“Kill Trump” Women’s March protesters reach new lows with these outrageous threats

On stage at the 2017 Women’s March, pop icon Madonna famously stated, “I have thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House.”

Other celebrities went on vulgar anti-Trump tirades.

But now, radical activists have taken those messages dangerously far.

Despite hundreds of thousands of peaceful pro-lifers attending the March for Life the day before, the national media gave wall to wall coverage of the “Women’s March.”

But they refused to show the chilling (and mostly idiotic) messages coming from these radical activists.

A popular YouTuber, Fleccas, went to the Women’s March to interview activists directly – without the spin from the national media.

In the video, a blue haired feminist unabashedly held up a sign reading:


Other signs seen at the Women’s March ranged from vulgar euphemisms about vaginas to outright hatred and inciting violence on President Trump.

This is all in spite of President Trump having the first ever successful female as his presidential campaign manager, having a female press secretary, and appointing many outstanding women in his cabinet.

The Women’s March is little more than a rally for Democrats and the Abortion Lobby.

Democrats’ favorite pastime is to lump groups together and do everything they can to buy their votes.

They believe that the only issue women care about is abortion.

But President Trump pulled an all-time troll job on with his tweet during the Women’s March – pointing to the booming economy.

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40 Responses

  1. Cactus Cleve says:

    I SAID, Kill leftists bitche. It’s for the children.

  2. These women don’t have respect for anyone. How many of them are Married? They are all most likely divorced or can’t find a man. They might be men haters! Maybe most of them are paid protestors. If they don’t like it here in U.S.A. Why don’t they just revoke their citizenship and leave. Simple solution.


  3. Proud Trump Deplorable says:

    It is against the law to threaten to kill the President or Vice President. Why haven’t they been arrested? Our FBI fails again. These so-called women are disgusting, filthy mouthed, over indulged, spoiled, brainless POSs who don’t have three functioning brain cells between them. It is embarrassing to be the same gender as these idiots. The Universities and Colleges are worthless ideolog producing trash heaps. Made the gigantic mistake of sending daughter to Smith College. Doomed her to a life of liberal thinking and picking a spouse even worse than I ever imagined possible. They brainwashed her and ruined her completely. Can’t even talk to her anymore without being assailed as an ignorant conservative from the South, according to her spouse. Retired from DC and moved so must have lost our minds at the Mason Dixon line. Liberalism is the most destructive, hateful, worthless kind of thinking Ive ever had the misfortune of experiencing. No kindness, no consideration, no tolerance.

    • Fedup says:

      Kinda like cortez? Lol these pathetic morons make REAL women look bad.

    • Ralph Karr Jr says:

      Oh where are the Minute Men? They are needed so badly now! To clean up this un American Garbage elected to Congress by the liberal democrats! When they were around they took care of business that wasn’t being taken care of by law inforcmen! They just started disappearing one at a time tell gone! Those were the day’s my friend and we as American’s need them back! We need are Country back! Come back Minute Men help us are Country has been stolen!!

  4. Frustrated says:

    Not only do they look and act like a bunch of irrational babyish goof balls, they are threatening MURDER AGAINST OUR PRESIDENT AND VICE PRESIDENT!!! Why were they not instantly arrested?!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Linda S. says:

    These horrid excuses for a woman are nothing but a**hole muff divers. Shoot these traitors in their muff diving heads. These scumbags threatened Trump. Put them in the slammer. Prison would be a dream come true for these useless disgusting muff divers.

  6. ROBERTW says:


  7. DORIS A BROWN says:

    These so called “people” need to have at least a sit down with AN ISIS OR MUSLIM individual. IF THEY DON’T GET THEIR HEAD CHOPPED OFF, THEY MIGHT LEARN SOMETHING. You can tell they are not very well educated because one of the first things you learn as a child IS NOT TO HATE ANYONE. Dislike okay.

    • Raymond Martucci says:

      Maybe these spoiled women and the fake men should go to the middle and go protest where there is a real problem for women get the taste of what they are going through. These women here and the kids with them and the so called men are brave here cause of the laws here protecting them, they go to some middle east country and do this they be in jail instead of protesting these people should go there and see the real problem

  8. brandy havers says:

    These Feminazis need a quick education about oppression and communism- lets start a program where we can ship these total morons to a true communist country- and watch how fast their little idiot heads spin when they are on the phone to Mama not even a week later- I would gladly pay for that Education. It could be the next reality show. Tell ya what- these clueless people- I don’t even want to call them women- Do Not Speak for Me! We need to tear down the liberal Academia of this country- and rebuild from the ground up. These liberal college courses are killing the minds of our youth- I shudder to think that these people are the Future!

  9. Ron says:

    All they’re doing is showing the rest of world what pathetic clueless idiots the democratic party has become.

  10. annoynous says:

    At lot of these people protesting, for what they don’t know when they’re asked, are college aged. My question is why have the parents of these idiots, allowed the liberal college professors, to brainwash them? Because that is exactly what has happened and this is what society now has. Nothing to be proud of.

