Joe Biden will be devastated to learn what just happened to Fox News Channel

Leftists would love to see Fox News taken off the air.

They’ve pushed to force cable companies to cancel the network and Joe Biden tried to nominate a pro-censorship activist to the FCC.

But Joe Biden will be devastated to learn what just happened to Fox News Channel.

Fox Corps. – the parent company of Fox News – just signed a new agreement with Verizon to keep Fox News on Verizon’s cable systems.

Mediaite reports:

Despite boycotts from activist groups seeking to have Fox News taken off the air, the top rated network isn’t going anywhere soon: parent company Fox Corporation just signed a multi-year deal with Verizon Fios.

The distribution deal will allow not only Fox News, but also Fox Sports, Fox Network and Fox Weather to air on Fios. It also includes Fox’s local affiliates in Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., and New York.

Fox News boasted about the new distribution deal.

“Fox is pleased to extend and expand our long-standing relationship with Verizon as we add Fox Weather and Tubi to our industry-leading portfolio of news, sports, and entertainment available to Verizon’s subscribers,” Fox Corp.’s President of Operations and Distribution Michael Biard stated.

The deal with Fox came just days after Verizon dropped the conservative One America News Network.

Verizon announced it could not come to terms with One America News Network following a lengthy pressure campaign by left-wing activists – including those at CNN – to drop the programming from their cable systems.

Since One America News Network also lost their deal with Direct TV, it is no longer on any linear television platform.

Leftists wanted to destroy One America News Network, claiming it spread conspiracy theories about the 2020 election and the COVID19 pandemic.

Left-wing cancel culture worked and One America News Network is without a home.

Woke corporate censorship of One America News Network had some on the Left hoping that Fox News Channel would meet a similar fate.

But Fox News is the number one rated cable news channel in America.

Cable operators would face enormous backlash from the public and from Republicans in Congress if they went along with the Left’s plan to censor Fox News Channel.

Unfortunately, those same Republicans are not looking out for smaller outlets like One America News network.

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