A Never-Trump Republican is in hot water after pushing an insane lie about Mueller on CNN

The Never-Trump movement within the Republican Party is all but dead.

But CNN loves to put the far-Left on the air to bash President Trump.

And now, a Never-Trump Republican is in hot water after pushing an insane lie about Mueller on CNN.

John Dean is the former White House counsel under Richard Nixon, who is most known for his involvement in the cover-up of the Watergate scandal.

Now, he is trying to stay relevant through frequent appearances on CNN where he bashes Republicans, while claiming he himself is a Republican.

Dean focuses much of his energy on attacking President Trump, even bragging he is “on [Trump’s] enemies list.”

And, like every Never-Trumper, facts are tossed aside when it comes to launching his anti-Trump attacks.

That’s why on a recent CNN appearance, Dean chose to pull “facts” out of thin air about the Mueller Report.

According to Dean, every news outlet is wrong, and in reality, Mueller’s report “indicates there was collusion.”

It doesn’t matter that even the notably liberal NPR listed the fact Mueller proves there was no collusion as the most noteworthy finding in the report.

NewsBusters reports:

Is it age that has caught up with 80-year-old John Dean, or has his hatred of all things Republican clouded Dean’s short-term memory?

On CNN this morning, in the pre-game of Robert Mueller’s testimony today, Mr. Cancer-on-the-Presidency told John Berman:

“The report indicates there was collusion, contrary to Mr. Trump’s statement.”

Of course, the single most noteworthy finding emerging from the Mueller report, as even NPR had to admit, was that there was not any collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign.

Having to clean up Dean’s gaffe, John Berman butted in to say, “not enough evidence to charge conspiracy.” Dean, taking the hint that he had stepped in it, agreed: “exactly, exactly.”

To CNN’s credit, they did have somebody give him a weak correction.

But that is rare.

Overwhelmingly, CNN lets anything go out on the air as long as they think it harms President Trump.

They even recently brought on prominent white supremacist Richard Spencer to try to egg him into supporting Trump, just to make the President look bad.

But that backfired, and Spencer actually attacked President Trump for not being racist.


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119 Responses

  1. magic mike says:

    Hey spanky, what medical degree do u have. [ NONE ] ur a dem and say anything to that’s not fact. i bet u didn’t serve, because with bad heels u can’t go through the infiltration course training. which is called basic training. by the way i’m independent. i fell from top of a truck checking vin # of cars n slip n hit the steel bed of the truck. damaged my heels. by the way fact check this, in early 90’s D.TRUMP gave mayor dickins MONEY to fix up empty lots and make ball fields in all boroughs in black n hispanic areas. i transported the equipment. racist not so.

    • Roger says:

      Magic Mike, IF Trump had bone spurs, that would make a difference. But Spanky and many of the rest of us have seen with all Trump’s manipulations and lies, that we strongly doubt Trump has one thing wrong with his feet at all. If you just saw the right-wing BIO on Trump, it says he did all those activities in military school plus played sports. Then there was NO evidence of “bone spurs” or any problems . . . and it was not until he could have been drafted that they FABRICATED evidence of “bone spurs.” Those X-rays were mostly likely not Donnie’s – – his Dad, Fred, was always getting Donnie out of trouble.

      • tinker68 says:

        Until you can actually prove it, you should just keep it to yourself. Why rant your displeasure with the President to the ones that don’t feel the way you do. Not all of us are filled with hate and want the country to succeed, that means for our President to do well. In this day and age, he needs all the support he can get to keep our nation safe from those who would see her destroyed, and there are many.

