Kamala Harris will make your blood boil with one jaw-dropping lie about the border

Photo by United States Senate Office of Kamala Harris, Public domain, via Wikimedia

Kamala Harris serves as Joe Biden’s “Border Czar.”

She hasn’t exactly distinguished herself in that role.

And now Kamala Harris will make your blood boil with one jaw-dropping lie about the border.

Not even the pro-Biden media can ignore the crisis at the southern border.

Democrat mayors in sanctuary cities like New York, Denver, and Chicago are warning their cities are on the verge of collapse due to the illegal aliens that President Joe Biden is trafficking into the country.

New York’s taken in 160,000 in large part due to Texas Governor Greg Abbott busing illegal aliens to Gotham to highlight how Democrats expect red states to shoulder the burden of illegal immigration while blue cities and states virtue signal about being sanctuary cities.

ABC’s Democrat Party cheerleader Mary Bruce asked Vice President Kamala Harris about the border and how even Democrats like New York City Mayor Eric Adams understand the border bill Senate RINOs and Democrats are trying to hammer out won’t solve the problem.

That’s because the border provisions are a farce and merely designed to provide a fig leaf so Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) can ram through another $61 billion in funding for Ukraine that Republicans say they won’t accept without changes to border policy.

Harris claimed Republicans blocking the mass amnesty bill Biden introduced in 2021 would have solved the problem when that bill was the problem in the first place.

“It is no secret for anyone that we have a broken immigration system, and it needs to be fixed. And it would be great if we could get some bipartisan consensus to do just that. And I think it’s a tragedy that there are certain so-called leaders who are playing politics with this issue. Our first bill, the first bill, right after Inauguration, that President Biden put before Congress was to fix our immigration system. Do you think that they’ve taken it up? No,” Harris declared.

Illegal immigration began spiking in the late fall of 2020 when illegal aliens saw that Biden was going to win the election.

That led to a flood of illegal aliens hoping to get into the country to take advantage of his promised amnesty.

Biden then dismantled former President Donald Trump’s border policies and a deluge at the border turned into a flood. 

The new border bill in Congress grants automatic work permits to any illegal alien Biden releases into the country and includes voluntary enforcement measures that are implemented at his discretion.

And not even Democrats like Eric Adams can say with a straight face it advances the ball forward on solving the border crisis.

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