Megyn Kelly asked one question that could end CNN for good

Megyn Kelly continues to reassert herself on the media stage.

The former Fox News anchor is picking some surprising fights.

And now Megyn Kelly asked one question that could end CNN for good.

After getting fired by NBC and never being embraced by the network’s left-wing audience, Kelly appears done trying to appease the Fake News Media.

Kelly reacted to a story CNN agreed to settle with Nick Sandmann – the Covington Catholic student CNN and other fake news outlets falsely accused of being a racist – by asking if CNN getting hit in the pocketbook would be enough for so-called “mainstream” outlets to stop rushing to judgment to smear conservatives as racists.

CNN and others vilified Sandmann after video appeared from the March for Life that showed Sandmann standing in front of 85-year-old Native American activist Nathan Phillips as Phillips banged his drum.

The fake news seized on Sandmann wearing a red “Make America Great Again” hat as evidence he and his classmates were racist bullies taunting a Native American tribal elder.

Kelly’s tweet cut to the heart of why CNN and other fake news outlets got into trouble with the Covington Catholic story.

The fake news looks for narratives. They don’t report facts and let the chips fall where they may.

They cherry pick facts and omit others to weave storylines that benefit their liberal agenda.

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40 Responses

  1. travis says:

    And was thrown out for serious infactions

  2. travis says:

    And was thrown out for serious infactions

  3. Eileen Trent says:


    I am the one that rattles Tom the most, there4 he focuses on me with laser-like precision, and he still gets it wrong!!

    He goes totes whack bc he can’t refute anything I say…

    I really sent him off the deep end when I posted that the first slave holder was a BLACK MAN, Anthony Johnson: colonist: Virginia.

    SOURCE : wikipedia

    And I told him I would continue 2 post said fact until everyone was educated about the first slave holder, yanno, being a BLACK MAN!!

    Now he goes after me in stealth attacks on posts of others….lolololo

    I am here 2 educate, not prevaricate….

    The more u know….

  4. Wicked Woman says:

    PJ…spot on! As one who volunteers at a nursing facility, I hope I don’t ever get stuck in one packed with liberals or Democrats. In fact, you should see the feisty old-timers where I do volunteer. They think Trump is great (they’re old enough to know what America and Patriotism are all about) and they think Hillary is the daughter of Satan! Love these old timers.

  5. Eileen Trent says:


    Got ur dander up again, didn’t I?!!

    That’s what I’m here 2 do , 2 straighten out dumwits, like u!!

    Mission accomplished!!

    U really should have read the Puffington Post article in total and u woukd have realized it was just FAKE NEWS!!

    Huber Investigation has not ended and those were anonymous sources, which means in FAKE NEWS jargon, NO SOURCES!!!

    Seriously, learn 2 read and then u might b able 2 respond intelligently!!!


    TRUMP 2Q2Q

  6. Eileen Trent says:

    I know Uncle Hoppy, but tbe trolls dont!!!

    I wanted 2 shake them uo, but u just revealed 2 them FAKE NEWS didn’t pay as much as they should….

    He’s still going after NBC and Wash. Poat and others…

    So we’ll see what the final amount really is!!

  7. TOM says:

    If it’s a poll for Trumpzilla then that’s me I’ll vote no for Trumpzilla anytime anywhere anyhow.
    You can always tell who’s not RETARDED they don’t vote for or support Trumpzilla anytime anywhere anyway.
    You can always tell when people are RETARDED because they actually believe in FAKE polls.
    You can always tell when people are RETARDED because they believe that P/P has an honest poll.
    You can tell how RETARDED people are when they agree with a total dumbass like Eileen.
    You can always tell who is RETARDED when they claim that Trumpzilla could even win in 2020.

  8. Jerry says:

    Hey morons the so-called Native American was nothing but a deplorable pot head that just happened to be in armed forces to get a free ride not a hero
    Someone should have put his lights long ago

  9. PJ says:

    Eileen, don’t you know how that Tom is a liberal! Liberals don’t think they are brainwashed! You can’t reason with a liberal, they are mentally deranged! That’s why they call it a mental condition! They believe in global warming when all scientist that aren’t afraid to tell the truth say it’s a hoax! Poor Tom! He needs a rest home! We need to start one just for liberals! They can live out their lives going crazier!

  10. Uncle Hoppy says:

    Very few people can be objective, and this is the case with teachers and judges.

  11. Uncle Hoppy says:

    This has nothing to do with Trump. Democrats did not become democrats after Trump was elected. Democrats have been shady and dishonest and un-American for a long time now.