    • Spanky says:

      M M seems to walk just fine for having such a disabilating foot problem yes I’m a VET Viet Nam Tax break far exceeded any Donation Fact he and father SUED by NY City for racism COWS S#$T TOO BUT DON’T BRAG ABOUT IT

  2. Grampa says:

    The left can dis out all the lies they want but can’t take anything. They are to be beyond question. They have fragile egos. And as we all know the left says our constitution must protect us from any and all insults or attacks using inappropriate labels. Government will make it an offense if we don’t keep up with the latest pr titles they feel better describes them at the moment. The left needs to rule when their plans fail they can’t cope. They demand other rules and point fingers. we need to remember that in every lie has its start with some form of truth—-Grampa

    • Gary Von Neida says:

      So true, John Dean is afraid of insulting the internationalists.

    • Spanky says:

      Hey Grandpa with a title like that lets take a test what year was law passed making it a crime to hire illegal immigrants??? No cheating this is a test remember !!! Also when was same law wiped off the books allowing anyone to once again hire illegal immigrants just like grump has done forever remember he hates them after all they’re all murders and rapist just not the ones he hires illeagly

      • Sarah says:

        Spanky, memory test for Grandpa?! He sounds to me like he remembers more than you know by far.

        • Hillary lost, get over it says:

          Spankme is just mad because his boyfriends king Obama and his husband Big Mike, wont call him back. He hasn’t been able to spank himself for months. Hes going off the deep end. And speaking of deep, that’s how spankme likes it. Nice and deep, with plenty of gerbils.

        • Spanky says:

          Sorry sarha wrong answer try again problem is you don’t know

          • Colleen La Rose says:

            Hey dumbass
            You can’t even remember how to spell Sarah, & it’s right in front of you. So please do yourself a favor and STFU!

  3. N says:

    ‪Expose, Boycott, Sue, prosecute and bring to justice all these deep state treasonous Godless NAZI commie liberal demoncrats and RINOs post-haste,Patriots! Drain the rat infested swamp President Trump!‬

  4. H Lee says:

    I consider al Jazerra more credible than cnn or msnbc

  5. David Custodio says:

    The Report “could not find sufficient evidence to prove conspiracy beyond a reasonable doubt”. That’s not quite the same as ” proving innocence”. Trump’s own admitted facts , after the lies were teased out, strongly suggests “collusion”, as you know. Meanwhile, collusion is not a crime…

    • Sarah says:

      Well David, it is generally understood that a person is innocent UNTIL PROVEN guilty.
      Your correct in part about “collusion”.

      As for stating that “ insufficient” evidence doesn’t prove innocence, you indicate that you are confused that “innocent until proven guilt” IS the law.

      Just because there are people like me that will never be “bent” to be “PC” doesn’t change truth.

      I am actually glad that the “despotic circus” that much of our governing officials have been employed to, are being exposed for who and what they are. I’m proud that we have a President that has more courage and honor than our Country has seen in the past century.

      I’m convinced that President Trump and his Administration are the true Patriots of our day. Sure there will always be “weeds in the garden” but rooting them out is better than chopping them off.

      So, until there is a “perfect” person, one who never has a flaw in word or deed, we have to or should each take personal inventory of ourselves and then maybe we can actually see.

      • Laura says:

        You are a True Patriot!????❤️???????????????? Great Post!

      • trebor says:

        With 300 investigators searching for two and a half years finding nothing seems to indicate that there is nothing here. Let it go for heaven’s sake and get on with running the country. That’s what you were hired for.

      • David Custodio says:

        1. You hide behind a specious argument. An indictment is not a conviction, and the standard of proof is less. There is not for example, the right of cross examination by defense counsel. Thus an indictment only begins the process of “proof”. Proof is for the jury to decide. For example, Epstein, the alleged child molester, was indicted for the crime, but not proven guilty. None the less he is in federal custody. Barr read the report as “ëxonerating” Trump, even though the report notes that Trump is NOT exonerated. The current Attorney General, holds that a sitting President cannot be indicted, that is, cannot be criminally held to account. Mueller COULDN’T indict Trump if he confessed to the Crime! In theory then, Trump could murder someone on national TV and not be indictable. That he would not be indicted does not mean he would be innocent but only legally not guilty. Anyone else would be indicted for murder, but not the President.

