You won’t believe who is leading in this 2020 Democratic presidential poll

Democrats have been preparing for 2020 since the moment Hillary Clinton was defeated.

There is a field of over 20 Democrats considering running for president.

And you won’t believe who is leading in this latest Democratic presidential poll.

CNN and the Des Moines Register ran a poll of 20 potential candidates.

Former Vice President Joe Biden was the first choice among likely Iowa Democrat caucus-goers.

Senator Bernie Sanders and Beto O’Rourke were the second and third choices.

Bloomberg reports:

Former Vice President Joe Biden leads the pack among likely Democratic caucusgoers in Iowa, according to a CNN/Des Moines Register poll released Saturday.

The poll shows Biden leading among a field of 20 potential candidates, followed by Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders and Texas Representative Beto O’Rourke. The poll asked likely caucusgoers who their top choice for president would be among potential candidates for their party’s nomination.

The Iowa poll found 32 percent of likely caucusgoers prefer Biden, with 19 percent selecting Sanders as their first choice, and O’Rourke at 11 percent. Featured lower in the list of possible Democrats were Senators Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris and Cory Booker.

Vice President Biden has long been rumored to be running for the White House.

However, if Bernie Sanders and Beto O’Rourke enter the race it could hurt his chances of securing the nomination.

It is difficult to say which candidate would be worse to nominate against Trump.

Bernie Sanders is far too radical and would be rejected by nearly every independent voter.

Elizabeth Warren was forced to admit that she is not a Native American and has become a laughing stock in the U.S. Senate.

And Joe Biden represents the failed policies of Barack Obama.

The 2020 Democrat primary is shaping up to be a mess.

Democrats have gone all-in on identity politics yet the top three in this poll were white men.

This will surely upset the most radical elements of the Leftist base.

While Democrat leaders attack each other and waste campaign dollars on a competitive primary, Trump will be running in the general election.


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53 Responses

  1. Mike says:

    It’s not like there new dumb asses.There the same ones.Only this time they want all of us to be commies.I think there are a few out there that will fight them..Hate to say it.But there pushing for it.

  2. Robert Trotta says:

    He’s way too old for this job!

    • Slidenglide says:

      Bernie and Joe are all the Dems have to offer. They are as good as they have, but they are both a sick joke. I forgot they still have good OLD Hillary.vshe can’t stand on her own 2 feet, but who cares?

  3. Bill Cash says:

    I guess Bernie Sanders is positioning himself to get another sack full of money while he claims he is being sand bagged. Biden has no intention of becoming president. His role will be just like the last. Raise as much money as he can for the party and then drop out. These people can’t be honest, even with themselves.

  4. James C Green says:

    What an absolute bunch of losers! If those are the folks the Dems will put up for the next election, the Republicans have already won! It will be no contest!

  5. swtcher says:

    Biden would be the perfect pick to run

  6. Carlos says:

    Iowa, who GAF what those fried butter, corn holers think?! They chose Pat Buchanan for the GOP primary in 2000, for God’s sake.

  7. Elaine Johnson says:

    I just read an article where they said Bernie was in the lead by 38% and Biden second…make up your minds?

  8. Let all those Demorat wannabe’s lead themselves into a giant pissing match. That will free up POTS Trump to get his messages out with less static.

  9. Marlene says:

    If creepy uncle Joe is the best they can offer there should be no trouble for the conservatives to win. A dead skunk could beat him.

  10. Norma Garcia says:

    The poster child for the “angry old white man” that the dems keep claiming is the territory of the Republicans is Joe Biden. If you look closely at the “in the spot light” dems, the term “angry” fits almost all of them, whether they are old or not so old, white or any color of the rainbow. It is too bad the voting public tends to follow whoever promises them the most rather than who will do their best for the country and its citizens.


    The Democrats don’t seem to be on our planet! They are on an alternate universe. My father would roll over in his grave to see what has become of the Democrats. He would have never voted for Obama. Just the fact that Obama came from the Illinois Senate is enough to scare the crap out of people! Illinois is being ran into the ground by the good ole boys Democratic party. Look at every state that is ran by the Dems. They are stone cold broke! Whenever they get a Republican Governor, he has to deal with their Democratic congress and gets no where. Wake up people!

  12. n wilson oliver says:

    Biden is a fool and Sanders is at best a naive dreamer–

    “Beto” is being “crafted” in the same manner the Oword was–

    My slogan for the moment is “What is a four-letter word for LOSER?” B-E-T-O…He should be ridiculed by patriots everywhere each and every time his name is mentioned–He is all smoke and mirrors to appeal to millennials, the ignorant minorities, the snowflakes, the limolibs, and the queer communities of the truly dysfunctional

  13. Richard Van Horn Sr says:

    Who the hell cares who the Demorats nominate to run against PRESIDENT Donald Trump. As far as I am concerned, NO democrat has the ability to match all that Trump has accomplished, and would never have the welfare of the United States foremost above their own greed and self-supporting deep pockets.

