They think the only way they can win is to call for violence.

Rep. Maxine Waters has even encouraged her supporters to not only engage in this dangerous rhetoric, but to actively harass members of the Trump administration in public.

Members of I.C.E. have recently faced a barrage of threats due to violent protests from groups such as Antifa.

Violent rhetoric from leftwing activists has become main stream.


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117 Responses

  1. mike says:

    sue jackson bet you like that lyin crook trump. so you gonna let him grab your p_$$y when he cant build the wall!!!!!!!

  2. joe says:

    yeah dumbass dave ruebens a combat veteran im sure you scare him go dems took the house now dumptrump 2020!!!!!!!

  3. Patricia Dailey says:

    Dissolution of the Democrat party. They are dangerous and have tried to attack our country using citizens of other countries. A danger to Americans.

  4. herb portnoy says:

    If Republicans do not win in Nov. our country will never be what we remember, we must vote every Republican in in Nov…God Bless America…keep the scum Demon Crats the hell out of politics…from a proud Korean W ar Veteran…God Bless Trump!!!!

  5. Ernst says:

    Ruben Gallego (D-AZ) is another crazy, trashy Democrat. If Democrats get control of Congress the US will become a crazy house of no borders and no law enforcement.
    PLEASE, get out and vote for a Republican!

  6. dave says:

    Bring it, little punk Ruben! We are ready!

  7. TruthB Told says:

    Frosty 33 JFK would be considered a NAZI buy the current Democratic (aka: ScioCommunist) party. Ronald Reagan warned the nation in 1961 that “Freedom was but one generation away from extinction.”
    The kids of today are being taught by SocioCommunist. If we do not do what is necessary now to preserve freedom, it WILL be lost in the near future.

  8. Paul Dancer says:

    The only way to rid ourselves of the plague of democrats is to decimate them! They are like cancer, and I’ve had that and beat it, so bring on the democrats!

  9. Mott says:

    Stupid! If it starts he needs to be the 1st one arrested!

  10. ch says:

    why is it that the demonrats think they have to threaten the republicans in order to win? ARREST their asses for threatening life.
    That is all they have to offer anyone, other than raising your taxes, taking away your jobs and making your life a living hell

  11. sherri says:

    all I can say is people you got less than 60 days to b prepared because if it turns out like we now it will corrupt dems will win the midterms then when this happens all these people that have been threating all of us reps will get there chance to do just that…. —-MAGA—–GOD BLESS AMERICA……TAKING AMERICA BACK>>>>>>

    • Joyce Fargen says:

      Amen! America will be Great Again! God is with us ! Time to throw many traitors in jail or dangling from a rope , like the co nstitution says. Should of been done a month after Trump took office! Amen ,God Bless America

  12. dlmstl says:

    Got to like that scruffy, Harry Weinstein look.

  13. John Bloxson Jr. says:

    We must stop the DemoCraps do not let them win even the poor are most used by the DemoCrap liars. They promise better education, more help for the poor, good healthcare but have they really ever delivered ? No they throw scraps to the poor like a rich man throws scraps to their dogs!!! So Poor people if you want a other Venezuela type Collapse vote for the DemoCraps. But if you truely love your country throw them out of ofice.

  14. He is calling Republicans “cowards” BECAUSE America let obama “prevail” for 8 MISERABLE years, so now THEY “think” that THEY “deserve” to CONTINUE ON with their DESTRUCTION of America…..PLEAAAAAAAAAAAAASE DON’T let THAT happen AGAIN….GO out and VOTE Trump, MAGA……!!!!

  15. Good way to motivate the opposition to turn out and vote!

  16. CapnJack says:

    I hope this guy’s got good security coverage because that’s just what his actions will require.

  17. Sue Jackson says:

    Nothing makes one feel better about the Democrats than to have ‘dick-weed’s’ like Gallego make his ‘threats’ against all Americans if they do not OBEY the mindless Liberals. BTW, did anyone note this bootlickers name? ‘Gall’/ ‘ego’. Who knows what Gall is? It’s that nasty green sludge that builds up in a diseased gallbladder that requires surgical removal of the gallbladder in order to feel better and be disease free. Ego is one’s self esteem but for this toad he is an egotist because he has an exaggerated sense of his importance. Just another BIG LOSER come November.

    • frosty33 says:

      I was a JFK democrat at one time. But, that was then and this is now and those calling themselves Democrats today must have found a new meaning for the title. My biggest concern at 85 is my Grandchildren and it’s looking more like a shooting war all the time. The Dems got a taste of corrupted power and money and now they can’t survive without it.

