Chuck Schumer attacked Trump in an awful speech that will make your blood boil

Chuck Schumer has been lobbing partisan grenades at Donald Trump ever since he won the GOP nomination.

He’s only escalated his attacks in recent months.

But he just gave a speech about Robert Mueller that will make your blood boil.

Schumer is working to whip the so-called “mainstream” media into a frenzy over Trump possibly firing Mueller.

So he marched to the Senate floor and demanded Mitch McConnell pass a bill that would shield the special counsel from Trump axing him.

The Daily Caller reports:

“Yesterday’s events could only have been the result of a rigorous legal process with checks every step of the way and with a very high burden of proof,” the Minority Leader stated. “Last night, President Trump said the FBI raid was a disgrace, part of a witch hunt, an attack on our country and mentioned that many people have encouraged him to fire Mr. Mueller. ‘We’ll see what happens,’ he concluded.”

Schumer argued that, “for months, Republicans have said that legislation to protect the special counsel is not needed because they’ve been assured by nameless people that the president won’t fire the special counsel.”

“That assurance has been shaken by the president’s comments last night.”

“The president suggests that the latest events are part of a partisan conspiracy against him,” he continued. “I’d remind the president that the source of the referral, special counsel Mueller is a lifelong Republican. The deputy attorney general who signed off on the study, Rod Rosenstein, is a Republican appointed by President Trump.”

Schumer specifically called on the Senate to “take steps to protect the special counsel from political interference.”

“We have several bipartisan bills designed to do just that,” he explained. “Majority Leader McConnell should bring them to the floor and let us debate them very soon.”

So far, Senate Majority Leader McConnell has refused to act on legislation many believe is unconstitutional.

But Schumer’s real goal is to help sow media chaos.

Mueller is conducting a witch hunt against Trump and the President has every legal and Constitutional authority to fire Mueller.

Now that reports are breaking that Mueller referred information to federal prosecutors about payments made to women claiming to have an affair with Trump, it’s clear the special counsel believes his mission is to destroy Trump.

But the media will take their cue from Schumer and claim Trump would plunge the nation into crisis and face impeachment if he moved against the special counsel.


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146 Responses

  1. carol says:

    Schumer needs to be voted”’OUT”’he is destroying our country ”with the nuts of Waters””’ Gillibrand”and the rest of the haters who want to destroy OUR country” i pray that every AMERICAN who loves OUR country get out and vote”we need everyone to back our PRESIDENT”

  2. Believer says:



  4. michael says:

    he is a saint compared to most republicans!!

    • democrats are lower than maggots, they are not going to hurt trump, they are only going to hurt the country. if they were any good at their job they would have won the election, but they lost to a man who is not even a politician. and he is doing a better job than they could ever do.

    • Franco says:

      You better stop smoking that papaya!
      Crying Chuckie is a Counterfeiter!

      Schumer & Pelosi are trying to convince all those OBTUSE& GULLIBLE DEMIs the
      economy has not improved under President Trump!
      GDP MIGHT EXCEED 4%?????????
      President Trump started that recovery by ELIMINATING all of those President Obama
      SILLY Regulations that Obama he signed with his INFAMOUS pen!!!!

      YOU DEMIs are losing Latinos & Blacks every day!

    • truckman says:

      Who has helped this country more it dang sure was not obama he was over there kissing the hands and knelling to them Trump meets them as a Man not bowing down to no man this country is in better shape as far as jobs go and stock market than it has been in many years

  5. BILLY miller says:

    ASS HOLE schemer is a punk retarded demorat. there is no truth in the ASSHOLE lying bitch.

  6. John Jancuski says:

    Chuck Shumer is a disgraceful Pig. He needs to get out of politics! He has been around way, way too long.

  7. michael says:

    trump is a loser an at least the democrat support the military, my fiance works for the largest company that built the the humvees and he tried the best to retrain the contrect!!

    • Franco says:

      GET LOTS OF FRESH AIR, Buffalo Breath!!!!!
      President Trump just gave the Military their FIRST raise in years!

      Get informed by taking your head out of your Rear Portal
      before you open your pie-hole!
      SEMPER FI! Chicken Lips!!!!!