  14. Tommy says:

    We are at war betwin male and female. Betwin. Whites and minorities. Face it

  15. Lunchladie says:

    WOW that is so sad!!!! The best the dems can do is Biden. He is a creeper and a pervert. It is seen in numerous pictures and videos. I am surprised he hasn’t been called out on his behavior, but then he is a democrat. I have heard the dems are thinking Biden and Beto O’Rourke for their ticket. Damn they a scraping the bottom of the barrel. I think some how good old Hillary will try to get in the mix.

  16. Betty says:

    Who ever the presidental 2019 candidate is, he or she could not possibly be worse than CRAZY donald!

    • Marlene says:

      Well its obvious you are a naive liberal. Or just deliberately blind to facts.

      • The Real M says:

        Marlene, No, stupid Betty is a PAID TROLL! Making money off us everytime we hit the “reply” and fall into her stupid trap to make money off Republicans! She is not a real person. There are a few paid trolls using several different pen names making money off us. Let’s don’t reply and starve the idiots to death!

    • ALBERT says:


      • The Real M says:

        ALBERT, Stupid Betty is a PAID TROLL! Everytime we hit the “reply” and respond to her, she gets paid. We have a few trolls using different pen names who are here for one purpose, to make us reply to them so they can make money off us!

        • scooch says:

          i give $.10 lol.
          Hey M. How goes it ?
          (it’s me) .

          • The Real M says:

            SCOOCH! As we used to say in high school – how’s your hammer hanging!
            What ya think about all this “stuff” going on? Jury is still out,

          • scooch says:

            RealM. Yes, Lots of ‘stuff’ going on & 0n Many levels. Not
            too 0ptimistic. Live day by day.
            >hammer in HS, hangin’ & bangin’. Did i say that ? NO! You did.
            LOL. ( zee,steelie,jack etc still around town .)

        • Randall M says:

          Good to hear from you guys again! I am personally hangin” loose and to the far RIGHT! Apparently I have been kicked off of Renewed Right posts. (Randy Miller)

          • The Real M says:

            Randy M., Hey guy! Have seen other comments about RR kicking people off. Some have said they were banned 48 hrs. and others said a short time so, you might try sending a short test comment every day and see if it will publish it.

    • Tom says:


    • scooch says:

      Hey Betty ! Who you like???
      PEDO Joe ??? Bernie ?
      Please Do Tell.

  17. MARION says:

    All O’Biden did when running with Obamass was sit back and enjoy the Publicity and rub up against somebody else’s wife or daughter on Camera once in awhile. He stated he did not even, really , have a job , unless of course , the President was Critically Injured, at some point. I would imagine that if Obamass had been Critically Injured, O’ Biden would have had a Stroke or Heart attack from all that pressure Obamass caused, after all , he is getting on up in the years.

  18. why noy get alex boden I think thats his name the big mouth always runnin off on President run against trump seeing as how he;s so smart,or one of these talk show hosts who think their so great.

  19. too bad the leader as Governor in Boston Mass is a Republican,or I would say get him to run and you’d have a chance of winning he;s about as smart as the democrats have but then I found out he;s Republican,no wonder he;s smart.

  20. Gary O says:

    It will make no difference who these clowns losers induce to run against Mr. Trump, they will lose before they start. More and more everyday Mr. Trump is gaining support from all corners not because of politics but because they are seeing what a “REAL” President does for his Country despite all the negativity produced by the MSM.

  21. Alan says:

    So, there really is a God. The man should be evaluated for pre-senile dementia. Goes with the entire Democrat Party. Open mouth….insert foot

  22. Gerry says:

    Hahahaha!!!!ONE CAN ONLY HOPE,hahaha

  23. Marie says:

    If they have no one better than Biden to run. God help us.

  24. John says:

    Can’t believe Biden is running for anything!
    I thought the only thing he wanted to do was
    to play with the little girls. Can you believe
    what it is going to be like with this loser squatting
    in our WH: He will constantly be feeling up the
    little girls! Talk about sexual harassment; there will
    plenty of it to see!!!!!!!!!!!!
    with li

  25. Michael Dennewitz says:

    When and IF the dumbasscrats won, this country would be totally LOST! God help America! 🤔😏🙄😠👹

  26. Jane Jackson says:

    Democrats has nothing to offer, sorry democrat voters that you have such bad choices.

  27. Ugly says:

    You’ve got to be kidding! ANY warm bodied American would beat him hands down and so will President Trump!

  28. Rick says:

    If the remnants of the real America will rise again none of these loons have a shot

    • M says:

      Rick, You are correct, voter turnout is key to 2020 GOP wins! Must have everyone vote or we will lose it all!

      • Keith says:

        It’s really about voter turnout. It’s about limiting the number of dead, illegal aliens, animals, cartoon characters, etc. to vote . Demand VOTER I.D.

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