Democrats were left begging for mercy after Trump’s bold new move

Democrats and their Deep State allies know their time is short.

The President is preparing to take action.

And Trump just left the Democrats and their pals at the FBI begging for mercy after one bold move.

Trump recently moved to expose the Deep State.

He ordered the declassification of pages of documents relating to the Russia probe.

But Democrat lawmakers are begging to keep them secret.

They don’t want their Deep State allies to be revealed.

As The Epoch Times reports:

Four top Democratic lawmakers are demanding that no Russia-probe documents be released in compliance with President Donald Trump’s order until the director of national intelligence and the heads of the FBI and the Justice Department meet with the “Gang of Eight.”

In a letter sent one day after Trump ordered the declassifications, Sens. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) and Mark Warner (D-Va.), and Reps. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) and Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) also called Sept. 18 on the three agencies to cease the declassification review process and halt all communications with the White House related to the president’s order until meeting in person with the Gang of Eight.

Trump ordered Director of National Intelligence Daniel Coats on Sept. 17 to declassify specific pages of the secret court warrant application to surveil former Trump campaign volunteer Carter Page, FBI interviews related to the application, and text messages related to the Russia probe sent by James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, and Bruce Ohr.

Trump’s move will drop a bombshell on Mueller’s witch hunt.

And unveil the FBI’s corrupt actions during the 2016 election.

Democrats know this.

They don’t want America to learn of their collusion with their Deep State operatives.

That is why they are begging for the documents to stay classified.

But Trump knows better than to give into their pleas.

He’s fighting for truth, justice, and to make America great again.

And these documents should be released to expose Deep State, FBI, and Democrat corruption.


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117 Responses

  1. Ronnie says:

    Take them down TRUMP ! We have your BACK ! MAGA ! Drain The Swamp !

    • BigMikeU says:

      Id love to see that myself! but sadly i dont think hes gonna pull it off?Look what happened to JFK and others that have tried!!! I would much rather this country keep its great leader and expose them but i fear for him and his family! I pray for them daily and hope they all stay safe and get the job done!??I know one thing if President Trump tries and dose end up like JFK its gonna start a Civil War and ill be on the side of right!Id proudly stand with my back to the white house with my 2nd Amendment rights in my hand to defend our Freedoms and the President as long as the President in question is following the laws of our Constitution!!! GOD BLESS AMERICA!!! ][][][%

  2. Greg says:

    Unless we all vote along with as many salvageable souls that we can reach all our efforts will be compromised. “Where we go one, we go all!” MAGA

    • Fred says:

      I agree, the only thing the traitor communist democrats understand is being voted out of office. The more of the democrat 2 year old acting idiots we can out vote and get rid of permanently the less of this totally blatant STUPID UNAMERICAN CRAP we”ll have to put up with.I never thought I could hate democrats but I’m close and I’m motivated like you wouldn’t believe.Get out and vote out the Scumbag commie democrats November 6th.Democrats and the MEDIA ARE SICK IN THE HEAD WE HAVE TO KEEP PRESIDENT TRUMP’S ECONOMIC PLAN AND CONSERVATIVE AGENDA ROLLING.IT’S WORKING BEAUTIFULLY.WE CAN’T LET THE DEMOCRATS SCREW IT UP!

      • Susie says:

        Rename them Dumocrats!

      • Carla says:

        Schumer is buddies with Soros, who finances Nadia! Their plan is to bankrupt America, Terrorism from within after unarming Americans, killing police so no one to protect American Citizens! In October watch the Terrorism escalate! November Voters intimidated ! Demand President Trump find out the following: Did Rosenstein get Amoroso to wear a wire? Please spread this around !

        • Steff says:

          Pelousy goes way back in her relationship with Soros. She is a puppet to so many corrupt people that it is no wonder she can’t even form a sentence…..Babbling idiot!!