  8. Mo says:

    I wonder just how loud Scumbag Schummer would be screaming for Obama to FIRE a Republican the President’s Special Prosecutor that had gone way beyond his scope and violated so many laws going after the Presidents personal attorney or if Mitch McConnell had asked Harry Reid to pass a bill to protect the man. He would be screaming like a stuck hog wanting McConnll kicked out of the Senate How much longer are the IDIOTS in NY going to keep electing this CRIMINAL POS?

    • Steve says:

      Mo your RIGHT chuckie SCUMBAG HAS BEEN IN CINGRESS FOR ever AND YOU HAVEN’T heard anything from him til now. I guess nancy pelousy help him grow some balls. If the repucklicant’s in congress had ANY this would be OVER BY NOW

  9. Old Mort says:

    I looked up Schumer in the German dictionary…(He is a German Jew). The word Schumer means good for nothing. No kidding….

  10. Connie says:

    If you were as ugly as Schumer, you’d be mad all the time too

  11. Mike H says:

    Michael I know you get a kick out of this site. You get your jollies off just riling everybody up. You watch other news programs that are even proven to be false news I guess that’s really what kind of a character you really are. I can tell you are a real Obama supporter. In case you haven’t noticed he screwed everything up royally including dividing the country. I guess that’s a fine job in the way you think. How many factories left with our jobs. And then raise taxes so that more corporations will leave. That’s a fine job that you are supporting. We’re finally starting to turn the corner and we still have nitwits like you.

    • It is time that Trump grew some Balls and began to arrest leftist democrats who are trying to end our way of life. If like Schumer anyone preaching against our way of life they should be prosecuted by the Supreme court and put in prison. Pelosi and her gang should be put in prison or even better be sent to Getmo prison in Cuba and let there to rot. Trump needs to get out the National Guard and imprison these thugs and rapist of children. I heard that obama sold himself to men for money before he came to the United States. Is that true. Does he have Aids?

      • Schumer and Pelosi need to be axed out and put in prison. They like to keep chaos going with their hateful and despicable acts. Only idiots like to listen to them. You Leftists and haters of Trump are outnumbered. N0 matter what you say or think about Trump, He is a great President.
        Only fools would think otherwise!! Guess what, No matter what you believe, Trump will win in 2020, because the majority of America is For Trump you imbeciles, check the pols! When God is for us. no one can be against us!! AMEN, AMEN!!

  12. Jon says:

    Schumer is an a-hole and a loser who should not even be in office.

  13. michael says:

    he is i a loser and is unable to sole any of our countries problems!!

  14. SWD says:

    November is coming Chuck and the intelligent people in your district will hand you your walking papers. Sooner of later Mueller with his seemingly limitless range in looking for Russian collusion will look in the direction of the Clintons, Obama and the DNC. With all the money and time invested in this charade , it will be found where we all knew it would . Watch out !

  15. michael says:

    i am not a loser and i do believe trump will do serious harm to our nation!!

  16. michael says:

    i will never go away and will promoty trump as a true loser!!

  17. ernaldo says:

    Schmuck schumer is the garden variety demotard pervert, and irrelevant….

  18. Dorothy says:

    Chuck Schumer wants to protect Mueller because he’s afraid of what Mueller might reveal about his radical antics that are suspiciously against the United States. Pick any thing you can think of and you could be right about Chuckie boy.

  19. Steve says:

    Chuckie Scumbag he’s just a WORTHLESS P.O.S that suddenly grew a pair of balls because nancy pelousy is pulling him by them

  20. Vigilant Sheepdog says:

    Don’t fire him, just cut off his funding. Make Mueller pay his way through the “investigation” and reimburse him afterwards for authorized expenses.

    • JMichael says:

      The DNC and Hillary Clinton should be forced to pay all charges incurred by this bogus investigation due to the fake dossier they created.

    • Silver fox says:

      That is the best damn idea I have heard in a long time! Someone should tell Trump!
      It will probably make Mueller hide behind his door with a long face ????.

  21. Gideon Rockwell says:

    General Geo. Patton once said,”Politicians are the lowest form of life on Earth and Democrat Politicians are the lowest of them all.” Schmucky Schumer could be the poster boy for that statement. If you notice only the Demotards and the RINOs are protecting and defending the actions of the Obama-Clinton Crime Cartel Rat Mueller and his Rosenstein sanctioned lynch mob.

