David Hogg’s latest anti-gun hissy fit just backfired in a big way

Anti-gun activist David Hogg organized a “die in” in Publix to protest the Florida grocery store chain’s donation to a Republican candidate for governor.

Publix capitulated to Hogg’s demands.

But he was blindsided when his own protest backfired.

After Hogg’s protest, Publix announced that it was suspending all political donations.

But Publix has donated to candidates on both sides of the aisle, including Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Bernie Sanders, and former DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

The Washington Times reports:

The supermarket giant has also donated more than $760,000 since 2008 to Democratic committees, including at least two dozen candidates for federal office at odds with the NRA.

They include multiple members of the Black Congressional Caucus, former Democratic National Committee chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz, and Sens. Michael Bennet of Colorado, Richard J. Durbin of Illinois, Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota, Patty Murray of Washington, Bill Nelson of Florida, and Ron Wyden of Oregon.

The grocery chain based in Lakeland, Florida, also chipped in for presidential candidates former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Sen. Bernard Sanders in 2016, as well as then-Sen. Barack Obama in 2008, according to campaign finance records posted by Open Secrets.

Now Hogg is setting his sites on protesting inside Trump Tower.

Companies that capitulate to the Social Justice Warriors will only succeed in losing customers.

They’ll never be far enough left to satisfy the likes of David Hogg and Antifa protesters, and patriotic Americans will choose to stop buying their products.


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135 Responses

  1. Timothy Toroian says:

    And there was a short stumpy guy who did it in the 1920s. Who got hung by his heels and pissed near the end of WWII. That fuzzy photo you see in the history books wasn’t an accident. The Allies thought a pic of a multitude pissing on some clowns hanging upside down wasn’t nice.

  2. Molly Ball says:

    Everything this arse does backfires. It must run in his family….I’ll bet his father wore a rubber when this knot head was conceived.

  3. Timothy Toroian says:

    “Bright Boy” is going to start a campaign to lower the eligibility age for congressional candidates. He’s going to figure that’s the best way to get younger people to vote for gun control. He will get a rude awakening when he discovers what it would take to get all the constitutional amendments he wants. He has no idea it could start a revolution. He also misses the fact that even if the 2nd was repealed, Article 1, section 9, clause 3 of the Constitution would still be in effect and MUCH more difficult to amend.

  4. Edward Dec says:

    The resemblance of Hogg to Hitler’s “Minister of Hate”, Josef Goebbels is unbelievable. The same mean look of hatred, the vileness toward anyone who disagreed with him is stunning. The one picture that portrays this hate has to do with his look of hate when he found out that the person who took a picture of him was a Jew. I tried to post a few pictures of Goebbles, but was unable to do so. Perhaps some one else will have more success. Hogg is this b******d Goebbles re-incarnate.

    • Timothy Toroian says:

      And I have Hitler’s picture on a small bumper sticker that reads “All in favor of gun control, raise your RIGHT ARM”

    • Lance Lucius says:

      It is an arrogant little pile of feces, and your descriptor is spot on. The Hitleresque ugly little ahole wants to be a politician LOL go figure. Definitely a demoncrat.

  5. Hogg is a joke , used by the liberals to attack the government and the Constitution, he not was in the High Schoolmar the time of the shooting, le is like all democrats a cheater and a coward

  6. Timothy Toroian says:

    Hogg uses the word feel which IS NOT a good word or thought when engaging in political debate.

  7. Jim says:

    Hogg is being used as a face for the far left who wants to remove the 2nd Amendment and make America vulnerable to being taken over by a dictatorship of the far left. Look at this little twit, doesn’t he look like a little Hitler?

  8. Ted c says:

    Hogg is a young man who is lead by his feelings and not by rational thought. I fully understand this. But because he doesn’t want to use his brain for a moment,he feels that he is right and all pro gun supporters are wrong. What he needs to do is grow up start thinking about the fact that all these school shooters are given these horrific ideas because the news people sensationalize this all over TV and newspapers, and other public media. So to Hogg, I ask the question,if you were to remove every gun in the world, what utensil will these killers use to accomplish their evil plans? Can you take all the knives and spoons and forks and rocks and bows and arrows, and cars and whatever from the whole world? You won’t stop a killer just by taking away his tools! So wake up from your juvenile state of mind and realize that you are In a real world where your baby thoughts and ideas will not work however noble they may be. Killers don’t think like you.