      • Maureen Hannon says:

        Fred I agree!! Wecan’t let those ollowers of Stalin and Marx succeed in taking America down! One good thing that Obama and Clinton did was get Trump eleted. The people are so sick of Politics as usual that we elected someone whose not a Politician. Also he’s already a billionaire so he doesn’t have to sell the country out!

  3. K says:

    How dare the DEMWITS request a thing, especially in light of their continued obstructionism. It’s laughable actually. WE HAVE THE RIGHT TO KNOW WHAT OUR GOVT HAS DONE, THEY DO WORK FOR US.
    One might think, since they’re so sure our President colluded with Russia, that they would be eager to release these documents. Only 1 problem tho, they KNOW the only one guilty of collusion is HRC & the DNC. Might be a bit embarrassing for them, for the FBI, for the DOJ & maybe even the CIA. Looking like Hussein Obama was NOT transparent at all, looks like he will be remembered for being the most corrupt Pres in our history.

  4. Eric Granberg says:

    So what’s little Donnie gonna do? Is he gonna whine and snivel about the unfairness of it all. After all, all he did was commit treason against America with Vladimir Putin.

    • marleen davis says:

      Typical comment from the leftist jerk you are. Why are you even on this blog where you take a chance of getting reamed by us conservatives. I would think you would rather be on a blog with your inane buddies spewing your lies and enjoying demeaning the president and all who admire him. Go away while you still can without crying you waa waa idiot.

      • Carlos says:

        This dip$h1t is your typical loser Dem, who knows they lost big in 2016 and will continue to do so. They have no real political arguments to make so all they’re left with is parroting the liberal BS talking points they can use without being challenged in left wing circles. That crap won’t work here!

    • David n Texas says:

      What the President Of The United States Of America Trump is going to do is make, and is, America Great Again, and there is nothing you can do about it.

      Go get them, President Trump!

    • Freddy says:

      All He is doing is proving that your stupid lie about President Trump is a stupid lie.

      • Sharon says:

        Your a brain washed sheep fool! Hey Freddy really ? You really believe these idiots in Washington that have been in there for years are not corrupt and paid off by lobbiest? Now I can’t fix your stupidity only you can! Wake up watch Fox learn the truth before we loose our constitution !

    • Carlos says:

      OMG, you are one stupid MFer! Tell me how he committed treason, versus Obama promising Putin more flexibility, sending pallets of cash to the world’s #1 state sponsor of terror, Iran, and making the deal to help them nuke up?

    • Sharon says:

      Your a brain washed sheep fool!

    • lillian says:

      Eric, are you really that stupid, trying to claim that Trump and Putin were in together, when the the friendship was between, obama, hillary and Putin. but you are a typical communist liberal and just make up stories like you always do. You liberals are blind , obama is using you idiots to get his NWO then he’ll drop you like a hot potato when he gets his way. Obama hates America and it’s people, when are you going to wake up and realize what he is doing.

    • BigJoe says:

      It must be terrible to go through life so ignorant. and yet it’s not just simple ignorance, it’s belligerent ignorance. You make comments that only a demented person would make and then you stand by your foolishness and try to make others think you actually know what you’re talking about. When I read what you write I instantly get a picture of an empty vessel.

    • Smokey says:

      Prove it! You must be one of those commie Demorats.

    • Steve says:

      Figure that you commie demos would love him and Putin. Guess its only cool when its only one of your own (killery or obummer) palling up to be comrades in crime! Keep your friends close and your enemies closer,you flipping moron.

    • Steff says:

      The real treason began with Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, Eric Holder and entire DOJ, Loretta Lynch, John Kerry, Susan Rice, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, James Comey and his minions, James Clapper, John Brennan, James Baker, Chuck Schumer, Adam Schiff, and the rest of the Deep State crooks.

