Democrats got hit with one setback at the Supreme Court that left Adam Schiff seeing red

Democrats have gotten used to running up a string of victories at the Supreme Court.

That streak just got snapped.

And Democrats got hit with one setback at the Supreme Court that left Adam Schiff seeing red.

Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler, and other Congressional Democrats fought to gain access to the secret grand jury material from the Mueller report and its underlying evidence.

They hoped to get their hands on this privileged information before the election so they could leak it out against President Trump to harm his campaign.

Those plans were foiled when the Supreme Court agreed to hear the case in its fall term that begins the first Monday in October.

That means a decision will not arrive until after the election.

POLITICO reports, “The justices agreed Thursday to consider whether the House should be given permission to access the grand jury secrets contained in Mueller’s final report, as well as its underlying evidence. That decision, despite two lower court rulings supporting access to the secret information, ensures that no final decision will be rendered before voters decide whether to grant Trump a second term.”

There is a good reason grand jury material is secret.

If a prosecutor does not elect to bring charges, releasing any evidence collected by the grand jury smears the accused without giving them a chance to clear their name in court.

America still operates under the principle of guilty until proven innocent.
Democrats are trying to destroy that core value by getting their hands on Mueller’s secret grand jury material.

But for once, the Supreme Court stepped in and stopped the Left.

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31 Responses

  1. locano5998 says:

    It Seems As Though FOX is Trying To Get Rid Of Anyone Who Is Not Woke Enough , Maybe It Would Be A Good Idea To Leave …

  2. BigJoe says:

    Hey “Bender”, are you still hurting from the shellacking Trump gave to the fat old lady in 2016? Trump is the greatest president this country has ever seen but whiny little twits like you are still howling at the sky through your tears and don’t have the intelligence to see reality. Go back to your safe space, curl up in the fetal position and remain the scared little snowflake you are.

  3. Sheron says:

    Really doesn’t matter what the demoncrats do after the election because the republicans will win. Back the house, trump will be president and we will get 5 more republican senators who will finally back up our greatest president ever.

  4. JM says:

    Democrats will lose the House in 2020 and their constant leaking hoaxes and star chamber tactics will end

  5. Bill says:

    Does this mean little Adam ‘Schiffless’ will run around with his jowls poking out more than usual. Every time I see him on television I am reminded of a chipmunk with its jaws full of acorns or other nuts.

  6. Bender says:

    So you think he’s guilty also and don’t want evidence out there till after election. That’s what the article says to me. Party before country. Russia before USA. That’s what hiding the evidence says. Guilty people don’t hide. Your support for a traitor is scary.

  7. SweetOlBob says:

    Smearing people and ruining their reputation while they have no recourse is what the democRATS do best !
    If they can’t start an unsubstantiated rumor to shout about, they have nothing !

  8. Texas Tea Partier says:

    Schifftless! Worthless too!

  9. Maria Zito says:

    I can’t understand the continuous efforts of the Democrat gang to impeach President Trump when all their attends in the past had failed. They want to impeach him on an effort to smell his name. They don’t realized that is has back fired and they are the ones that are looking bad.

  10. Ronald Stephens says:

    Innocent until proven guilty??? You should proof read your column before you publish it. You have compromised any credibility you may have had with this issue.

  11. Alan says:

    The corupt Democrats have done nothing ever since trump to office but spend tax money chasing their sick dream and making it up as they go along.need to take the house back and run all the rats out of office..Trump 2020

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