    • Raymond Martucci says:

      It’s sad that it’s ignorant adults are involved too they listen to these celebrities, and a woman Hillary these people are not experiencing what the women in the middle East experience. And this shooting that just happen was a set-up cause of the election this year they want the house back they are using these victims for that purpose, and want to impeach trump nothing more

  11. Nancy Tomaso says:

    It’s hard to know whether to be scared, ashamed or entertained by these people in the video. You have one woman who is there but can’t explain anything about her views except that the hijab got a bad reputation from white colonists. What?! Then you have the three girls with the multicolored hair who have no sense of history when they say they want a communitst utopia. They either dropped out of school before 5th grade or our schools are in worse shape than I thought. Then you have the, I guess she’s Native-American, who works for the “tribes” but can’t actually come up with anything that has happened to said tribes that is unique to Trump’s presidency. I am scared because these people may continue to influence the country. I’m ashamed because they are some of the most ignorant people I have ever heard. I am entertained because they are so outrageous they sound like a comedy routine. But I am also hopeful because they are so busy blaming every one and every thing for their failures that they won’t get anywhere. I also have to point out that the woman who stated that abortion isn’t murder must not understand basic English. My favorite was the guy who’s pension is growing because of Trump’s policies who said that the increases weren’t stable or something to that affect. Face it man, Trump is good for your pension, he is good for the economy, he is good for the country.

  12. ROBERT says:


    • Bill says:

      These women were straight and most likely liberals with too much time on their hands. The rerm ‘faggots’ is old and the sign of someone with limited intelligencee. People have the right to disagree but being disagreeable is so uncool.

  13. Gerald Ladd says:

    Funny. Had they of done this to Obunghole, they’d been arrested.

  14. Robert Pavlick says:


  15. Gail says:

    Where was the FBI ,CIA , and the DOJ ? Where ? The FBI is so corrupt all its good for is to be cleaned out and dismantled .The CIA is just as bad . I only mentioned them . I know they wouldn’t be there .But the DOJ is filled with Hillary and Obamas people so badly that it’s entirely worthless .We have a none working useless Jeff Sesssions .But there were surly police there .Oh they seem to be as useless and lawless as the bunch they are suppose to be watching . All of those that made these threats committed a crime against a sitting president that would have put them in jail . If our country was back to a civil law abiding country.

  16. Katie jones says:

    Unless they cheat and our voting machines are not secure when we vote. We need to change out our software from GEMS! http://blackboxvoting.org/fraction-magic-1/ and this one http://blackboxvoting.org/fraction-magic-2/ and this one http://blackboxvoting.org/fraction-magic-3/ for there are up to six of these fractional voting problems with the GEMS software which I might add is based on a Microsoft platform. Cheating is very easy to occur in that platform and it happened in Alabama yet the Secretary of State stopped the recount and had Don Jones elected to the Senate http://www.nowtheendbegins.com/george-soros-secretary-of-state-project-sosp/ Do I trust this software our (all of us for it is now all over the country in every state) voting machines are using. We need a replacement and it needs to be established on a platform that no one esp. the people running the tabulator server machine which holds the results. Don Jones should not be up there without an honest recount and I think that is sad so make sure you Secretary of State allows and honest recount and if you vote for your secretary of state remember that if he pulls a stunt like that.

  17. Clearly there has been too much inbreeding in America.

    • Frustrated says:

      Maybe it’s the Roundup in the food. In any case, some of these people are at least partly brain-dead. They couldn’t even come up with one half-intelligent sounding argument for their (bogus!) position.

  18. Leo216 says:

    Clueless drones parroting the mantras of the haters.

  19. Robert says:

    Where is the FBI, secret service men , investigating the people threatening the president of the United States

    • James says:

      Absolutely agree; I had a post this morn about some man threatening CNN and being arrested. Are they more important or more worth protection than our President?
      These people need to be arrested and charged; and jailed for their threats! The FBI and other law enforcement officials have the ability to identify these wicked women!

  20. Pete says:

    These people are advocating the “Killing Of An AMERICAN PRESIDENT” this is the most Anti-American Act Of Treason and Violation Of Federal Law there is. Why were they Not Immediately Arrested, and Why Are The ALL Not Facing Criminal Charges ? Have Some of the American People become so Stupid in their attempt to be “Liberal” and Tolerate Everything. “Freedom Of Speech” , DOES NOT GRANT ANYONE THE RIGHT TO THREATEN ANYONE. THAT IS A CRIMINAL ACT AND WE MUST ENFORCE THE LAWS OF AMERICA OR WE ARE WILL BE DESTROYED FROM WITHIN

  21. Irene Grooms says:

    I believe in the truth and only the truth can set you free. These lilly liberals can’t see only what they are brain washed to see.

  22. cc says:

    Laughing all the way to the bank!!!

  23. She should be in jail,what she said is a threat ,terroristic at that.If the people who don’t have her money,said this they would be in jail.But the rich get away with a lot of s— equal justice my ass.

    • Sam says:

      Even if they got arrested; they would BUY their way out of jail. They should be jailed with no option to reduce the sentence. TOO bad their mothers didn’t ABORT them……

  24. Raymond Martucci says:

    How can women follow this person all Madonna is a prostitute on stage just like other celebrities like her. Thought women were smarter than to listen to her. Women have it good in this country I don’t get what most of them complain about. Stop listening to this prostitute she is giving women a bad name

    • James says:

      They follow celebs like Madonna because they are brainwashed idiots who worship satan and death! Many celebs have sold themselves to satanism, and a good share of them are those who are trying to destroy America by destroying the minds of it’s youth!

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