Paul Ryan just stabbed Donald Trump in the back in the most horrible way ever

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Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Paul Ryan confirmed he’s a complete RINO Never-Trumper.

No one’s even sure how he can continue to call himself a Republican.

And Paul Ryan just stabbed Donald Trump in the back in the most horrible way ever.

Paul Ryan reveals he can’t vote for Donald Trump

If Democrats win this election they will turn America into a one-party socialist state.

Democrats will eliminate the filibuster allowing them to pack the Supreme Court.

The Second Amendment is gone the moment that happens.

Democrats will also legislate themselves a permanent Senate majority by adding as many as eight new states including Washington D.C.

And Democrats will grant amnesty and voting rights to tens of millions of illegal aliens.

Despite that looming destruction of America, former Speaker of the House Paul Ryan won’t vote for former President Donald Trump because of mean tweets.

“Character is too important for me,” Ryan said in an interview with Yahoo News at the Milken Institute Global Conference. “[The Presidency] is a job that requires the kind of character [Trump] doesn’t have.”

Ryan echoes Joe Biden

Ryan cribbed from the sheet of President Joe Biden’s talking points about how democracy was on the line in this election.

“Democracy is being tested in two very specific ways. One within, with our polarization eating each other alive,” Ryan added.

“The second one is from [the outside], from authoritarian regimes who are basically saying they got the mojo, they can make the decisions faster, they can beat democracy,” Ryan continued.

Naturally, Ryan never mentioned any concern about the threat to democracy Biden posed.

Biden’s prosecutors are trying to jail his leading political opponent using rigged show trials rushed to completion before election day by claiming the right to a speedy trial belongs to the government.

America exists as an experiment in self-government because of the rule of law.

But if the Democrats succeed in twisting the law to now serve their political ends, then America as everyone understands it to be will end.

Ryan agrees with Biden on all the big issues

Ryan claims he will write in another Republican.

But he also lives in the swing state of Wisconsin.

A write-in vote by Ryan is effectively a vote for Joe Biden.

Ryan finding a backdoor manner to support Biden doesn’t surprise anyone.

On the big issues of the day, Ryan and Biden are simpatico.

Both of them support a blank check for the war in Ukraine.

Neither Ryan nor Biden care at all about the crisis at the southern border as both support amnesty.

Biden wants to fly Palestinian refugees from Gaza into America.

Paul Ryan supported former President Barack Obama importing unvetted Syrian refugees to the United States.

It would simply be more honest if Ryan would just come out and say he’s voting for Biden since he has no future in the Republican Party anyway.

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