Antifa is doomed after a surprising city announced a plan that will destroy them

In recent weeks, Antifa has been in the spotlight a lot.

The terrorist group brutally attacked Asian journalist Andy Ngo, posted flyers with Tucker Carlson’s address on them, and firebombed an ICE facility.

And now they are doomed after a surprising city announced a plan that will destroy them.

There is one thing Antifa has that allows them to continue on with their terrorist activities.

And that is their masks that they use to conceal their identities.

With their masks on they can commit crimes and physically attack people without being identified.

But in Portland, Oregon — a city known for its far-left politics — they may lose that protection.

The city’s Police Chief is calling for “anti-mask” laws to prevent Antifa from staying anonymous while committing violence.

The Daily Caller reports:

Officials in Portland, Oregon, are considering a ban on the wearing of masks during protest events, in response to the violent clash that took place in the city between Antifa and right-wing groups.

Portland Police Chief Danielle Outlaw called for anti-mask regulations following the assault of conservative journalist Andy Ngo by Antifa protesters on June 29, The Wall Street Journal reported Thursday.

“A lot of people are emboldened because they know they can’t be identified,” Outlaw said to reporters at a press conference.

Portland officials have discussed the potential outlawing of face-covering masks for those who are attempting to hide their identities while committing a crime, said Eileen Park, a spokeswoman for the mayor’s office.

Democratic Mayor Ted Wheeler “wants to weigh his options thoroughly and hear concerns from community leaders before making a decision,” according to Park.

The policy is a violation of the First Amendment, the Oregon American Civil Liberties Union says.”

These are laws that are proven to work.

In Alabama, “anti-mask” laws were put in place to discourage the Ku Klux Klan.

And in recent years, the laws have backfired for Antifa, who have been forced to stay civil due to their lack of anonymity.

When a controversial speaker went to the University of Auburn in Alabama, police created a perimeter, and forced all Antifa members who wanted to enter to take off their masks.

That event was able to stay peaceful largely due to the illegality of masks.


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117 Responses

  1. GeorgeMC says:

    If politicians and law enforcement don’t do their jobs, then certain citizens will, and the lazy, cowardly aforementioned best not get in the way.

  2. BOB says:

    If they look and act like a terrorist treat them like a terrorist. Round them up and send them to Gitmo. Bet they crumble into jellyfish before they leave the state.

  3. Time to stop the madness. Not only is it time to force these punks to uncover their faces, it’s time to get them off the streets. They are an embarrassment and blight to our country. Shut them down and jail them if they show up. This has gone beyond allowing them their right to freedom of speech.

  4. Taterrr says:

    Masks???? Hell there any enemy force on US soil an should be treated like such. You cant go around doing the things they do an get to walk away!!!! Whats the matter with you PECKERHEADS. Hell theres a hellava lot meaner people out there that are watching these IDIOTS. An will atttept more with alot more. Yall are INSANE to let this go on. ARMED FORCE or Militia.

  5. Greg says:

    ….I still can’t figure out whether the Portland mayor is a completely spineless wimp, or if his constituency is suicidally politically correct. It seems that the policies of this municipality, have given over control of this beautiful and progressive city to an element of “humanity” that will inevitably do irreparable harm, all under the premise of embracing diversity. Very sad.

  6. Linda M. says:

    I know we all want these terrorist to be held accountable for their despicable actions. But they won’t. As long as you have ANYONE in power, from Mayors, Governors and all the way up to our own government that are Democrats, these groups will always be protected.They MUST be voted out of whatever office they hold. Then and only then will these radical mobs be disbanded .If we would take the law into our own hands, which the Democrats want us to do, we would be arrested and or shot! Fair? Absolutely not. But this is how deceitful and disgusting these Democrats are. They will manipulate the Constitution to work against us.Knowing GOD fearing people will abide by the rules.But on the other side of the coin, let one of these radicals try to harm anyone in my family and I will gladly exercise the right to bear arms…But in the mean time , lets” hope” that every Mayor and or Governor that these haters do show up in their city or state, will pass a law they can no longer wear masks. Let them be shamed and stop acting like the cowards they are….. GOD help and bless America.

