Donald Trump shut down Robert Mueller with just two words

Robert Mueller thought he was going to get away with staging a press conference to call for Donald Trump’s impeachment.

Mueller thought wrong.

That’s because the next day Donald Trump shut down Robert Mueller with just two words.

Donald Trump met with reporters before leaving for Colorado aboard Air Force One.

During the question and answer session, the President obliterated Robert Mueller and his gang of Democrat prosecutors.

Trump told the press Mueller was a true “Never Trumper” and that the Democrats Mueller hired to work for him were “some of the worst human beings on earth.”

Breitbart reports:

“I think he is a total conflicted person. I think Mueller is a true Never Trumper, he is somebody that dislikes Donald Trump,” Trump said.

The president commented on Mueller’s statement as he left the White House for the Air Force Commencement ceremony.

“He loves Comey, you look at the relationship … it was love or a deep like but he was conflicted,” Trump said, arguing that Mueller never should have been chosen as the special counsel after he wanted the FBI director job and had a business dispute with Trump before taking the job…

…He described the Mueller investigation as biased, citing the number of Hillary Clinton supporters on the team that were “haters” and “some of the worst human beings on earth.”

“They got nothing,” Trump said. “It’s pretty amazing.”

The Mueller investigation turned out to be one of the biggest busts in American history.

Mueller found no criminal conspiracy between the Trump campaign and the Russians and no charges of obstruction of justice were filed against the President.

This travesty only went on for two years because Robert Mueller holds a deep-seated hatred for the President, and he wanted to exhaust every possible avenue to bring him down.


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142 Responses

  1. Betty says:

    if d.trump thinks Robert Muller & the people who worked for him are some of the Worst Human Beings That Ever Lived/ then d.trump obviously never looked in a mirror

    • scooch 'the' pooch says:

      You’re back! ( in moderation’) & up Early, 6:23 AM.
      No Sleep ? ‘thoughts swirling’.
      Take To the ‘mirror’ – Lookee Hard.
      What DO YOU SEE ‘in yourself’.
      Forget about POTUS DJT. ‘Center’ 0n Yourself.

  2. Ronsch says:

    It is not correct to say that found no conspiracy, rather the Report states that he failed to find evidence for it. Manafort and Stone went to prison refusing to testify. The conspiracy could have existed, Mueller wasn’t able to gather the evidence. Did anyone here actually read the Report or listen to Mueller’s press conference. He said that if Trump had failed to commit obstruction of justice, the Report would have said so. Trump supporters apparently have a problem with a double negative. That statement in effect says that Trump committed obstruction of justice. He further stated that it was up to Congress to indict, not the Department of Justice.

    • Dora says:

      Ronsch, don’t forget if that ASSHOLE of Mueller had found anything on Trump his witch hunt had been different but wanted for Manfort and Stone to spill the beans on Trump but found nothing THEY LIED TO THE FBI. All high POS of the FBI lied to Congress and should be in jail for lying. Come on Ronsch stop eating that crap the Demo Craps gifted to you and your friends. Stupidity like yours is so hard to explain.

  3. scooch 'the' pooch says:

    To diane.
    You still Eating ‘tainted’ Gmo DNA
    altering food. Haha, when SHTF,
    guess what – U in 1st ‘category’ To GO.
    You cannot control yourself. 00ops .
    & U R a ‘pooch’. arf arf. lol

  4. Mary says:

    I just read another online reporting that Donna Brizzle and Muller said to the republicans not to sweep things under the rug. Both of the have a lot of room to talk that is exactly what both of them has done or at least tried to do but AG Barr will get to the bottom of all of your trashy lies and then Lady Justice will sweep your cronies right into prison and any one who even had a little part of this fraud should face lady justice in the face then her scales will be even until the next time the DNC tries to pull the wool over her eyes.

