You won’t believe who James Comey just threw his support behind to beat Trump

Since getting kicked out of the FBI, James Comey has become a major player in the anti-Trump resistance.

There were even rumors he was considering challenging Trump in the 2020 election.

But those rumors were proven false after he threw his support behind somebody you won’t believe to take on Trump.

Comey is all-in for the Democrat Party.

During the 2018 election, he threw his support behind Democrat Rep. Jennifer Wexton who went on to defeat Barbara Comstock in one of the most heated congressional races in the 2018 midterms.

He knocked on doors in support of Wexton and contributed the maximum amount allowed to her campaign.

And now he’s throwing his support behind another Democrat, this time it is one that hopes to take Trump on in 2020.

In his first move of the 2020 elections, Comey and his wife have donated $2,700 each to Sen. Amy Klobuchar’s presidential campaign.

The Daily Caller reports:

“Former FBI Director James Comey and his wife separately donated $2,700 to Democratic Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar’s presidential campaign, according to Rolling Stone.

The contributions near the $2,800 maximum donation permitted during the primary.

Back around the time of Comey’s firing from the FBI, Klobuchar told Fox9, “I was a friend of Jim Comey in law school, a classmate of his. And while I didn’t agree with him on how we handled the Hillary Clinton investigation, he was respected by the agents that worked with him, respected by law enforcement in Minnesota.”

Comey and his wife previously donated the same amount to Democratic Virginia Rep. Jennifer Wexton, who successfully unseated Rep. Barbara Comstock for Virginia’s 10th congressional district. He also knocked on doors for Wexton’s campaign.”

It isn’t surprising that Comey is upset with President Trump, considering the President fired him.

But Comey’s support for Klobuchar isn’t surprising either, when you consider the two are long-time friends.

Comey has become a hero among many in the Democrat Party for his actions to undermine Trump after he took office by ensuring the release of the anti-Trump Russia dossier.

But some in the party continue to have disdain for him after his strong words for Hillary Clinton over her use of a private email server for official government business while she was Secretary of State.

While he let Clinton off the hook, he still made it clear she acted carelessly, which many believe had an effect on the election.

But now, Comey’s gone full bore anti-Trump, and he’s showing no signs he’ll stop working to take down Trump in 2020.


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77 Responses

  1. Isidore Ben-Jureidini says:

    I don’t think any President has ever fired a top law enforcement officer. He might be forced to retire or transfer to a different post. The FBI is the elite of the elite. One has almost the quality of an angel to be in the team. There could a better way of dealing with him. I guess nobody can be as efficient as J. Edgar Hoover.

  2. J. says:

    As far as I know – Comey has been in Hillary’s pocket his whole worthless career and still is.

  3. alan j march says:

    They all have to go. To prison at least, but more into the annals of history as the disgusting traitors they are.
    Now we’ll really see if the rich and powerful are treated like the rest of us.
    Barr and the new DOJ, have Togo at this hard. They should start with lower level traitors like Nellie and Bruce Ohr and squeeze them extra hard and ruin them like they did to General Flynn, and make them give up the higher ups. All the way to that lying bastard Obama, who set the tone for this destruction of America.

  4. Carl J Bujan says:

    Comey shouldn’t even be allowed to vote, he should be in prison.

    • Laurel says:

      I agree! No one cares whom he supports. He’s a traitor to our country. He’s just out for whoever will benefit him the most. He’s probably making a deal with her to be director of FBI again, or maybe a cabinet position. Good luck, Jim. And good bye.

      • The Real M says:

        Laurel, If I was Amy I would tell Comey to rescind his endorsement! She needs to “explain” her goal is to try and win the nomination!
        P.S. We all know she won’t win but, who in the world would want Jim Comey, the treasonous traitor’s endorsement?

  5. What is Comey running around doing anything. He should be in Jail for his crimes. If he got kicked out of the FBI he sure shouldn’t be drawing US Government pension. That sucker shoud be in the Hen House earning his money if he isn’t in jail.

  6. Zaw Soe says:

    Biden go back to sleep it’s good for you. You have done nothing in you life since 1973 in government office, you have no chance to winning against Untouchable President Trump. Dont be foolish by your Demon Rats Party. Got sake take my advice.

  7. Carol says:

    Why isn’t he in jail?? He broke many federal laws. Is he even under indictment? If it was any of us we would already be in jail and our lives destroyed by the FBI.

  8. Bev says:

    By the time 2020 rolls around hopefully he won’t have to worry about voting because he will be in federal prison on sedition.

  9. h8aliar says:

    Well if Bernie has his way, Comey will be voting from JAIL.

  10. Loren Clobes says:

    Comey, that lying BASTURD is nothing but a PIECE of SH_t.