    • Nunyer Binnis says:

      These shootings are aided by, if not instigated by the Deep State. An armed America is the only block to their totalitarian goals. Leftists must HANG.

    • Dianna says:

      The young people today have no idea what communism really means. Our second amendment rights keep us safe and free. Communism doesn’t work. They soon run out of other peoples money. How many shooters belong to the NRA? 0 that’s how many!
      There is a big problem with video games though. These shooters have mental issues and play these “games”. I understand there’s a new game called “school shooter”. Really???
      What is wrong with people?? Common sense
      Is lost !!!

    • Joseph Bartoszek says:

      Stop trying to be politically correct he is a little heard that deserves nothing but jail time!

  9. Tom says:

    This wimp has no clue of the real world outside his hometown, and until he really goes around and see’s for himself just how much having a firearm is a necessity he will always believe that his way is the only way!!! I hope he never has to experience someone breaking into his home or run into a person being raped for he would think totally different about things then but he is a kid that has lived a very sheltered life in a very better part of town and will most likely never see the real violence that is out there!!

  10. Mikey says:

    Hey Hogg – ever heard that charming idiom, Be careful what you wish for…?

    • Curtis Levin says:

      Sorry, but I kind of feel for these kids, and the phnomena known as Helsinki Syndrome. They have been convinced that their only solution is to disarm America and take a more ‘British’ approach. Makes sense to them considering no one really came to their aid while the shooter was inside the building. But a few things worry me.
      Firstly, London is actually a more dangerous city than New York, believe it or not. Secondly, this is much like the same tactic the Viet Cong used in SE Asia during that conflict. Surrender, and waepons confiscation, wouldn’t mean peace and prosperity, it would mean oppression and re-education camps, and the people in charge would basically be the same people who are doing these mass shootings. Does it really make any sense to Kowtow to their wishes when they already show a propensity for using massive violence against unarmed people in order to achieve their goals?

      Realize, In Vietnam, the US military never lost a single battle. The real problem was that the actual decisions being made in Vietnam were being made by the ARVN and the South Vietnamese regime. The people who are doing these shootings are employing much the same tactics as were employed by the Kong while South Vietnam was under siege. Cambodia, AKA Kampuchea, had it far worse, but Nixon was stopped from persuing the people responsible into Cambodia.

      We have no plans of losing any battles, or the war for our country and our freedoms, includingthe freedom of Hogg and his compatriots to venerate their opinions. We will stress that disarmament in the face of enemy aggression is more of an invitation to violence than a deterrent. I feel for the kids that are going through this. It plainly demonstrates the mentality of America’s enemies to prey on the unarmed and non violent.

      • JW says:

        I am in agreement with what you are saying. The problem here is that the opportunists saw a golden moment to use these kids for their self-serving agenda. Before this tragedy happened, I truly believe they had no real knowledge of the NRA and what they stand for. The special interest folks like the democommies (Bloomingbird, Pelowsi, Phonystein, Scummer, etc), Mom’s Demand Action (Bloomingbird subsidiary), Brady gun control and the biased media immediately fed them their skewed lies and mistruths. These traumatized and susceptible kids drank thier Kool aid without question and became their mouthpieces. Now they want to ban guns, they hate and blame the NRA. Anyone who opposes what they say are their enemies because that’s what they are being told.

        These kids have also been poorly educated on the true history of our constitution and the reasoning behind it. The education system has failed miserably to just tell them the truth and provide them with factual information.

        It is reprehensible what the gun grabbers did by using these kids at their most vulnerable time in their lives. What’s worse, is that when they no longer need them, they will be kicked to the curb and left to fend for themselves.

        If any laws should be enacted, they should be ones that prevent these groups from infiltrating and using them at their most vulnerable to allow them to seek professional assistance. However, that won’t happen because it doesn’t fit the gun grabbers agenda.

  11. Paul Whitley says:

    David Hogg is summed up nicely in a quote I read in the “Plan Of the Day” in Memphis in 1964 I am sorry i have forgotten who was quoted, but the words still ring true today, especially in this case – “Nobody is as ignorant as he who knows nothing, yet knows not that he knows….nothing”.

  12. Charlene says:

    In Texas, you can protest as long as you stay in the street, but you can not protest on private property. Hogg needs to learn how grown-ups have to respect the law and Hogg needs to be arrested for trespassing on private property and sit in jail and get a record and maybe he wouldn’t be able to vote!

    • mousekiller says:

      Piggy boy Hogg needs to go to jail and see how life changes after being a special friend to Bubba and Tyrone. He is an example of the new generation coming out of our schools and colleges today.

