Joe Biden got this swing state poll that made him realize he had a big problem

Joe Biden and his campaign thought he could rest comfortably on a fake news media-driven lead in the polls.

But now that both parties’ conventions are wrapped up, the state of play changed dramatically.

And Joe Biden got his this swing state poll that made him realize he had a big problem.

Over the summer, Joe Biden’s lead ballooned to double digits nationally and in key swing states like Pennsylvania.

But the summer of rioting by Joe Biden voters and Donald Trump’s focused attacks on law and order have narrowed the race.

A recent Monmouth University poll of Pennsylvania showed Donald Trump surging nine points in Pennsylvania to cut Biden’s lead to a narrow four points among registered voters.

Among likely voters Biden’s lead shrunk to just one or three points depending on the turnout model.

“This shift from Biden’s larger lead just over six weeks ago is due to declining support for the challenger among men, voters under age 50, and voters in key swing counties. The generic House ballot also remains close, while Democrats are in a generally better position in a trio of contests for statewide offices. The poll also finds that a small, but important, portion of the electorate agrees with the Republican message that the American suburbs are under threat,” Monmouth University pollster Patrick Murray wrote.

This poll helps explain why Biden’s first trip outside his basement was to Pennsylvania.

Biden’s handlers knew they had to send the former Vice President to Pennsylvania because his poll numbers were rapidly deteriorating.

The campaign had planned to only send Biden out of his basement after Labor Day.

But the riots in Democrat-run cities forced their hand.

And Pennsylvania – with its 20 electoral votes – looks like it could be ground zero for the Trump campaign’s comeback.

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