  5. Mama says:

    Mama June 2, 2019 at 6:58 pm
    NOT TOO Late ! Still June 2nd
    Franklin Graham (Son of Billy Graham)
    MR. President & USA.
    TAKE Quiet ‘moment’ & SEND YOUR

  6. Gregory Sullivan says:

    Voting “Blue” is actually voting red that is voting for a red flag with a hammer and sickle. I’d never vote for a democrat as I know that voting for anyone of them will be the end of this country as it will make a contribution to its demise. Duck Femocrats.

  7. Garry says:

    The sitting president (aka Pinocchio) is no longer relevant. If he opens his mouth there is better than an 80% chance he is LYING. That is what pathological LIARS do. VOTE BLUE and end the LIES and the INSANITY!

    • Angie says:

      President Trump keeps winning, you losers keep crying. Glorious to see!!

    • Colleen La Rose says:

      I keep hearing that President Trump (the best president ever) is a liar ….
      Can anyone give me one lie he has told?

    • Colleen La Rose says:

      & by the way, it is the deceitful dems that keep President Trump relevant he lives free rent in their heads non-stop 24/7
      Oh yes & let’s not forget, his presidency has accomplished more good for America in the short time he’s been in office then any president has done in all the years in my lifetime. Thank you President Trump

  8. Moses says:

    Bob the Destroyer I might be disgraceful but you are a traitor for voting for a racist mobster, as Trump is trying to destroy the FBI, CIA, the press. and our relationships with allies, kisses Putin’s and Kim’s butts, while lying constant, insulting, bragging while he fills his pockets with corrupt money from various dictators who want this country ruined. You’re so ignorant of evil, take your pick

  9. Philip Chapman says:

    bottom line never vote democrat again…….put the hoaxers in jail where they belong…..

    • Betty says:

      No, philip, you rather vote as a republican Retard. so Pucker Up & stand in line with the rest of the Asshole Kissing trump supporters.

  10. Gregory Sullivan says:

    If anyone sees tweets by a person that calls him or herself DIANE, don’t answer them as that person is a fruitcake and is a very bad sore looser because Hellary didn’t win and also has a very bad case of TDS and belongs in a mental institution.

  11. Lance says:

    For those individuals that claim the clintons did nothing old billy boy was impeached how is it if he did nothing that happened (don’t get me wrong I do believe he did a lot for our national debt) Hillary clearly violated e-mail policy leaving our countries top secrets available to be stolen = Benghazi when she decided the US military did not need to know about an impending attack that cost people their lives several others but because the investigator did not feel there was any intent to do harm (gee let me go rob a bank to pay bills and shoot someone accidentally) also the “Steele dossier” created by the clintons has been proven to be false and this was the start of the collusion illusion another crime at this point everyone involved in the investigation should be forced to pay every penny of wasted tax payers money back / every one seems to want to claim President Trump is doing a bad job he tried and was blocked even with the opposition he has had to deal with amazingly President Trump is fulfilling campaign promise the democrats are screaming and hollering you can’t trust the President because he does what he says/ all I will say is I am going to be laughing at all these close minded people when President Trump wins a second term

  12. DIANE says:

    freddie, MAGA, remove the POS taking up space in the white house and America Will be GREAT Again!!! #2020 End of an ERROR!!!

    • Grizz Mann says:

      Robert Müeller, Bruce Ohr, Jim Comey, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Rob Rosenstein, Christopher A. Wray and Andrew McCabe have ushered in the new level of competency, integrity, honesty, transparency and trust to the FBI and DOJ.

    • Colleen La Rose says:

      Good luck with that. I wonder why so many willfully ignorant people can’t stop & think….you keep parroting the ignorant things the lunatic libs have been saying. Yet as the ignorant masses run their mouth, President Trump (the BEST President ever) is continuing to MAGA! & there’s nothing any of the ignorant fools can do to stop him. Thank GOD for finally giving America the best leader ever!

    • Betty says:

      You got it backwards, diane, Remove by Voting Out Of The Oval Office In 2020 the Two Pieces of Useless trump Deadwood weighting this country down from & Then & Only Then will America be Great Again! End of four years of INSANITY!

  13. 1975 says:

    I don’t care what will turn out, I still trust him bc I know he truly loves his country. I’m a legal immigrant, I love my President, I love this country dearly. I pray for God to save our president, I pray God save this country from the evil demonRATs.