  13. Billo says:

    When is the American defenders of our constitutional rights going to teach this punk a hard lesson. He needs to stay home where daddy and mommy CAN keep the hogs safe and warm and well feed.

    • Don King says:

      He’s just following in the footsteps of previous clowns of his ilk – people like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, etc. Every one of them phonies that used some event to propel themselves into the public spotlight. Wasn’t he trying to set up his own blog, that was going nowhere, until this school attack provided him with the opportunity to pretend to be some kind of leader? Like Saul Alinsky said, don’t let any tragedy go to waste [maybe not in those exact words].

    • Hey Hog just go home and be a nice little boy before you get yourself hurt.

  14. Visionary says:

    Hogg is a deep state emoyee of the Obama FBI, he has been trained, groomed, and pre-scripted by the communist party to help usher in the total compliant control of all American citizens.

  15. Richard says:

    Hogg is just another idiot who has bought into soros’ s stupidity and pocketbook put him in jail where he belongs for disrupting and degrading a buisnesd

  16. Leo says:

    Just another wanna be! Die area big mouth!! Please shut up, you sound so ignorant! Where in the world he come from!!

  17. el Dorko says:

    Maybe Romney could adopt Hogg and they could go out in the desert together and look for water? Zzzzzz.

  18. krymson says:

    People like David Hogg are so ignorant they seem foolish to all but the idiots who support this absurd notion that lawless people will adhere to any new law passed. That being said, what protection will any student garner from new, useless laws? A person walks into a school (where firearms are forbidden) and shoots several students and teachers; anyone whom the shooter encounters. This shooter just violated the most sacred of laws and David Hogg slams the GOP, NRA and President Trump for not supporting his anti-gun agenda and passing more laws for such people to break. Do you not see the hypocrisy in that, David Hogg?

    • krymson says:

      David Hogg is simply another liberal minion thinking education is synonymous to intelligence. David Hogg has so much to learn and so little capacity to do so. While ignorance may be “bliss” it is also dangerous to democracy and a free citizenry.

  19. why do you always say to my comments that I have duplicate comments when I don’t repeat myself so I will just unsubscribe from your network and save myself the frustration of posting only to have my post deleted, guess you don’t like what I have to say

  20. hogg is dead set against guns but like a former anti gun person in Florida when a thug broke into their home raped the woman and took what he wanted it was a mind changing moment and now this person goes nowhere without a gun for protection

    • mousekiller says:

      So often people wake up after the fact.Cant un-rape , Cant un-steal. Simply, you can’t un-do the pain or the crime.

  21. When is this boy going to learn that “stupid” is not a characteristic that lead to success.

    • James says:


      • George says:

        Make up your mind this is a thug that has been taken advantage of by the Soros crowd brainwashed and sent out with their agenda! The more coverage the more his head gets inflated!

  22. Gwyllm says:

    There’s no ‘hotel’ IN Trump Tower, you brainless little TWIT! Just offices and shops. Wait ’till they DROP, THEN run your mouth.

  23. Allen says:

    I think that you have a wrong name for David Hogg’s and his latest fit, it should be a sissy fit.

  24. Jed Peeler says:

    The problem is that we have a 15 Minute News cycle instead of history being taught. I ran into a 57 year old man recently who did not know what a communist was! He listened to music his whole life; never watched the news. Completely oblivious like many Americans the Democrats use for easy votes. David Hogg is just another Hitler Youth (Jugend)

  25. Louis Jaccard says:

    Publix needed to have them all arrested for vandalism when they drew body outlines in the parking lot and the one blocking the isles arrested for trespassing and vagrancy.

    • Mellon says:

      Total Disgrace that Publix allowed such a immature ,Childish Stunt by these ‘Weak Minded’ Children who Don’t have a Clue…!!! Shame on You Publix for allowing this …!!!!

      • zee says:

        Agreed. Was also surprised Publix such a big Dem. donor.

      • Ray R says:

        Publix was between a rock and a hard spot. Look at Starbucks, they called polite law enforcement when non-customers would not leave. They could have bought a drink while waiting for friend, but no they had to protest. Wimp Corperate office made the decision to fold & not support their employee who was following what was then the policy. The manager was actually forced out of their job for enforcing the rules. I like the response sorry no money to anybody until a review. And our whinier is shown for not doing his research and pissing the people off who were inconvenienced by this one issue protester.

