CNN just gave up on Joe Biden in one startling way

Joe Biden thought he could always count on the support of the corporate-controlled media.

But Joe Biden badly misjudged his standing.

And now CNN just gave up on Joe Biden in one startling way.

Americans tell pollsters that runaway inflation is one of the top issues facing the country.

The latest government report showed inflation surging to 8.5 percent, the highest level since 1981.

Some members of the corporate-controlled media, like pro-Democrat Party propagandist Yamiche Alcindor of NBC News, lamented the fact that polls showed 38 percent of Americans blamed Joe Biden’s policies for rising gas prices while just six percent blamed Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“When I talk to White House officials, they understand that there is this real messaging issue that has to happen, especially when you look at this poll, the number that jumped out to me was the fact that 38% of Americans are blaming Biden’s policies for inflation and gas prices and only 6% are blaming Russia,” Alcindor stated. “Remember that President Biden wanted to call this Putin’s price hike. Remember, that was the sort of White House messaging. So this really goes to the idea that the President and the White House says that they have always been focused on cost of living and the economy, but this really needs to be in some ways a re-centering of that while also having to deal with what’s going on abroad.”

Alcindor blamed the poll numbers on a messaging failure by the White House.

But even some of Biden’s most reliable allies in the corporate-controlled press were not buying that spin.

CNN polling analyst Harvey Enten claimed that the idea the Biden administration was losing the messaging war on inflation, and that this was to blame for his lousy poll numbers, was absurd.

Enten explained that Americans could see the impact of inflation every time they went to the store.

“I think there’s this whole idea, ‘Oh, the White House is just losing the messaging war, you know. If only they knew how good the job situation was.’ But if you ask Americans, why do you think the economy is bad, it’s inflation. The voters know exactly what’s going on. They’re not stupid. Eighty-six percent say inflation. Only 17% say unemployment, if they believe the economy is in bad shape… They believe the economy is in bad shape because of inflation, and that’s across the board- Democrats, Republicans, Independents,” Enten explained.

CNN is providing increasingly critical coverage of Joe Biden.

The left-wing propaganda channel recently published a story confirming the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop.

CNN did not recently discover their journalistic ethics.

Instead, CNN sees polls where Donald Trump leads Joe Biden in 2024.

And CNN is doing their part to force Joe Biden to step down so Democrats can pick a new candidate.

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