      • TruthB Told says:

        JFK would be considered a NAZI buy the current Democratic (aka: ScioCommunist) party. Ronald Reagan warned the nation in 1961 that “Freedom was but one generation away from extinction.”
        The kids of today are being taught by SocioCommunist. If we do not do what is necessary now to preserve freedom, it WILL be lost in the near future.

  18. Warren says:

    Aren’t these fools against the second amendment? And they want to fight.? They lose. Nuff Said!!!

    • Allen says:

      Eclissiastis 10:2 A wise man’s heart directs him toward the right(conservative), but the foolish man’s heart directs him toward the left (liberals).

  19. Steveur says:

    Gallegos, must draw a lot of attention wearing his “Vag” hat, with his homies.

    • gator1246 says:

      The biggest mistake any one can make is to think they can get in my face when i am not bothering them . I have just as much wright to express my opinion as any one else and i will do so . If you try to stop me or put your hands on me , be ready for the consequence . What you don’t know can get you hurt . Peace and best wishes to all.

  20. Gallego did I hear you right? Did you just call me out a**hole? I’ll be around.

  21. N says:

    ‪Expose, boycott, prosecute all these deep state treasonous NAZI commie liberal demoncrats post-haste,Patriots! Drain the rat infested swamp President Trump! Vote Republican in Nov to save the country from NAZI Commie Demoncrat rule. No McCains, please!‬

    • Roseanne says:

      AMEN!!!!!! They are sickening, they are treasonous scum, they are truly the real Nazi Commie Liberal “Demonicrats.” They are evil and demonic…. and there is no place in America for them.

  22. The Islamic Muslim democrat lawmakers just want to keep bring in the illegals and given them everything that is yours. And they want your vote to do that. You as an American have to have the world in documents to get a drivers licence, and the illegal has to have nothing at all. They get all of the rent paid and the electric and water ,food stamps, cash, refund at tax time with no money put in, and 100% medical. And you still vote for them

  23. Taz says:

    As John Rambo said in “First Blood”, and I’m paraphrasing, “We’ll give a war they won’t forget.” The liberals are the true cowards and they fully believe that rhetoric is the only weapon they need. They will be disabused of this notion should they try to escalate.

  24. it is getting close for true americans to start taking these anti-american democrats out permanently

    • Edward Shick says:

      When do we quit calling the Democrats , lets call them what the are Socalist and Communist , Why do we bring up some thing that Happened 35 Years ago , I did things as a Teenager that was wrong ,I really Grew up when I was in the Military and 35 Years ago I have changed a Lot about 50 Years ago I accepted Christ , and still do some things wrong

      • D.A.N. says:

        Dems have their own case to worry about with the co-chair of the DNC. His accusers have proof of his actions. But they are protecting him. The Judge’s accuser can’t even remember how she got there, where it was, who all were there, or how she got home. But yet they say she is the one telling the truth. DiFi should have brought it up during the hearings. Now he just should be voted on. Ford has till Friday to decide or it goes ahead without her. And no FBI investigation.

  25. Harold Craft says:

    Democrats have been the ones to start most of the wars, and had to depend on the true Americans, the Republicans, to go in and win it for the demos. I am a Vietnam Veteran and I volunteered to join the ones doing the fighting. I love My Country, my Flag and My Freedom enough to go back and fight for it again at 69 years of age. I an going to do my part to get the Dumborats out. Come fellow Republicans and get out and VOTE. Don’t wait for them to die to get them out like the Rhino John McCain.We need people that will help with the Illegals and Dope dealers. Just remember that it was the Dumborats that borrowed our money from Social Security for their pet projects, but forgot to put a loan note in and changed it to an entitlement. Thieves then and Thieves now. Investigate Nancy Pelosi and see how many high dollar drinks she charged to the USA illegally. REPUBLICAN IS THE BEST WAY TO VOTE NOW

  26. AFGus says:

    Bring it on! We’ll show you what “real violence” is all about!

  27. merridee says:

    democrats are losers because of their cheating, buying people to do what they want them to do, including how t vote, or cause chaos in court to delay a conservative judge from being confirmed, violent, killers liars, thieves committing acts of traitor or teason against America and her people,and out for themselves they care not for the American people or their safety. VOTE REPUBLICAN IN VOEMBER safety, security, a stronger America stand by OUR ELECTED PRESIDENT TRUP.

  28. SanLyn says:

    Someone create a time machine – Quick!!! We can put Libs on and send them back to colonial times to experience what our ancestors experienced. Maybe then they could understand who and why this country exists. Of course they may not make it back to current time. The first time they are handed a weapon and told to shoot their own food, they’d probably faint dead away!