      • mousekiller says:

        Do you think they are mimicking their parents? Do their parents have a clue to what their kids are doing. Hogg was runt of the litter. That doesn’t count.Does it?

  26. Rivahmitch says:

    Too bad their “die in” isn’t for real!

  27. Mona pardew says:

    Send him to the Muslims poor pig blood over him!

  28. Bill says:

    Why doesn’t he just extend the hand and grow a tiny mustache under his nose..Remind you of anyone?

  29. Sandy says:

    You have a right to protest but not inside a business like they did. If I were the manager or owner I would have had the all arrested. We are giving this misguided young man to much attention.

  30. It’s kids like this (and many others), adults too, that the military draft would have ‘helped’ in instilling discipline, order and love of God and country. The draft needs to be re-instated. Draft dodgers and kids born during or after the 70’s have no idea what America stands for and what it took for America to be the country it is. The draft will help clear and correct a lot of that perception that young people have of their duties to country and fellow Americans.

    • Bill says:

      I’d like to draft my foot in his ass..Ya can’t fix stupid no matter how much you try…

    • Gene Pratt says:

      Richard, you nailed it man, bring back the draft teach these punks what real life is about, it ain’t no fantasy x box game when real soldiers give thier lives so pigs like him can protest something they have no real knowledge of. Remember the old saying from the Dukes, “YOU CAN’T TRUST A HOGG””!!!

    • Paul E says:

      Wow I’ve been saying that for weeks thank you very much for bringing that up the draft taught everyone what lover country love of God love a neighbor and respect for others bring back the draft I will laugh my ass off David Hogg wouldn’t last five minutes in the military

    • TooLateNow says:

      You can’t “draft” someone like this. It would take too many people to watch him, just to make sure he shoots the right people.

  31. David the publicity Hogg is at it again . Bloomberg’s puppet really messed up with Publix . Glad they stopped all political contributions . I’m sure he won’t just go away though . He’s like a sore on your butt that won’t heal . As long as Bloomberg keeps paying him he will protest . Hitler used youths in Germany to spread his propaganda too . I’m hoping American voters are smart enough to know, it’s not wise to let young people ,who have little life experience decide government policy on anything .

  32. Charles says:

    Being bullied by an 18,19 yr old PUNK kid? I think not! Someday some kid his age isn’t gonna take his mouth and close it for him. Sorry just saying

  33. David Atherton says:

    He needed an attitude adjustment many years ago but missed his appointment

  34. Don King says:

    Every time I see this silly little individual standing at a podium with his outstretched hand, all I can thing of is Goebbels, Hitler’s propaganda minister. Except that Goebbels was a heck of a lot better looking.

    • JOHN says:

      he sounds like goebbels, looks like goebbels, hates AMERICA like goebbels,Yep I bet he is a reincarnated goebbels same thing will happen to hoggs like it did to goebbels

    • Erich says:

      Gobbles was a lot smarter, and wasn’t a closet fairy, either. Hogg wants to die in, somebody should help him out.

  35. Duke says:

    I am pleased that Publix has terminated all political contribution. It appears that Publix has thrown great amounts of money to the Democrats and Left Wing policies and much less to Republican candidates. Happy Publix has stopped or I will have to commence shopping at Winn Dixie and divorce myself from aiding Publix’s bottom line.

  36. John says:

    David Hogg is a spoiled little selfish Pig. He was hiding in a closet during the shooting, and now he thinks he is a hero. Someone is blowing smoke up his butt to make him think he is important. He is worthless and a puppet to his handlers.
    Why is he still getting press? He should go back in the closet.

  37. Jakester says:

    The democrat party will put an end to this idiot soon enough. When he gets more companies like Publix to stop donating to the democrats they will s**t on his parade. The loss of $760,000 in donations is something the democrats will look closely at.

  38. David Longobardi says:

    This child needs a good ol’ fashion spanking. He is nothing but a angry cry baby that should be put back into his play pen.

  39. Paul E says:

    what a piece of work.
    let’s see (he BULLIED)the kid in Florida until he lost his mind and killed 17 people ( he BULLIED ) the NRA ( he is ( BULLING )
    the Publix supermarket in Florida ( he BULLIED) Laura Ingraham I could go on but you get the drift . (how many more people are we going to let this kid ( BULLY)before somebody else gets killed )this kid is the problem he’s not the solution the solution is mental health reform for these people that have mental issues and I do believe wholeheartedly that David Hogg has mental issues .I think ( if we are going to
    stop bullies we should start with DAVID HOGG
    He is the( biggest BULLY) I have ever seen in my life he is the definition of bully why can’t people call him for what he is (A BULLY)

    I think we’re going to start looking for red flags all we need to do is look at David hog he is throwing red flags left and right and no one is listening. The sad thing is is when the media gets done with this kid they’re going to throw him in that pile at crap he’s been shoveling and they won’t blink an eye….