  14. Steveur says:

    Mueller, will be walking around with his brown eye, sucking up air, everytime somebody mentions Prison, collusion, Barr and special Investigator for the start of the Mueller fiasco. Hope he walks around all puckered up, sweating 300 lb Bruno as a sex, err a ahh cell mate.

  15. Moses says:

    Before the election of 2016 Trump bragged that he could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and his supporters would still vote for him. Without insults, or saying I am making this up, are you one of these people if he did that crime?

    • Jim Sullivan says:

      If you truly believe that is what he meant – you are an idiot! I suppose when someone says, “I’m so hungry I could eat a horse”. Your stupid ass really thinks the person would eat a horse if it was put in front of that person. You are a simpleton.

      • Moses says:

        Sully, you disgrace the Irish race.

      • DIANE says:

        Sullivan, YOU are the supid ass, always making excuses for something that DUMB ASS, SUPID ASS TRUMP has said or done!!! Poor, pitiful sorry ass guy, everyone just gives him a hard time. He deserves everything he gets, GOD knows he has ask for it!!!

        • Bob the Builder says:

          Why do you bring up God, the democrats don’t believe in God. If Trump got everything he deserves, he would be made King, for all the good work he has done.

        • Jim Sullivan says:

          Little Diane, Good for you! You realize that the great President Trump gets everything he deserves. That is exactly why he was elected, by the American people, to be the President of the U.S. – he earned it, deserves it, and is doing a wonderful job!! I’m glad you are learning.

          • DIANE says:

            Sullivan: He will be impeached, wait and see! I don’t know who you are trying to convince that you have intelligence but I will never believe it!!! Anyone that has ever seen that cat on a news segment knows he is a goofy bastard with a very small vocabulary and a damn brain as small as yours!

          • I totally agree with you Jim Sullivan.

      • Colleen La Rose says:

        GREAT POINT!

    • Jim Sullivan says:

      Moses – If you truly believe that is what he meant – you are an idiot! I suppose when someone says, “I’m so hungry I could eat a horse”. Your stupid ass really thinks the person would eat a horse if it was put in front of that person. You are a simpleton.

    • Wondering Woman says:

      You aren’t ,making it up but as usual you sure are taking it out of context an misinterpreting his meaning. How can you deep state establishment traitors be so dens as to think anyone takes you seriously. We’re so used to habitual liars from all of you that we never believe a word you say, LOL
      Love wqtching all those confident smirks disappearing and being replaced with those pained OS most famous last two words of all catastrophes as you see those MT trials for treason & crimes against humanity getting closer and closer. It was over before the declassification or Mueller’s last stand public display which showed the treason even more. Mueller is no longer the successful blocker and cover upper or king of the frame up, but he is now a known desperado of a traitor desperately trying to save his and others traitorous necks from Hillary’s feared gallows.

    • You would be happier living in Obummer’s Iran.

    • Colleen La Rose says:

      I hope his aim is good. I will definitely continue supporting President Trump!

  16. Frank Yelt says:

    I am an. ” Always Trumper!” Trump 2020!

  17. Jim Sullivan says:

    Look at little Diane, trying to sound so smart – yet, she only exposes how ignorant she is. Diane, please answer this question: Who was the Commander in Chief of all of the U.S. military forces for the last 2 years? I do think he did more than just volunteer for that position. He volunteered, worked hard to get the job, and won the support of a nation to hold that job! Please go educate yourself.

    • DIANE says:

      Sullivan, everything I posted was the truth and you know it, you republitard! I must say YOU certainly are ignorant though, for TRYING to take the side of such a POS!!! Not the people’s choice but the iligitimate in chief!!!

      • Bob the Builder says:

        The Communists have said the same things you are saying before they took over a country. Look at the hate that comes from the democrat party. Have you ever heard one good thing come out of their mouths. You ignore the lies they tell and still believe what they say. You know fool me once and so forth. You need to wake up and listen to what they are saying and doing and listen/observe..

