Rand Paul went on Fox News and called out Barack Obama for this criminal cover-up

Donald Trump claimed “Obamagate” is the biggest political crime in history.

On Tuesday night ,the President got some backup.

That happened when Rand Paul went on Fox News and called out Barack Obama for this criminal cover-up.

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul is leading a fight to reform the FISA courts that the FBI and Obama administration abused to spy on Carter Page and Michael Flynn.

Paul appeared on Fox News to discuss his efforts to rein in the Deep State’s crown jewel and host Martha McCallum asked Senator Paul about acting Director of National Intelligence Rick Grenell declassifying the list of Obama officials who unmasked Flynn after his December phone call with the Russian Ambassador and whether the American people should see that roster of Obama officials.

Senator Paul quickly agreed with McCallum and went a step further and declared that none of the spying or investigations by the FBI into the Trump campaign could have taken place without Barack Obama’s say so.

“Absolutely. And I don’t think anything like this could have happened without President Obama,” Paul told McCallum.

“I completely believe that not only did he know, and others have already said that he knew about the conversation, he knew about trying to go after General Flynn and it was being directed from the White House, so I have every expectation that President Obama is in the middle of this.”

“I really, strongly believe that President Obama gave specific and direct oversight and direct permission for this.

Think about it,” he said, adding, “The media have treated President Obama with kid gloves. Someone needs to ask him directly ‘Did you approve of Operation Crossfire Hurricane?’ I think the answer is yes,” Paul added.

The Fake News Media railed at President Trump when he accused Obama of committing a crime.

But few Americans believe the FBI and Justice Department conducted an investigation into the rival political campaign for colluding with a foreign government to rig an election and the President of the United States was not intimately aware of the details at the very least.

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35 Responses

  1. hart isaacs says:

    Obumer and his hag should be defecated out out of Washington D.C..
    They sould be tried as traitors to the U.S.


  2. Kevin O’ Neil says:

    Obama is a twisted tyrant that belongs in one of the Super Maxes!! He is the one along with others that should be tried for high Treason!!!

  3. Wondering Woman says:

    Barack Hussein Obama was orchestrating but still think that CIA director John Brennan was the headquarters where the plans were being hatched to pass down to him to carry out. It has also been said that Obama ordered the FBI investigation upon request from George Sosos, which leads us directly to the posssibility that George Soros is even higher level new world order useful (maybe even an elitist) than John Brennan. The entire Stop Triump & INTERNAL COUP and this COVID 19 plan-demic has new world order hands all over it.

  4. Alan says:

    Obama clinton and biden had america up for sale and china was the biggest investor.clinton was supposed to win, but lost.impeach impeach. before Trump finds out..now biden is to run to keep it covered up..too late.. it’s out now and heads are going to roll.

  5. Hadrian Alexander says:

    Thank you for agreeing Mr Paul.

  6. Sheron says:

    Fag obumma and his partner Michael have jammed their liberal bs and corruption for over 11 years. When will the ignorant demoncrats public get over their hate for the best and uncorrupt president America ever had? Trump doesn’t need to steal more money from us. He has proven that. Not like Piglosi who is worth almost 2 billion dollars. Look at obumma, never had a real job and has a fortune in corrupt money. Wake up America. Trump 2020!

  7. FluffyPillowFive says:

    I believe one of the biggest reasons so many democrats hate Trump is because they have been duped into believing in global warming. No matter how much evidence you show these people that climate change is junk science, they refuse to accept it.
    Since Trump calls climate change a hoax, which it is, and undid all of Obama’s EPA regulations, democrats despise Trump. They think he is wrecking the planet. This is why I believe they hate him so much.

  8. JIMO says:



    Most of us who were raised under the principles of our Founding Fathers have an obligation to restore America back to its greatness and individual freedoms and liberties. In order for this happen, we must wipe-out the Democratic Party, either at the polls or if you prefer as American patriots, lets give the Democrats a civil war the won’t believe! And when we do beat them, they will be stripped of all stolen wealth and returned to the United States Treasury.

    USAF (RET)

  10. MSGT JOHN CORREA says:

    I’m not about to get involved with this “coronavirus” debate which has turned our nation into a stage of paranoia for which the Democrats are happy as a hog. There is no reason why healthy people have to stay home and not return to work. Furthermore, and quite frankly, I’m sick and tired of playing the “Lone Ranger” by wearing this useless mask. It’s alright for individuals who are actually sick to wear these silly mask, and medical professionals who treat the sick.

    Have you all noticed that it is only Democrat governors that are unconstitutionally behaving like tyrannical dictators threatening its State citizens with arrests and recruiting snitches to help in the arrests!? If we don’t rid ourselves of these tyrannical Democrats from all level of the United States government, we are going to lose the country we all know and love.

    USAF (RET)

  11. catherine says:

    Jim, Jimmie and Fluffy, Too bad NO voting here. ALL of you have UP VOTES from me. Everything you ALL said is TRUE! Thank You

  12. catherine says:

    gave “direct permission”? It was #44’s IDEA. FOOLS!

  13. Jim says:

    Obama was behind everything . His main objective was to take down the U. S. . Hopefully Trump wises up and takes away secret service protection. Hopefully he and his IT get payback in he’ll.

  14. Jimmie says:

    If an honest person is elected to go to DC in any capacity they will be CB corrupt after their first term. How can you go from being a modest middle class citizen to being a multi millionaire on the salaries they receive without taking money under the table. We have the most corrupt government of any country and it is all of them not just one party. It’s easy to tell people to stay home when you have millions of $ they all need to be put out on the streets and see how ling it would take them to change their ways!!

  15. FluffyPillowFive says:

    The difference between Obama and other politicians is Obama didn’t use the government to enrich himself.
    Obama used the government to try and steal an election because he believes all you Trump voters are stupid because you didn’t vote for Hillary so he’s going to make that choice for you.
    This is how elitist college professors think.

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