Dr. Fauci revealed that Donald Trump made one mistake no one ever would have expected

Dr. Fauci came to be one of the great villains of the coronavirus pandemic.

Fauci implemented the disastrous strategy of lockdowns and mask mandates.

And Dr. Fauci revealed that Donald Trump made one mistake no one ever would have expected.

Dr. Fauci’s interview with Chris Wallace on CNN+ made one thing perfectly clear – Donald Trump should have immediately fired both Dr. ‘s Fauci and Birx for their horrendous decision to shut down the nation’s economy and impose useless mask mandates.

During the interview, Wallace asked Dr. Fauci “if the government had been smarter right from the start, in March of 2020 in dealing with this less, and I would say over the course of the two years, both under President Trump and to some degree, under President Biden, less politics, more public health, could we have had a lot fewer deaths?”

Dr. Fauci leapt at the chance to attack Donald Trump, eagerly agreeing with Wallace that the former President undermined so-called “public health.”

Even though data shows that Donald Trump was correct and that lockdowns were exercises in futility, Dr. Fauci still falsely claimed that if Donald Trump had supported stricter lockdowns, fewer Americans would have died.

“I believe so. I believe so. I mean, I can’t quantitate it for you about how many less deaths. You can’t even model that, I don’t think. But there were certain things that were done that if they were done differently, we likely would have had… For example, when we were trying to lock down, if you use that word, that’s a very charged word for some people. Remember, when we were trying to get the 15 day and then the 30 day extension during the Trump administration, and yet he was coming out, right after we came out and I said, with Dr. Birx, let’s do the 15-30 day, he would get up and say, you know, ‘Liberate Virginia, liberate Michigan,’ which was just completely contrary and antithetical to what we were trying to do. But if we had really locked down, we probably wouldn’t have lost a lot of people early on, but we would still… and in fairness to all the parties involved, be at the Trump administration and the Biden administration, when you get a virus as nasty as this, you’re going to lose a lot of people, no matter how good you are…” Dr. Fauci stated before trailing off.

Dr. Fauci undermined Donald Trump from the word “go.”

Fauci is a left-wing ideologue who took advantage of his relationship with his fellow leftists in the press to trash Donald Trump at key points during the 2020 campaign.

And now that Fauci thinks Trump wants to run again in 2024, he wants to seed the ground with a new anti-Trump talking point for the media to harp on.

Fauci’s blatant political activism is why many Trump supporters wish he would have fired Fauci when Fauci and Birx first proposed those disastrous lockdowns.

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