      • Jim Sullivan says:

        Little Diane, Do you know what the word “ignorant” means? You did not use it appropriately. Your response indicates that you do not understand how the electoral process, in the U.S., works. It would behove you to take some civics, political science, & critical thinking courses before you post any additional comments. That is, if you don’t wish to continue to expose your ignorance. Wishing you well in your future educational pursuits and I hope you graduate.

        • DIANE says:

          POS Sullivan, you damn dumb ass we all know about the electoral college. That is how he won with the help of Pooty. Still does not change the fact that the people of America did not elect him! Hell yeah you are ignorant!!!

        • Jim, LOL>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> <For U <…………………………..!

    • Moses says:

      Sully again besmirches the Irish race.

      • Jim Sullivan says:

        Moses, please try to use terminology correctly. You can only have one race, while you can claim multiple ethnic affiliations. Also, you might want to look up “racist”, because it appears that is what you are making an attempt at being. Shame on you!

        • DIANE says:

          Sully, the damned (wanna be) SCHOLAR!!! LOL!!! Better take your own advice, you total POS!

          • Jim Sullivan says:

            Little Diane, It is nice to see a young student interested in politics; however, you are making yourself look ridiculous. Also, I don’t think your parents would approve of your potty mouth. If you desire to have an intelligent, civil, exchange I’m willing to help you learn. If you continue to act like a nasty, little girl you should stick to playing angry birds – you do express yourself as an angry little bird.

  18. Will S says:

    Amazing that comey and now Mueller don’t know that there are only three branches of government and their functions. That there can be only one judicial branch and that the FBI, prosecutors, and police are law enforcers not adjudicators of law. Just because comey decided to assume the role of the department of justice while not being employed there does not make it right for Mueller to do the same especially when poor Mr Mueller does not understand that while pretending to be a judge and jury, he cannot prove anyone innocent of a crime that is not even specified. Presumption of innocence means that one is innocent of a crime until proven guilty. Furthermore justice never proves someone innocent of unspecified misconduct but rather proves one guilty or innocent of specific criminal or civil charge. The charge must come first. And that is the job of the prosecutor. Adjudication comes second and that is the job of justice. Period.

    • eddyjames says:

      When it comes to Comey and Mueller, I have only one question for them. Who’s on top? Or do they take turns being the bitch?

  19. White Cloud says:

    [Donald Trump shut Down Mueller with just two words.} Not so. Mueller press conference has just opened of impeachment process via the House of Representative. The DEMS would now start it in the House. MR. President’s remarks on Mueller are true. But Mueller has to be prosecuted as well as all other DEEP STATE actors including Hillary, FBI, Obama… This needs be done before impeachment process begins in the House. Does AG Barr do anything for that to happen? He is not moving into attack mode. Barr does not see the extreme danger ahead. Impeachment process may prevent White House to accomplish anything.

    • snark says:

      Impeachment IS DOA to Senate.
      Mueller ‘knew’ in less than 30 days
      (wide margin) re Phony Dossier paid for
      by hillary, ‘knew about Fusion GPS, ‘knew’
      about Fisa, IN w/Comey 0n & 0n. & Totally
      p0’d that President Trump DID NOT give him
      the’jobbee’ he asked for. Carried on 2-3 yrs
      siphoning 0ver 30 Million $ to himself./cronies.
      &May Have Totally Disgraced DOJ for a Long Time.

  20. Jim Sullivan says:

    I believe they purposefully kept the investigation open until after the mid-term elections. They should put 1/2 as much effort into investigating the Clinton’s criminal activities.

    • DIANE says:

      Sullivan: The Clinton’s have been investigated and investigated for the past 35+ years!!! Where the HELL have you been??? They have not been convicted of any crimes, nor will they be!!! Not a damned thing to charge them with you idiot!!! BET IT IS A WITCH HUNT!!! LOL!!!

      • Patti Patterson says:

        You’re right. Mostly because anyone that starts to get too close to the Clinton’s secrets always seems to commit suicide. But, I think maybe that dog may start barking up the right tree. The next six months should be interesting.