  11. Mama says:

    Sooo, comey & wife, donate- just ‘underneath ‘the Limit’.
    >Loser w/ wife (sad). I would beat my husband to a ‘pulp’
    If i knew he was a ‘badio’. & That’s THAT.
    BTW: he looks like a ‘bunny rabbit’. When photos show
    his teeth. 0MG. LOL.

    • J. says:


      Comey needs his big bunny teeth to eat his big carrots. After all, he is still growing – that is his nose keeps growing.

  12. Philip Simon says:

    Comey and Hillary, both condemned losers for life. One lies, the other wants overthrow, cudeta, no way, jail time for the both of them.

  13. Joan says:

    i personally am getting very anxious about the touted investigation into the FISA Warrant, FBI handling of the Hillary server and deletion of emails. I suspect there is a lot of talk, no action there. No one in the Obama administration, at least none of the elites have even been looked at or accused of wrong doing-yet it was under Obama’s watch that the Russians were allowed to interfere in our election. I have no faith that anyone in Washington wants to, or has the guts to start anything deep enough or long enough to get to the bottom of this nonsense. Yet, they keep promising-and when on earth is Trump going to release the FISA warrant application he keeps promising? Is there absolutely no one in this country who cares enough about ethics and honesty to do the job? Of course, the American people are easily distracted with talk of Trump’s tax returns, and other financial stuff, but it would be nice if people actually started PAYING ATTENTION! If we don’t, then we have no one to blame as this corruption and unAmerican lawlessness continues.

  14. Gregory Sullivan says:

    I remember a statement that Gerald Ford in the ’92 Republican Convention that says that a government that is big enough to give you anything you want is also big enough to take anything that you have. This rule applies to Sanders who wants to give anyone a free college education, free healthcare and numerous other freebies.

    • Phyllis says:

      That statement was originally made by Thomas Jefferson, and I think it not only applies to Bernie, but all the the liberal politicians, who want to take control over all of us. Comey is one of the corrupt liberals, along with Obama, Clinton, Pelosi, Warren, Lynch, Schumer, Waters, AOC, and all the rest of them.

  15. Mark J. says:

    Comey is nothing but a treasonous traitor to the United States of America! Any candidate he promotes is definitely seditious with his ideological disdain for facts, truths, justice and America, of course he’s a democRAT and fits their narrative nicely!
    His legal troubles are just beginning with his involvement in the FAKE HOAX witch hunt on Trump! Don’t worry Comey, Obama, Clinton and others are going to gladly sell you out for reduced sentences or immunity deals! Now your just another rat on the sinking DNC ship of lies, corruption, bribery, thievery, murder, sedition and treason!

  16. Elaine says:

    Klobuchar has about as much of a chance of becoming president as my cat does. Get serious.
    Democrats have a herd of idiots running. Biden is creepy how he has to touch everyone an Bernie looks like he belongs in a cornfield as a scarecrow. Or better yet. The mad scientist

  17. Joe. Rota says:

    After Comey, the FBI have a long battle to gain their previous great reputation!

  18. John J says:

    Support from this looser maggot is worthless

  19. Laura says:

    Because of Comey’s firing, we got a special investigator and learned all about TRUMP’s continual obstructions of justice and crimes that are still part of TWELVE other investigations. Soon, the
    chant will be “lock Trump up!”

    • Diane says:

      Laura, go back to sleep.

    • Jet5 says:

      You are not the brightest bulb, kinda of like Biden! Apparently you are one that only looks at one side of the equation and doesn’t understand why things don’t add up right?!

    • D.A.N. says:

      You can’t obstruct justice if there is no crime in the first place. But with Dems, they were so eager to throw Trump out that they wanted a special prosecutor even though there was no crime by Trump or his campaign. But thanks to the actions have reversed consequences Dems, we now know how far up the ladder the real crimes go. Right to the former President, BHO. Comey better start singing or those higher than him will hang him out to dry in a long prison sentence.Clapper, Brennan, Lynch, Hillary, Page, Strzok, and BHO himself had better be worried as when the reports come out, they all could be sharing cells together in Gitmo or Leavenworth until the firing squads do their duty.

    • Laurel says:

      You are full of Liberal crap. There won’t be any more Trump anythings! No investigations, no impeachment, nothing! You Commiecrats had 2 years, which was ridiculously long and expensive, and found absolutely, oh yeah,…NOTHING! So GROW UP, accept the fact that you lost in 2016, and move on. If you can’t, go sit on your thumb and spin, as they used to say on Happy Days!

  20. Bill says:

    Lets all work together to get Chump and his family out of Washington!!!

    • Ric B says:

      And into orange jumpsuits that match Trump’s face!!!

