CNN revealed the one phone call Michelle Obama is about to get that will throw 2024 into chaos

President Joe Biden says he is running for re-election.

The Democrat Party may have other ideas.

And now CNN revealed the one phone call Michelle Obama is about to get that will throw 2024 into chaos.

Joe Biden’s cognitive impairment and Big Government, socialist policies are wrecking the economy through persistent inflation.

Now, it appears they are pushing Democrats to the point of no return.

Despite two years of Democrats, journalists, and Never Trumpers claiming Donald Trump can’t win, a shocking new CNN poll shows Donald Trump narrowly leading Joe Biden.

Not only does Trump lead Biden, but multiple other Republican candidates also hold a lead over the 81-year-old Biden.

The CNN poll also showed President Joe Biden’s approval rating at 39 percent.

Americans hold a dim view of Biden’s Presidency and picked Trump and multiple other Republicans over Biden because 58 percent told CNN that Biden’s big-spending socialist agenda made the economy worse.

The CNN survey also showed 67 percent of Democrats want a different candidate in 2024.

That’s where Democrats run into trouble.

Dumping Joe Biden would naturally lead to Vice President Kamala Harris stepping up as the next in line.

But Vice President Harris is even more unpopular than Joe Biden.

Harris has the lowest approval rating of any Vice President.

And the Real Clear Politics polling average shows Donald Trump beating Harris by a comfortable five-point margin.

President Joe Biden also only picked Harris because of her race and gender.  In other words, she checked the proper boxes on the woke identity politics bingo card.

Ditching Vice President Harris for another straight, white male Democrat—such as California Governor Gavin Newsom—could ignite a civil war in the Democrat Primary.

Democrats need a candidate who every faction of the party will feel comfortable with if they’re going to think about replacing the Biden/Harris ticket.

Not only that, but they need a candidate who will also clear the primary field so Democrats don’t have to waste time and money picking a nominee through a nasty nominating process.

There is only one Democrat alive who can satisfy all those wants.

And it’s former First Lady Michelle Obama.

Michelle Obama is on record expressing no interest in running for President in the past.

But if Democrats can arrange the primary where it is a coronation for Michelle Obama where she doesn’t have to campaign, and the only other option the party faces is a sure loser against Donald Trump, then Michelle Obama may feel obligated to enter the race.

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