  7. Sr. Nancy Ruth says:

    Antifa uses the same tactics as the KKK, its about time that the tactics used to break them are used to break Antifa.

  8. Deb says:

    Portland are just as guilty as the mayor and antifa. the police took an oath to protect the citizens of the City of Portland and they broke it just like the mayor who took an oath and is doing nothing but breaking laws…
    how these officers could stand there and watch is proof they don’t deserve to wear the badge.

    • FEDUP365 says:

      The police were told “To Stand Down” by the Mayor unless there was a Life Threatening situation because as you will remember the Police were sued over using “TOO MUCH FORCE” and shooting explosive devices to break up the protesters after they REFUSED to leave and someone got a burn on her arm so now the Police can’t use Crowd Control measures and that suits mayor teddy wheeler just fine. Someone needs to find that SOB and kick the crap out of him and that skinny little B!t@h in the city counsel who openly supports BLM and antifa

  9. Attending any protest in a mask carrying any weapon needs to be made illegal in every state…This will put an end to this ugly fascists style violence.

  10. Paul Aldredge says:

    I don’t understand why the masks seem to prevent them being arrested. The police have been proven to stand by and watch. Why aren’t they arresting them?

  11. Katman says:

    Ban burkas as well.
    MUSLIMSwere outlawed in 1952 c.e.
    Thomas Jefferson fought the Barbary Wars against MUSLIMS –
    he recognized ISLAM is NOT a religion of peace,
    but instead is a house of war, posing as a religion.
    MUSLIMS aka NAZI’S be gone!

    • m. parr says:

      Antifa & the KKK were started and backed by the Democrats-that explains their real goal. Wake up America. The Democrats will stop at nothing to regain power.

  12. becky says:

    Antifa, is another word for coward, They are no better than the KKK, they are a bunch of messed up people, getting paid to do evil. They don’t have a legitimate cause, they just get pointed in a direction, & attack. the rule or law, no mask will stop them, dead in thier tracks. No amount of money, is worth going to jail, for someone else, & thier fight. The evil will be stopped, just wait, & see, it is all God’s plan. All good people have to do is Pray, & Pray, & Pray, & he will do the rest. The Evil will be Brought into the Light.

  13. Expat Tom says:

    Unmask then and then destroy them….seems simple to me. They are enemies of American!

    • Dora says:

      Why did it take so long to see the damage this terrorist group has created. As far as I’m concern Proud Boy should defend themselves with whatever means of weapon to protect themselves and other innocent individuals that are in town to going to the grocery store, drugstore, etc.
      All masted terrorist should be shot.

      • Billy Vincent says:

        Absolutely CORRECT !!!

        • Maureen says:

          I can’t believe this is going on . Please wake up get that group put of the country. We ate to soft on crime
          President is aggressive in his major. That is what we need
          Obummer thought he was a movie star
          He is why the country is a mess

  14. I just commented how come it doesn’t show up?

  15. James Richards says:

    Hey Oregon American Civil Liberties Union it is NOT a Violation of someone’s 1st Amendment rights to Require Them to De-Mask as They can still Persist in Their Protest!

    • Bill Tye says:

      Why stop with unmasking, make it to include the carrying of weapons. You know that someone carrying a baseball bat is or large stick or club is not up to any good.

    • Maxx says:

      Time for “all” law enforcement organizations to stop playing games with these domestic terrorists and attack them on the streets or wherever they are. Seems like the government is “afraid” to brand them for what they are. Portland has turned into a liberal hell hole just like Seattle so I feel no sympathy for that city. But the governments of every city, state etc. has the responsibility to protect their safety and lives of their residents. If hey don’t people need to start suing those cities or start carrying defensive weapons. The people have a right to protect themselves. When confronted by someone wearing a mask they have the right to assume harm and should then aim for center mass and squeeze.

    • Rod says:

      You write of the Oregon ACLU, by their phony name, it should be referred to as the ANTI CHRISTIAN LIBERAL UNION , as they only attack one religious group. Want to guess which one?

  16. Helga says:

    Ha, that Wheeler is a Weasel, Liberal to the core and nothing will be done. The Police will be told to stand down again as before so don’t get your hopes up!