  5. Banshee 803 says:

    Trump should not only succeed in ending the Deep State and revealing the TREASON of these TRAITORS but must also hold every damned one of them both responsible and accountable for their offenses AND SEE THE LOT OF THEM PUNISHED TO THE FULLEST EXTENT OF CONSTITUTIONAL LAW! IF THIS MEANS MASS EXECUTIONS UNDER THE RULE OF LAW THEN LET IT HAPPEN AS A WARNING TO THOSE WHO WOULD CONSIDER A REPEAT OF THIS IN THE FUTURE. I am a 73 year old Vietnam Veteran with a series of Agent Orange caused disabilities for my HONORABLE service; something Few if any of the lunatic left are capable BASED ON THEIR PERFORMANCE RECORDS! What the Foreign Enemy could not do to me, the Domestic Enemy did , and to untold numbers of other honorably serving vets from Vietnam and every war since. It is well BEYOND time to take this country back along with our freedoms and choices from those who WILL take them from us but, ONLY IF WE LET THEM; SO, DO NOT LET IT HAPPEN! RID THIS LAND OF ALL THESE TROLLS AT THE POLLS IN NOVEMBER;Smash the trash into the slime of the Swamp they have created and let it be their final, well deserved resting place; the bottom of the bog!


    • Juan Cruz says:

      President Trump should order Sessions to bring charges to all of the Dems and Reps found to be part of the Deep State. If Sessions does not do so, he should fire him and put someone who has the nerve to do so.

    • Larry Blair says:

      Thanks for your service and The Truth you have said about the slime balls that make up the DEMONRATS !

    • JoePalooka in Texas says:

      Amen, Banshee 803. These traitors need to have have equal protection under the law, but. also, PROSECUTION under the laws of the land. I Thank God, Mr. Donald J. Trump is our President. He does more honest work before 9 am daily than most of these politicians maybe do in a month. Same vintage, Banshee, at 75 and my memory is clearer than these bimbos accusing Judge Kavanaugh. After the de-classification of unneeded classified documents, some of the elected GANG OF EIGHT will fall, too!

    • Welcome Home, Banshee ! I was over there in RVN: 68-70, Army Aviation, Huey Helicopters in 3rd Corp., Camp BearCat, PhuLoi, Bien Hoa, etc., “door gunner.” Disabled, Also retired from Chrysler: 30.5 years. Please visit my humble Blog: TOM’S JOURNAL…. conservative and Christian. My email: — I live in the frozen North—U.P., and it’s cold already! Keep the Faith, Bro. —Warm Regards, Tommy Schuckman

  6. Marlene deRonde says:

    We will have another Independence Day when that Swamp is completely drained-!!! Looking forward to those democrat losers in permanent retirement.

  7. Glenda Kee says:


  8. Susan Dix says:

    We need to end this stupid farce of a witch hunt and go after the head witches.
    Hildabeast needs to go down for this as well as the entire Obama administration.
    We the people as more than tired of this covert op to remove our president from office.
    We need a military tribunal to oversee the successful prosecution and punishment for
    sedition and high treason. Nobody is above the law, and criminals should get their due.

  9. doc says:

    Drain The Swamp!

  10. Secora says:

    It’s time for some jail time for a lot of people. Let’s get it done and stop paying these tradors our tax dollars

    • truthistruth says:

      Secora, could not agree with you MORE. It is time to open up those cells and put Don Str., Don Jr., Jared, Ivanka, Miller, and others in jail. It is long overdue.

      • Dan says:

        You are correct, the truth is the truth, but you are misguided in who you think is the problem. This administration is looking to up hold our laws and protect our freedoms.
        Who is it that is looking to not enforce our borders and immigration laws? I’ll bet you lock your house at night or when you are not home. Why should we not lock our borders in let in who we want just like you would invite some one into your home?

        • Ron says:

          What isn’t understood is brain dead idiots like truthistruth have bought into the constant lies of the leftist Demorats for so long they believe lies to be truth and truth to be lies! There is no hope for their kind because you can’t fix stupid!

      • Al says:

        Hey truthistruth you are an ASS

      • Ron says:

        What a sick, ignorant post! And beyond pathetic!