  29. William R Thompson Jr says:

    I don’t understand the logic? If Republicans are cowards, they shouldn’t have to fight them, because cowards run away, rather than fight, right? Of course, if he’s just talking about voting, he probably means the Dems have to fight to keep Republicans from voting, or out vote them with voter fraud? But, what I think what he really means, is that the Dems need to fight their own cowardice, to win ANY fight!

    • He was talking about obama, who THEY say was “elected” TWICE by ILLEGALS voting, DEAD people and DOGS “votes” were COUNTED in and on and on…..AND America did NOTHING to STOP that FRAUDSTER/TRAITOR = that’s why he is CALLING Americans COWARDS….!!!! So, in a way he is right as it seems like that the American people did NOT care for 8 (EIGHT) LONG, MISERABLE years about LOSING their country to COMMUNISM and ISLAM which THEY call GLOBALISM, OPEN Societies, OPEN borders……!!!! If we DON’T STAND UP AGAIN, we WILL LOSE this/our COUNTRY to not just THEM but to the REST of the WORLD……PERIOD…..!!!! PLEASE go out and VOTE MAGA, YOUR’s ALL LIVES DEPEND on it……!!!!!

  30. Jonathan Rash says:

    Republicans and conservatives, in general, believe in the rule of law, but just as King George discovered, when he pushed our Founding Fathers to the wall, we will come out swinging if we are forced to fight. Fighting for America is what we Republicans have been doing for 243 years

    • Tom Blackwell says:

      How do the Democraps acquire the abundance of jackasses they have, I do not have any idea where this moron came from but he should go back to wherever that is!

    • You are soooooooooooo RIGHT, but I am full of FEAR that Republicans “fight” weakly NOWADAYS or will gain their STRENGTH back when it is TOO LATE, like AFTER the election and those so-called democrats can claim victory, once again, through CHEATING……!!!! This IS Republicans BIGGEST weakness WHEN they ACCEPT the so-called democrats “wins” through CHEATING….Happened in 2008 AND 2012……..!!!!

  31. David L Dean says:

    Just a thought. Was it not NOBAMA who stated “cling to guns and religion” which is on face the very same rhetoric of Waters and Gallego. Funny how there is NO accountability for Democrats yet, they can assail the reputations of any person they want. In turn they cry foul whenever one their ranks does something reprehensible, for example Mr Ellison assaulting his wife/partner. Funny how rules and laws have no applicability to them….hmmmm?

    • That is WHY Republicans are called “cowards” by this A**HOLE, they TRULY NEVER really FIGHT back anymore and just LAMELY “accept” WHATEVER THEY, so-called democrats, DO….!!! BUT it is NOT the people FAULT it’s the ONES they VOTE for as their REPRESENTATIVES, like RINO Ryan, then there WAS McCain and on and on….NOW the Republicans have a REALLY STRONG and GOOD President who is UNFORTUNATELY only LIKED by his SUPPORTERS and just a FEW in his Cabinet who TRULY “STAND WITH HIM”……It’s CLEARLY NOT ENOUGH……What we CAN hope for is that ALL Trump Supporters come BACK and do their RIGHTFUL DUTY and VOTE their HEARTS out AGAIN and also HOPE that at least MANY of these so-called democratic voters STAY HOME, as well as ALL “ILLEGALS” and that America can STOP the IN-PUT/COUNT of DEAD people and DOGS votes, BECAUSE that is HOW they “win”, it’s called RIGGING/CHEATING…….!!!!

  32. Brad Tipton says:

    If the Dem-Leftists think that I or my lovely wife are cowards, they you need to come to my front door and call us out on that. I know my petite wife would physically beat the shyt out of you without working up a sweat. Me, after the physical work of be beating more of you, would simply grab my Bowie knife and make sure you are all out of your misery. Two pieces at a time, being head and body. Then, call for the garbage collection company to come pick up the pieces.

  33. The only People the Liberals attact are helpless old men ,and unborn babies…

  34. Gary Jensen says:

    The Democratic Party, under James Madison, started the war of 1812, James Polk, a Democrat started the Mexican/American War, he was my personal favorite, he did so much, moved America to the Pacific Coast. Only said he would serve the position for one term, which he did, promptly went home, and died two weeks later. The Democratic Party. the party of slavery started the Civil War afraid that they would lose all of their “property.” Word War i, Wilson found a way for our involvement. World War ii Roosevelt wanted to end the Great Depression, and cut off all oil and capital to Japan along with steel, iron ore. The Korean War, with HS Truman, The Vietnam War with Johnson.

