Antifa is doomed after a surprising city announced a plan that will destroy them

In recent weeks, Antifa has been in the spotlight a lot.

The terrorist group brutally attacked Asian journalist Andy Ngo, posted flyers with Tucker Carlson’s address on them, and firebombed an ICE facility.

And now they are doomed after a surprising city announced a plan that will destroy them.

There is one thing Antifa has that allows them to continue on with their terrorist activities.

And that is their masks that they use to conceal their identities.

With their masks on they can commit crimes and physically attack people without being identified.

But in Portland, Oregon — a city known for its far-left politics — they may lose that protection.

The city’s Police Chief is calling for “anti-mask” laws to prevent Antifa from staying anonymous while committing violence.

The Daily Caller reports:

Officials in Portland, Oregon, are considering a ban on the wearing of masks during protest events, in response to the violent clash that took place in the city between Antifa and right-wing groups.

Portland Police Chief Danielle Outlaw called for anti-mask regulations following the assault of conservative journalist Andy Ngo by Antifa protesters on June 29, The Wall Street Journal reported Thursday.

“A lot of people are emboldened because they know they can’t be identified,” Outlaw said to reporters at a press conference.

Portland officials have discussed the potential outlawing of face-covering masks for those who are attempting to hide their identities while committing a crime, said Eileen Park, a spokeswoman for the mayor’s office.

Democratic Mayor Ted Wheeler “wants to weigh his options thoroughly and hear concerns from community leaders before making a decision,” according to Park.

The policy is a violation of the First Amendment, the Oregon American Civil Liberties Union says.”

These are laws that are proven to work.

In Alabama, “anti-mask” laws were put in place to discourage the Ku Klux Klan.

And in recent years, the laws have backfired for Antifa, who have been forced to stay civil due to their lack of anonymity.

When a controversial speaker went to the University of Auburn in Alabama, police created a perimeter, and forced all Antifa members who wanted to enter to take off their masks.

That event was able to stay peaceful largely due to the illegality of masks.

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116 Responses

  1. GeorgeMC says:

    If politicians and law enforcement don’t do their jobs, then certain citizens will, and the lazy, cowardly aforementioned best not get in the way.

  2. BOB says:

    If they look and act like a terrorist treat them like a terrorist. Round them up and send them to Gitmo. Bet they crumble into jellyfish before they leave the state.

  3. Time to stop the madness. Not only is it time to force these punks to uncover their faces, it’s time to get them off the streets. They are an embarrassment and blight to our country. Shut them down and jail them if they show up. This has gone beyond allowing them their right to freedom of speech.

  4. KeKe67 says:

    This policy needs to be countrywide and that will put an end to these losers. No masks anywhere, any time.

  5. FEDUP365 says:

    The police were told “To Stand Down” by the Mayor unless there was a Life Threatening situation because as you will remember the Police were sued over using “TOO MUCH FORCE” and shooting explosive devices to break up the protesters after they REFUSED to leave and someone got a burn on her arm so now the Police can’t use Crowd Control measures and that suits mayor teddy wheeler just fine. Someone needs to find that SOB and kick the crap out of him and that skinny little [email protected] in the city counsel who openly supports BLM and antifa

  6. Taterrr says:

    Masks???? Hell there any enemy force on US soil an should be treated like such. You cant go around doing the things they do an get to walk away!!!! Whats the matter with you PECKERHEADS. Hell theres a hellava lot meaner people out there that are watching these IDIOTS. An will atttept more with alot more. Yall are INSANE to let this go on. ARMED FORCE or Militia.

  7. newhon63 says:

    God is sitting this one out.

  8. newhon63 says:

    I wonder if the masks they wear can withstand the impact of a baseball bat?

  9. Greg says:

    ….I still can’t figure out whether the Portland mayor is a completely spineless wimp, or if his constituency is suicidally politically correct. It seems that the policies of this municipality, have given over control of this beautiful and progressive city to an element of “humanity” that will inevitably do irreparable harm, all under the premise of embracing diversity. Very sad.

  10. Linda M. says:

    I know we all want these terrorist to be held accountable for their despicable actions. But they won’t. As long as you have ANYONE in power, from Mayors, Governors and all the way up to our own government that are Democrats, these groups will always be protected.They MUST be voted out of whatever office they hold. Then and only then will these radical mobs be disbanded .If we would take the law into our own hands, which the Democrats want us to do, we would be arrested and or shot! Fair? Absolutely not. But this is how deceitful and disgusting these Democrats are. They will manipulate the Constitution to work against us.Knowing GOD fearing people will abide by the rules.But on the other side of the coin, let one of these radicals try to harm anyone in my family and I will gladly exercise the right to bear arms…But in the mean time , lets” hope” that every Mayor and or Governor that these haters do show up in their city or state, will pass a law they can no longer wear masks. Let them be shamed and stop acting like the cowards they are….. GOD help and bless America.

  11. Warren Pugh says:

    America’s most viscious enemies are the ACLU and CAIR.

  12. Sr. Nancy Ruth says:

    Antifa uses the same tactics as the KKK, its about time that the tactics used to break them are used to break Antifa.

  13. Maureen says:

    I can’t believe this is going on . Please wake up get that group put of the country. We ate to soft on crime
    President is aggressive in his major. That is what we need
    Obummer thought he was a movie star
    He is why the country is a mess

  14. David J Starkey says:

    yes, the Black Panthers were a paramilitary group. Some were violent but most just wanted to have a peaceful neighborhood. I was in the Explosive Ordnance Disposal unit (army) in Atlanta 67-69 and we got a call there were explosives in a home. we got lost until I saw a unit of the Black Panthers marching on the sidewalk. stopped the truck and asked directions (both of us were white, Army, etc – everything most think they were against). Yet, we were treated politely and when it became clear we didn’t really understand the directions, one volunteered to ride with us and give directions. We were polite, they were helpful. It was the same all over Atlanta at that time.

    Treat others as you would be treated.

  15. Deb says:

    Portland are just as guilty as the mayor and antifa. the police took an oath to protect the citizens of the City of Portland and they broke it just like the mayor who took an oath and is doing nothing but breaking laws…
    how these officers could stand there and watch is proof they don’t deserve to wear the badge.

  16. Attending any protest in a mask carrying any weapon needs to be made illegal in every state…This will put an end to this ugly fascists style violence.

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