      • Juan Cruz says:

        You forgot to take your medicines again you idiot. You are naming manes, how about giving us facts of what grounds. Just as I thought, you have none. Your handle should be changed to Lies is Lies.

      • lillian says:

        truthistruth , lol. you are a real communist liberal. Don Sr. , Don Jr, Ivanka, etc are working for America for free, obama, your communist buddy, did nothing for us but he stole trillions of dollars from us , plus they collected 5 paychecks every year from us and not a peep from you. It shows the stupidity of you liberal.

  11. N says:

    ‪Expose, boycott, prosecute all these deep state treasonous NAZI commie liberal demoncrats post-haste,Patriots! Drain the rat infested swamp President Trump! Vote Republican in Nov to save the country from NAZI Commie Demoncrat rule. No RINOs, please!‬

  12. Steveur says:

    The Gang of Hat8, is the dead extension of that noble McCain, come back to haunt our Great President Trump. Take no prisoners, the Left has to be stopped.

  13. JEFF M. SHOUP says:


  14. Lorraine E Blazich says:

    Hopefully the information about the Chinese hacking of hillary’s emails will be made public. It is time to end the phony “Russian probe” and reveal the Chinese access to the emails.
    Also the investigation into the long forgotten Benghazi crime of the century needs to be completed and the people guilty for the death of four Americans who were calling hillary”s state dept all need to be imprisoned.

  15. Fr. Tom Martin says:

    I want them released and the sooner the better. I voted no because the four Democrats mention certainly must have something to hide. It could not reflect favorababilty on Democrsts. But I would not be surprised if cast suspicion on a lot iof Republican’s. Politicians when the going gets tough protect one another regardless if they are of different parties. Most, if not all have so much dirt on each other they cannot afford to go against one another. Sam Rayburn told LBJ when he first went to Washington to get a little black book and keep a record of all the dirt you have on others and keep a record of every favor you do for them and then when the need comes you can call in the favors and if they do not respond as you want then you use the dirt.

  16. dale says:

    This goes beyond the gang of 8 senators to the top pushers, shovers, controllers of the New World Order agenda to control the world and place all nations under their UN governance. These are the global banker Illuminists I speak of who have stolen the resources of the world and think they own the earth. The gang of 8 merely are puppets or colleagues and traitors to the USA and humanity focused on power and control. The Swamp.

    The NWO efforts will not be stopped in my understanding of the Bible. There will be a person, son of Satan, who will deceive the nations who will come as a savior, a false Christ master deceiver, solving many world problems to get allegiance. This man and system are at war with God and humanity has no value to them except as servants of ‘select’ comrades. That man’s reign over most of the earth will be short, only 7 years, and the true Savior of mankind Jeshua/Jesus the Christ (Savior) will take control over the world and cause peace and harmony for 1000 years. Evil spirits and Lucifer/Satan will not be present but when released at the end of 1000 years of bliss, mankind will choose to follow God or the enemy of humanity and God – proving the evil is in mankind not just the evil fallen angels and their demons. Those who live wisely will be with God eternally and the evil ones may be consumed as the whole creation of outer space and earth will be re done void of the former evils.

    Jesus said “occupy until I come” not hide in the hills and caves but to oppose the evil that battles against us and humanity. I look forward to meeting Jesus in the air but plan to boldly oppose evil in myself, others, and the world – loving people but hating evil until then.

  17. Dr. J.D. says:

    Like many of these articles on RR, this article is basically FALSE and is just another attempt to get people stirred up over nothing. Trump was going to have these select documents released and said it was based on a suggestion by Hannity and another Fox person. Then he discovered that to release documents involved in a PENDING litigation is totally inappropriate and is obstruction of justice. Trump admitted to the press that he had NOT reviewed these documents, and those in the intell community that had clearance and had viewed them, told Trump that it would give away secret ways we have obtained this information and this should be kept out of the hands of our enemies. So, Trump backed off from that request. This RR website has twisted it all around and tried to make is some conspiracy, “Deep State” thing to keep you guys all stirred up and hooked into their site for more.
    Much of the stuff that I have seen and researched shows that some people put out this conspiracy fears to motivate you and then sell you a bunch of junk products, and so it makes them money.