        2. The remainder of your comment expresses unsupported opinion, concluding that until we are perfect, according to our own personal inventory of ourselves, that we cannot judge. The problem, of course, is that we like to think of ourselves as at least “good”, bending facts and reason to support our conclusion. Did you use the same standard to judge Hillary?

        • Sarah says:

          I can see that I didn’t convey my message well enough.
          When it comes to judgment, I understand that judgment should be made based upon facts, absolute evidence and lawful gathering of same.
          When evidence is manufactured, or when evidence is pure speculation then it is should have no merit.
          Yes, I do have an opinion and like you try to express it without tainting it with accusation.
          I am not an educated person as far as college, but I do have a couple or so years of living experience. These issues we are discussing here need only a bit of understanding about right and wrong.

          Now that you have, by your “opinion”, wonder if I used the same standard of judgment toward Hillary Clinton, I would have to honestly say yes. Now if you want my “opinion” of H.Clinton here it is.
          In my view, Hillary Clinton is devious, overconfident, Marxist minded, corrupt and immoral.
          Now that opinion is based upon listening to her, watching her through years of public work.
          If the tree bears fruit, then the tree is judged by its fruit.

          • David Custodio says:

            Except for “Marxist minded”, (Please remember she opposed ” Medicare for All’ and free college tuition) your opinion based on “”absolute evidence”” could describe Donald Trump. Overconfident=Trump consistently issues Executive orders shot down by the courts. “Devious” – He sold us a tax cut that reduced his own income tax while removing deductions from middle class homeowners. (Remember he said, “My taxes will go up, believe me”. His went down.) Corrupt=Well he DID send Little Donald to a meeting with Russian agents to discuss US election meddling (no provable collusion though) then did not report the meeting to the FBI. He surrounded himself with corrupt individuals , in jail or on their way there. Immoral–Stormy Daniels. Perhaps you did not mean to say that Trump WASN”T these things, only that Hillary was. Yet you call Trump a “True Patriot”. After further self examination, you might discover a double standard…

        • Sarah says:

          David, I’ll admit that my opinion of Hillary Clinton could describe Donald Trump but then I would be an opinion based upon the accusations of others. My opinion of H.Clinton is based upon years of observation.

          I listen to and observe the actions of people before I make a judgment. Have I ever been duped? Yes I have. But at least I made my opinion apart from someone else’s opinion.

          President Trump has spoken, then accomplished what he said and stands by what he says. There has been few that has or do.

          President Trump is the fighter and champion for The United States of America! This will be his legacy too.

          • David Custodio says:

            I’m sorry we can not agree on the facts. I laid them out for you, thinking they were common knowledge based upon televised statements by Trump himself, together with the sworn testimony of Donald Jr. Meanwhile you do not cite ANY “facts” to support your allegations against Hillary. It’s OK. Of course he’s spoken. He speaks a lot. Congatulations on SCOTUS letting him spend money meant for something else to spend on his wall. Why are WE paying for the wall? Didn’t Trump say Mexico would pay for it? It’s OK . Believe what you like, but please recognize you use a double standard. Your beliefs trump your ability to perceive “ëvidence”. May Jesus bless and forgive you. (It’s his job anyway)

      • charles vaughn says:

        Hear. hear Sarah!!!!

      • Spanky says:

        Sarah so much COURAGE??? remember he’s a DRAFT DODGING COWARD

        • Sarah says:

          Spanky, your incorrect. Donald Trump did not dodge. He had a physical/medical disqualification.
          Sorry that your information was hateful gossip in source. It is not true.

          • David Custodio says:

            Sarah, how quickly you’re standard of evidence changed. What “äbsolute evidence”do you have that Trump had a physical reason to not serve. He paid a doctor for a certificate, sure, and his family had lots of money . You have Donald’s word, the word of a known liar. (Can you think of any? Maybe not.)’

