Megyn Kelly warned Democrats that they just walked into this trap Donald Trump laid

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Democrats and the media are in the middle of an endless freakout over Donald Trump.

This time they have no one but themselves to blame.

And Megyn Kelly warned Democrats that they just walked into this trap Donald Trump laid.

Liberals in both the Democrat Party and the media clutched their pearls over a recent interview Donald Trump gave to Univision where Trump warned Democrats they would someday regret weaponizing the justice system against him.

Trump told Univision that Democrats think it’s great to unleash their partisan prosecutors against him now, but that one day the shoe may be on the other foot.

The press screeched that Donald Trump planned to usher in 1930s Germany by ordering prosecutions of his political opponents when, in reality, all Trump did was tell Democrats they opened up Pandora’s box and that making the Justice Department an appendage of the President’s re-election campaign could backfire.

Megyn Kelly reacted to this meltdown on her podcast telling her audience the lack of self-awareness on the Left was amazing.

The President’s Justice Department indicted his top political opponent and prosecutors from his party filed additional civil and criminal lawsuits.

Kelly mocked members of the media for pretending like they don’t already live in a country where the President ordered the prosecution of his political foes.

“I have to say I love his [Trump’s] honesty,” Kelly stated. “I do. Like I love how he’ll say ‘Yes, I’m going to do that.’ Obviously, it’s in the context of ‘Hello, that is what they’re doing to me. And these are the risks of doing this to me.’ That’s very, very clearly what he’s trying to say. But what’s great about this… is it did exactly what he thought it would do. The Democrats melted down completely clueless un-self-aware reaction to this alleged plan. As they’re like, ‘What who would weaponize the Justice Department against a political foe? It’s un-American. This is wrong!’”

Kelly also ridiculed NBC’s Kristen Welker who absurdly claimed Hunter Biden facing gun charges destroyed the idea of a two-tiered system of justice.

Kelly explained that the only reason Hunter Biden is facing any charges at all is because a federal judge rejected the sweetheart plea deal the Biden Justice Department cut with Hunter Biden that would have seen Biden serve no jail time for any charges yet to come on the grounds it was unconstitutional.

“I just can’t get over how clueless these Democrats sound and these media figures sound,” Kelly added. “We’ve been following the news Trump is under four criminal indictments. He’s facing two civil fraud trials. Like who do you think you’re kidding? Then you’ve got Kristen Welker out there . . . Oh please, you’ve got to be kidding me. Anybody who gave two minutes of attention to the news understands no one in the Biden Justice Department wanted to indict Hunter. They were forced. Their hand was forced by that one federal judge who caught them trying to give him immunity.”

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