    • dale says:

      You may be right. The hole goes a lot deeper than the gang of 8. I hop Trump does get cooperation and reveals the corrupt deep state even more

      If you think there is no deep state or it is hype you do err. As to whether Trump can succeed without being assassinated? The global money powers own most of the wealth of the world. Through foundations and international corporation they control so much it staggers the mind. Still the most powerful thing people can do is stand against the evil and do good and not let the mind masters further divide and conquer us and our country. Certain corporations own most of the CONTROLLED media that tries so hard to be consistent in it lies, deceit, and propaganda because as propaganda minister Goebbels, Hitler’s right hand man, said, “Repeat a lie often enough and it becomes the truth”. Clever and diabolical fellow. Hollywood is mostly controlled by Sony Corporation which is owned by a Japanese bank. Years ago when globalist David Rockefeller sold the Chase Manhattan building in New York media played it up like Rockefeller was in financial trouble. Truth is it was bought by a Japanese bank which Rocky owns. The Rockefeller, Rothschild, and other banking empires stole most of the wealth of the world and are the pushers of their New World Order and governance of the world through their UN.

      Sounds incredible? Sounds stupid? Not if one thinks out of the box and follows the money powers and finds out what these folks that try to hide all they do in their Illuminist Khazarian agenda to rule the world. History well documented but ignored and rewritten.

      Having what is hidden revealed is where humanity quits being conned and losing it dignity, power, and humanity. An old saying is “ignorance is bliss”. NO! Ignorance is a blister. It is what we do not know is going on – hidden – occult – that hurts us the most and causes wars, disputes, and strife these bankers and their colleagues profit off of selling weapons to all sides, as Rothschild did to the King of France and the people of France after getting them to fight each other and hate each other. R sent Hessian Troops that spoke fluent French on the streets dressed and acting as French men to hand out propaganda to turn the people against the King of France while working on the other side to create strife. Divide and conquer. The R Empire sold railroads and weapons to the industrial north and weapons to the south and worked on both sides in the Civil War to divide America – divide brother against brother. The Lionel Railroad, for example, was named after Lionel Rothschild. MONEY AND POWER? YES! The first Rothschild, renamed from Mayer Amschel Bauerberg from Germany, a key member of the Illuminatti that serves Lucifer as god, took over many world banks in the 1800’s and tried to set up a type of UN (later the also failed League of Nations) but failed, claimed it does not matter who makes the laws just give him control of the money. The Federal Reserve never has been Federal and is a loan bank set up by the global bankers in America linked to Rothschild and other banks allied with them – today the banks controlling most of the world and pushing their New World Order.

      • Dr. JD says:

        This conspiracy idea stared long ago, but morphs and changes continually as conditions change and people discover it has virtually no evidence to support it. There may be many groups with large amounts of power, but there is some evidence that often fight each other, not to blend together to control everything. That is just spun out by paranoid people, like the Nazis who blamed everything on a wealthy group of Jews, so Hitler set out to kill them all in his “Final Solution.”

      • warren says:

        I would be willing to bet all of these Bankers together could not back the USA Debt of 21.5 Trillion with real Assets yet they collect interest on our worthless paper like they could. In an old Movie so I can’t be sure it was Fact Pancho Villa took over the Government of Mexico ordered a great amount of Money to be printed when delivered went to pay for the Printing with those bills and the printers refused to accept them…!!! “Worthless paper” No Backing..!!!

