Obama’s Deep State Ringleader admitted one thing that will make the media furious

Former CIA Director John Brennan continues to lead the Deep State charge to sabotage Donald Trump.

Brennan continued his tirades against the President in a recent MSNBC interview.

But Brennan slipped up and revealed one strartling fact that will make the media furious.

Brenann ranted and raved on Kasie Hunt’s MSNBC show about how Donald Trump was guilty of colluding with Russia based on his Twitter timeline.

The Daily Caller reports:

“I think Mr. Trump has demonstrated a paranoia, an insecurity, as well as a real concern about the investigation that is underway,” Brennan asserted. “Certainly his tweets do not seem like they’re coming from a person of innocence and confidence.”

In addition to making predictions about Trump’s guilt, Brennan also defended the intelligence community from Trump trying to “discredit” them.

“Mr. Trump is going to promote his narrative. He is certainly going to continue to try to discredit the FBI, and the CIA, and others,” he said. “But make no mistake about it,  the American justice system I think is going to prevail in this endeavor to get to the bottom of who might have been collaborating and working with foreign actors to try to undermine the integrity of the election.”

While many of the left swooned, a closer reading of Brennan’s comments revealed he essentially admitted the collusion theory was fake news.

As CIA Director, Brennan had access to all the intelligence collected.

If proof existed that tied the Trump team to Russia, Brennan would not offer Twitter timelines as his evidence.

What Brennan didn’t say was more important than what he did.

And by not mentioning any definitive proof of collusion, Brennan gave up the game.

The collusion investigation is exactly what Donald Trump said it was: a hoax.

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    The criminal witch, Hillary, swore to get revenge against Trump.

    How much of her crooked money, is she paying people to make trouble for Trump.
    But how can this be proven.?
    Those who have taken money from the witch, should be in jail.

    Why is HIllary not in jail?Why did they not take the liar, Muslim Obama to task, H was the worst president ever, apart from the peanut farmer, Jimmy ?

  2. Wildmann says:

    Eat Crap and bark At The Moon, Mikey!

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