  17. If you`re going to make a move like this and just one up them get rid of the Muslims Habib and hoodies as well. Makes you wonder how our law enforcement got their jobs? Dummies.

  18. Soupy264 says:

    They have declared war on America. It’s time for Americans to decide to win the war. Stop treating them like 1st grade children.
    Bullets aren’t deterred by masks. They have set the rules of the game. It’s time to play by the same rules.

  19. kunquoda says:

    This is a wonderful idea but do you think they will keep their faces covered once the protest begin and if the police will have orders to stand down what chance would anyone have against these rejects? We the people are going to have to rely on ourselves to take them down since the police won’t be able to help. How are “We the people ” going to organize to be able to protect each other and other citizens?

    • PUNISHER says:


      • Billy Vincent says:


    • Susan Stark says:

      Make all Antifa permit requests public in all states then have Bikers for Trump come. Problem solved because they are no more than a bunch of gutless punks.

  20. Concerned American Citizen says:

    Great idea! Thank you for service then and now.

  21. Gary Larson says:

    As long as they are allowed to wear their masks the violence will continue. If they believe so strongly about their position they will still demonstrate to let people know what they think. That would be fine, that is their right. But then it would at least be a peaceful rally the way it should be. The way it is with the Trump supporters.

  22. Mary Johnson says:

    KKK, Antifa, Black lives Matter aka Black panthers and others should be labeled terrorist groups and should be treated as such.

    • PUNISHER says:


      • vet says:

        I can see you know nothing about the 60s. Check your history they were/are a paramilitary group . Check it out , a lot of bad stuff back in the day.

        • David J Starkey says:

          yes, the Black Panthers were a paramilitary group. Some were violent but most just wanted to have a peaceful neighborhood. I was in the Explosive Ordnance Disposal unit (army) in Atlanta 67-69 and we got a call there were explosives in a home. we got lost until I saw a unit of the Black Panthers marching on the sidewalk. stopped the truck and asked directions (both of us were white, Army, etc – everything most think they were against). Yet, we were treated politely and when it became clear we didn’t really understand the directions, one volunteered to ride with us and give directions. We were polite, they were helpful. It was the same all over Atlanta at that time.

          Treat others as you would be treated.

    • Marta says:

      100% correct !!!!!!
      All of them !!!!
      Antifa ??? What a deceiving name they got !!!!!
      Obviously, they ARE the Antifa !!!!!
      Domestic terorists

  23. Will T says:

    Unmasking is a good start, but I believe allowing concealed carry in all 50 states would really put an end to their violence. I have seen them, twice, here in Austin, where it is allowed, and they kept it relatively civil.

  24. Larry R. Woolard says:

    With over 25 + years of military service,some of that being in intelligence gathering as it stands right now there is no such classification as Domestic terrorism,before you get riled this is what we need to push for as American citizens,as it stands right now they’re either terrorist or they’re not,all actions this group has taken would definitely fall into that category ,sooo my time was mostly anti terrorist training,tha red white and blue color scheme is perfect as a vet count me in

    • Rodny says:

      I remember going into the gas chambers an how how if your mask wasn’t sealed tight it would do drastic damage causing you to run out getting fresh air. If you gassed them with that they would rip the masks voluntarily. When they show hit them with some of that. Besides all states no mask for no reasons, unless a child under 10yr old & younger trick-treating.

  25. Al says:

    It will end fast when our president signs an executive order making it unlawful in all 50 states. Alert your representatives to fully support him!

  26. Charles says:

    Hey Oregon Civil Liberties Union, the 1st Amendment is freedom of speech, not freedom to wear masks, or freedom to hide your identity. Idiots, you are.

    • Dewey says:

      ACLU thinks every thing that prevents crimes is violation of 1st Amendment. They think burning the American Flag is a violation of freedom of speech. It has nothing to do with freedom of speech.That is an action just like if you decided it was your right to murder some one. There should be severe penalties for burning the flag.

      • Gary says:

        I believe there are penalties for the unauthorized methods for burning the flag…The “Flag” has to be released from duty as military personal are…..a form of decommission.

      • Billy Vincent says:


    • Soupy264 says:

      Freedom to get shot is the answer.