    • Matthew G. Zatkalik says:

      “Politicians are the lowest form of life on earth. Liberal Democrats are the lowest form of politician”–Patton. He must have been speaking prophetically and certainly describes those who serve themselves throughout America’s current political fabric.

  22. michael says:

    i only watch real news not fake news!!

  23. ernaldo says:

    I’d rather Trump or some loyal American have the fruit mueller “disappeared”… deep water would be fine with me….and schmuck schumer never met akok he wouldn’t suck….

  24. michael says:

    i actuaaly own a real gun and practice with it quite often, but i still maintain that trump is a complete idiot!!

  25. michael says:

    you are a true loser!!

  26. CrustyOldGeezer says:

    dear mistur schumer,
    While you may have your issues with MISTER PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP, you do have to admit one thing.

    YOU could NEVER BE ELECTED President.


    From Scratch, with the entire media and both political parties opposing him.

    YOU, little child like toy person, could NEVER achieve it in a thousand tries with the media and both parties supporting you.

    And THAT misturd schumer is the EPITOME of LOSERVILLE!

  27. michael says:

    you are obviously an idiot and i do not wear panties, trump is a true moron!!

  28. Chuck Schumer is a DINO [democrat in name only] REGRESSIVE SWAMPER as are his comrade RINO’s both represent that which is Anti-Constitution, Anti-American citizen. DINO’s n RINO’s are owned by the evil elites who want to globalize the world into one dictatorial government. These same elitists own the alphabet fake news media which broadcasts propaganda nationally. Patriotic American Citizens prayed for and received a no-nonsense leader to MAGA and by the grace of ALMIGHTY GOD, elected Donald Trump POTUS 2016. In 15 short months has done more for American Citizens of all color by giving us productive good paying jobs in lieu of nonproductive welfare…business pulling up stakes in foreign countries and investing in USA…our unemployment lowest in modern history…stock market almost doubled…our friends n foes respect USA as never before…so when you hear or read the fake news media spinning anti-Trump nonsense, think about aforementioned, and what they think about you being gullible enough to believe their fake news propaganda! These elitist are globalists who want to control humankind…President Trump is an anti-Globalist, Pro-Constitutional Conservative of this Sovereign Constitutional Republic, by the grace of ALMIGHTY GOD!

  29. michael says:

    no, make the world a better place, FIRE TRUMP!!

    • Really??????? In 15 months this President has done more for American Citizens than any prior POTUS thusfar. Wake up and smell the TEALEAVES friend.

    • ernaldo says:

      eat dikk

    • make the world a better place and make America GREAT AGAIN , FIRE MULLER , ROSENSTEIN , PUT CLINTON BEHIND BARS WITH COMEY, AND VOTE SCUMBAG SCHUMER HAIR PLUG AND PELOSI OUT OF OFFICE .there is something wrong with people to think democrats are good for this country , republicans just as bad . that’s why Trump is doing the best he can to DRAIN THE SWAMP , AND GET DECENT HONEST PEOPLE TO RUN OUR COUNTRY, Trump might have had a troubled past but thats in the past , he didn’t hurt our country BUT in his senior years he wants to REALLY make a difference and make OUR COUNTRY GREAT AGAIN.

    • Seriously, Michael, You apparently are outnumbered by us. Want does that tell you? You need to get your facts straight. Sounds like you do not want to accept facts, but prefer defending liars and crooks who are trying to destroy our country.

  30. Chuck Schumer is a misguided ass who really needs to take stock of what it is he really stands for.

  31. Jon says:

    Chuck Schumer is a lowlife slime ball and would do anything to get rid of President Trump to bad we cant fire Chuck Schumer I would vote for that wouldn’t you ?

    • Greg Hauenstein says:

      Either we learn how to discuss issues civilly or we will loose the glue (the constitution) that keeps us a working nation. We need to agree to disagree, so we can move forward.

  32. michael says:

    i do watch the cbs evening news every night, i find it to be fair and balanced, i tried oan a couple of times but found it to be unprofessional and boring!!

  33. michael says:

    i only tell the truth, this conservative b.s. needs to end!!

  34. michael says:

    trump is the a-hole!!