        • Jim Sullivan says:

          Patti, I agree with you!

        • DIANE says:

          The next 6 months should be VERY interesting! I will bet that Trump will still be being investigated along with his in up to their asses family!!!

          • Steel Magnolia says:

            0UR President will be ‘harassed’ for
            the next 4 yrs !!! WE Don’t CARE
            &&& neither does he. WHY?
            WE ARE STRONG.

  21. James says:

    Memorial Day Weekend in an interview with Chris Wallace I became confused when a guest of Chris Wallace or Chris himself said that President Trump gave AG Barr the authority to declassify the orgins of the FISA report and there are only two people who can do that and not the AG so I looked up the jobs of the AG office duties and the National Security Adviser job. The National Security Adviser is in charge of Military actions and the AG is in charge of the criminal office and is the DOJ’s boss. Isn’t that exactly what he is doing. He isn’t violating any Military actions he is getting down to the FISA Warrant to spy on an American candidate THAT IS CRIMINAL Also in 2016 when candidate Trump said he welcomed Russia to turn over Clinton’s emails in reality he was getting even with her for bad mouthing calling his supporters all kinds of bad names which wasn’t right. Previous elections you did exactly what Trump was doing calling other candidates names but not the general public voters. Clinton crossed the line and that is the real reason she lost. Clinton was so dumb to realize was the older people who she was calling all of those bad names had young relatives who took that as an act of violence on their family members who had the right to vote for whomever they wanted to and decided to vote for Trump also. I see she still hasn’t learned that lesson from yet and is still crying that someone stole the election from her She can’t even comes to terms that she made the mistake and nobody else. I really think she has a ment illness that she can not comes to terms with.

    • Ira Moore says:

      You nailed it well.

    • Guns Nuts of America says:

      She made mistakes but the election was still stolen by Trump and his cronies and the Russians. That is why Trump never says a negative word about Russia and always kisses Putin’s ass, you know that.

      • Jim Sullivan says:

        That is your interpretation of the situation. Have you read the, “The Art of the Deal”?

        • Gun Nuts of America says:

          He never wrote it actually, and the guy who did has been on television telling people that this book was written for him when he was losing a billion dollars for that 10 year period. Tony Schwartz says the book not only helped Trump financially but created much of the myth about his success despite all those bankruptcies. Schwartz has repeatedly stated the obvious, saying Trump is a sociopath. Don’t you read disgraced Irishman.

          • Jim Sullivan says:

            Hey Gun, You didn’t answer the question. The question was, “Have you read the, “Art of the Deal?”. Regardless of who wrote the book, the info. in the book would help an individual to understand why in, most cases, it would be wise to avoid publicly saying negative things about a person with a particular personality. Similarly, if a student was taking a test and just wrote down some info. they have heard about rather than answering the question on the test – they would not rcv. a good grade. I hope this info. is helpful to you in the future and I recommend you read the book. Have a good day!

      • Jack says:

        How stupid is Trump?
        When he has delivered the US to Putin on a silver tray, he thinks he will still have all his I’ll-gotten riches and join Putin and his gang as fellow Oligarchs…
        Good luck with that DumbASS-in-chief!

  22. Wayne Blankenbiller says:

    Like it or not, we have President Trump! Like it or not, So lets support our President! There will be another election!

  23. ben says:

    hey Bender!! tell us how much sleep you are getting, if any thing will keep you awake its hate !!!

  24. PATSY says:

    As an native american. I am tired of all the games that the dems have been playing. I voted for Trump and will do it again. Ive never seen such jealous and stupid people. I was raised democrat and I cant believe that they have become such evil people. Let thr President do his job. You lost the election! SO SUCK IT UP BUTTERCUP!

  25. Ben says:

    they get no!! sleep think about, it have you ever had a bad night when you can’t turn your thinker of !!and Muller with his caved in chest you think he is sleeping? just smile when you go to sleep with your clear mind. I know how much sleep i lost when swamp N —- was in the white house its not fun they all look way older sence our great man is in the white house

  26. Richard says:

    Meller is just another Dem in Sheep clothing….

