Jen Psaki got caught telling one big lie about Joe Biden that could ruin everything for the Democrats

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U.S. Department of State, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki released a book called Say More.

But her book brought public attention to one of Joe Biden’s biggest failures that he was hoping Americans would forget.

And Jen Psaki got caught telling one big lie about Joe Biden that could ruin everything for the Democrats.

Joe Biden doesn’t want Americans to remember the botched Afghanistan withdrawal

President Joe Biden has zero accomplishments to show the American people why he deserves a second term in the White House.

His Presidency has been a disaster on every front.

His open borders agenda has unleashed the worst illegal immigration crisis in modern history.

The economy is shaky and Americans are struggling to make ends meet due to Bidenflation.

Americans are concerned about World War III breaking out at any moment because of Biden’s weak appearance on the global stage.

And he’s 81 years old and suffering from rapidly declining mental and physical abilities.

But former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki just reminded Americans of one of Biden’s biggest failures as President.

And that is his botched withdrawal from Afghanistan in August of 2021.

Biden left behind billions of dollars in American weapons and military equipment for the Taliban.

And his botched withdrawal left 13 American soldiers dead and hundreds of U.S. citizens stranded in the country.

Jen Psaki tells an awful lie to cover for Joe Biden in her new book

During this year’s State of the Union Address, the father of one of the killed Marines was arrested after he shouted “remember Abbey Gate” and “U.S. Marines” at Biden.

Abbey Gate was the gate at the Kabul airport where the attack occurred. 

When Joe Biden met with the families of the 13 service members killed in Afghanistan, he lied about his son Beau by claiming he died in combat.

Biden was also caught on camera during the ceremony looking at his watch on multiple occasions, which infuriated the family members of the deceased soldiers.

“They would release the salute and he looked down at his watch on every last one,” the father of Marine Staff Sergeant Taylor Hoover, Darin Hoover, previously told Sean Hannity. “All 13, he looked down at his watch.”

Multiple family members of the deceased soldiers confirmed Hoover’s statement, not to mention Biden looking at his watch was caught at least twice on camera.

However, former Biden White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki called this “misinformation” and claimed that it never happened in her new book.

Psaki wrote that “the President looked at his watch only after the ceremony had ended,” before adding that “moments later, he and the First Lady headed toward their car.”

She claimed that the only reason Republicans engaged in this type of “misinformation” was to make Biden “appear insensitive, concerned only about how much time had passed.”

In an interview with Sean Hannity, Hoover ripped Paski and said she “is just a vile and shameless human being who’s trying to make money off of our kids’ backs and rewrite history and establish those lies for the Biden administration on their failures, their catastrophic failures.”

When confronted, Psaki admitted that the “detail in a few lines of the book about the exact number of times he looked at his watch will be removed in future reprints and the ebook.”

“The story on Afghanistan is really about the importance of delivering feedback even when it is difficult told through my own experience of telling President Biden that his own story of loss was not well received by the families who were grieving their sons and daughters,” Psaki added.

The publisher promised that the text “will be corrected in the e-book and future printings, due to inaccuracies as originally written.”

Joe Biden has enough problems in front of his re-election efforts.

And Jen Psaki just reminded Americans of one of the biggest stains on his record. 

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