    • cliff says:

      GIVE IT UP your “opinions” are definitely “outvoted” on this blog. You need to move to a “progressive” communist site where you fellow posters will actually BELIEVE your LIES and BULL CRAP. Here we DO NOT..

    • Pam Dunn says:

      ONLY “A-HOLE” I see is some 1/4 witted little twerp of a liberal who lives with its head inserted so far up its rectum that even aputting a window in its navel would not provide any light. It’s mother sold its brain to planned baby killers and when before it was born God asked “WHO wants a brain” and it replied NOT ME I hate trains.

    • Dorothy says:

      Actually, YOU ARE!

  35. michael says:

    the only fake news network i ever watched was fox which thankfully i have not viewed in over four years, i watch a variety of news programs to obtain a balanced view to what is actually going on in the world!!

    • cliff says:

      Must be your “watching” MSNBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, NBC, NPR…You know all the “progressive communist “fake news “in the tank” for deomcommunists “networks”. TRY OAN news network.. Might open you CLOSED “LIBERAL EYES”

    • Pam Dunn says:

      This lefty useful troll and total idiot sucks up all the farts spewed by the left winger propaganda sites, ABC< CBS<CNN< MSNBC<NBC AND NPR

  36. michael says:

    i do like it here, i have lived in the same house for 15 years in a safe neighborhood. i am a gun owner and fully support the 2nd amendment, but i fully believe that trump is corrupt, incompetent and totally incapable of doing anything positive for our countries future!!

    • cliff says:

      Perhaps you should get off the “fake news” networks and take a look at all the ACCOMPLISHMENTS OUR President has achieved for the PEOPLE of this country. DEMOCOMMUNISTS want to REMOVE OUR GUN RIGHTS. “siding” with them makes you look like “one of them”. (COMMUNIST)
      PRESIDENT TRUMP has kept MORE “promises” than any President in recent History. Open your EYES for once in your life and actually SEE what OUR PRESIDENT has done in the short time he has been in office. OR like I “suggested” LEAVE MY COUNTRY if you can’t stand “winning” for once.

      • Marla MacDougall says:


        I enjoy reading what you post on this site:-) I agree with you 100%

        God Bless and Protect President Trump and God Bless and Protect the greatest country in the World The United States of America.

    • Pam Dunn says:

      LOOK MA; ANOTHER load of idiotic lefty bullshyte and lies. The only “gun” you have probably owned was a squirt gun and the only person I see that is corrupt, incompetent and totally incapable of doing anything positive is YOU.

  37. michael says:

    as i said before, DUMP TRUMP!!!

    • cliff says:

      AS I said before DUMP DEMOCOMMUN ISTS! !!!!!!! People like YOU are the problem with this country. If you don’t like it here( like I said before) use ANOTHER one of OUR FREEDOMS and MOVE OUT no one is “holding you here” … Kim jong UN would LOVE to have more people to STARVE and USE.

  38. michael says:

    change is needed, dump trump!!!

    • cliff says:


    • Pam Dunn says:

      Change is needed; let a donkey DUMP on Michael. He is the prime example of an indoctrinated little idiot. A Turd has more brains.

  39. Gray_Doug says:

    America should know by now that Mueller and team have NOTHING. They’re throwing straws into the wind to see if one sticks. Now they’ve violated a cardinal rule to life under the rule of law: violation of the lawyer-client privilege. If they get away with this who is to say you won’t be safe, should you be investigated?

    Mueller deserves to be fired. As far as the President firing Mueller, it is important to keep this fact in mind: the President is the subject of the investigation. If the President were to fire Mueller public perception and the democrats would have what they need to level a shootstorm from hell against the President and destroy him unmercifully…which is what they’ve wanted to do since day one.

    Sooner or later Muller and team will slip up and America will eat them and the democrats for lunch. Let’s hope justice prevails sooner because it’s high time that this battle for revenge end and that the investigation turn 180 and go after the real culprits.

  40. Trump should FIRE SESSIONS FIRST , then let the new attorney General go after muller , rosenstein, comey , clinton and others and put them in PRISON . these people are part of the DEEP STATE and should stopped in their tracks before its too late , OBAMA IS THE LEADER AND SHOULD BE THROWN OUT OF THE U S A AND SENT BACK TO KENYA WHERE HE CAME FROM.

