You won’t believe who is about to stop Donald Trump from running for President

Donald Trump wants to run for President in 2024.

But there is something standing in his way.

And you won’t believe who is about to stop Donald Trump from running for President.

Facebook’s “Supreme Court” ruled that the social media giant had to either let Trump back on their platform, give him a time limited suspension, or ban him entirely.

As Donald Trump looks to run for President in 2024 that decision by Facebook looms large.

If Trump can’t post on social media platforms then he can’t compete on even footing in the next election.

Facebook is trying to maneuver their way into letting Trump back on the platform to give the appearance of fairness while still effectively banning Trump.

That came in the form of a company press release – no doubt dictated by CEO Mark Zuckerberg – announcing that pages that repeatedly post so-called “misinformation” would be downgraded so no one could see their content.

“Starting today, we will reduce the distribution of all posts in News Feed from an individual’s Facebook account if they repeatedly share content that has been rated by one of our fact-checking partners. We already reduce a single post’s reach in News Feed if it has been debunked,” the Facebook press release stated.

Facebook added that they “shadow ban” anyone who shared posts from a page who the left-wing “fact checkers” cited for spreading “misinformation.”

Under this new policy, Facebook could let Trump back and then reduce his reach to nothing.

The danger of this policy was on full display with Facebook’s recent decision to no longer ban posts about “man-made COVID” as “misinformation.”

For more than a year, Facebook suppressed the truth because left-wing media outlets like The Washington Post considered the lab leak a “debunked conspiracy theory.”

Facebook can take anything Trump says – even if it’s true – and still suppress his posts because liberal fact checkers say it’s “misleading.”

This would allow Facebook to claim they are giving Trump equal access to their platform but guaranteeing he suffers from unequal reach.

And the inability to advertise and communicate on social media could make a 2024 Trump Presidential campaign impossible.

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