A big fire at Fox News caused people to ask the question that makes Democrats squirm

The scene at Fox News was every conservative’s worst nightmare.

But in 2021’s America, it’s become all too common.

And this big fire at Fox News caused people to ask the question that makes Democrats squirm.

Police arrested 49-year-old Craig Tamanaha as the suspect who lit the Fox News Christmas tree on fire.

Fox News reported that “the red, white and blue-themed tree was 50 feet high, decorated with 10,000 glass ornaments and 100,000 lights. It took workers 21 hours to assemble the decorations.”

On Fox and Friends the following morning, co-host Brian Kilmeade blasted Democrat Mayors and radical George Soros-sponsored District Attorneys around the country for their pro-crime policies that allowed violent psychos to terrorize American streets.

“This is emblematic of the cities out of control, defame and defund the police, and this bail reform that has these men and women, these assailants, these suspects out before they even can finish off the paperwork,” Kilmeade declared. “This is what you get if you have these left-wing DAs and officials running these major cities. You get chaos.”

Kilmeade has to look no further than Philadelphia to see this left-wing lunacy in action.

Despite the fact that the city suffered 521 murders in 2021, Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner – a left-wing DA supported by George Soros who dumped $1.75 million into the city’s DA race – claimed “we don’t have a crisis of lawlessness, we don’t have a crisis of crime, we don’t have a crisis of violence.”

That led to former Mayor Michael Nutter blasting Krasner.

“It takes a certain audacity of ignorance and white privilege to say that right now,” Nutter wrote. “As of Monday night, 521 people, souls, spirits have been vanquished, eliminated, murdered in our City of Brotherly Love and Sisterly Affection, the most since 1960. I have to wonder what kind of messed up world of white wokeness Krasner is living in to have so little regard for human lives lost, many of them black and brown, while he advances his own national profile as a progressive district attorney.”

While thankfully no lives were lost in the fire at Fox News’ Christmas tree, the lawlessness left-wing politicians encourage is leading to a crime crisis that is turning major American cities into unlivable hellscapes.

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