  27. Dianna says:

    everyone that worked on this “witch hunt” were NeverTrumpers! maybe each one that worked for Mueller should be investigated like they did President Trump? I wonder what would come out in the wash water? God bless President Trump! this whole thing was to distract American people from the good President Trump is doing for America!

  28. marie DeLuca says:

    Thanks to these corrupt maggots the other countries are laughing at us, we become the laughing stock of the world !!!!!

    • Blue says:

      Definitely they are maggots, but these other countries better Not laugh too much at the USA, we sorta help folks all over the world, sometimes don’t get the credit, tho.

  29. Jan13 says:

    Just another RINO, the DC swamp is full of them.
    It’s bad enough that President Trump has to fight the democraps, he is also fighting republicraps.

  30. Emery Rice says:

    Make sure that Bender goes in first !

  31. Kathy Pepper says:

    The whole thing us so messed up they put a wolf in charge of gathering the hens,everyone knows Mueller was in on this from the get go ,he and all his cronies needs to be hung!!

  32. Kara Wright says:

    The harder the DEMS try to GET President Trump the more they lose. The DEMS are nothing more that thieves and thugs and I means Mueller and Pelosi too. They all should have trouble sleeping at night. They have no soul and God can’t save them from all they do to President Trump.

  33. Mitchell says:

    This was all about trying to distract us from investigating the true criminal … Hillary the witch. Sorry kiddo, some of us have memories.

  34. Gregory Sullivan says:

    As I said before, the Russians didn’t need to collude with anyone and didn’t need any help from the Trump campaign or anyone else for that matter as they would’ve done it on their own anyway.

    • D.A.N. says:

      And the fact is, they weren’t trying to help Trump. They were trying to help Bernie. Hillary was the target they wanted out of the way for him. And the Dems have no one to blame but themselves as Obama did nothing to block them in the election cycle. Because he thought they would hurt Trump more than Hillary. Trump gets the last laugh on him though. Obama still goes down as the worst President in history and Trump is President. 🙂

  35. Bender says:

    Haha no charges because he couldn’t indict a sitting president. There was obstruction only a true cult member wouldn’t see that. Americans were conned into electing a clown by Russia. And cadet bone spurs tried covering it up.

    • Bender…good name for you.

    • Gerald Ladd says:

      LOL…Bender, your hero Billy KKKlinton was a draft dodger. I guess you didn’t know that. By the way, did your communist coon ever volunteer to serve?

      • mreagan says:

        he couldn,t get bills d— out of his mouth long enough to answer the call to serve but ought to be put on the front line in IRAN WITH PELOSI, NADLER, SCHUMMER, FEINSTIEN , MAD DOG MAXINE AND ALL OF THE ANTI-GUN FANATICS WITH NOTHING BUT A STICK TO DEFEND THEMSELVES WITH.

      • Ladd says:

        Not ONLY a draft dodger, he got it fixed so he could go to a university ROTC instead of being drafted and he did not go, so was now AWOL and a fugitive from federal law and ran to Canada. He was pardoned by Carter, so he holds the record of being the ONLY president EVER, who was a pardoned fugitive from justice.

      • DIANE says:

        Gerald has your sorry ass president ever volunteered to serve? I can answer that. HELL NO! Now there is a draft dodging SOB!!! His rich daddy paid a damn doctor to make up a BS bone spurring disease for him. But, he finally made to Viet Nam when he had his 2nd meeting with N Korea’s fat boy (rocket man) who still has his nukes in place. He is a sorry ass president doing a sorry ass job and you damned repthuglicans are too damned stupid to admit it!

        • D.A.N. says:

          Diane, Trump didn’t run like Bill did. And where was Obama during the Gulf War? He sure didn’t join either. But then someone who lied by omission on his bar application wouldn’t have made it thru boot camp.