  41. Gil says:

    what if the American people raised up and said all you liberal & democratic pieces of crap that doesn’t back trump have to go to every Port of the US have cruise ships waiting for them to board to take them to the people of the countries they support so they then can continue crying like the little bitc### they are!! you want change well leave

  42. michael says:

    he needs to convict trump to the fullest extent of the law!!

    • Gil says:

      you need to stick your head up your ass and fight for air AHOLE

    • Gerry says:

      Hard to convict someone when there is “NO” crime on his part. The POS scum mueller is the one who needs to be convicted for his part in the Boston mafia scandal and Uranium One with his butt buddies the clintons.

    • Ken says:

      The ONLY evidence of ANY WRONGDOING has been with the Kenyan communist interloper and his regime, the Clinton Crime Family and the DNC. After 14 or more months of digging into “Russian collusion ” within the Trump campaign, NOTHING HAS SURFACED. YET, still no charges against Hillary, who blatantly committed several felonies. Perhaps you commie liberals should be concerned about that.

    • cliff says:

      Why don’t YOU “enlighten us” all on WHAT CHARGE? STOMPING CROOKED HITLERYS BUTT in the “election”.???. OUR PRESIDENT WON (thanks to WE the PEOPLE wanting a REAL “change)…NOT more of the same-old crooked CRAP from the LAST flop-eared, half-black, GAY mooslime,FRAUD, AND HIS TRANSVESTITE “BOYFRIEND, “WIFE” FORCED DOWN OUR THROATS FOR 8 YEARS…. get over it, or get out of OUR country if you can’t handle TRUTH , HONESTY and continually WINNING.

      • We DON’T need “change” or “fundamental change” as FLOPPY EAR pounded on, ALL we NEED are HONEST, REAL politicians who GOVERN by EXISTING laws and the CONSTITUTION…….!!! ALL of these CRIMINALS need to go to PRISON or HANGED according to LAW for TREASON = BREAKING the LAWS of the land and TRAMPLING the CONSTITUTION as “some” of THEM have done for DECADES = CLINTON CRIME family, Obama CRIME family, SOROS and the rest of all of these TRAITORS…..!!!

        • cliff says:

          The “fundamental change” to old flop-ears was turning this country into a MOOSLIME INFESTED, third-world CRAP-HOLE, filling it up with homosexual FREAKS like him, letting the sexual PERVERTS into girls/women’s bathrooms, and bankrupting the country with his out-of control spending sprees and “vacations” for he and his boyfriend “michael”, and their two “false children”
          Quite an “agenda” don’t you think?

    • FIRST of ALL, this A$$HOLE CAN’T convict ANYONE, second on WHAT charges……!!!!!

    • Marla MacDougall says:

      Convict President Trump for what??? Saving this country from the disaster it was after 8 years of Obama. Why don’t you move to Russia, maybe Putin could stand having you in his country, because I would like you out of my country. God Bless the United States of America

    • Robert Ewing says:

      That would start a civil war that you and others like you would not survive. Just a fact.

    • Pam Dunn says:

      more of the moronic troll spew from the pile of leftist donkey dung and hillary fart sniffer mikey boy.

  43. ernaldo says:

    Trump should fire Sessions, and have schmuck schumer “disappeared”. The leftist pervert demotard (I repeat myself) is doing NOTHING for Americans, its amazing how stupid new york voters have become….

    • cliff says:

      I must reply that NOT “all New Yorkers” are STUPID, WE NORTHERN N.Y’ers are OUTVOTED by BRIBED WELFARE Recipients, ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS that are not only “allowed” to vote by “king andrew and “king deblasio, but ENCOURAGED to do so, RAMPANT “voter fraud” , and “city dwellers”
      The ONLY time we see “chuck-you schumer” up here is just before “election time” and he of course brings BRIBE MONEY and spreads around a few “pittance” (like the DEMOCOMMUNISTS are so good at doing) and business people go ga-ga because he supposedly “cares”. THEN you never see his fat head up here until “election time” again. You would think people would wise up, but the almighty DOLLAR BILL clouds their feeble brains.

