Democrats got hit with one setback at the Supreme Court that left Adam Schiff seeing red

Democrats have gotten used to running up a string of victories at the Supreme Court.

That streak just got snapped.

And Democrats got hit with one setback at the Supreme Court that left Adam Schiff seeing red.

Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler, and other Congressional Democrats fought to gain access to the secret grand jury material from the Mueller report and its underlying evidence.

They hoped to get their hands on this privileged information before the election so they could leak it out against President Trump to harm his campaign.

Those plans were foiled when the Supreme Court agreed to hear the case in its fall term that begins the first Monday in October.

That means a decision will not arrive until after the election.

POLITICO reports, “The justices agreed Thursday to consider whether the House should be given permission to access the grand jury secrets contained in Mueller’s final report, as well as its underlying evidence. That decision, despite two lower court rulings supporting access to the secret information, ensures that no final decision will be rendered before voters decide whether to grant Trump a second term.”

There is a good reason grand jury material is secret.

If a prosecutor does not elect to bring charges, releasing any evidence collected by the grand jury smears the accused without giving them a chance to clear their name in court.

America still operates under the principle of guilty until proven innocent.
Democrats are trying to destroy that core value by getting their hands on Mueller’s secret grand jury material.

But for once, the Supreme Court stepped in and stopped the Left.

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