            Meanwhile, I notice he doesn’t limp or favor his bad foot…

          • Spanky says:

            Sarah realy bone spurs most commonly used lame excuse from that time but I’m sure he handed you personally his medical records maybe you also have his tax records once i see them you can clear all this up obstruction of those records does not exonerate him of any crime all it does is fan the flames for his IMPEACHMENT GRUMP IF AND THATS A BIG IF YOUR TRULY INNOCENT AND NEVER EVER COMMITTED A CRIME OH LIKE SAY LAUNDERING MONEY FOR RUSSIA TAX EVASION FALSLY REPORTING INCOME FUNNELING MONEY THROUGH YOUR FAMILY CHARITY AND MANY MORE THAN PLEASE FEEL FREE TO RELEASE THOSE RECORDS IF AND THATS A BIG IF ONLY YOU CAN PROVE YOUR INNOCENCE OR GUILT I’M LEANING TOWARDS GUILTY IMPEACH HIM NOW

      • sahara there was once a perfect manjust sayin…..

    • Eileen Ross says:

      David, and you believe all that doubletalk because……….

  6. Colleen La Rose says:

    Why would I waste my time denying something that only exists in your world? So I assume you are equating all Trump supporters as racists. No little boy I don’t care what color you are, stupid is stupid whatever color you are. & I HATE stupid fools like you.

    • Spanky says:

      Colleen so easy to bring out the true hatefull aggression you have in your heart keep it up I’m lovin it LOL LOL LOL

  7. Spanky says:

    Ed neither is grump he reptesents the very old dem party from one hundred years ago this aint your grandfathers rep. party anymore face it the parties have fliped 180 degrees

  8. Dean, gets flashbacks from yesteryear, probably yells out President Nixon WHERE ARE YOUuuu.
    He’s not a republican, he’s just a old guy hanging around.
    Republicans are dedicated for Americans, and what he is I haven’t a clue.

  9. Rush Limbaugh says:

    BREAKING NEWS ALERT 3 grump supporters patriots as he calls them photographed holding rifles in front of Emitt Tillman Memorial with bulet holes in sign you can’t make this stuff up the absolute HATRED RACISM BIGOTRY that dwells in the heart and soul of RETARDICANS is the most dangerous thing we now face in AMERICA all endorsed by the most dangerous POTUS EVER IN HISTORY just goes to show that the brainwashing RACSIST BIGOTRY messages i spew on me daily radio program ARE WORKING along with grumps help we will take this country down LONG LIVE RACISM HEIL HITLER

    • Colleen La Rose says:


      • Donny Jr says:

        Colleen such a well educated response you must be what 2 maybe 3 years old

      • Spanky says:

        Coleen response to so what blank blank blank of why it matters Racist White Supremacist were aquited of MURDER by all white jury the very same type of people that support grump today Murdering anyone that does not support grump seems to be the norm of the Radical Racist Right you just proved to everyone that your Racist THAT IS A FACT DON’T EVEN TRY TO DENY IT

        • Colleen La Rose says:

          Why would I waste my time denying something that only exists in your world? So I assume you are equating all Trump supporters as racists. No little boy I don’t care what color you are, stupid is stupid whatever color you are. & I HATE stupid fools like you.

        • Dennis L Ruffin says:

          You’re terminally ignorant and so full of crap your eyes must be brown. Hillary lost, moron, live with it & keep howling at the moon.

    • Sarah says:

      Rush NOT-Limbaugh, you are a fake! Rush doesn’t lack your noticeable inability of verbal or written communication.

      • Donny Jr says:

        Sarah you must have gone to school with colleen

        • Colleen La Rose says:

          We went to schools for normal people, not special ed school like you & your ilk.

          • Spanky says:

            School for RACISM is not normal

          • Sarah says:

            Hi Colleen, sorry to use your reply button but the coward that’s calling us racists doesn’t have a reply button. Lol

            I went to schools in a Texas border town where I was the only white kid in my classes of 45 students. I know what real racism is and all this stuff out there ain’t it! Lol

            The fools falling for all of this race batting is so sad. But, seeing how the fantasy is so wide spread I have to count it as “bats in one’s belfry”.

