Donald Trump crushed the fake news media with one statement

Donald Trump is not one to sit back and absorb attacks.

And the media has dialed up their smears about his zero tolerance immigration policy.

That all ended when Trump got up for one speech and destroyed the media with one simple truth.

During a speech in front of a business group, Trump addressed the topic of the media-generated “scandal” surrounding children being separated from their parents at the border.

If illegal aliens show up to a proper point of entry and request asylum, their family unit remains intact.

Illegal alien children are only separated from their parents if they attempt to cross the border illegally.

If that happens, the adults will be prosecuted for a crime and their children will be moved to a holding facility during criminal proceedings.

Trump blasted the media claiming that their advocacy coverage on behalf of illegal aliens seeking amnesty in the United States represented a threat to the children.

By calling illegal border crossings an acceptable means to enter the country, the media was incentivizing parents in Central America to encourage their children to make a risky journey to America with smugglers and human traffickers who were willing to put the children at risk in exchange for a fee.

Breitbart reports:

He reminded Americans during a speech at the National Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB) 75th-anniversary celebration in Washington, DC, that people who legally applied for asylum at the ports of entry were not prosecuted.

“The fake news media back there doesn’t talk about that. They are fake,” Trump said, pointing at reporters in the room. “They are helping these smugglers and these traffickers like nobody would believe. They know it, they know exactly what they’re doing, and it should be stopped.”

If the media actually cared about these kids, they would provide fair coverage that showed what the President was trying to do was end the policy known as catch and release and have Congress fulfill their constitutional requirement to make law.


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38 Responses

  1. Rob Kayser says:

    We must all support the President now more than ever, and punish the
    congressmen that do not support him, because they do not fear us yet.
    They believe we will cave in like they did because of the Democratic Media Lies, and assaults. They don’t know we have been wise to their Lies for a long time. We know too that most of the Congressmen only care about keeping there Job, and America be dammed. We must gather up all Americans and vote them all out of office if they are not with us, then they are COWARDS, AND WE ARE ASHAMED OF THEM. We must all organize and fight for our Country Now.

    • BOBBIE says:


    • Dee says:

      There is so many Rhinos in the Republican Party. They all need to be voted out, but that may not happen.
      All these people that are attacking our president haven’t been able to prove ANYTHING and as far as I’m concerned, they need to be in prison. I know you have a right to free speech, but I believe that have gone way to far in this attack.

  2. Donel says:

    It’s pretty damn sad when those on the left LIE about what is really going on at the border, they are using these kids like they were pawns, any thing for a future Vote. Using Communist style Propaganda and these kids the way they do should be the same as child abuse. Only a damn DemCom would this.

  3. seygor says:

    She’s supposed to be a top reporter and didn’t know this was practiced by the previous administration. No wonder she’s crying

  4. Martin says:

    Just finished watching “Hitler’s Last days? All those in the Media and in Congress that have said whats going on our border is like Nazi Germany heed to ashamed and an apology is need. But they don’t have guts to They
    don’t have guts to apologize.

    • Bill Rehs says:

      No, the truth does not support their narrative or intent. To insinuate or compare our current administration to the Nazi, as abhorrently inaccurate it is, is only to plant a negative seed in their listeners head. It doesn’t matter that it’s not true, as long as it plants the seed it serves their purpose.

    • allen says:

      Martin, do you do any research? Did you not hear the agent say this has been going on for 4 years??? ABC did a story on the detainment of children at the border back in 2014, Obama was POTUS. the reporter doing the story took photos of these kids in caged areas. packed in like sardines, no beds, no TV, no nothing. You can find these ABC pictures on youtube. ABC never ran the story on the air to protect Obama. This policy or law was passed during the Clinton administration to protect the children from the harsh conditions in the adult detainment centers/jails. The children were taken to a safe area while their parents waited for their hearing. I guess you want the kids to be in jail with their parents? That is cruel and inhumane for the kids. SHAME ON YOU!!! Talk about Hitler tactics, the Hitler lefties don’t care who gets hurt in this disgusting lie. We don’t allow kids to be in jail with their parents who are American citizens. Are you now going to protest to allow incarcerated parents in the US to have their kids in jail with them?? If not, why not?? That is the intent of the law that was passed, to keep kids out of the jails. You are an idiot.

