Alvin Bragg heard five words that set him up for the worst defeat of his life

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Alvin Bragg is in the middle of the highest-stakes criminal case in American history.

Democrats are counting on Bragg to deliver a guilty verdict.

And Alvin Bragg heard five words that set him up for the worst defeat of his life.

CNN legal analysts praise Trump’s legal team

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg got too cocky and put Stormy Daniels on the stand.

Daniels had no testimony of any value to the stated purpose of Bragg’s case – a fanciful plot by former President Donald Trump to steal the 2016 Election by labeling payments to his then-lawyer Michael Cohen as for legal services in the company checkbook.

Rather, Bragg wanted to publicly embarrass Trump by having Daniels recite the details of her alleged sexual encounter with him from 18 years ago.

The testimony turned into a mess and Trump’s lawyers grilled Daniels and her time on the witness stand ended up turning into a net benefit for Trump.

CNN legal analyst Ellie Honig praised the work done by Trump’s lawyers in getting Daniels to admit she hated him.

“This is some searing cross-examination,” Honig said adding that “It’s quite effective … They got her to admit right up front, she hates the defendant.”

Honig said Trump’s lawyers also induced Daniels to tell the jury she wanted to make money off Trump.

 “I mean, you almost never see that. I had a case where, one time, the witness had sent a sort of negative letter to the defendant and that went boy, that was used. Here, she says, at least she’s honest. At least she says straight up, I hate him. Am I correct that you hate President Trump? Answer, yes. Later, they moved into her financial motive. They said you want to make money and she said, again, candidly, yes, I want to make money. People want to make money,” Honig added.

And finally, Honig said Daniels gave damaging answers about how she would celebrate Trump going to prison.

Honig explained what made Daniels’ testimony all the worse for Bragg was the fact that she laughed throughout.

“She also admitted that … she said that if he is jailed, she would dance, and she laughed. And I don’t think the jury’s going to like that. I don’t think they see this as a laughing matter or matter for a personal vengeance and retribution,” Honig concluded.

What damage was done

This trial isn’t going well for Bragg at all.

CNN and the rest of the media want to pump up his case and see Donald Trump convicted.

But Bragg’s making these propagandists’ task near impossible by presenting an unserious case with irrelevant witnesses and a legal theory that’s right out of a crackerjack box.

Everyone keeps waiting for Bragg to put a witness on the stand who will present some evidence of criminal behavior by Trump.

But this trial is now three weeks in.

And Bragg hasn’t put one scintilla of proof before the jury.

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