Alina Habba called out Jack Smith for this dirty trick

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Joe Biden prosecutor Jack Smith keeps pushing the envelope in his lawfare against Donald Trump.

But he went a bridge too far now.

And Alina Habba called out Jack Smith for this dirty trick.

Judge Cannon delays classified documents case

Judge Aileen Cannon keeps finding new ways to be appalled at the tactics employed by Special Counsel Jack Smith and his rogue band of prosecutors.

Smith indicted former President Donald Trump on charges of mishandling classified documents and obstruction of justice.

But these cases normally take about two years to go to trial.

Smith’s been pushing for a trial to take place less than a year from the indictment.

That’s because his number one concern is the political calendar as he knows a guilty verdict in this case will tip the election to President Joe Biden.

Judge Cannon drove a dagger through those hopes by indefinitely postponing the documents case to give the court time to work the numerous pre-trial motions.

Habba says Jack Smith has no one to blame but himself

Democrats are furious at Judge Cannon.

“Resistance” legal commentators raged on CNN and MSNBC how Judge Cannon – by upholding Donald Trump’s due process rights as a defendant was somehow attacking democracy.

Trump lawyer Alina Habba put these temper tantrums in perspective in an interview on Fox News.

Habba explained that what caused Judge Cannon to hit the pause button on this trial was Smith admitting that prosecutors tampered with evidence.

“Let’s not forget what just came out here — we have found out that Jack Smith has his hand in the cookie jar,” Habba stated. 

“He was intentionally taking evidence, not telling the court that he had basically taken classified document covers, put them on the wrong documents because they were sloppy,” Habba added.

“And then what they did was put it in a footnote. … When you put it in a footnote as a lawyer, that’s, ‘Hey, I don’t really want to highlight this, but it’s in a footnote’ and the people read it, we caught on,” Habba continued.

Habba praised Judge Cannon for acting like a real judge and not a Democrat activist like in Trump’s other cases by “taking up issues that need to be taken up [is the] kind of law and order that we need to see more of in this country.”

Smith’s dirty trick

In a court filing, Smith admitted prosecutors rearranged the order of some documents saying “there are some boxes where the order of items within that box is not the same as in the associated scans.”

Smith also wrote in a footnote “the government acknowledges that this is inconsistent with what government counsel previously understood and represented to the court.”

The government also added fake cover sheets with classified markings to serve as props for a staged photo to make it seem like Trump just tossed high-level intelligence on the floor of his house.

Based on this outrageous conduct, Smith should be lucky if a delay in the trial is all that happens, and Judge Cannon decides she’s had her fill of Smith’s shenanigans and tosses the case entirely.

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