          • Sarah says:

            Colleen….thanks! LOL

            You are hysterically correct! He hides his button because he wants to just spew and not defend.

        • Sarah says:

          Maybe so!

          • Colleen La Rose says:

            Sarah dear
            You can use my “reply” button any time you want LOL
            it’s funny in a way, that fool drools his bile comments then when anyone asks him to prove his accusations against our President, that rascal hides his reply button.???? oh well a fool & his reply button never part. If anyone knew who I am, they’d kick theirselves in the arse for calling ME racist.

      • Spanky says:

        Oh sarah im sorry your right you praise the false PROFET and you worship a false GOD before the true GOD don’t forget he’s always claiming to be the one and only true god on his program

    • Rush Limbaugh, is it really you? Hello!
      Welcome to reality, good luck!

    • Betsy Burton says:

      Who is Emmit Tillman?!? Who said these college students are Republican?

  10. Yank says:

    Ah ha! Dean has found another way to get back into the news and it only took him 46 years to do so! lmbo! If anyone puts any stock in what this”individual” says, that, to me, is proof they have gone outside their mind!

    • Mr. Dean proved years ago during the Nixon debacle that he wanted to have things his way but found he just couldn’t get away with whatever he wanted to. It appears that he has waited all these years to get back at the Republican Party! I would not put any faith in anything he says on camara or off! As to CNN, they have proved over and over again that they still want to be on top. In the 1980’s when the Space blowup happened, I was in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands and was intervewed by CNN, and even then they tried to put words in my mouth, but I would not let them get away with it!

  11. Bobi says:

    Dean is right, there was collusion which was made evident through the entire process of the investigation as run by Mueller and his team of angry democrats colluding with the Clintons and Russia!

  12. Will Penny says:

    Dean needs to take a cab back to his nursing home , he doesn’t , know the south end of a jackass head north , CNN YOU IDOITS HAVE NO SHAME , WHAT’S NEXT DEAD PEOPLE UP ON STAGE TELLING LIES , DAMN TRAITORS YOU ARE THAT CNN

  13. Lola says:

    The GOP has an outstanding tradition, of both having a party with so many factions (never Trumpers, neo-cons, Tea Party), but also the tradition of having the two most corrupt presidents of all time: Richard Nixon and Donald Trump. They are the party of corruption that seeks to blame everyone else, but which party is the party of the last 50 years that has also run up the largest deficits – – :> Republicans!

    • Michael says:


      • Walt Roberge says:

        You tell them

      • glock19fan says:

        And, FTM, don’t forget the Clinton body count. How many,now, have “committed suicide” by “shooting themselves” in the back of the head? And the “Lolita Express” owner almost getting silenced in jail?

      • Lola says:

        Because Micharl, that was a total lie. Thei5r money was FROZEN and the end of the sanctions meant it was unfrozen and always their property, And that BS on Bengazi has been investigated over and over, with committees and everyone else, and been found not to have substance. Making s**t up does not count as evidence, but it is about as close as Trumpons can come!!

    • JAMES Walsh says:

      lola is a lulu bird ! thirs no talking to them ! run them out of office! bring them to justice ! bring down the fake news !protect our citizens from them ! unite and destroy them ! and their communist ideas ! NOW !

    • Janet says:

      Bahahahahahahahahahaha. Thank you Lola, it has been a long time since I peed myself laughing.

    • Sarah says:

      Lola, where have you been for the last 50 years?! It sounds like you are parroting!
      The “Republican Party” is what was once called “Abolitionist”. The Democrat Party are no longer “Democratic”.
      The People are the ones who suffer from all this stupid despotism of the day.

      If you truly could see what is happening, I believe you would have the common sense to evaluate this for what it is.