      • Gerry says:

        schumer has never held a real job in his adult life. He has been scamming the people of NY and kissing the butts of Wall Street dirtbags who just keep putting scum like him,gillibrand,cuomo and deblasio back in office so they can continue their corruption. schumer has NEVER accomplished anything positive for New York State. I keep hoping that these morons in the city will find where they lost their brains and help vote all these dirtbags out of office.

  44. LARRY DENNIS says:

    Fire Sessions the traitor, and get a real Attorney General. H will fire Mueller, and start prosecuting the nest of criminals and traitors. that have infested the FBI and the Attorney generals agencies.

    • David in MA says:

      A new AG is going to appear very soon and this guy will not put up with any BS, as is the new Speaker of the House, be patient…… the establishment knows this, it is why McConnell, Ryan and others are either worried or bailing out, business as usual is about to take a turn which will expose all the people like Schumer, Pelosi, Clinton and the big bottom feeder Obama.

  45. Jack says:

    Again, the wrong people are being investigated, in including Mueller and Schumer, among others. Unless the heat is put on them, nothing for good will change.

  46. Roberet Messmer says:

    President Trump should sidestep the whole nonsense about firing Mueller by granting a Presidential Pardon to his attorney “for any crimes he might have committed”. Then no amount of coercion would be able to turn him against the President. Pardons for Manafort, Flynn, and the other Team Trump people. Witch hunt over!

  47. Leonard says:

    Why don’t they fire schummer too?

  48. Jan13 says:

    I wonder how many times Mr. Schumer went to Trump Tower with his hand out looking for a donation for his run for office.
    Too bad the feds don’t go fishing in his office, or his lawyer’s, may find evidence of some bogus charge or a bimbo hiding.

  49. Nick says:

    Remember back when sheriff ‘s would put up posters when they wanted to get rid
    of those who were bad dudes. Usually there was a reward, an amount of money
    Stating wanted dead or alive. I don’t know what you would do with them alive.

    • Sandra Lee Smith says:

      Try, then imprison or hang them, upon conviction, of course! Sheriffs were lawmen even in those days!

      • YEP, great point…..!!!! WHAT is really WEIRD though, is just how much these so called “democRATS” CLAIM to HATE the MILITARY/POLICE, BUT when the Clinton CRIME family KNOCKS OFF another and another of their OPPONENTS/ENEMIES, people who know too much/could spill the beans, than the POLICE is in bed with THEM and calls it “SUICIDE”…..!!!!

  50. The reason I voted no is because Sessions should get off his ass and fire Mueller and then Rosenstein and if he is too big a coward to do his job as AG the president should replace him with someone who will, Sessions is too busy with the marijuana investigation which some states have legalized to focus on important issues, this issue is less important than Mueller’s witch hunt which come before petty investigations

  51. Ray says:

    Yes, where is the mafia. we the people need to start having them to take out the liberals scum bags that keep trying to take out the only
    president that has the b—-s and backbone to stand up for the peoples rights. the people that call themselves democrats, to me are most stupid A—s that think they are people. I had a person tell me! I was born a demo and I will stay one. I looked at her and said. I guess I was born one too . but I vote for the individual not the party .we had the same father. I served my Country for 21 yrs. after president Trump won, I ask this person if they lost their vote, I was ask do I have to tell you. I sure got a lecture, I then said you are also a poor looser. if we hadn’t been on the phone. I might have been shot. so said bye . then I find out the kids are just as stupid.

    • Tell me about it, I have a neighbor who is TICKED OFF about all the MOOSLIMES and ILLEGALS that are HERE and CRIES and WHINES that she CAN’T get ahead because TAXES were too HIGH, BUT who is she VOTING for……democRATS……MAKES sense, he….???

  52. Rivahmitch says:

    Yes, “a rigorous legal process with checks every step of the way” all done by an organization which is totally corrupt and stacked with members of the Deep State. Time for a revolution. Semper Fi!!

  53. Gerald Ladd says:

    Chucky is still pissed off his buddy Barry isn’t in the WH anymore. When chuck needed a blow job, he’d go see his pal bath house Barry

    • Michael says:

      THIS IS ENOUGH OF CHUCKIE SHUMER. It is time for the little jew bastard to go play with his buddy Ba-rackie and clit-on. He is a disgrace to the Jewish faith and to America.