      • Sam says:

        You are not only dumb as a doornail but obviously blind. His face is nowhere near that color. Guaranteed, Obumma will be in jail along with his other treasonous buddies in his administration and the FBI/DOJ long before Trump is out of office. Obama bin lying was the worst president ever and his legacy will be that of a corrupt government. GUARANTEED.

  21. chuck says:

    Better save his money for legal fees, just like the people he and his people he f……d with costing them everything on a fake investigation…

  22. Camille Ference says:

    hopefully, the joker can soon be taken to trial and convicted. he is a despicable human being.

    • chuck says:

      Better save his money for legal fees, just like the people he and his people he f……d with costing them everything on a fake investigation…

  23. Michael Groves says:

    Can I ask all of you a question? Why the duck would PatriotPulse think any of us would interested in who James Comey threw his support behind? Really, If Patriot Pulse is the real voice behind the American people? We are screwed.

  24. Hedy says:

    What an idiot.

  25. ELSA GONZALES says:


  26. Mona says:

    After all the people bragged on Comey for being so great, he must have at one time been a decent person. I wonder what caused him to change. He continually seems to want to make a fool of himself and is doing a good job of it.

  27. Bruce Porter says:

    where is he getting all his money?

  28. Ann says:

    The sooner Comey is under the jail the better off we will be. He & Hillary both deserve life in prison.

  29. Bill Van Etten says:

    It’s true losers stick together… Comey and Klobuchar a perfect pair of losers made for each other.

  30. Breaker 19 says:

    Poor old Comey. He was just doing what Hillary wanted him to do, after all she is going to be President by 1 million to 1. Trump doesn’t have a chance in hell of being elected. WRONG.
    Trump only needed 270 electoral votes, got 306 What did Hillary get, 234? not even close to 270. What happened?
    People found out how crooked, corrupt and what a liar she was before the election. Nobody killed her chances of being elected but her.
    Trump was elected because people wanted someone in the office who was not a lying, crooked politician who promised the people the moon and then when elected, do nothing. That’s what they had for 8 years.

  31. Diane says:

    Comey is but another of those infiltrators who make one claim yet serve as a spy for the opposition. That SOB should be indicted and jailed for his lying behavior.

  32. pete says:

    Comey is just angling for a pardon from President Amy Klobuchar! Rots a ruck!

    • robert barrientos says:

      Not a chance that his Pick will make it x He should be Investigated and Prosecuted for his Role at the FBI and his Crooked Corrupt Ways

  33. Roy Kotalo says:

    GO and look at your paycheck rite now and subtract 70% out of your check. what you
    have left is what you and your FAMILY have to live on. THINK ABOUT THIS REAL HARD.


  34. Steve says:

    Criminals love criminals , So Comey just implicated this Amy Klobuchar is probably criminal like the rest of Comey’s crime network .

  35. Gerry Johnson says:

    Let’s see. Comey pulled every insider dirty trick imaginable to destroy a sitting President & he ruined his & the FBI’S reputation. Now he jumps parties & we are shocked? He only confirmed what we know.

  36. A S K says:

    Follow the loser. The name Comey is a name that has become a household synonym for coward, lack of integrity and weasel. No one wants their son to grow up and be like the two faced repulsive Jim Comey. Someday Comey might grow up to be smart enough as the village idiot.

  37. Bill says:

    Do not think he will be able to campaign from prison.

    • J. says:

      Gregory Sullivan,

      You reminded me of another wise statement I heard – “the bigger the government – the smaller the people….”

  38. Debi says:

    She better get the check right now…when the IG gets done with his report, Comey will be sitting in a Federal Penitentiary and will not be throwing his money to anyone!! Make sure he does not post-date the check LMAO!

  39. Forrest W Byers says:

    Gitmo and Comey, a combination that could really get you jumping, if you know what I mean! Can you say the word, treason? We shall see!

  40. Stephen says:

    This is no surprise. Can you blame Trump for firing him. Comey is a delusional man. A true traitor that should be in jail. I am so tired of these criminals not being brought to justice.
    I read the the McCain family is supporting Biden. John McCain always was a Democrat that deceived the the Republican party.

  41. Nate says:

    Comey. His name will bring them to the voting booth. Who in their right mind would believe anything he would say? Another Democrat. I meant one with a brain!

  42. The Real M says:

    Is there one single person surprised that Comey is supporting a Democrat for President? NO, I didn’t think so!
    If we are all lucky he will be in jail and can’t vote! Oh wait, the Dems are going to let even jailed convicted murdering terrorists (Boston Marathon bomber) vote! I don’t believe that will pass in the House and it surely won’t even get brought up for a vote in the Senate! Thank the Lord!

  43. Jimsong says:

    When is Comey going to jail?

  44. Ronald George says:

    James Comey—-treasonous

  45. Junius says:

    The Criminals always stick together, nothing new here. Comey should be on the receiving end of a Firing Squad, along with his buddies.

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