  27. Crystal says:

    “Portland officials have discussed the potential outlawing of face-covering masks for those who are attempting to hide their identities while committing a crime, said Eileen Park, a spokeswoman for the mayor’s office”

    Make face coverings illegal period, not just when commuting a crime. This law doesn’t go far enough. There’s no reason anyone needs their faces covered unless they’re in heavy snow, or out skiing/snowboarding. This shouldn’t be questioned at all. Portland needs to grow a pair and start getting tough on these idiots. There’s a reason why ANTIFA flourishes in the Pacific North West; they’re too soft out there. I never seen any ANTIFA in LA because they would cross the wrong person very quickly and get their skull bashed in. There’s way too many people out here who wouldn’t tolerate their bs. In Seattle/Portland I did see some of those idiots roaming around. It’s like when you see a screaming toddler in public. All you have to do is see who the parents are and that will explain why the kid is out of control. Same with these Marxist morons.

    • Inkpad says:

      There are democrats running our state right into the sewer just like California already has been. Antifa punks are just the new KKK supported by democrats since the kkk backed by democrats died off now they fund these pukes. The mayor wheeler has peas for balls and won’t stand up to these pos’s that hide like lil bitches behind masks and helmets. The police must force new laws for everyone’s protection including the cops pepper spray is hampered by masks. So just drop these pukes with M16 rounds and remove wheeler from office.

  28. Paula says:

    Finally, thank you Portland Police Chief Danielle for taking the step in anti-masking in Portland Oregon. This law should be carried out in the entire USA, since it was put into law against the KKK, which is precisely what Antifa is doing. cowards. They hide their crimes behind masks as most thief’s do. They are a criminal terrorist group, we have seen them get worse and worse because no one does anything. Demask them all. We have laws in this country of ours, time for law enforcement to get to work and protect it’s citizens. Bravo to Ice, Border Patrol, and all the honest, true, Police who do their jobs. May God Bless and Protect our Land.

  29. Mike says:

    With the police not wanting to get fired for doing what’s right and the jerks wearing black with masks it is time to stand up. Those of us that were in any branch of the military swore an oath to defend the United States from enemies both foreign AND domestic. Active military also has their hands tied by Congress but those of us no longer on active duty are not tied. It is time we also grouped up! To find like minded people pass the word that our ID will be any combination of Red White and Blue clothes. Pass the word on and I am sure we will start seeing more and more of us in these colors. If a group of former military knows he has backup and sees these jerks attacking someone, it is time to step up and defend that person by all means possible. If your going to wear the colors then don’t stand back if you see a brother in the colors taking action, he/she needs your backup. This IS a war on America and it is up to us to save our country. If a few masked jerks end up in a hospital so be it. Always have a backup for bail if needed but I am sure even a rookie lawyer will get any charges dropped. Time to take our Red White and Blue back from these invaders of our laws and justice and defend those that can’t defend themselves. Pass the word to join our facebook page Red White and Blue.

    • Concerned American Citizen says:

      Great idea! Thank you for service then and now.

    • Km says:

      Thank God for Patriots like you. Keep spreading the word. Defend decent citizens from these domestic terrorists. Thanks for your service and for the love you have for our country!

  30. Curt says:

    I don’t know why this has not been done a long time ago. Trump should sign an executive order, show up with face covered, remove or be arrested. Decent people do not hide behind a mask. Should be illegal anywhere in the USA

  31. Rick says:

    Maybe the Mayor should be on the receiving end of lAntifa “protests” They are terrorist & should be treated as such!!!!

  32. glock19fan says:

    Since when is anti-mask legislation a First Amendment violation? except for Halloween or Mardi Gras, why does anyone wear a mask? To avoid being identified in court for violating the rights of innocent citizens! The Democrat KKK used to wear hooded masks when going on their rampages. They calmed down when their masks were outlawed!

  33. Moe says:

    What an excellent article gives hope and well written, restores faith in Seattle Police department proving it is not their fault, the left wing political of the Democratic Party harbor domestic terrorist.

  34. Zaw Soe says:


  35. Sue says:

    Anyone remember those old cowboy movies from the 30’s and 40’s? Ever notice that only the gutless crooks ever wore masks? Well, it’s no different today…gutless Antifa twerps are too damn scared to show their faces. All the heroes we have in history, and all the martyrs that have given their lives for a cause or a belief, NEVER WORE MASKS!