  54. Thomas Goss says:

    I wish I could watch this ASSHOLE schumer DROP DEAD.

  55. Joseph says:

    Senator Schumer needs to shut the hell up and sit down. President Trump is not going to fire Mueller the monkey because the jerk off congress can’t be trusted. The Mueller issue is a stupid thing dreamed up by the liberals to obstruct the executive department. Ethically and maybe criminally they are disgraceful. Schumer is as nuts as Pelosi, Waters, Harris, and the rest of the scumbag Democrats.

  56. Roger says:

    All the liberals are doing is trying anything so Congress and We the People doesn’t look at everyone connected with previous administration

  57. Rico says:

    Schumer: Partisan anti-American scum !!! In the good old days, back when our country was being formed this scum would have been taken out behind the woodshed and received an ass whipping. or worse!!!!! Today, all we can do is call him names!

  58. Chastran says:

    Where’s an NYC Mafia hitman when America needs one?!?!

  59. mike says:

    No chuckie, You do not RAID a mans attorney files over a stormy danials farce. Think you fool that when the swamp is clear that the same tatics will be used on you. Then lets hear the howl of abuse of attorney client privelage. Crying chuck. What is the crime- not Homicide not high treason. What is Trumps attorney accused of that is so important to violate attorney client privelage.

  60. Jon says:

    Chuck Schumer is a scumbag low life who would do any thing to get rid of President Trump . To bad we can not fire Chuck Schumer that would be a day to cheer out loud.

    • Flotmorton P. Gildersleeve says:

      I want to see chuckie’s face when I arrest Rosenstain for perjury and other felonies 18 U.S. C Sect 1505, Obstruction of congressional proceedings, ,(for real, folks) as well as 10 other crimes including 18 U.S.C. Sect 671 Perjury. Rosenstain’s wife represented Bill Clinton

    • Maybe he CAN’T be FIRED, but if he is doing CRIMINAL stuff BEHIND the scene than he CAN be ARRESTED…..!!! I would like the latter even BETTER…..!!!!

  61. jrhunt says:

    Schumer is one of the lowest of the low in the Democratic party and that is saying something,because most liberal democrats are pretty low,the only crises that the Trump and the white has is the ones started by the Democrats,this Trump Russia collusion connection is an invention of the liberals,they know it we know it.

  62. Gary Oplt says:

    The real question in most Americans minds is why on earth are we spending any kind of money of the Mueller thing. Even the most uninformed individual can see that this is a Taxpayer funded political hack, lead by some of the corrupt Liberal Gas Bags in this Country. They have lost all credibility and will pay dearly in the next election cycle.

  63. Tim Toroian says:

    Hey, Chuckie Ole buddy, how about we sic a special prosecutor on you just for the hell of it? What would they find?

  64. Joanna says:

    Schumer is and has been a hater of Pres Trump since day one. He cannot even get his stories sraight..He needs to be investigated by Homeland for his corruption and lies . Enough is enough..

  65. Bill says:

    I think it would be a big mistake for Trump to fire mueller even though he has every right to. The special counsel has not found any evidence of collusion on Trump’s part and they never will. If Trump fired mueller it would look like he had something to hide. Just let all this crap play out and in the end the special counsel will be made to look like the sorry ass fools they are. After this let the bullets fly on mueller rosenstein comey mccabe clinton and all the a-holes who tried to frame our President.

  66. Mike says:

    Trump needs to put Schumer in his place!! Enough of this overreaching from the democrats!
    Chuckles believes that he has more power than he actually does and needs to be taught that he doesn’t.

  67. cliff says:

    As a New York resident, I will say that CHUCK-YOU SCHUMER is nothing but a DEMOCOMMUNIST party HACK…PERIOD. A slimy weasel that continually screws the PEOPLE of N.Y. State over every chance he gets for his own “political” personal pleasure. We “northern N.Y.” residents only see him show up when the time for re-election nears. He brings BRIBES and gets idiots all giddy that he is “helping” the area, then after , the FOOLS “vote” him back in, and we are “forgotten” and ignored until the next:”election” looms. You think people would wise up, but it seems the almighty BRIBERY DOLLARS clouds their “judgement”.

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