What Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said about a veteran will make your blood boil

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez may have just destroyed her career in New York.

That’s because she committed the one unforgivable sin in politics.

And what she said about 9/11 and one veteran will make your blood boil.

Ocasio-Cortez ally Ilhan Omar is feeling the heat because of comments she made about 9/11 at a Council of American Islamic Relations fundraiser.

Omar described the 9/11 terrorists as “some people” who “did something.”

Her cold dismissal of Islamic terrorists murdering 3,000 innocent victims in the worst terror attack in our nation’s history outraged millions of Americans.

Republican Congressman Dan Crenshaw of Texas was one of them.

Crenshaw served as a Navy SEAL in Afghanistan where an IED explosion cost him his right eye.

The Texas Republican ripped Omar on Twitter.

And that’s when Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez jumped in and smeared Crenshaw as some kind of traitor to 9/11 victims and accused him of being right-wing terrorist sympathizer:

Of all the Ocasio-Cortez scandals, this one cuts close to home.

Her poll numbers in New York are already underwater.

Now she is running to the rescue of an individual who tried to downplay the severity of the 9/11 terror attacks and the religious fanaticism behind that act of murder.

Democrats looking for a primary challenger may have just had new life breathed into their efforts.


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81 Responses

  1. Michael Mann says:

    She is nothing more than an Islamic terrorist that has fooled her voters. It’s a sad day when all she has said and done and is still allowed to serve in her position. I think she should be removed from office and tried as a terrorist or charged with supporting and abetting the enemy of the usa.

  2. If the US Congress and the voters in MPLS, MN and New York don’t recall and force to resign then I’m all for annexing these locations as hostile to the USA and deny them ANY financial aide or relief for anything! They voted these two characters in, let them deal with them, but as a US Citizen I believe them both domestic terrorists and therefore able to be extradited to where ever they can find refuge.

  3. Helen says:

    Thanks to the Military, th e police force, the ICE, that we can live happily and they fighting for us against all the invaders , the criminals, the Muslim and Islam enemies want to destroy America, we have to kick out all of the people live in our country and support our enemy. Kick them out or they will find an way to kill you and destroy our country.

  4. Rickster says:

    Miss kotex continues to stick her foot in her big mouth constantly, her ideas are way out there in space and unaffordable! Brainwashed by trash like George Soros, Obama and other idiots! To young and stupid for reality! She must be removed from Congress! Congress shouldnt be a clown show and its turning into a 3 ring circus with these 3 nuts jobs!! 2 camels and a kotex full of teeth!! Need real people with Brains that can handle the job!

  5. Kevin says:

    9/11 was a false flag operation. Anybody else who states any different is lying or completely unaware of science and physics. There must be a new investigation which is actually this time should be based on science. Google Judy Wood where did the towers go? https://youtu.be/ZWjktDuIhR8

  6. Barbara says:

    I want this BIT–ch removed from office. She is a disgrace to our country and what it stands for. Her rich life taught her nothing., but contempt of our nation. Her kid we don’t need. She needs to go and live in Germany for awhile and see how she likes it.

    • Ronald C Watt says:

      She was a bar tender at the Behind the Green Door Saloon. And probably lap dancer if she could find anyone that could stomach here gooch eyed, buck toot idiot face.

  7. Nathan Paris says:

    Since Cotex knows absolutely nothing about history, which has been a proven fact based on previous bone-head statements, she has no right whatsoever saying anything to or about any service member, current or retired other than “thank you for ALL YOU HAVE DONE”! I thank them whenever possible! God Bless The United States of America, Our Troops, Our President and The Years to Come! MAGA Trump/Pence 2020

  8. She has manners and ideas of a dictator. Having control over people and punishing those who disagree with the dictator’s orders is the opposition of patriotism.

  9. John J says:

    These are two of the soldiers placed in our midst to destroy America from within, no Trojan horse involved they were invited and allowed to preach their anti American agenda for every small mind to grab onto. The citizens must act to remove them.

    • MBurkett says:

      Amen, congress people are the legacy of Obama. They won elections in Muslims communities and US footholds in America established by Obama. How does a civilized nation deal with these Islamic inbred savages that preach ‘death’ to all non-believers.

  10. Ernst says:

    As usual, AOC is clueless. Thousands of people were killed in 2018 by Muslim terrorists.

  11. Marlon says:

    She needs to put the bottle to her head and pull the trigger.

  12. theolddog says:

    “Cortez and O’Mare your gone ,you done in congress . You don’t belong there and you wont be there for long .WE THE People will throw you out .Just you wait and see .”

