Hunter Biden and Sean Penn had one very strange meeting

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Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

In many ways, Hunter Biden and Sean Penn are two peas in a pod.

It’s only natural the two would get together.

And now Hunter Biden and Sean Penn had one very strange meeting.

Sean Penn and Hunter Biden meet out in California

Hunter Biden’s sex and drug-fueled romps made him the bad boy of American politics.

In the 1980s and 1990s, actor Sean Penn’s relationships with starlets like Madonna as well as documented violent outbursts and drug addiction made him the bad boy of Hollywood and nearly derailed a prodigious acting talent.

Now Hunter Biden and Sean Penn were photographed together out at Malibu’s Soho House out in California.

Membership dues at this swanky club run as high as $10,000 per year.

The fact that Hunter Biden can afford to hob knob with the Hollywood elite despite having no real talent other than selling access to his father’s name is another red mark in the ledger that he got away with serious corruption for years due to political interference from the FBI and Justice Department.

The meeting between Biden and Penn comes at a time when the Los Angeles Times reports that notorious Hunter Biden fixer Kevin Morris was funding a documentary about the various criminal investigations into the President’s son.

Morris admitted loaning nearly $5 million to Hunter Biden to help pay outstanding tax debts and is a figure of great intrigue in the corruption investigations swirling around President Joe Biden. 

Sean Penn and Hunter Biden’s past association

This wasn’t the first time Hunter Biden and Sean Penn crossed paths,

One email from the “laptop from hell” revealed Hunter Biden’s business partner Eric Schwerin wanted to get him down to Haiti after he sat next to Penn at a Senate hearing about relief efforts.

“Guys – great hearing on Haiti today – I sat next to Sean Penn. [Then-Sen. Ted] Kaufman asked point blank questions about clean water and the answers were somewhat predictable,” Schwerin’s email read.

“Though, it sounds like they are building lots of little population centers that would be ideal for our ‘off the grid’ solution,” Schwerin continued. “It is clear from this hearing that Bill Clinton is THE key player on the recovery and rebuild efforts. Any chance you guys have had any more conversations with his staff about going down there?”

A 2010 email from lobbyist Doug Davenport included Hunter Biden and Schwerin in a discussion about machines used to treat contaminated drinking water in Haiti.

“I know that you know all about this situation in Haiti,” Davenport stated. “We have made contact with Sean Penn’s people and are working through that process.”

Being a Democrat means Hollywood elites always want to hang out and be in your presence.

Sean Penn is a notorious left-wing activist who used to suck up to Venezuelan communist dictator Hugo Chavez.

Now Penn wants to pal around with another notorious figure on the Left.

Hunter Biden.

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