You won’t believe what happened when a Marine saw these Democrats burning the flag

Donald Trump organized a patriotic “Salute to America” Fourth of July celebration of the American military.

Democrats and the media were furious and did their best to ruin the event.

And you won’t believe what happened when this Marine saw these Democrats burning an American flag.

Professional protestors descended on Washington, D.C. to disrupt Donald Trump’s Fourth of July spectacular.

Democrats hated the idea of staging a celebration of America for two reasons:

First, the left hates America and everything she stands for.

Second, they were were worried the TV images of Donald Trump praising America with a crowd-pleasing display of military jet flyovers would boost the President’s standing with the American people.

So left-wing activists organized protests to provide the fake news media with fodder to show Americans rising up against the President on the Fourth of July.

One group of left-wing protesters –- all wearing shirts identifying themselves as members of the communist party –- chanted “America was never great” and began to burn a U.S. flag.

That’s when a man with a United States Marine Corp tattoo on his shoulder — who said “Semper Fi” when asked if he served — jumped in and saved the flag from destruction and put the fire out with his bare hands.

Democrats and their allies in the fake news tried to throw cold water on Trump’s Salute to America.

But the event drew a big crowd, the President’s remarks were inspirational and the fireworks were eye-popping.

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140 Responses

  1. maritza says:

    Perfectly said !!!

  2. Master gunny sgt USMC RETIRED says:

    Jutice for TRUMP,

  3. Master gunny sgt USMC RETIRED says:

    You are a nut case and need to get a life. Crooked hellery cost eight of my friends lives in bengazie and sje has blood on her hands.. We were told to stand down and after two hours we went to the annex and was to late to save Steavens a navy seal and special forces op. Thi s wha t we were train for to save American lives and she refused to allow it. TRUMP may half a falt as we all do but he has done more fo this great country in two and half years than the last eight president s combined. Walk the walk bud before you talk the talk.

  4. Master gunny sgt USMC RETIRED says:

    The flag is why many men and women gave theire life for this great nation. .

  5. Master gunny sgt USMC RETIRED says:

    Laurel, Thank you for your statements. I am 75 and served 30 years as a scout sniper in recon. I would do it again if necessary. I have served allover the world and we have freedoms no other country has. I joined the USMC in 63 for three years and stayed in to 93. I love my country and the flag as all Marines do. The dumb stupid nut need to shut the heel up or get the hell out of this great nation. SEMPER FI

  6. Skip says:

    You couldn’t be more wrong. The people who were burning the flag were communists (look at their t-shirts). If they supported president Trump, they would not use the occasion of a 4th of July celebration to burn the flag in an attempt to sully the event. They’d be pretty happy one of their own was in the White House. Obviously they aren’t happy. President Trump does NOTHING that is consistent with communist philosophy. Bernie Sanders, et al in the Democrat primaries espouse more income confiscation (taking from those who earned it) and doling it out to others for votes (giving to those who didn’t earn it). This kind of action injects more government oppression on the citizens of this country. That is not what President Trump does. He did exactly the opposite through his new tax policies. People are keeping more of what they earned thanks to him. Every action he has taken has been to strengthen this country and to reinforce individual liberties. That is not what I’ve seen from democrats.

  7. Linda M. says:

    Colleen La Rose: Been on Renewed Right lately? Justice for Trump has really been slamming you, me and bj. on the story about that Ford woman. He also stated he was glad you are off now.. Thought yo’d like to know.

  8. Laurel says:

    Pamela:Your post to Betty was one of the best. I have wondered about “Betty”, thinking perhaps a paid blogger? But the level of vitriol is pathetically immature as you have suggested. One thing is clear. Betty cannot rise to a level of maturity that will ever become wisdom.

  9. Pamela says:

    Betty, just how old are you? Do you really know anything about POLITICS? Are you just a teenager? You are just so negative and abusive in ALL of your comments, especially our POTUS. You are also one of those despicable people that has nothing to offer, but abuse and name calling. I didn’t care for Obama, but I would never disrespect him in any comment just because he was our POTUS. President Trump carries a lot of weight on his shoulders protecting this country and its citizens. Obviously you were not taught to respect people? GROW UP and act like a civil human being.

  10. Pamela says:

    Liz. I totally agree with your comment and some of the others are just plain despicable to me. If you don’t like AMERICA and our POTUS, then why in hell don’t you move your spoiled, lazy ass out of our country? NOBODY is stopping you POS. If it is so GD bad, why do people from other countries want to live here? When I think of the men and women that have lost limbs ,love ones, relatives, and their lives to protect this country, YOU MAKE ME SICK STOMACH. My own father in-law lost his leg in WWII at 18-yrs of age and a lot of my school mates from 1965 lost their lives in Viet Nam. Some that returned will never be the same and FOR WHAT? To protect our country and people like you that sit there and think of everything that is WRONG with our great country. Instead of being THANKFUL, you are traitor to our great country. Totally unbelievable and certainly NOT AN AMERICAN.

  11. Keith D says:

    BEEN LYING SINCE REAGAN WAS ELECTED!!! Love the MONEY buit for some reason thinks COMMUNISM works???

  12. Jack Handy says:

    I Weep. Less than 20 yr.
    Any0ne HERE a Senior?
    Good luck.
    Kids ARE ‘goners’.

  13. Mama says:

    Thank You, Vinnie ! what a Privilege ___
    May i ask, Where ?

  14. Master gunny sgt USMC RETIRED says:

    If you hate our great nation plesse get the Hell out and.take the democraps with you. As commys and flag haters are not wellcom. SEMPER Fi

  15. Guns Nuts of America says:

    Sad Sack again shoots off his mouth, he has no sense of dignity of his fellow Americans, just his Georgia confederate flag.

  16. Linda M. says:

    Colleen La Rose;Yes indeed I caught that stupid remark as well.Typical of these radicals.They can say or do anything they want. But GOD forbid they can’t stand anyone standing up to them.As stated to Laurel earlier , I just wish the police hadn’t gotten involved because of that Marines’ build and his pure love for our country and flag, he could have wiped them all out, all by himself.Sad though no one else got involved though.We’ve been “talked” about by some of the sickie Democrats posting here and on other sites. But thank GOD people of intelligence has come to our defense.I’ve been defending us as well. So no worries. “Talk” to you again! Glad you back to you’re old self. Go get them!

  17. Colleen La Rose says:

    Hi darling Linda
    I just watched this disgusting video again, & noticed that one of those pieces of turd female pig told the marine (at the start of the video) “how dare you hit a woman of color”
    I wish he had made this whore even more colorful….as in black & blue, with some blood red added.

  18. Pip says:

    Not a thing you said is the truth.

  19. Linda M. says:

    Vinnie: GOD bless you and all the other patriots that TRULY love and honor our country and our flag. Each and every time the Democrats try to dishonor and disgrace our great country by their corrupt actions, only make me even more grateful they did not succeed in getting Hillary to become our president. I can only imagine where our country would be now. One step closer to their NWO agenda no doubt….

  20. Linda M. says:

    Laurel: Yes I did notice that” nice touch” that courageous Marine did! Judging by his built and pure devotion to our country, I will guarantee you ,if the guards allowed him to, he could have kicked every one of those disgraceful humans butts!! Did you also hear that African “American”( not) when he charged at them some one started saying something about woman of color being attacked? Race or color had absolutely nothing to do with it! They hate our country but yet they hide behind our rights and freedoms.Shame on all of them!!!

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