    In case you haven’t noticed, that is up to the voters in their respective Districts.
    That is, unless you are planning violence against them
    Well, ARE you?

    • Robare says:

      The Muslim plan is to quietly move in. Grow their population. And slowly begin their take over without a shot being fired. It has already started.. What sort of voter voted for Omar anyway?
      How many dead Democrats did it take for her to get elected.?

  13. David Kennedy says:

    She is an idiot, and each time someone reports on her, gives her fuel for her stupidity. The say you cant fix stupid, she is living proof. Never argue with a fool. Get her and the rep from mn out of congress, get them offthe gravy trai n.

  14. John Galt says:

    Keep talking, AOC. Every time that you open your mouth cow farts come out and you are producing more Republican voters.

  15. Joe says:

    Run the blow hard Demobitch out of town on a rail and leave her there! She bad mouths the military veterans. ( J. Feeney, Naval Amphibious Forces!)

  16. Jose says:

    I’m so glad I don’t ever live in the district she represents. What a sore shame, those people that voted for her must be so disappointed for the way she open her mouth of disapproval response on every issues. Then again there is no excuse for a willful ignorance. Her position demand wise thinking on every political issues. Time to real change. We New Yorker gets these clowns, perhaps the media are not doing their job in exposing these so called politicians. Is it money, power, greed? Or is this why the media dislike the idea to make this country great again, our own Gov. Coumo thinks our country were never great in the first place according to him.
    Please the people, show you really care for the citizens of this country and love it or leave . Don’t make us turn on each other because this will never happen. Those
    New legal immigrants we welcome you with open arms.
    Have a great dream as you challenge your new endeavoring in this country . Teach your children to love others as they have their own dreams too. Stop the hate!

  17. DANNY says:


    • Gregory Sullivan says:

      Unfortunately that will never happen as there are too many stupid and ignorant voters in that communist state.

  18. Alan says:

    If all of the conservative media would stop commenting on this Communist Thug Thing dressed as a woman, IT would go away. I am sick of hearing about the baretender’s antics. Sign me off!!!!!

  19. JO=ann says:

    Please hurry and get rid of her. An insult to the American people and democracy. Nancy, don’t hesitate. Get rid of this idiot bartender. PLEASE. Enough is enough from this big mouth jerk.

  20. Eric Granberg says:

    I am a 67 year old American veteran who was ready to launch nuclear missiles against the USSR. Meanwhile, you guys are supporting a so called President with bone spurs who works for Putin.

  21. Fredo says:

    Dear Republican Congressmen/women and the RNC:
    It pains me to refer to her this way, but Congresswoman Omar should be shown in nationally televised advertisements saying those ridiculous remarks, and reinforcing that since the Democratic Party did nothing to censor her, it must be how they all feel!!!

  22. Gregory Sullivan says:

    So she thinks that 9/11 was caused by “right wing extremists”, better read an unedited version of the Quran, that is if your literate enough to read it bitch. 9/11 was caused by that book that inspires the klling of anyone who does not believe in Islam. Bin Laden was a dyed in the wool believer in this antisemitic, anti-christian and anyone who won’t submit to its hateful rhetoric which inspired him to order those terrorist attacks..

    • Miss Mellie says:

      When I think of the Normandy invasion and the Doolittle Raid, people like this bar tender and muslim make my blood boil.

  23. Bob says:

    Ocasio is a self centered jerk, as dumb as you can get. She should be stripped of her American citizenship and exiled – to Venezuela,

    Imy friend thinks she looks like a freaky vampire

    • Barbara says:

      She is one more spoiled rotten brat who somehow thinks hardworking Americans owe her a living—they don’tperiod

  24. Steve Allen says:

    She is not an American. She is a perfect example of that generation . They have no respect for their elders or anyone else. Not to say they have no respect for themselves. She and those of her generation were not taught to earn respect. As well as if you really don’t know what you’re talking about you keep your mouth shut and listen. But she and her generation won’t shut up. I and others of my generation were taught to listen and earn respect not demand it. So Isaid it before I’ll say it again. Kick her out on her butt and the others like her.

  25. Donald Wisuri says:

    We have allowed 3 ISIS members to infiltrate our government!!! What in the world are you people in MN and MI thinking???? How STIPUD have you people become, WAKE UP!!!! Your STUPITIDY is destroying this country.

  26. Recon Ron says:

    If Omar wants to overload her hummingbird ass with her muslin BS about 911 that some people did something, it only stands to reason that AOC would try to grab some headlines by defending her and the Islamic terrorists responsible for 911. If all her BS is true then why did Obama have seal team 6 kill Osama Bin Laden, the Islamic terrorist that planned and funded the 911 attack on America? Even Obama knew who the Islamic Terrorists were and made the people who (did something) pay the price for idiocy. And she says that Islam is peaceful… Time to lock and load to protect ourselves from these Zealots.