    • Spanky says:

      Lola good to see someone on this trolling site that knows the TRUTH but you forgot that POS reagen he’s the biggest reason we’re in this mess remember Reagannomics destroy unions attack labor flood the country with Mexican immigrants also only 2 presidents have ever even attemted to balance the budget in the last 39 years without raising taxes and it DAMN SURE AINT THE RETARDICANS THE PARTY OF BIG DEFICITS BIG SPENDING AND EVER BIGGER GOVERNMENT also lets not ever foget TREASON when he made weapons deal with Iran

      • Lola says:

        Spanky, great point! Reminded me how Reagan said the $54 Billion deficit of Carter showed he should be fired as president, then in two years, he was running over $200 billion a year in deficts. However all that is ” chump” change or sofa change compared to W. Bush and especially to Trump that will run up over 1000 Billion (a TRILLION $$$$) in gthe 2019 federal spending. It is nuts. GOP only TALKS fiscal responsibility until they cause yet another recession!!

        • Spanky says:

          Lola come on now he had to clean up after one of the biggest crooks in history second only to grump Clinton had reagen bush he over saw the Tec Boom Obama had to clean up the 23 trillion debt bush left which grump takes credit for if you add up the debt left by 5 potus in the last 49 years it comes to READY for it OVER 76 trillion dollars not one penny added only intrest from Clinton/ Obama but i already know FACTS DON’T MATTER

    • ,Susan glancy says:

      WRONG…….There have been corrupt presidents long before Nixon…..FDR for example. Read some real history and don’t make stupid remarks……also, OBAMA DOUBLED the debt and spent more than all the administration since George Washington….COMBINED. Your CNN talking points are showing

      • Lola says:

        Susan, your ignorance is showing, especially about economics. W. Bush inherited a SURPLUS or in the black budget that was paying DOWN our overall deficit. Then the FOOL gave a big tax break to the rich, got us into two wars that added $10 BILLION A MONTH to the deficit, and practically caused the Great Depression II in 2008. Obama inherited an economy in shambles, and by reducing the deficit spending every year, led us back on track for one of the longest periods of prosperity. Trump has screwed it all up, including his stupid trade wars.

      • Spanky says:

        S G i can already see you support MOSCOW MITCH he claimed Obama spent 23 trillion on his very first day it’s on video my god your ignoant

  14. Taylor made says:

    Most people are not educated in the law to separate the legalese and what was said both in the report or by Mueller’s testimony. Back in the prohibition era, it was fairly well known that Al Capone did numerous law violations, but the only area they could find sufficient evidence to indict (and later convict him) on was on tax evasion. The Mueller Report made it clear, IT DID NOT EXONERATE TRUMP AND HIS FAMILY, they saw how the Trump campaign worked closely with Russia, but not enough evidence to indict. The Trump campaign had over 120 separate contacts with agents of the Russian government – – all of which, without reporting it to the FBI, is a unethical and probably criminal.

    But, some things that Trumpers will NOT be honest about: this probe was NEVER a HOAX or a WITCH HUNT, Trump continually LIED ABOUT IT and the results, and finally, Trump committed numerous acts of obstruction of justice, and the only reason he is not indicted today is that he holds the office of president. Trump ordered his W.H. lawyer to commit crimes -and even though McGahn did not carry it out (because it was ILLEGAL) STILL IS A CRIME FOR TRUMP TO DO THAT. If a crime boss orders one of his people to murder someone, but the person is not killed and gets away, IT IS STILL A CRIME FOR THE BOSS.

    • Original Anna says:

      Taylor Made: Stop lying. President Trump running his first campaign ever didn’t have time to screw around with Russia anybody. He and his people were literally rushing every day to just keep the campaign on track while Hillary was tripping around the world collecting money for her “campaign” that ended up in a now defunct charity in Canada instead of the states. Trump in his campaigning position where he was not in any gov’t position yet was busy doin rallies while Soros paid protestors were running amok attacking people trying to get in to hear Trump. He even had to jump over a ditch to get in the back of a center because of the terror going on in front of the center. He and his inexperienced people had no time to bother with Russia and it wasn’t his job any way, it was still Obamas and his people job to be watching the Russia interference. Trump actually told his crook lawyer to no make any checks out of the campaign but to give the information about the broad who now we know was lying to Trump’s personal business lawyer. The media does not play the full tape where Trump tells his lawyer that. And Trump has never ordered anybody to commit crimes or to murder anybody. That is Clinton’s way of operating through the years. And stop comparing Trump to a crime boss. I lived in a city where the mafia ran the city and bodies showed up in car trunks and in funeral homes buried under another body. It took the FBI to finally bring the mafia to an end . President Trump is a business man not a mafia ordering murders so get off your lying and your high horse. Trump is called President Trump for a reason, he won legally.

      • Donald Duck says:

        Anna not one true fact just more lies face it one way or another he’s going to jail with his family in tow thats a fact

      • David Custodio says:

        A very fine narrative, based on nothing but whimsy. Fun, but not really a way to sustainably run a country…

    • Connie says:

      What crime then was committed? The crime of speaking? Seems about equal to everything against President Trump…speaking and tweeting. That’s all they can fund.

      • Sarah says:

        Connie, I like your style. We “politically incorrect people” like this awesome President, are those who refuse to be lead over a cliff.

      • David Custodio says:

        Yes speaking can be a crime. But a special kind of speaking, called “lying under oath”. What? That’s a government limit on Freedom of Speech! First Amendment! I should be able to lie to whomever i want whenever I want. Lying under oath? Twaddle!

    • rick says:

      get a life, hillary & obama were & are the low life collusion criminals from day one. vote the Trumpster in 2020

  15. Eric says:

    Assuming there actually WAS NO collusion, what does that change? Trump is still being investigated multiple ways from Sunday for various potentially questionable to outright fraudulent actions> And he can’t hide in the White House forever.

    • Colleen La Rose says:

      Since you love donkeys so much
      Go suck a donkey d*ck, & STFU!!!

    • Dr. J.D. says:

      Exactly the point, Eric, and well made! Mueller made it clear that Trump’s acts of obstructions of justice were criminal and that the act of obstruction is still illegal even if his people refused to carry them out! It is called “attempts” to commit a crime – – one does not have to remove money from the bank to be conflicted of criminal behavior by attempting to commit a crime.

    • glock19fan says:

      The real reason for all this “Russia” issue is that the Democrats are out to overthrow our duly elected President because they lost the election. They do not respect the voters; their “Vote for us then get lost” attitude is evidence that what they really want is their very own dictatorship.

      • Mike Otrok says:

        Trump is a commie conspirator. Trump hangs around dictators,has paraphrased communist leaders.

      • reality check says:

        That same old BS, Trumper Kool Aid, is false and just another EXCUSE for his cult supporters. The real reason for Russia was all the contacts Trump people had with Russia illegally – – the were not in power, they betrayed the duly elected government under Obama and used information from our worst enemy – – STOLEN DNC emails by Russia to win the 2016 election. If there is anyone acting like a dictator – – it is “Executive order” Demented Donnie.

  16. Warren Allen says:

    In order to continue to be relevant to his outlet at Corrupt News, Dean lies, just as he did about Watergate.

    “Can you give me an example other than Donald Trump where the Justice Department determined that an investigated person was not exonerated because their innocence was not conclusively determined?” Rep. Ratcliffe asked. “I cannot, but this is a unique situation,” Mueller responded. “It doesn’t exist,” Ratcliffe continued. “Nowhere does it say that you were to conclusively determine Donald Trump’s innocence or that the special counsel report should determine whether or not to exonerate him. It’s not in any of the documents, it’s not in your appointment order, it’s not in any of the special counsel regulations, it’s not in the OLC opinions, it’s not in the Justice manual, and it’s not in the principles of federal prosecution.”

    “The bedrock principle of our justice system is a presumption of innocence,” Ratcliffe added. “You wrote 180 pages about decisions that weren’t reached, about potential crimes that weren’t charged or decided,” Ratcliffe said.