  12. Uncle Hoppy says:

    Eileen, I don’t think the settlement was more than they were asking.
    They were asking for $250 million I believe. It was probably more around $50 million I reckon.

  13. DJ says:

    Once Demoncrazy always Demoncrazy – and Democrats are running scared – double headed snakes/demons !

  14. Eileen Trent says:


    I hate 2 b the 1 2 tell u but I will anyway, Sessions appointed another prosecutor 2 investigate the Clinton Foundation!!

    That hasn’t been known, but none-the-less, it’s true!!

    Huber isn’t the sole investigator!!

    Barr has the Weiner laptop, from which the videos of Killary and Huma came….and somehow ended up on the dark web!!

    It was the ‘Queen of Darkness’ herself that mentioned them…

    I knew about them, though, b4 Killary said anything!!

    She just confirmed that of which I was already aware!!

    This is just starting 2 get good….

    Got my popcorn and ready 4 the show!!!

  15. Eileen Trent says:


    What in the world r u talking about??

    I realize that u never know what ur talking about, but this time u have outdone urself!!

    OH, I see!!

    U bought that FAKE NEWS story by Puffington Post about Huber not finding any wrong-doing by Killary!!

    Better read a little further dimwit, buried in that article is the admission that the investigation isn’t over….and there were no sources 4 their info.!

    FAKE NEWS just outed themselves as FAKE NEWS in their own FAKE NEWS article…LOL!!

    Seriously, Tom, u’ve gotta get off FAKE NEWS….

    Do u think Huber has spent the last 2 yrs. investigating NOTHING??!

    And there has been absolutely no leaks in Huber’s investigation nor Durham’s!!

    FAKE NEWS is tring 2 get out ahead of the report….they know what’s coming!!!

    Now that Pelosi has admitted her loss, and is turning over the articles of impeachment, we’ll now get the Senate trial we have been demanding…

    Gulianni first witness:

    I see dead people…

    Enjoy the show!!


  16. TOM says:

    Now that the DOJ wasted 2 years and millions of dollars investigating Hillary and came up empty handed just like I told you they would, are you finally ready to admit you’re RETARDED?
    If you really had all this first hand information on Hillary’s guilt, why in the world did you not make sure that dumbass BOZO BARR get all that conspiracy information ???? you have in your secret vault?
    Whose going to be the next victim of the radicalized rights communistic attack’s?
    I remember awhile back a person posted that if Trumpzilla really wanted to hang Hillary so bad all he’d have to do is put her on his administration, because sure as the sun comes up every morning any body guilty of a crime, and are currently in jail, all have come from his administration.
    I keep hearing all you RETARDED morons constantly telling Trumpzilla to drain the swamp and arrest anybody breaking the law, but so far everybody in jail so far are from his administration.
    When will all you RETARDS finally admit that Trumpzilla is the most evil, corrupt, sick, demonic, narcissist, pedophile, rapist, racist, disgusting, pig scum, po????, to ever be POTUS?
    Come on Eileen where is all this top secret conspiracy fairies you keep telling us you have stashed in your secret vault of bullsh#t?
    Eileen how many cows have you seen fly over the moon tonight?
    Eileen do pigs really fly?
    Eileen I just saw you fly over the Koo Koo nest on your way to the mental institution!
    Eileen if you’re truly not CRAZY show us all this ???? you’ve got hidden in your secret Bunker of conspiracy theories.
    Eileen you’re probably one of the biggest RETARDS on P/P right up there with The Real Meathead, wil delito, uncle Hippie, will, William Flynn, HH, Betty, Terry l, Mario A, ghost, Gilmore, veracious, Susan, Bruce, Caroline, John Redman, Keith, if I missed anybody I’m truly sorry for that , I’m honestly surprised any of you RETARDED Trumpzilla cult followers can even read past a first grade level!
    Now that dumbass BOZO BARR can’t find ANY crimes on the Clinton’s are you sick, demented, homophobic, narcissistic, psychotic, paranoid psychopathic RETARDS going to apologize for being communists?
    Watching a Trumpzilla Ralley is like seeing Hitler reincarnated!
    Watching a Trumpzilla Ralley is like seeing ISIS run free on the streets of America when he’s done wipping his cult followers into a psychotic frenzy.
    You can always tell who a Trumpzilla fanatic is, you have ORANGE stains on your lips!

  17. wil delito says:


  18. wil delito says:


  19. Ghost says:


  20. Veracious says:

    And the first two don’t count.

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