    • Michael says:

      Hi Martin, may I suggest if you havent already seen…the Clinton Chronicles…from 1994 from citizens for honesty…it’s aboutan hour and a half…and confessed Clinton hitman, Larry…both on Youtube

  5. Laverne Shimanek says:

    Blame illegal immigrant parents who bring their holders while they break laws!

  6. Michael says:

    My God….call Hollywood…that third rate portrayer of BS, Rachel Maddow has learned to cry on camera….lol..just about threw up my breakfast when I read that…she knows the lies and stories she makes up arent sitting well with the American people…so alligator years it is…sheeeeeesh what a HAM…screw you MadCow

  7. Larry OBrien says:

    If the news services weren’t so CROOKED, they would tell the people the truth and assist the President to SOLVE the problem. They KNOW this is the result of a porous border and they know what the solution is — A WALL. They are so determined to HURT President Trump that they will do ANYTHING to accomplish their disgusting end — EVEN IF IT MEANS HURTING CHILDREN !!!

  8. No Name Please says:

    I’ve been told that the immigration policy Trump is following was instituted by the Democrats during Obama’s administration. If my source is mistaken, please advise.

    • Nancy Anderson says:

      Actually, a lot of this began to be put into play during Clinton’s reign.

      • Michael says:

        Nancy, I hsve studied those lying, stinking, thieving Clintons since 1984….they have NEVER cared about anyone but the Clinton’s…you are absolutley right…The Chinese bought ip so much of America….there nuclear capabilities thanks to the Clintons…those stinking Libs talk about Rissian Collusion…type in Clintons snd China on your pc… Type in Clinton and Los Alamos…type in Clinton and the CIA in the cocaine business….Hillary was fired from the Nixon investigation…they said she was to unethical over some ,40 years ago…All the mysterious deaths of prople who had the goods on the Clintons…ti poor kids on the RR tracks…it has never ended

  9. C Flynn says:

    We love you Trump!!!
    Keep up the good work u are doing for our country!! There are a lot of people behind u!! More than u know…….

  10. Ron says:

    The radical left, ie the Demorat Party, supports open borders for three primary reasons. One, the more uneducated and unskilled illegal immigrants the larger the potential Demorat voter base becomes. Two, the more uneducated, unskilled and illiterate illegals we have in this country the more downward pressure on the standard of living for all. The lower the standard of living the more dependency on government, which translates into more dependency on the Demorat Party. Three, the more uneducated, unskilled, and illiterate illegals the more this country is pushed away from a representative republic toward a permanent single party marxist government! That has been the ultimate goal of the Demorat Party ever since it has been taken over by the radical left. That goal is within reach, and was delayed by the election of Trump. Which is why the left is so livid with hate for Trump. The chances of America surviving as constituted is slim when you consider the Republican Party is led by a bunch of incompetent RINOS .

  11. Mike Baumgartner says:

    Does anyone else find it disturbing that a 20 year old problem is receiving 24/7 coverage at the same time Congress is finally getting documents from the FBI collusion delusion?

    • Michael says:

      Mike, we finally got a president with enough guts to break up the good ole boy network in Washington…it’s no longer corruption as usual…they are worried now

  12. OLDF VET says:

    its to bad that people refuse to understand how the laws of this country work .they do not know because schools do not teach the history of the us or world history .there knoledge of history is not taught because the commies have taken over the schools .the history of the states and this country should be mandated because it is what this country is based on .we must know our history so that this country can survive. free speech is great but it must also tell the truth not lies .truth be told in schools .

