You won’t believe who is trying to get Tucker Carlson canceled

Tucker Carlson is used to the Left trying to get him kicked off the air.

Now Carlson is facing a new set of critics.

And you won’t believe who is trying to get Tucker Carlson canceled.

Newsmax TV bills itself as the conservative alternative to Fox News Channel.

But now Newsmax is the outlet parroting corporate-controlled media talking points in attacking Tucker Carlson.

Newsmax contributor Dick Morris appeared on Grant Stinchfield’s show and tore into Carlson for opposing the Washington Swamp’s push for war with Russia.

Morris attacked Carlson for being one of the first voices in the media to condemn the idea of American intervention in Ukraine due to the risks of starting World War III with Russia.

“So he’s in the position of the guy who staked out a position on the deck of a submarine and now it’s going underwater and he’s looking for a way out and the way out is he’s saying oh everybody in Washington wanted this to happen but no they didn’t,” Morris stated.

Stinchfield did concede that a number of activists in the corporate-controlled press, like MSNBC’s Ali Velshi, advocated for war with Russia.

But that was just to set up Morris to once again attack Tucker Carlson.

“I think that there are extremists on both sides: those who say we should nuke them and those who say we should stay out because it’s not our fight,” Morris began. “The problem with Tucker Carlson is that he has a hell of a podium there, the number one rated cable news show in the country.”

Morris then slimed Carlson by amplifying the big lie that Carlson is an apologist for Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“From the beginning, he has been making excuses for Vladimir Putin, defending him, attacking Zelensky personally…and saying flat out, give me a choice between Russia and Ukraine and I’ll choose Russia,” Morris added.

Left-wing activists routinely smear Carlson as a Putin stooge to discredit him or try to force advertisers to drop his show.

Despite that, there are voices in Congress, such as Illinois RINO Congressman Adam Kinzinger, calling for America to establish a No-Fly zone over Russia.

Morris then falsely claimed no one is proposing to send U.S. troops to Ukraine.

“Tucker is just raising that as a red herring, he knows darn well nobody’s proposing sending troops in,” Morris continued.

Morris again outrageously accused Carlson of disloyalty and aiding the Russian war effort.

“On one hand, he says this will lead to a nuclear war, and on the other hand, this will lead to another Vietnam,” Morris concluded. “But what he’s basically trying to do is to discredit an effort to stop a dictator from taking over a democracy.”

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