    • Chris says:

      Has he been accepted in any college yet? The Publix boycott sure backfired on him. Now Publix will not make any donations to either Republicans or Democrats . How great is that?

    • Erich says:

      Of course he’s a bully. His dad worked for the FBI, biggest bullies around. Now we hear they could have stopped another shooting that just happened, and they did nothing. It seems that if your a Trump supporter, or Trump himself, they come down like the hammer of the Gods. But if your just a psychopathic murderer, they don’t have time for you.

    • Tom Hall says:

      Sooner or later someone will get fed up enough to kick his bullying little ass.I happens to all bullies.Even Soros puppets.

  40. Carole Groth says:

    I wonder WHO is grooming this idiot….the left for sure….maybe trying to sneak in another obummer type….maybe soros is behind him too…! Ya think…? He needs to grow up, learn true history or go the way of the uninformed/unprepared…!! Under ground….by about 6 ft…..!!!

  41. Joanna says:

    Someone change Hoggs diaper…. sit him in a high chair … Please feed him!!!

  42. Tony says:

    Kind of sucks good kids were killed during Parkland shooting and this POS skipped school that day. Maybe he knew something was going to happen.

    • Joanna says:

      Don’t think he was a student there……

      • Stephen Potts says:

        According to need reports, he was a student there, but was on the other side of the Parkland campus during the shooting.Too bad!!0

        • True Believer says:

          According to the Sun Sentinel the day of the shooting and when Hogg appeared, he was not a student there and supposidly had graduated another school. Why he even was there and on TV, who knows, only the Wizard Knows! Just a little punk that thought perhaps he could make a buck off it and get publicity in my opinion.

  43. el Dorko says:

    Why is this twit still news?

  44. gilbert says:

    need to get his address so we can all go by his house and blow our horns


  46. Mark H. Giles says:

    During the unrest in Northern Ireland didn’t the Brits use rubber bullets? Just saying!

  47. sam spade says:

    In all of this where are the parents of these juvenile terrorists that seam to be copy catting one of the worst tragedies in the history of our modern world, in this country. This same idea is being used by terrorists around the globe. I don’t know about the rest of the world but, in America concerning theses juveniles my question remains, where are the parents/guardians? They are supposed to be responsible for these kid’s.

  48. Kathy says:

    Just ignore this piece of crap…no TV, no magazines, no newspapers, no computers, etc. I can’t believe anyone would even consider listening to this jerk…who in the hell cares what he thinks anyway? No one I know.

    • ROBERTW says:

      Kathy, hes nothing but a scumbag looser trying to make a name for himself to the media. no one listens to this idiot anyway.

    • Bill Matthes says:

      Hogg wasn’t even in school the day of the shootings, he showed up AFTERWORDS! Yet the lame-stream media still call him a “survivor” and trumpet all his anti-American words and moronic stunts! He doe’s have the right name however. He is definitely a hog. A publicity hog!

    • Walt Tendee says:

      David H. is having his orgasms Hogging the attention of the press, internet, etc. He is pimping all the attention he can get as an upstart like Lenin did, Stalin, Hitler, Castro, Chavez, Osama bin Laden and Barack Obama. They all were/are out to stir up controversy for their own publicity and non-productive agenda.

    • Paul E says:

      It’s good for the ratings it’s not good for anything else

  49. Denise says:

    Hogg go away. Go play with your little friends. You are a jerk. We don’t need or want your opinion or watch you have little Hogg tantrum fits.

    • Randy Smithr says:

      Hoggy boy is a punk. A simple puppet to the fake news and worthless lefties. Did you know there is a statistical fact that over ten teens are killed each day due to texting and driving? Hoggy boy does nothing to take cell phones from teens. Wimp!!


  51. 1of50millionArmedPatriots says:

    Just another Gruber puppet trying to make a name and money off others’ tragedies. Enjoy the fleeting 15 minutes you tool. That’s all you will get.

  52. Jack says:

    Banks have guards for money that can be replaced. Children cannot be replaced. What is the problem of having armed guards in schools?