    • brenda says:


      • Nancy Anderson says:

        And don’t forget the RINO’s . They are also a threat. It’s easy to get all of the voting records on Google or any other web search. Then you can make an educated vote. Check their voting records and if you don’t like the way they are conducting themselves, VOTE THEM OUT !!!! Get all of your family and friends stirred up too. Show them the proof and get them all to go and vote.!!!

    • Michael says:

      Old Vet…I ha ve a friend who has taught American History for over 30 years…He said he is not teaching the same history he did 30 years ago…the government has changed the history books

      • Tony Ng says:

        This is exactly the horrifying “utopian” society of the very near future depicted in the movie, “Fahrenheit 451” (novel by Ray Bradbury), where owning a book is a serious crime and all books are sought out and burned. In this way, the ruling elites (essentially totalitarians) can reqrite history the way they want it. Literary sentences and paragraphs are cited from literary works and used to demonstrate to the common people (who have never seen a book) how “corrupting” the words and ideas are. Conservative Americans must never let that happen to our country. We must consciously fight back every single battle (such as the current illegal immigration issue) that the progressive and liberal left (hypocritical MSM, Unscrupulous Dems and cowardly RINOs) wage against us conservative Deplorables.

  13. Stanley says:

    The government knows exactly where these drug smugglers and coyotes live. I’d tell the Mexican government to put a stop to it or we will. They should send planes over their palaces in Mexico and drop bombs on them and tell the Mexican government, “you’re next”.

  14. James Hardwick says:

    Freedom of the Press, means the freedom to print the truth , whatever it is. It does not give the authority to print lies. These jerks should be fired.

  15. Dee says:

    I have heard that it cost $35K to support just one of these illegal children. The US shouldn’t have to do this. Some claim amnesty and you don’t know if it true or not. They say jobs are waiting for the parents. If so, the jobs should go to Americans FIRST.

    • Ron says:

      To the Demorats Americans citizens don’t come in a close second to illegals. American citizens won’t give the Demorats permanent political control. These illegals eventually will fulfill that goal. Then America will become like California on steroids!

  16. Shirley says:

    I just wish the lies that are being told by the fake news media (and you know who you are) is a blemish on the United States of America.

    God help President Trump in his quest for the good of the American people.

    I love the President with all my heart and soul.

  17. james allen says:


  18. Michael Robertson says:

    However, the House Republican “leadership” is selling the POTUS a bill of goods on the latest compromise immigration bill. It will grant amnesty to most and have an easy path to citizenship. Not what this country needs, but Ryan, et al have once again caved to the Dims.

  19. Barbara Cook says:

    I am very proud of President Trump doing the right thing about stopping all of these illegal aliens crossing into the United States without being put the process the right way.

    During his campaigning, he said swore that he was going to stop all of these illegal aliens crossing without having the right documentation. Without the proper documentation, you do not deserve to be able to enter our country. Because once they come into our country, then they will get involved with the wrong group of people and then they are now committing crimes that they do not stand trial on.

    Every one needs to be THANKING President Trump for doing what former President Obama refused to do to protect every American, and every community from all of the crimes and murders that were being committed by the MS-13 gangs, and all of the other gangs.

  20. Michael says:

    I heard Mr Donald J Trump talk to a group of liars and scum from the liberal media….I loved it…he told them to there faces they were fake news…I loved it when he said Russia didnt respect Obama and his little red lines in the sand..I never respected that whimp community organizer myself…Trump is absolutely right about good dialogue between him and Kim…”no war”….Trump said he had sympathy for parents and children being seperated…but he also said…you dont know who is a real criminal….no matter what Trump says…no matter how good it is for the country…the BIAS that the IG report said didnt exist…is a plain as the nose on my face. ..Trump says yes, libs say no, Trump says good…Libs say bad…the Lies, the BS stories out of CNN and MSNBC…are nothing more then hate stories…CNN gave Clapper a job…you know there is collusion between the lib media and the deep state…all on clintons and obamas doorstep

  21. A Seeker says:

    The President is Right On!

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