        • Blue says:

          What a sorry ass reply, now you’ve got to explain why he’s a sorry ass president, because the economy is on the upswing, jobs are coming back, and I’m a veteran and proud to call him my President, he loves the USA, unlike you leftists with No plan to better this country, only to divide with your heroes like pelosi, omar, blumenthal, aoc, tslaib, sic, so many miserable excuses for leaders of a party I used to be a member of, unreal.

          • DIANE says:

            blue, he needs to thank Obama for saving the economy that he claims! What F——- BS!!! I would talk about NO PLAN you f______ freak, where is the healthcare replacement??? That’s right, NOT smart enough to come up with something else! Now, that is the rethuglican way! SCREAM, NO FACTS, JUST SCREAM!!!

          • Jack says:

            Some “Americans” are so besotted by $$$ that just the thought of getting some of it, or even just the ‘promise’ of getting it destroys whatever li’l bit of critical thinking they may have possessed.

        • Freddie says:

          Hey Diane,how does it feel to be a supporter of the most corrupt,criminal,party,in American History?The pathetic,sore loser,democrats,just couldn’t take the’Old Witch’ losing the 2016 presidential election,an election she was supposed to ‘run away with’,but instead got her old ass,handed to her,so the the idiot ‘dem ‘s just had to do something to ‘save face’,so they came up with the ‘Russia collusion’,fairytale,two years,over 35 million dollars and still nothing!The ‘dopey dumbocrats’,are responsible for the worsening and increasingly violent,political climate,that is taking place in the country today!The ‘dumbo’s don’t like to lose and they have proven over and over again,they will anything to win,cheat,lie,fix votes,falsely accuse a legitimate winner of the 2016 presidential election,of ‘foreign collusion’etc,We got the absolute right person,for the job,when Donald John Trump,was elected president,may he be re-elected in 2020!! MAGA!

        • Jim Sullivan says:

          Look at little Diane, trying to sound so smart – yet, she only exposes how ignorant she is. Diane, please answer this question: Who was the Commander in Chief of all of the U.S. military forces for the last 2 years? I do think he did more than just volunteer for that position. He volunteered, worked hard to get the job, and won the support of a nation to hold that job! Please go educate yourself.

          • DIANE says:

            Sullivan: You goofy bastard, YOU need to be educated! Dumb Ass Trump was not elected by the people, of the people or for the people. He is an iligitimate SOB certainly not elected by the majority! NOT the people’s president! Commander in Chief, what a f—— laughable statement! Liar in Chief, Draft dodger in chief, Goofy Ass in chief, I would go with one of those if I were you DUMB ASS!!!

          • Jim Sullivan says:

            Little Diane, Your inability to properly respond to the question posed to you, exposes your lack of critical thinking ability. Additionally, your comment exposes your poor understanding of how the Pres. of the U.S. is elected.

        • Blue says:

          Little diane you are full of Crap, obama doesn’t get credit for what this President has done, but you Do get credit for being a POS!

          • DIANE says:

            blue boy, you are the four toothed cousin f—— POS and don’t ever forget it, I sure won’t!!!

    • Emma says:

      Actually, there was nothing to indict for.
      Not from POTUS TRUMP ❤️????????
      at any rate.
      Plenty for most of the Obama cartel. Clinton?
      Mueller was the bag man for the uranium 1 deal. Sure & he was.
      He’s as dirty as any of the Dems & rinos.
      You are as much an idiot as the rest of the dirty birds.
      TRUMP ???????????? ???????? MAGA ???????????? ????????

    • Steveur says:

      Sounds like you like, being “bent over” and be a willing bender for the Left?

  36. Chick says:

    The whole Russian Collusion BS was a smear tactic by Trump opponents. The Democrats that did this, are responsible for wasting $31 Million of the tax payer dollars, and should be jailed.

    • Blue says:

      I agree, just put’em all in California’s Death Valley!

      • Leo says:

        If muller would have found something after spending 35 million & 2 years on this investigation. He would have been jumping up & down with joy a long time ago. There all angry because they got cookies took away from them.

      • marie DeLuca says:

        How about the Pacific Ocean swallowing all these trolls and maggots you , they disgust me and the whole country !!!!!

        • marshall r says:


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