  27. Wakyn Ferris says:

    This animal is a walking disaster and should not have anything to do with intelligent anything.
    First, one has to have a brain and some common sense. This BOZO is sadly short on both counts, dramatically i.e. nonexistent.

  28. Jim says:

    Watch your backs you two are being watched ! Your nothing but prey now I would not stand next to these two terrorist ..

  29. renato says:

    AOC to me is just plain lunatic of the left and she just want to make noises and no bite to show

  30. Mark says:

    AOC is a total dumbass. She is a narcissistic egomaniac, coupled with paranoia and persecution complex. Politely put—this bitch needs to be sent to the funny farm where she can finger paint and play with crayons—no sharp objects and only Elmers Non Toxic Glue Paste.

  31. People who lack of feelings for their country and its people can not represent people. They suffer of narcissistic personality that comes hand in hand with pretending and lying. 9/11 was a national tragedy, extreme national pain. I, for example, left civilization in desperation and for 7 days prayed & prayed in deserted mountains. I’ve no excuse for cold hearted politicians.

  32. A Proud American Citizen says:

    New York needs to impeach, or remove her from office, or whatever it is that you do to someone in her position! If you are not an American citizen that despises the group of animals that killed 3,000 Americans then you have no place in our country or serving in the capacity of an elected official of this county! Go back to the country you came from, get out of ours and take your unpatriotic BS with you. You all come here to have a better life, to escape the horrible things and ways in which your country was run, and then you try to force that failed way of life on us. GO HOME @$$HOLE

  33. rod says:

    AOC & she Islamic allies in congress need to be executed for treason ASAP

  34. Edward says:

    No need to spend time and effort to show that she is anything else but an IDIOT MORON !

  35. wolfen244 says:

    “Stop criticizing me. I’m still trying to lower the tuition of the Electoral College.”–AOC.

  36. everett says:

    how did someone still in 1st grade get elected maybe by those still in kinder

  37. Steve says:

    She must get her news for MSNBC. Where else would she come up with right wing terrorist, never heard of any, but would be a good idea to fight left wing terrorist. Fight terrorism with terrorism.

    • E ~ 4 Ed says:

      MS~NBC would be a real step up … Yes!
      Because she gets her beliefs & ideas from the Ouija Board &
      The Black Arts it’s the only thing possible,

      Or maybe it’s because she sleeps45 feet above the ground of some unknown American Indian Hollow Ground & she is possessed by 7 great warriors & 3 Witch Doctors who now seek their revenge on America for something that happened 500 years ago before we got here …

      Maybe she self Medicates & sells her Rittlin to get the other stuff …

  38. The Redhawk says:

    May be the BEST WAY to SILENCE AOC the MORON is to IGNORE HER by all CONSERVATIVE MEDIA and let her only be seen by the FEW IDIOTS still watching CNN and BSNBC ……..she’ll disappear from REAL NEWS !!

    • E ~ 4 Ed says:

      Oh, NO Red Hawk Not That … Put on a thick layer of Zhumaltz her tell her how right she is, how smart she is … Make her speak a lot in time she may grow tired & Stop cold . . .

  39. Irma says:

    Amen to all the comments made. I’m sorry, not really, but AOC is a disgraceful individual and needs to quiet down, read some history books and get some grey matter before opening her mouth again.

  40. Jim Arnold says:

    I find Ocasio-Cortez and Omar to be disgusting individuals. Both of them sound off and shout before they think. Not sure they can even think. Our country is in serious trouble if we keep electing these kind of individuals. I’m a senior citizen and glad that I’m coming to the end of my life because I don’t want to live in the kind of country that America is becoming.

  41. John Decker says:

    Does anybody else wonder who the 2% are that think she’s patriotic? What kind of scumbags are they?

    • Ray says:

      I thought the same thing. Her being from NY hopefully her district remembers her comments next election but I am not hopeful they were dumb enough to vote for this idiot the first time. Wake up people she is a disgrace

  42. Pauline Kasper says:

    That immature idiot has gone too far this time! She is a product of her liberal education which trained her for doing nothing except sponging off people. She is a college graduate and the only job she could find after graduation is as a bar tender. She was probably bored with sitting in her childhood bedroom in her parents’ house surrounded by her Barbie dolls and participation trophies from high school and college.

