What Hillary Clinton said about the coronavirus will knock your sock off

Democrats are exploring every avenue to turn the Chinese coronavirus outbreak into a political advantage.

Now Hillary Clinton is getting involved.

And what Hillary Clinton said about the coronavirus will knock your sock off.

Multiple states have postponed their Presidential primaries to enforce social distancing measures and prevent the spread of the Chinese coronavirus.

Hillary Clinton sought to turn that into an advantage for the Democrats.

Clinton claimed that the Chinese coronavirus should cause all states to rethink their voting procedures and move to all mail-in voting.

At-home, mail-in voting is the Democrats’ Holy Grail for election.

Mail-in voting extends voting long beyond Election Day and it works as an end-run around voter ID laws that exist to protect the integrity of the vote.

If Democrats ever were able to enact mail-in voting, the Left would be stuffing ballot boxes and rigging elections at every level.

Democrats believe in never letting a crisis go to waste.

They see the Chinese coronavirus as the ultimate political gift to not only drive Donald Trump from office, but also cement their power for years to come with voting “reforms” that are meant to allow rampant fraud and ballot stuffing.

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76 Responses

  1. Oscar Laprucas says:

    I LIKE OLLIE !!!

  2. Oscar Laprucas says:

    HRClinton what a pig !! I wouldn’t take her to a dog fight even if she promised to WIN !! I just wish she would either DIE or crawl back into her SEWER !!!!

  3. Gail Grancsay says:


  4. Sue Rich says:

    Voting by mail for everyone is a setup to allow dead people’s votes, illegals’ votes, felonies to vote, and voter manipulation a every turn. Nice try Hillary, but we’re not buying it.

  5. Richard Van Norton says:

    Thank the Good Lord she is no longer in any position of responsibility in the US Government. She screwed up everything she touched from her position as First Lady to being Secretary of State. She is a hateful, devious, unethical person that has absolutely no limit to the depths she will sink to achieve her agenda.

  6. Paul Martineau says:

    The Democrats are full of ideas and ways to derail the American voting system. If we allowed mail-in balloting for all, they would stuff the ballot box with dead people voting, illegals voting, people voting twice not to mention other ways of stuffing the ballot box with bogus votes. The Democrats will to anything and everything to make Trump look bad and the fake news will do everything in their power to lie and report fake news.
    The American public can see right through this misinformation and the people are finally becoming aware of the untruths they spew.

  7. Claxson 68 says:

    Hey Ollie, Why would you want to pollute the pristine Grand Canyon with garbage like Hillary Clinton? A super max prison is better equipped to handle a scum bag like her! Trump 2020!

  8. Willard says:

    Hillary is nothing but a whining has-been that lost because she was a terrible candidate her party was forced to nominate as the anointed one. She was no more qualified than Barak Obama. The Biden crime family is no better.

  9. katie cook says:

    This is insane! The Democrats already are dishonest in their voting, such as illegals and the dead voting. If this mail in voting was to pass, CHEATING by them would be at a all time HIGH!

  10. Linda Holland says:

    God said that at the end of days there would be plagues. They would be caused by the evil in this world. That woman is pure evil. So is the one that sits over the house. The house is a house of evil. She is right. There is a lot of people out there that needs to change their way of voting. The need to realize that the Democrats are run by Satan. As long as we allow Satan to run the country that was dedicated to God from the beginning of the country we will have more of these. We commit all kinds of evil then cry to God when we suffer. Remember the Twin Towers? Remember how the churches filled up and we prayed for the dead. When was the last time the churches filled up and we prayed for all of the babies that are killed everyday. All I can say to people is, get right with God and read Revelations. Then get ready for more of these plagues. They will be coming! People laughed at the preppers but we are surviving without fighting to get to the stores before the shelves are empty. We stay home and don’t get the virus. Put your faith in God and keep yourself ready.

  11. Bob says:


  12. Shari says:

    Hillary – you are no longer relevant as a political leader. Your time came and went.
    Accept it. Quit beating a dead horse.

  13. DUANE says:


  14. JBrock says:

    Why this pathetic, lying, thieving, sociopathic, loser of an old woman is still being given a voice, is beyond comprehension. She thinks all the money she stole somehow makes her an elite, when in reality, she’s nothing but rich trailer trash. This is what the democrats consider the cream of their crop. The true measure of how deeply messed up their party has become. Thank God I had the good sense to get out!

  15. Gregory Schmidt says:

    Vote by mail would be a good option if the voter could be verified as officail – {of legal age , citizenship, actual residence, no crimial liabilities, etc.) Verify verify verify !!!


  16. Ollie says:

    Hillary take a hike to the Grand Canyon bend over and dive in.

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