The real reasons for the mask mandates are scarier than the Chinese coronavirus

As Americans struggle to cope with the COVID-19 panic and all of the ensuing government mandates, confusion and fear reign supreme.

And nothing has been more confusing than the issue of masks and whether they should be worn by everyone.

And what’s worse is that the real reasons for the government mask mandates are scarier than the Chinese virus itself.

We are certainly living in crazy, and somewhat scary, times.

Riots in the streets, a virus that seems like it will never leave, and then, probably the scariest of all – the government’s response to all of this.

While the government shuts down churches and small businesses, it allows rioting, arson, looting and even murder to go unchecked.

And while so-called “protesters” are allowed to wander the streets freely (as long as the cause is deemed worthy by the government), many Americans are being forced to wear masks.

The issue of masks is clearly one of the craziest, controversial, and contentious issues Americans have faced during the virus.

The real point of contention for many is the very serious question of whether or not the government even has the Constitutional authority to force you to wear a mask.
So why is the government mandating people wear them?

Well it’s mainly because it makes certain people “feel safe.”

In medicine there is a well-known and proven phenomenon called “the placebo effect.” It’s where a sick or injured person is given something like sugar water, or a piece of candy, but they are told it is medicine.

In many cases the person begins to feel better. And in some cases, the body will actually heal itself. All despite the fact that there was no actual remedy.

That’s exactly what is going on with masks.

For months, people were literally being told to stay home or risk death. To get things up and running again, those same people now had to leave their homes and venture out into the world, but many were too afraid.

Enter the government mask mandate.

Simply by telling everyone to wear a mask (any mask) they are telling people they can re-enter society safely.

Which takes us back to the fundamental question. Can the government order you to wear a mask?

What most states have done is essentially told individuals to wear a mask, and then forced local businesses to enforce the mandates by threatening businesses and churches with closures if they don’t require masks.

These government mask mandates are causing chaos all over the country. Fights and assaults have broken out, people have been maced, attacked and even shot for not wearing a mask, even outside.

This craziness has even resulted in at least a couple deaths.

The real answer is for government mask mandates to be rescinded immediately.

Some businesses may still require masks, and some won’t. Individuals can then choose which businesses they feel comfortable visiting. It’s called the free market.

The same with individuals. Wear a mask if you want, or don’t. It is called freedom.

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