    • Sarah says:

      Warren, thank you! I also listened to the live Mueller hearing.

    • David Custodio says:

      Did you notice Ratcliffe did not allow time for Mueller to respond?

      By law, (well, Barr’s interpretation of it) Mueller could not indict Trump. The evidence was there for obstruction, but he could not, as agent of Barr, indict. Nonetheless he wanted to be sure a fairminded reader would understand that the evidence pointed to crimes committed.

  17. James Howard says:

    Anyone looking for Big Government or debt fiat banksters to solve their problems needs only remember two words: PIGS FLY.

    If you don’t read or watch ‘the news’ you are uninformed. If you do read or watch the news you are misinformed. If you don’t already know the truth, you cannot know it even if it smacks you on the face. Which it will repeatedly.

    I like Stefan Molyneux of free domain radio videos. Also Apostate Prophet, Acts17Apologetics, Golden State Times & American Intelligence Media for consistently factual coverage. Also Epoch Times, Bill Whittle, Julie Mora, Rebel Media, PragerU, Candice Owens.

    I only woke up to all this reality a few months ago. I was lost in hopeless confusion & despair reading Marine Williamson & watching Jimmy Dore Show ( he’s got a really good sense of humor but is missing alot). I still watch Dore occasionally but his Young Turks & Tulsa Gabbard stuff loses me now.

  18. James Howard says:

    In the days of Nixon & Dean there was no social media for an alternate viewpount, there was only the lying mainstream media & believe me that lying media was at least as BIG a pack of liars then as now. So tell me what was the actual truth of anything that happened in those days? Hum?

    • Taylor made says:

      What evidence to you have that media was a pack of lies? Your right-wing propaganda, which is extremely biased because you have a vested interest in winning elections. The media may make mistakes, but when found (and people do find errors) either the media or experts call them on it, and they have to do either an apology on air or a retraction. It is easy to criticize, but even impartial experts claim the media in this country does a fairly good job informing us . . . the problem is there are none so blind as those who refuse to see, like James Howard.

  19. rhodey says:

    Spare us, Dean was irrelevant 80 years ago, he was irrelevant when with Richard Nixon, and when caught out at Watergate he did time. He should have forgotten his self imagined importance, he should have sunk into obscurity, and do something relevant but no – he cannot let go and thus blames the Republican Party for
    his miserable irrelevant existence. He is dumb enough to be used by CNN and regardless of whom became President especially if a Republican he has or would direct his hatred to that person. Sadly he found himself against Pres.Trump and has found himself in deep dodo, completely ignorant in a political battle that is way beyond his pay scale.and comprehension.
    Advice Mr Dean stop your bleating, we the public are not the slightest bit interested in your comments slink back into obscurity you have perhaps only 10 years left, try and enjoy it before you become a doddering moron

  20. James Franck says:

    How n why in the HELL is CNN still on cable news according to the neilson ratings FOX is killing them on any given night FOX NEWS has a minimum of 2 1/2 mil viewers when CNN can’t even break a million

  21. Colleen La Rose says:

    Who is that rino??? Well we will all hear his name now as he designed, his name is now in the public

  22. Connie says:

    I thought he was dead. Darn.

  23. Ed Noce says:

    When it came time to choose a political party when I first registered to vote John and Bobby Kennedy were the strength of the Democratic party. That party disappeared about the Bill Clinton era. Since then every Republican running for office has been under attack. No Republican President has been under as much attack as Mr Trump. I am embarrassed to be a Democrat. This is not the party of John and Bobby.

    • Spanky says:

      Ed neither is grump he reptesents the very old dem party from one hundred years ago this aint your grandfathers rep. party anymore face it the parties have fliped 180 degrees

  24. sheldon says:

    Dean is not only a moron and imbecile, but he is a true blue liar. Just read the Watergate and Nixon cover ups that he attempted and got caught! Who the hell would believe him except moronic Democrats!

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