    • JW says:

      Because it goes completely against the democommies agenda of eliminating the second amendment and taking guns away from law abiding citizens.

    • Diane says:

      They had them and not one was brave enough to go in, upstanding officers… how did they pass the psychological or physical test!!!

  53. James Johnson says:

    I’m not wasting my time talking about this kid.

  54. William Hopkins says:

    What a dumbass

  55. William Hopkins says:

    I see I’m being sensored,won’t puplish my comments

  56. Billv says:

    Hogg fits right in with the democrats incompetent, clueless on how to fix anything Just like the leaders of the democrats only fix is more taxes, more regulations, open borders and now take away guns so only the government has them like all the communists nation and only the government employees live well the others fall in line for bread, butter, milk and everything else they want if they have it. By the way all the democrat leaders would like the country to go communists.

  57. Sparrowsong says:

    The only thing this anti gun crap did for me was make me go out and buy an AR 15 last weekend. I did all the paperwork and got the background check and passed with no problems. We took it to the gun range and had a blast. Thank you David Hogg for showing me the light.

  58. Pete Dosado says:

    Let us all boycott David Hogg! He will enjoy it because he loves boycotting so much!

  59. THOMAS TIDMORE says:


  60. Deb Root-White says:

    We need to completely stop talking about this idiot. No press, no commentary, NOTHING! He’s in it for attention and it needs to end. Just ignore every thing he does and maybe he will climb back into his hole.

  61. Nunyer Binnis says:

    Huck Fogg.

  62. Stuart Parvin says:

    this is another true example of “Idiocracy”. Just watch the movie.

  63. derrell says:

    there should not be a single school with out a surveillance system and two security people ,this would stop bullying which contributes to shooters .It operates 24 hours a day. These are our natural resource for our future of our country, more important then any natural resource this country has and is the least protected. Wake up America NATURAL RESOURSE !!! Do you hear me ?

  64. JW says:

    These companies need to take a strong stand against their extortion like tactics and put these uninformed, communistic brats in jail. Pigg boy is just the phony front boy for the democommies and is fully funded by the likes of Bloomingbird, Sorryazz and their minions. Bloomongbird has pledged billions to take away our second amendment rights. Their goal is to control the American people and turn us from citizens to their peon subjects.

    Any company that acquiesces to these commies will immediately lose my patronage.

  65. BOBBIE says:


  66. Brew says:

    Look at that picture, his parents should be proud – NOT – but they probably are!? They see a free meal (s) coming with their little piss-ant lefty. Killory and OSlamamama must be proud! Sad state of affairs for once the best country in the world. Go President Trump – MAGA!

  67. David Hogg is a puppet and is being used by the Communist Party, AKA Democrats, to advance their anti 2nd Amendment push. It’s obvious that Hogg has been raised by left wing parents and as usual they have no common sense .

  68. Wendy Roman says:

    David Hogg is like a bad rash that won’t go away. Really irritating! Quit giving the Hitler wannabe air time!

  69. Robert says:

    Hogg is a little pissant, they, none of them, have an understanding arrstanding of what they are talking about

  70. Mike H says:

    G another new wave of idiots.A Male Hillary. I can’t believe the country is brewing these kind of freaks.

  71. Michael says:

    David Hogg is a little piece of crap that doesnt, “im sure” care about gun violence…this is his 15 minutes of fame…he uses this to try and get his sorry ass in the public limelight…You remember before the little BS artist couldnt believe he couldnt get into the college of his choise after he got his lieing face in the news….it’s because YOUR A 3rd rate opportunist and everyone knows and sees it in him

  72. JLM says:

    There is a need for a well-researched and documented article on this Hogg–his background, his real age, his “education,” and who is funding him.

  73. GRIZZ MANN says:

    The Democrat make believe world is meeting reality.

  74. True Believer says:

    Hmmmm wonder who is supporting this, let me guess George Soros, Antifa, and best of all OFA. They picked him up when he was on TV at the Parkland Shooting pretending to be a student where in fact he didn’t even graduate from Parkland nor was a student at that time just a deranged kid trying to make a quick buck and by golly it worked. I would watch this youngin because you just might see him causing a riot; or two;

  75. Timothy Toroian says:

    That the way to handle such situations, stop totally. Other businesses should follow their lead. Teach these boycott crazies a lesson. Don’t trust people who shove their right hands in the air while getting emotionally vocal. Wasn’t there some guy in the 30s who did just that?

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