    • Bob Bonino says:

      VOTE RED MAGA !!

    • D.A.N. says:

      You fouled up on Vietnam. That started with Truman sending advisors which did not get there until Ike. Then Kennedy added to it along with Johnson.

  35. Daniel Mount says:

    This violence against any Republican Citizen will only get the Democrat put in the Hospital. We do not mess around if we are threatened.

  36. larry spicer says:

    Just like all liberals they let their mouth over load their ass. They do it everyday of the week.

  37. frank says:

    It’s coming close to the time when we conservatives are going to have to stoop to liberal tactics. These people think they can get away with marches, insults, threats, lies anything to keep us jumping. It’s time to get ahead of these twits and start pushing back.

  38. Lee Ray says:

    Democrats of the last ten years are nothing but terrorists, the sorros,backed terrorists to tear down America, well,I for one was a Democrat, how I am ashamed of that ,because of what the Democrats have become, and stand for.all the Democrats want to do is to cause fascism,, turn Americans against each other.People it doesn’t matter color,we all bleed red,if you are an American Citizen, you are am American.We have a wonderful country, if it wasn’t true,so many wouldn’t be trying to get here.DONT LET DIRTY,BOUGHTAND PAID FORTEAR THIS COUNTRY DOWN, FIGHT BACK,GO VOTE REPUBLICAN ALL THE WAY

  39. Earl says:

    This is not the AMERICAN way of getting things done. This is the Communist way of Revolution. The DumboRATS are shooting themselves in the foot. PATRIOTIC AMERICANS MUST PROTECT THEIR AMERICAN WAY BY VOTING AGAINST THE DUMORAT MAFIA. AMERICA FIRST AND FOREMOST.

  40. RA16897089 says:

    Kamala Harris (d) Cal, Nancy Pelosi (D) Cal, Boxer (D) Cal, Maxine Water (D) Cal, Diane Feinstein (D) Cal, Elizabeth Warren (D) MA, Joe Biden (D), Hillary Clinton (D), Bill Clinton (D), George Sorros (D), should either be arrested for crimes committed against the state or recalled by their constituents. There is absolutely no excuse for the way the way any of them area acting, creating riots, making physical threats, and much more.

  41. doc says:

    Might want to read about the Muslim ,in Spain,who kicked a down mans dog!!!Damned near cleaned him up good !!!

  42. Dan says:

    Anyone with any common sense would run not walk to vote Republican…
    We won’t even talk about all the crimes commited..

  43. Angel's Fist says:

    Fools like this Congressman, along with Crazy Auntie Maxine, are doing nothing more than trying to start another Civil War in this Country. I can’t speak for the Congressman, but the constituents of Crazy Auntie Maxine should go and look at her house, and wonder why she’s living in such a nice house, in another district, while they’re living in the houses that they’re living in, and she’s doing NOTHING to make their lives better. On top of that, there was an investigation that was started a short time ago, to find out about the money she got, to help her Husband with his bank. All of a sudden, there has been nothing said. Is she in the same category as Hillary, where her sins are forgiven, and she’s on that “special tier” of society that doesn’t get prosecuted??? The same tier as Debby Wasserman-Schultz, who was paying her IT guy from another country, who took the files of the Senators from the Democratic Party, then tried to flee to his native country, but was caught, and the authorities are still finding out about all the laws that were broken with the computers?? There can’t be double standards for these people, and they can’t go around telling the common man to go after their neighbors, and beat them up and yell at them, just because they don’t agree!! This is wrong on so many levels!! If I lived closer, I would probably beat down her front door, and knock some sense into that woman with the James Brown hair!! She needs to be committed somewhere until she can come to her senses and apologize to the American people for her outrageous behavior!! Most of all, she owes the President a MAJOR apology, since she’s just mad that her precious Hillary didn’t win the election!! It’s been 2 years now, and she needs to GET OVER IT!! She’s just a fruitcake!!

  44. Carlos says:

    Nothing but empty beaner talk aimed at beaner voters.

  45. David Chandler says:

    Bring it on if you think we are cowards! I will show you what it is all about. I am sick and tired of those chicken shi**, Democrats bull.
    If they want to be Bullies we can put a butt whipping on on them. God bless President Trump and the Republican party!!

  46. David says:

    Bring it on if you think we are cowards! I will show you what it is all about. I am sick and tired of those chicken shi**, Democrats bull.
    If they want to be Bullies we can put a butt whipping on on them. God bless President Trump and the Republican party!!

