A Never-Trump Republican is in hot water after pushing an insane lie about Mueller on CNN

The Never-Trump movement within the Republican Party is all but dead.

But CNN loves to put the far-Left on the air to bash President Trump.

And now, a Never-Trump Republican is in hot water after pushing an insane lie about Mueller on CNN.

John Dean is the former White House counsel under Richard Nixon, who is most known for his involvement in the cover-up of the Watergate scandal.

Now, he is trying to stay relevant through frequent appearances on CNN where he bashes Republicans, while claiming he himself is a Republican.

Dean focuses much of his energy on attacking President Trump, even bragging he is “on [Trump’s] enemies list.”

And, like every Never-Trumper, facts are tossed aside when it comes to launching his anti-Trump attacks.

That’s why on a recent CNN appearance, Dean chose to pull “facts” out of thin air about the Mueller Report.

According to Dean, every news outlet is wrong, and in reality, Mueller’s report “indicates there was collusion.”

It doesn’t matter that even the notably liberal NPR listed the fact Mueller proves there was no collusion as the most noteworthy finding in the report.

NewsBusters reports:

Is it age that has caught up with 80-year-old John Dean, or has his hatred of all things Republican clouded Dean’s short-term memory?

On CNN this morning, in the pre-game of Robert Mueller’s testimony today, Mr. Cancer-on-the-Presidency told John Berman:

“The report indicates there was collusion, contrary to Mr. Trump’s statement.”

Of course, the single most noteworthy finding emerging from the Mueller report, as even NPR had to admit, was that there was not any collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign.

Having to clean up Dean’s gaffe, John Berman butted in to say, “not enough evidence to charge conspiracy.” Dean, taking the hint that he had stepped in it, agreed: “exactly, exactly.”

To CNN’s credit, they did have somebody give him a weak correction.

But that is rare.

Overwhelmingly, CNN lets anything go out on the air as long as they think it harms President Trump.

They even recently brought on prominent white supremacist Richard Spencer to try to egg him into supporting Trump, just to make the President look bad.

But that backfired, and Spencer actually attacked President Trump for not being racist.

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120 Responses

  1. bob onit says:

    So a convicted felon ,is the epitome of truth on the communist news network . that makes par for CNN, now we have actually seen” the lying dog faced pony soldier” ,in the form of john dead

  2. Colleen La Rose says:

    Hey dumbass
    You can’t even remember how to spell Sarah, & it’s right in front of you. So please do yourself a favor and STFU!

  3. tinker68 says:

    Until you can actually prove it, you should just keep it to yourself. Why rant your displeasure with the President to the ones that don’t feel the way you do. Not all of us are filled with hate and want the country to succeed, that means for our President to do well. In this day and age, he needs all the support he can get to keep our nation safe from those who would see her destroyed, and there are many.

  4. Spanky says:

    Oh sarah im sorry your right you praise the false PROFET and you worship a false GOD before the true GOD don’t forget he’s always claiming to be the one and only true god on his program

  5. Spanky says:

    Sheldon jjofaz i asked a history question earlier not one IDIOTIC MORONIC RETARDICAN has answered the ? Saraha tried but she just showed me how STUPID she really is

  6. Spanky says:

    Sarah 1/1/2021 probaly sooner

  7. Spanky says:

    S G i can already see you support MOSCOW MITCH he claimed Obama spent 23 trillion on his very first day it’s on video my god your ignoant

  8. Spanky says:

    Lola come on now he had to clean up after one of the biggest crooks in history second only to grump Clinton had reagen bush he over saw the Tec Boom Obama had to clean up the 23 trillion debt bush left which grump takes credit for if you add up the debt left by 5 potus in the last 49 years it comes to READY for it OVER 76 trillion dollars not one penny added only intrest from Clinton/ Obama but i already know FACTS DON’T MATTER

