Antifa just got smacked with the lawsuit that will end their communist scheme

Radical Antifa militants believe they can get away with anything.

And for the last few years, they have largely been right.

But all of that is ending after Antifa got smacked with the lawsuit that will end their communist scheme.

Antifa has been causing chaos for many years, but until recently haven’t had major exposure.

They have targeted everyday conservative Trump supporters, smeared them as white supremacists and Nazis, and worked to get them fired from their jobs, and oftentimes physically attack them.

Left-wing prosecutors have let them get off the hook for their crimes.

But now, with President Trump prepared to crack down on their actions, even biased prosecutors won’t be able to protect them.

And they are also getting hit on another front.

Last year, journalist Andy Ngo was brutally assaulted while covering a protest in Portland, Oregon.

After being labeled a “Nazi,” despite being both gay and Asian, he was surrounded and beaten until he had to be hospitalized.

During the assault he was pelted with milkshakes, some of which the police said may have contained quick dry cement.

Since this attack the Left has tried to claim that it was actually Ngo who initiated the violence, arguing that he was antagonizing them by taking video of the event as a journalist who doesn’t agree with them.

But that isn’t how this works, and it is why Ngo has just filed a lawsuit against the Antifa group who organized the attack, and specific individuals involved.

His complaint is assault, battery, and the intentional infliction of emotional distress.

It was filed in the circuit court of Oregon County of Multnomah, the area which covers the place he was assaulted.

The defendants are Rose City Antifa, Corbyn Belyea, Benjamin Bolen, John Hacker, Madison Lee Allen, Joseph Christian Evans, and 50 unnamed parties.

Rose City Antifa is widely considered to be the oldest, and largest Antifa terror cell in the United States.

Ngo is requesting $900,000 in damages, both for the assault, and for intense harassment he has faced from the group, including occasions where multiple militants have showed up at his home to intimidate him.

This lawsuit is the first of its kind against an Antifa cell, and could prove to be a new line of attack for the victims of these terrorists.

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50 Responses

  1. james whhite says:

    I am almost with out words ha ha were did we go wrong? Clinton! Obama ? And others. Free-Free-Free. Pick a party! Guess who pays? People with jobs that will work black and white! Not the losers that collect and march!

  2. alberta says:

    I think God is allowing all this evil to come forward so people can see the difference between good and evil and hopefully they will choose good.

  3. concerned says:

    This article is deceiving. 1 lawsuit with all their backing is not good enough and the amount is to little for his suffering.

  4. sargentrage says:

    shoot them on sight

  5. Jake says:

    Put them all in jail!

  6. Carl C. Pyzowski says:

    Why the hell aren’t these clowns in jail? They beat a man unconsious and don’t get any punishment? Now defund the police so that they can beat anyone who disagrees with them? And this is what our Democrats of today want for America? These people should be designated as terrorist and be sent to Gitmo with the rest of the terrorists.

  7. Barney says:

    Screw that, “Shoot first, ask questions later.”

  8. Paul B. says:

    Common Americans try to live in piece We like to get along. Now your a racist if you won’t defund police dept. You can’t have an opinion anymore. Editors are fired from New York Times, The Philadelphia Newspaper. Why? Because they gave a narrative which the snowflakes freaked out about. This is Antifa in a nutshell. To think only 4 years ago we had a Black President. WHAT HAPPENED??

  9. Sheron says:

    Seems that we need to build another prison to house militant Antifa members. Racist bigots who are paid by pig souris stay in your mommies basement and get a real job.

  10. Robert Christopher Laity says:

    Anthony Alfaro, I agree! Antifa is a Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organization and domestic terror organization.

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