  47. K says:

    I hope these dipsticks calling for violence are ready for what they get, what they deserve. They totally underestimate those of us who don’t shout such profanities against our opposition, what we do is ACT. Like I said, hope they’re ready for what they get!

  48. Raymond Martucci says:

    I think that once the Republicans beat these asses at midterm they all need to be escorted out of this country lose their pay they been getting for not working for this country. This one congressman when he loses he needs to visit gitmo and revoke his citizenship

  49. CG says:


  50. James says:

    If the democraps continue making threats and pushing violence against anyone that is a Republican or thought to be a Republican they will start a civil war and they will pay a big price for it.

  51. mark says:

    he and other demo’s like him should be tried for at least making threats against
    others, and should definitely be impeached. Maxine waters should be tried
    for sedition and treason.mark

  52. Joe says:

    Hey, Arizona Democrat, Ruben Gallego (D-AZ) up yours! I gave up a piece of my life and body parts for this Country. What have you ever done other that run your candy ass mouth!

  53. PatrickHenry says:

    Democrats PROVE day after day that they are the New and Improved NAZI PARTY of America!! They can NOT follow Rules or the LAW!!!

  54. SFENGR says:

    This is an open letter to the foolish Dems that want a “party”: You may scare some of the folks, but try it with any veteran and you will be lying face down in the gutter…

  55. Barbara Cook says:

    OH, I’m sorry, I forgot one other point to make, ” THE REPUBLICANS AREN’T COWARDS!!!!!!!!”

  56. Barbara Cook says:

    With the Democrats calling on their supporters to the Republicans, and President Trump’s cabinet members, the Democrats are going to get someone either hurt really bad or either the Democrats are going to get someone killed and then they will say, ” I didn’t do that or I didn’t have anything to do with this attack or killing.

    Every American citizen needs to get out to vote this November’s midterm election, and elect these corrupt and crooked Democrats out of office before someone actually does get hurt really bad or either get killed because these Democrats are so bound on impeaching President Trump, if and once they ever take back the House.

    The Democrats don’t care about the corruption they caused during the 2016 election. They are and will do anything to help them to take back what they lost, and they don’t care what results come out of the confrontations their supporters will cause to innocent people, all they care about, is destroying the America that we know, and to keep people on Government assistance. Democrats, don’t want the American people to be making more money to help with supporting ours and their families. Democrats, wants us to need their help, however, if the Democrats are back in power, then they are going to do away with all of the tax cuts and the regulations that President Trump and his administration has rolled back, and that will cause all of the jobs that President Trump and his administration have brought back to America to help the American citizens.

    We need to elect all of these corrupt and crooked Democrats out of office, and do our best to help with getting some new candidates in office that will be willing to work with President Trump and his administration for the better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHO AGREES WITH THIS?????????????????????

      • Nancy says:

        Where is the civility? Calling people deplorable? really classy. Or, how about Biden proclaiming Republicans “drugs”…seriously??? A real class act And, can you condone protests because something offends…not that your ideas are off center. Best of all, the groups that choose to cover their faces–yup, definitely cowards and create chaos. Back to civility. All hell would have broken loose IF Republicans acted in the same way. So, I have to ask—why do you think you are right?

    • Mike Miller says:

      I do. Calling all deplorables to vote in November for good Trump supporting REBUPLICANS.

  57. Stubby says:

    He calls Republicans cowards? They have to resort to violence because they’re so scared they will lose elections if they don’t. Most of the demoncrats I know would spill their soy milk latte all over their Prius if someone said Boo to them.

  58. Cliff says:

    The time to arrest ALL CORRUPT DEMOCOMMUNISTS that call for violence against Republicans AND OUR PRESIDENT is LONG overdue. ANYONE that would even CONSIDER voting for a DEMOCOMMUNIST needs to find a different country to live. (take OBUNGHOLE with you)
    (after all there ARE 57 MOOSLIME SH**HOLES for you “lefties” to choose from where you can REALLY find the TRUE meaning of “oppression”.)

  59. Mike says:

    Sounds like he’s using Trump’s playbook. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander!

  60. James P Hutchins says:

    Go MAGA

  61. James P Hutchins says:

    this liberal scumbag thinks that violence is a winning strategy is a moron and a traitor to the American people. This pinhead liberal dose not represent The Great State of Arizona. He is an idiot.

  62. Anne says:

    Democrats leading a mob
    Acting like MS13.
    Mafia tactics. Union tactics
    Trying to become home grown terrorists.
    Who wants maniacs like that in public offices?

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