Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will never win office again after a top Democrat revealed one thing

Socialists are salivating over using Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to infect the Democrat Party with her radical agenda.

They are hopeful that from there they can fully take over the United States.

But their entire plan ground to a screeching halt after a top Democrat revealed one thing about Ocasio-Cortez that will prevent her from ever winning office again.

While socialists are fawning over Ocasio-Cortez, the rest of the party is working overtime to prevent President Donald Trump from being re-elected.

Countless Democrats are throwing their hat into the ring to try to be the one to take on President Trump.

If he can be defeated, whoever does it will forever be a hero to Democrats.

But if one of their own gets in the way, Democrats will scorn them forever.

And one top Democrat believes Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez might be in that situation.

She isn’t old enough to run for President, but she’s a top figure in the party for now.

As the former Governor of the key swing state of Pennsylvania as well a previous Democratic National Committee Chairman, Ed Rendell carries serious weight among Democrats.

And Rendell believes Ocasio-Cortez may end up being responsible for Democrats losing in 2020.

“I think all of a sudden, the 2020 election went from a slam dunk for Democrats to something where we’re going to have trouble beating this guy because he’s going to make Democratic socialism swing to the left, which I don’t think is real, but he’s going to make it into the issue,” the former governor told CNN.

“AOC does not speak for the Democratic party,” Rendell concluded.

Rendell is predicting what could be the beginning of the end for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Despite her being very popular among young people in left-wing states, she is an extremely toxic figure in most of the United States.

If Democrats continue to look to her as the future of the party, it will only turn off more moderate Democrats.

When President Trump wins re-election, Ocasio-Cortez will be Democrats’ scapegoat and her career all but over.

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129 Responses

  1. libra l says:

    She and Bernie have teamed up together and they are flaunting their Marxism in your face. They have quite a following among the young college age students. If these students are taking any Economics courses. ALL OF THE ECONOMICS TEXT BOOKS IN THE UNIVERSITIES ARE USING THE MARXIST THEORIES OF ECONOMICS AND NOT THE THEORY OF CAPITALISM AND THE WRITINGS OF ADAM SMITH. They actually do not know the difference. They do not realize all of the freedoms that will disappear under a society where everyone is equal except for their elite RULERS as we have seen in every Marist run regime on Earth and from history. It is what Bernie and AOC are preaching both AOC and Bernie are swimming in donations from the elite millionaire and billionaire class of elites Soros, Steyer, and Bloomberg have donated to them because if Aoc and Bernie are elected the Billionaires will be part of the elites.

  2. Joseph Fydrych says:

    AOC really means Asshole On Call. You need to get it right. Also, everyone is not using the new party name. Democrap, the manure party. Representing the human waste in all the states.

  3. The Real M says:

    John J.

  4. libra says:

    AOC and her boyfriend aka manager are criminals–She handed him her campaign funds of over a million bucks–they set up an LLC and put the funds out of control of the campaign committee. It is illegal and even though the wheels of justice grind slowly–there will eventually be punishment.. Pelosi should have demanded her resignation but we all can see that Nancy’s Demomarxists in her House of Representatives are a corrupt group. Otherwise AOC would be out on her azz and Nancy would never have let Nadler and sack of Schiff conn her into this impeachment nonsense. She has lost control. The inmates are now running the asylum.

  5. Scot says:

    Yes, but, she could very well be the dims VP candidate.

  6. Valli Neal-davis says:

    Mr. Cummings thought he could control and get away! Evil doers only get away with their crimes for a short time and then payback walks in.

  7. Valli Neal-davis says:

    But God is in controlling. Evil can’t beat righteous and that’s all these evil forces are rearing their evil heads these treasonous traitor democrats are runnin like scared rabbits.

  8. Valli Neal-davis says:

    Absolutely These evil forces are done the American citizens have seen and heard enough of their vicious culture and antisemitism remarks they are a sickening group that need taken down by voting maga2020 and deported back to the he’ll hole s they came people like them should never be allowed in this great country send the moselums back to their countries and tialb can go see grandmother.

  9. John says:

    Thing most people don’t know is that it certainly was Hillary who did hundreds of ILLEGAL Acts and it was with help from most Democrat higher up types that the election machines were rigged.

    How so? If you voted for Trump,
    The machine switched your Trump vote into a vote for Clinton.

    The funny part was how the democrat party supported her to a point 3 billion light years away, that had rigged machines all over the USA, But even still, Trump soundly ‘Trumped’ her lame attempt and he. Won anyway.

    I watched the news that night and I all but about 7 States, Trump won the popular vote, then the machines flipped the votes that made the illusion Clinton may win.

    Thank God she didn’t!

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