  9. Spanky says:

    Sorry sarha wrong answer try again problem is you don’t know

  10. Spanky says:

    M M seems to walk just fine for having such a disabilating foot problem yes I’m a VET Viet Nam Tax break far exceeded any Donation Fact he and father SUED by NY City for racism COWS S#$T TOO BUT DON’T BRAG ABOUT IT

  11. Roger says:

    Magic Mike, IF Trump had bone spurs, that would make a difference. But Spanky and many of the rest of us have seen with all Trump’s manipulations and lies, that we strongly doubt Trump has one thing wrong with his feet at all. If you just saw the right-wing BIO on Trump, it says he did all those activities in military school plus played sports. Then there was NO evidence of “bone spurs” or any problems . . . and it was not until he could have been drafted that they FABRICATED evidence of “bone spurs.” Those X-rays were mostly likely not Donnie’s – – his Dad, Fred, was always getting Donnie out of trouble.

  12. Taylor made says:

    What evidence to you have that media was a pack of lies? Your right-wing propaganda, which is extremely biased because you have a vested interest in winning elections. The media may make mistakes, but when found (and people do find errors) either the media or experts call them on it, and they have to do either an apology on air or a retraction. It is easy to criticize, but even impartial experts claim the media in this country does a fairly good job informing us . . . the problem is there are none so blind as those who refuse to see, like James Howard.

  13. reality check says:

    That same old BS, Trumper Kool Aid, is false and just another EXCUSE for his cult supporters. The real reason for Russia was all the contacts Trump people had with Russia illegally – – the were not in power, they betrayed the duly elected government under Obama and used information from our worst enemy – – STOLEN DNC emails by Russia to win the 2016 election. If there is anyone acting like a dictator – – it is “Executive order” Demented Donnie.

  14. Lola says:

    Susan, your ignorance is showing, especially about economics. W. Bush inherited a SURPLUS or in the black budget that was paying DOWN our overall deficit. Then the FOOL gave a big tax break to the rich, got us into two wars that added $10 BILLION A MONTH to the deficit, and practically caused the Great Depression II in 2008. Obama inherited an economy in shambles, and by reducing the deficit spending every year, led us back on track for one of the longest periods of prosperity. Trump has screwed it all up, including his stupid trade wars.

  15. Lola says:

    Spanky, great point! Reminded me how Reagan said the $54 Billion deficit of Carter showed he should be fired as president, then in two years, he was running over $200 billion a year in deficts. However all that is ” chump” change or sofa change compared to W. Bush and especially to Trump that will run up over 1000 Billion (a TRILLION $$$$) in gthe 2019 federal spending. It is nuts. GOP only TALKS fiscal responsibility until they cause yet another recession!!

  16. ,Susan glancy says:

    WRONG…….There have been corrupt presidents long before Nixon…..FDR for example. Read some real history and don’t make stupid remarks……also, OBAMA DOUBLED the debt and spent more than all the administration since George Washington….COMBINED. Your CNN talking points are showing

  17. Hillary lost, get over it says:

    I agree with Laura. Very good post, Sarah.

  18. Hillary lost, get over it says:

    Spankme is just mad because his boyfriends king Obama and his husband Big Mike, wont call him back. He hasn’t been able to spank himself for months. Hes going off the deep end. And speaking of deep, that’s how spankme likes it. Nice and deep, with plenty of gerbils.

  19. magic mike says:

    Hey spanky, what medical degree do u have. [ NONE ] ur a dem and say anything to that’s not fact. i bet u didn’t serve, because with bad heels u can’t go through the infiltration course training. which is called basic training. by the way i’m independent. i fell from top of a truck checking vin # of cars n slip n hit the steel bed of the truck. damaged my heels. by the way fact check this, in early 90’s D.TRUMP gave mayor dickins MONEY to fix up empty lots and make ball fields in all boroughs in black n hispanic areas. i transported the equipment. racist not so.

  20. Sarah says:

    Spanky, memory test for Grandpa?! He sounds to me like he remembers more than you know by far.

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