  36. Tom says:

    Anti-mask? Anti-pants would be much better.

  37. Richard Daugherty says:

    The unmasking is nice however I prefer either the Proud Boys or the Bikers do the unmasking!!

    • Gary says:

      In one of the movies on Wyatt Earp, (I know it’s fiction), bad guys were shot on sight for wearing their colors. It would sure save a lot of time with arrests and court appearances!

  38. Janice E. Prescott says:

    It makes me wonder how many other people have beaten or killed by this group of sissy twerps. If you believe in what you are doing, you don’t hide your faces. It’s not Halloween you jerks. I used to love to travel to Oregon and Washington, but you could not pay me to spend one day in those horrid places. They are about the worst, and they let it all just go. What the hell is wrong with the Gov. and Mayer?????

    • Vicki S says:

      The Governor in Oregon is a worthless pos, whom we are in the process of trying to recall. Ted Wheeler, the Portland Mayor, is a little twit, without a backbone. We used to be a wonderful Republican well run state, then the Californians moved up here (because they hated their own state) then slowly but surely turned us into what they couldn’t wait to get away from. Native Oregonians are completely disgusted. Unfortunately the Dims all reside in the 3 largest counties, so the Republicans are outvoted.

      • Will T says:

        Ouch. Been dealing with that here in Austin as well. Seems like anywhere they move is soon ruined. I am starting to think we are seeing the beginning of the Borg collective from Star Trek. “Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated.”

  39. Steve says:

    Git rid of ALL terrorists , starting with obama , clintons & soros ! ……..

  40. Ken Marx says:

    That Portland mayor is a fraud who can’t make a decision.

  41. Keith Christensen says:

    Every Democrat running for office should be asked if they agree with the activities of their brownshirt group Antifa, and if they refuse to answer they are supporters, that question is for all of them from Chuck Shumer to AOC….. public outing of the dems that support this activity. Antifa and any Dem not willing to denounce them publicly are cowards and radicals trying to overthrow our democracy.

  42. Gideon Rockwell says:

    The Democrats are no longer hiding the fact they are Marxists. ANTIFA is their Bolshevik Militant arm. They send them out just like the Nazis sent out the Brown Shirts to attack their opponents and spread terror through the community in a show of power. Homeland Security should have added them to the list of disruptive terrorist groups long ago, but the Dems have shield ANTIFA both on the national and local levels. They keep ratcheting up the severity of their attacks and will eventually wind up killing people and when that happens if law enforcement won’t go after them it will sadly fall to we the people to deal with them and that will be a sad day for this nation when it comes to that. It will be sad because I believe they want a Civil War so they can once more try to take control of this nation since they failed the last time.

  43. Charles Long says:

    What good would a law like this do when the far left loonies that run the city would never enforce it?

  44. Will says:

    This bunch of thugs Day of Reckoning is coming , one day there going to jump on the wrong man and there going to get there butts handed to themselves like they’ve never seen or heard of before , so keep it up boys n girls , you punks are going to make that man’s day , that’s a fact

  45. Antifa are a bunch of pimps. They are only tuff in numbers and masked. One on one they would put their tails between their legs and run.

  46. Michael Taylor says:

    Good For This Police Chief…The Mayor Should Be Removed From Office, For Allowing This To Continue As Long As He Has…He Has FAILED To Protect The Citizens, FAILED To Uphold Oath Of Office, FAILED To Uphold Laws Against Violence And Terrorism….ACLU Can Kiss My Arse, Thete is NOTHING In The 1st Amend, That Allows “Clothing” Or Anything Other Than Freedom Of Speech….

  47. Chris says:

    This is George Soros and Obama puppets, bought and paid for. We the
    normal hard working Americans need to shut these people and their organizations down.
    It is us they are coming for.

  48. deb says:

    I want to acknowledge this site. It is one of few after all this mess with fb and google devaluing that you can still get on, make a comment, have it posted, and not need to have fb track your activity. I no longer make comments or attempt to at those sites. What can be done to change this?

    • Medic Joe says:

      I’m glad your post made it. I replied to Linda M. and her question about why governors and mayors would have police “stand down”. My post was deleted. Maybe too conservative for them.