  18. Susan says:

    How could these “gang of eight” stop him from declassifying anything? Do it!! President Trump needs to immediately expose the swamp for what they are doing and have been doing! Stop these corrupt people and take away All clearances ! Charge them and throw away the key enough of the BS if they can and did do what they have been accused of they cannot be trusted by anyone!! Brennan and Clapper both should be the first to go for sure they are at the top with Obama who is also involved in this fiasco get rid of the swamp rats you will soon see them ratting each other out!

    • russell says:

      what is gang of eight traitors unlimited

    • Guy Edgerton says:

      The gang of eight are a bunch of Democrats that want control of power and a few Republicans that are giving in to the Democrats demands because they are involved in it too , if that wasn’t the case the papers would have been Declassified a long time ago we all know it’s a Witch Hunt and they don’t want it to end!

  19. Charles says:

    Pull all of their Security clearances and take their bathroom keys or anything else that the TAX Payers are paying for.
    The DOJ really needs to stop delaying or blocking the president or the senate for info that they’re asking for! Open the doors and flood the streets with the garbage the Democrats are hiding behind the cover of national security, this is BS and no security problem with one exception the democratic voters will see what a bunch of crooked crap they have been voting for, they have been patting you on the back and stealing you blind for years. Not sure but I think Trump was the only millionaire that was elected to office, Nancy Pelosi married into money, the remainder just stole it from you with all the years they did nothing but pad their own pockets!!!!!!

    • Alan Rhoads says:

      When enough Americans call the DOJ switchboard (202) 514-2000 or email the DOJ, or write to them at U.S. Department of Justice, 950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20530-0001. I have done my part. Feel free to use any or all of my communication to complain to the DOJ.

    • Alan Rhoads says:

      Subject: Former and Present DOJ and FBI Agents: McCabe, Comey, Rosenstein, and Mueller
      AG Sessions or Whoever is in charge anymore:
      The people referenced in the Subject of this email, and likely a few more, are complicit in the worst breach of the moral fabric of our national election process. It was an attempted coup against our now-sitting President and his campaign in an attempt to sway an Election toward the other Candidate. Many FISA warrant approvals were obtained over the surveillance time period (they expire every six months) and yet the originators knew the warrant requests were based on unverified or fake evidence; and hearsay. The warrants were repeatedly taken to a FISA Judge who signed off on the renewals without demanding to know what evidence was used for the FISA warrant to be issued.
      As an American Citizen, I demand that those who participated in this corruption be investigated and prosecuted to the fullest extent of our Rule of Law. Mr. Attorney General. Either un-recuse yourself and do due diligence or step down and let another do your job to indict the perpetrators. I will know by your silence that we indeed have morphed into a banana republic.

    • russell remmert says:

      I believe you are tight

  20. CG says:


  21. Alan Botnik says:

    Those poor/rich liberals are really getting despert.
    We ALL need to vote this November!!!

  22. Let them all tremble and bawl while desperately crawling to their hiding places. The help they are relying on will all be rounded up together with them. Justice us being served to the reptiles. Mercy is no longer an option. Onward to GITMO !! The purge is starting. The gang is the final target.

    • Marlene says:

      GITMO should be only til their trials and sentencing.

      ROPE is the answer. TREASON demands ROPE.

      At last, draining the swamp.

      Maybe we will actually be able to be proud of DC for the first time in our lives.

  23. Rodger Shull says:

    best way to drain the swamp, is all at once, catch-em off guard, leave them no time to prepare, That is the trouble now, they are given notice before hand and the it takes forever. We want ACTION and WE WANT IT NOW. Screw their feelings, kick-em and then let them try an sue, GOOD LUCK, an freeze any benefits they might have until after a complete investigation in to the actions,

  24. Bruce House says:

    The DOJ really needs to stop delaying or blocking the president or the senate for info that they’ere asking for! they have top secret clearances and if there is methods and names are there they can be blacked out after the senator’s have seen them and can agree that these items in line need to be blacked out fine! But only after senators have agreed on it! The people have the right to know if our own highest police are under minding our vote. If they are we need to get rid of every agent involved ! This is the Gov. of the people and we don’t need our votes to be under minded, period!

