Alvin Bragg was furious after Bill Maher revealed this disturbing truth about Stormy Daniels

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James Chang, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s trial is Joe Biden’s last remaining hope of using lawfare to take down Trump.

Now that scheme is on thin ice.

That’s why Alvin Bragg was furious after Bill Maher revealed this disturbing truth about Stormy Daniels.

Bill Maher exposes Stormy Daniels as a fraud

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg is accusing former President Donald Trump of falsifying business records to cover up an allegedly illegal campaign contribution to his Presidential campaign back in 2016.

Bragg is claiming that Trump tried to hide a nondisclosure agreement payment he made to Stormy Daniels for $130,000 by listing it as being for legal services to his former attorney Michael Cohen.

Daniels recently testified as a witness against Trump in Bragg’s case.

But comedian Bill Maher interviewed Stormy Daniels on his show long before she testified in the Manhattan trial.

And according to Maher, Daniels contradicted herself in a big way.

“She’s a bad witness!” Maher declared.

He then backed up his accusation with a clip from an interview he did with Daniels and compared it to her recent testimony in the Trump trial.

In the clip Maher showed, Daniels directly states that “I wasn’t assaulted” and tells him that “it’s not a Me Too case.”

“I wasn’t attacked, or raped, or coerced, or blackmailed,” Daniels told Maher. “They tried to shove me in the Me Too box to further their own agenda. And first of all, I didn’t want to be part of that because it’s not the truth and I’m not a victim in that regard.”

However, Maher said that this is “not what she’s saying now” in reference to her testimony where she used several “Me Too buzzwords.”

“She’s talking about, ‘he was bigger and blocking the way,’” Maher said. “It’s all the Me Too buzzwords.” 

He told the panelists that Daniels said during her testimony that “there was an imbalance of power for sure,” adding that “my hands were shaking so hard.” 

“She said she blacked out,” Maher recalled. “Blacked out? She’s a porn star!” 

“I just think she’s not a good witness,” Maher added.

Bill Maher flipped his prediction on Trump’s case

This is bad news for President Joe Biden.

Just two weeks ago, Maher said that Bragg’s trial could “change the whole election” if there is a conviction before November.

At that time, he predicted Bragg would be a “rising star of the Democratic Party” should Trump be convicted.

But Bragg using Stormy Daniels as a witness was one move that could collapse his entire case and ruin Biden’s hope of lawfare.

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