    • Pam says:

      I was wondering the same thing. I was nailed for hate speech because I called a Somali Muslim refugee from Minnesota that raped a 10 year old girl a vile creature. FB looked pasted the rape of a 10 year old whose life was been forever changed and had a problem with a rapist being called a vile creature.

    • Linda M. says:

      deb; I have never used fb. But I’ve been told by others that if they try to post the TRUTH about the Democratic party or anyone associated with them that is negative in any manner, they are put in fb jail.And there’s really nothing you can do about it. The creator of fb is a very big liberal and makes sure anything about Trump and the truth will be deleted. Isn’t this a wonderful situation? Welcome to the future if the Democrats get a sitting president! It will only get worse…..

  49. Warren Abraham says:

    Yes they should unmask they should take it one step further and require them to get a permit and then hold the person who applies for the permit responsible for all crimes and damage committed by members of the protest. All protesters should register so the person that is applying for the permit will know who is protesting in his group

    • Deb says:

      All very good ideas. I believe for a parade one must have permission, permits, and knowledge of who is involved. The problem would arise with the so called onlookers trying to participate. How would that be controlled? People in the street when the protest begins, would not have been signed up but could agree with the protest. Now what?

  50. Timothy Toroian says:

    Good idea, have city councils pass resolutions declaring it a terrorist organization.

  51. Deb says:

    I like anonymity. I think to go to a protest anonymous is asking for trouble. I agree there is a freedom I am willing to forego. No masks at protests, keeps everyone on the same ‘equal’ level of behavior.

  52. Robert Ratto says:

    Aniifa is a domestic terrorist organization. Why do they fear to uncover their faces? Vast majority of people only cover their faces when expecting to commit an illegal activity such as robbers,raciest and yes terrorists. Nobody has a right to cover their faces to avoid identification especially when committing a crime. The truth is this type of activity must be stopped or it is only going to get worse and more violent.

  53. Linda M. says:

    The police chief is calling for anti-mask laws to prevent Antifa from remaining anonymous while committing violence. Well that’s very nice. But how about arresting them FOR COMMITTING VIOLENCE, masks or not!! How did this country get so complacent about someone that is breaking the law ??But more importantly, why hasn’t Antifa be considered a terrorist group? Because that’s exactly what they are….

  54. Jimsong says:

    Bullets would solve the problem.

    • Cliff says:

      My Thoughts EXACTLY! The “police” have been ORDERED by “governors” and “mayors” to STAND DOWN , so it looks like it will be up to “We the people” to protect ourselves, and our families from these masked RABID ANIMALS. ALSO ….ANY “government elite” that allows this to happen in their cities, should be IMMEDIATELY removed form office, arrested , tried, convicted, and jailed.

      • Linda M. says:

        Cliff; I left you a comment on the poll concerning these creatures. Please don’t think me naive for asking this question but WHY are the governors and mayors telling law enforcement to stand down?

        • deb says:

          The fb and google demonetize our conservative commentators and need to be broken up. Their monopoly is fine until they start deciding who is allowed to say what then they are tooooo big for their britches and need to be dealt with by those who can.

        • Original Anna says:

          Linda M. They are democrats and have not read the Constitution guaranteeing citizens the right not be attached physically while just walking down the street and attending rallies. Remember the violence put upon people trying to hear Trump at his rallies when running for President and the streets closed by the so called protestors allowed to do so by the democrat mayor cities. Notice little protestors now at Trump’s rallies because he is President and if killed at a constitutional protected rally guess what would happen to the killers of a President and the mayors of the city where the President was allowed to be killed by violent Antifa or anti American protestors.

      • Billy Vincent says:

        YES !! I TOTALLY AGREE !!

  55. Richard Orona says:

    Hell yes, lock them all up but in Gitmo, that’s where they belong!!!!!

    • ssoldie says:

      Richard ,I like this idea very much. Wouldn’t take long for the littl boy amd girl bullies of Antifa to back down once they have there faces plastered all over America as a domestic terrorist and doing time in Gitmo. Their familys and friends and neighbors would know who to look for if anyone was to get hurt with the violence of actions and behavior they cause.

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