  25. Jerry says:

    Mr. President have no mercy on the bastard Democrats they sure have no mercy on you. Expose all the sons of bitches all the the way up to son of a bitch Obama.

    • mrp says:

      Amen! They used every trick in the book to derail our amazing president, but he overcame it all and only cared about the welfare of the American people. The Dems, on the other hand, are self serving and are out to destroy our country.

  26. Barbara Brusatori says:

    They already have obstructed​ justice on the American people. This needs to be declassified unredacted Immediately. All assets frozen. Arrest them all now. Send in the military now or better yet arrest them all at the Confirmation hearing

  27. Bill says:

    It’s time the top dogs in the FBI & DOJ learn that their corrupt actions have severe consequences. Root out all the evil creatures and punish them severely. Jail time, loss of all pension and retirement benefits. Ride them out of D.C. on a donkey cart and dump them in the Potomac River or send them all to Gitmo for life. American citizens deserve to be able trust their Government.

  28. Harold says:

    I wouldn’t show no mercy to the democraps for what the y have and are doing to judge Brett Kavanaugh none what so ever

  29. ron vanlaningham says:

    expose every last one of them please do it now!

  30. GySgt Lew says:

    Why has Trump waited so long to order the declassification of pages of documents relating to the Russia probe? He has the right, and the American people, to know what they say.. Get rid of the Deep State.

  31. Patrick says:

    its funny he only wants specific pages declassified is that so everything is to point to the democrats and nothing points to him and his son and son in law because if he wants the truth then why not declassify all then, the only reason is because his numbers are dropping again and he has to find a way to bring them up and don’t worry i didn’t listen to the ones he says is lying that came from fox news poll

    • KJHanover says:

      Oh why don’t you give it up. Anybody who has seen what the dems have done so far and still are that stupid doesn’t even deserve to be heard from. Go back under your rock.

    • Glenn says:

      Typical Dumocrap Communists answer, still watching CNN numbnuts it was the Democraps that colluded with Russia, you need to pull it at of your ASS!

  32. Unfortunately we will never see any necktie parties coming out of DC, even though our Constitution would allow such. We’ll be lucky if anyone goes to jail. The best we can hope for is to drag them through the court system and ruin them financially like they have done to others.

  33. Robert M Adams says:

    Release what you need to Mr President.

  34. Nancy says:

    Please let this be known to We the people Mr President. We are counting on you. GOD BLESS YOU!

  35. Belinda Mitchlel says:

    Releasing this is absolutely essential to ending and exposing everyone involved and the money they have cost American taxpayers with their charades!! Obama and his entire group of traitors and there are many should pay the price and we need the house swept clean once and for all!!Frankly they all need to go down for their lies and evil shenanigans! I am totally disgusted with all of them and they are still at it with Kavanaugh. This has to end NOW!! President Trump has my support 100%. Get it done!!!

    • mrp says:

      Unredact all documents immediately. Dems are using the cover that info is classified. It is NOT. We the American people deserve to see what happened here and expose all the crooks, whose only reason for not releasing the info is their fear of exposure. Swamp needs to be drained ASAP.

  36. Fred Bowling says:

    I agree with all of your comments since 9/21/18. ‘Look’s like many of us are on the same page. We need to encourage our friends and families to vote for Conservative/Republicans this November!!

  37. Yes! Me President!!!you need to clean house!! If you are bing adviced to drop this ! Don’t!! The swamp hates the light of day put on this matter. Expose them Mr President.. Let clean house!

  38. JERRY LaGravier says:

    Release it all,we,the people have a right to know.we’ll vote from there.

    • Monkey says:

      Yes, If you want to win the mid-terms…………..this will make it happen…..expose all the corrupt things the entire Obama Administration of his puppets did to our great country……of course, they do not want you to expose them…….they want to Win………………expose them now and they will lose and you can start arresting all of them.

