Joe Biden was seeing red after Ford announced these shocking numbers about EVs

EV Charging Photo by Oregon Convention Center via Wikimedia, CC BY 2.0,

The Biden administration’s overreaching attempts to force EVs on all Americans have hit another major speed bump.

It turns out the EV market is not at all what Biden and the radical green lobby had hoped.

And Joe Biden was seeing red after Ford announced these shocking numbers about EVs.

The American people have been told for years that electric vehicles (EVs) are the future.

Instead, it turns out that instead of being the wave of the future, they are expensive and have poor performance. 

EVs are for wealthy woke leftists who think they’re doing their part by going green. 

And they are a financial drain on the automakers who have been manufacturing them.

One man even described EVs as the greatest scam of the modern era, given the $130,000 plus investment he sunk into them.

And when the EVs are costing your company billions, it’s a sure sign that it’s a financial black hole. 

Ford has announced that for every Ford F-150 Lightning sold, (the EV truck Joe Biden was infamously photographed driving early in his Presidency) it cost them $36,000. 

To correct these massive losses Ford is now shifting their focus to making more gas-powered cars.

As reported in the New York Post:

“Ford Motor said Friday it would reduce production of its F-150 Lightning pickup truck, as demand for electric vehicles softens.”

Cutting EV production to stop the bleeding 

The article continued, “The No. 2 US automaker said it would cut production at its Michigan Rouge Electric Vehicle Center to one shift starting April 1. In October, the automaker said it would temporarily cut one of three shifts at the Michigan plant that builds the electric F-150 Lightning pickup truck.” 

“The announcement is the latest sign of slowing demand for EV trucks. General Motors in October postponed the opening of a $4 billion electric truck plant in Michigan for a year.” 

“Ford lost an estimated $36,000 on each of the 36,000 EVs it delivered to dealers in the third quarter, the company said in October, after announcing earlier it would slow the ramp-up of money-losing EVs, shifting investment to Ford’s commercial vehicle unit and citing plans to quadruple sales of gas-electric hybrids over the next five years.”

And this isn’t the only problem facing Biden’s mad race to force Americans into EVs.

EV batteries also need to be charged far longer than advertised.

On top of that, owners need to upgrade their electric grid and install charging stations at both their homes and places of employment which is outrageously expensive. 

That expense skyrockets into the tens of thousands of dollars on top of the overpriced and notoriously unreliable EV whose battery life is cut in half when the temperature drops and the cold weather sets in.

As we recently saw in Chicago, motorists were left stranded in ice-cold weather as their batteries died because charging stations didn’t work.

Despite these growing problems and financial ruin, Biden continues to push the failed EV program. 

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