    • Jerry Dorn says:

      The Democrats are doing exactly what Hitler did .He indoctrinated all the children to hate Jews in school and college. Our liberal colleges and schools don’t even teach our kids us history .Hitler made children as young as ten join his devil army and destroyed his parents if they did not complie

  43. Jerry says:

    Our Congressgirls act strangely like Jihadis.

  44. Dewey says:

    Make America Great Again
    Make Alexandria Go Away
    This little Communist is a waste of a congressional seat.
    She is an embarrassment to Brown University and to the American people.

  45. Jim says:

    It is probably already gone.There is no one telling them any difference.The new generation is already lost they just don’t know it yet.

  46. Charles R. Bush says:

    This ignorant BITCH needs to go back to bar tending & stick her head in a bottle where she belongs.

  47. They need to put her in a crazy house…I believe her brain had defauted IF she has one……….
    She needs medicine for being struck on herself [a big dose] and she needs it quickly………
    I thank a couple days in a dark room might help her…….Maybe glue her lips together might help….
    im done for now……………………………

  48. Nathan Paris says:

    These people AOC and Ilham Omar are dung. Don’t waste the time of mentioning their names unless they’ve received a one way tickey out of The United States.
    I know it’s spelled, “ticket”, but after noticing it , “I liked it”. It reminded me of Ron Whites, ” COUPIN”!

  49. Earl says:

    NYC is not called the Rotten Apple with out a cause. And AOC is a seed from that Rotten Apple. She may have a college degree, but with most colleges being cesspools of Liberal Debauchery this is no great accomplishment.

  50. Shirley says:

    She hasn’t got a Patriotic bone in her body. This whole show has been just that. A “Little Girl Playing Dress-Up” and her role has been to be Congress woman. Only she doesn’t have the right script. Or maybe she does and she just doesn’t know how to read because she’s to dumb. Whatever, she sure as HELL SHOULD NOT BE IN CONGRESS REPRESENTING OUR COUNTRY. She is making a mockery of the worst Tragedy that has ever happened to our Country while trying to defend the other MOCKERY OF OUR COUNTRY IN OUR CONGRESS THAT HAS NO BUSINESS BEING THERE BECAUSE OF HER ATTITUDE OF OUR COUNTRY. SHE HAS THE AUDACITY TO REFER TO THE TERRORISTS THAT KILLED THOUSANDS OF INNOCENT PEOPLE AT 9/11 AS SOME PEOPLE THAT DID SOMETHING. AS IF WE’RE MAKING A BIGGER DEAL THAN WHAT IT REALLY IS. WHAT I WANT TO KNOW IS WHY ISN’T SHE OUT OF HERE. SHE SHOULDN’T EVEN BE IN THIS COUNTRY MUCH LESS A MEMBER OF OUR CONGRESS. You are hounding our PRESIDENT INVESTIGATING THINGS THAT ARE SO DAMN RIDICULOUS, YET YOU LET THIS TERRORIST RUN AMUCK MAKING DEROGATORY STATEMENTS TOWARD OUR ALLIES AND NOW THIS. (CHECK OUT THE PEOPLE SHE RUNS WITH AND THE PARTIES SHE IS A PART OF) IF YOU ARE SO KEEN ON INVESTIGATIONS) DO WHAT YOUR JOB REALLY IS SUPPOSED TO BE. FIND AND GET RID OF ENEMIES OF OUR COUNTRY, NOT BOW DOWN TO SOROS WHOSE PAYING YOU TO GET RID OF OUR PRESIDENT. PEOPLE KNOW WHAT YOU DEMOCRATS ARE DOING AND THE WAY YOUR GOING IT WILL BE A COLD DAY IN HELL BEFORE YOU EVER GET BACK IN OFFICE AGAIN. So you all need to get your butts in gear and help to save this Country unless you want to be bowing down to your friend because no matter what he’s promised you there is only room for ONE at the TOP OF THAT TOTEM POLE and he can lie to you just as good as you are lying to the people. So you guys better decide whose team your on before it’s to damn late. And Those two birds that are flocking together making such a mockery of our Congress need to go.

  51. Moe says:

    As a veteran you need to have respect cotex.Your nothing more than a spoiled brat with a big mouth your parents should have taught discipline and respect and maybe a good spanking

  52. Pat says:

    Cortez and O’Mare your gone ,you done in congress . You don’t belong there and you wont be there for long .WE THE People will throw you out .Just you wait and see .

    • Judy G says:

      I hope you’re right. This younger, uninformed generation scares me. They have no concept of history and what it took so they could have the freedom to say the stupid things they come out with. Get enough of them together and there goes our country as we know it.

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