  39. Marlene says:

    INVEST IN ROPE. Very strong, necktie quality rope.

    Time for a really big, public necktie party in DC.

    A long list.

    • truthistruth says:

      You are not going to HANG Trump are you? I mean he has committed numerous crimes and all, like obstruction of justice, probably tax fraud, his campaign leaders have conspired with Russia, and maybe he has laundered dirty Russian mob money and violated the emoluments clause, but I don’t think he should be HUNG! Wait until the evidence is presented and he is convicted like the SIX people that worked for him, but don’t HANG him, send him to prison. He is big on “locking people up!”

      • Marlene says:

        You cannot be that stupid. ROPE IS FOR THE SWAMP RATS.

        barry’s ilk. Killary’s cohorts.


        And don’t forget the bimbos with bad memories out to take down Judge Kavanaugh.

        Before the hanging, they should be put in stocks and pillories on the mall in DC. Sell rotted fruit and veggies to throw at them. Use the proceeds toward BUILDING THE WALL and / or pay down the national debt.

        These are criminals that colluded to take down our country.

  40. david says:

    Libocrat/fascists say Trump is waffling; they are being played; if Trump assigns the declassifying to the IG, he can make criminal referrals if he wants.

  41. Monkey says:

    Yes, President Trump should expose all the Obama corruptness….it is our only chance to stop them and fix what they did so that it will never happen again………Obama and his flunkys were the worst people ever to take over our gov’t………Americans knew Trump was the only one who could beat Hillary and stop all of what Obama did to this great country……and we will back him for his entire 8 years and and another 8 years for VP Pence…..

  42. Pj says:

    Release everything. FBI , Obama’s, Hillary’s etc. Show just who these people are ,traitors to America. Bring them down. If another countries where in on this no more aid for them.

  43. Mary Jarvis says:

    The dam. And Fbi know their days are numbered when the doc. Is
    Release.the president should check out the man page had the talks with. The report he is missing, sound familiar?
    2. If mullen has had a email since April then it cannot prove it. Another Democrat.-mullen trip.. I think it’s time the voters have a right to know why our votes is beenning trying to be undone.

  44. T Rex says:

    Mr. President Donald Trump, if by chance you read these comments please know that we are behind you 100%. We the people are tired of seeing these idiot liberal democrats trying to run the show. Please do expose them including the FBI and whom ever else is corrupt. We want our country back in the hands of the people where it belongs. We need legislation for extreme punishment for anyone in corruption or Congress or Senate nor anyone else will adhere to running this country properly. I DON’T give a crap who they are. Prison time with no way to weasel their way out. Take away their assests. We are tired and fed up for Congress and Senate making their own wage and retirement decisions at whim. We the people should be making that decision based on their accomplishments not the other way around,. Do whatever it takes. EXPOSE THEM!!! Clean house and do it now.

  45. Fr Tom Martin says:

    I voted no because I believe politicians in Washington are more loyal to each other than they are to their constituents . How many in the Gang of Eught are hiding something they do not want the people to know? I know politicians from both parties are hiding things they do not want voters to know. The President needs their votes to get his agenda done. If we Republicans do not support the President with our votes in November he will get nothing else accomplished . If that happens we deserve what we get. The President is one branch of the government and he needs the House/Senate behind him. He needs us to get the right people in Washington who will support him and not attack him everyday because they do not like his socks.

  46. Gregg Ricker says:

    Mr. President, Expose all of the documents along with the Deep State operatives, now!!!!

  47. Steff says:

    If President Trump really did delay the publishing of the data from the DOJ and deferred to the Inspector General, then the corrupt DOJ & FBI will continue to hide within the Deep State. Word is that they said it could forever damage the reputation and credibility of the Department of Justice in the eyes of the American People, If that is true, then President Trump must be aware that if we the people don’t get the transparency on what and who were involved will cause faith in him will begin to erode. We are now active and no longer complacent and want this terrible situation to be remedied.

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